Chalk The Police State 2015: REVIEW

This past Saturday was National Chalk the Police State Day and a number of folks from all over the country participated in chalking their local police departments. Deo, Tom and I took it upon ourselves to chalk the Cleveland Police Department’s Headquarters, while others hit the Police Station (or public space) nearest to them. Below are a number of pictures from the many events throughout the country.

Brian Sumner ChalkBefore we get to the pictures and reviews of some events I want to take a moment to highlight the case of Brian Sumner, a friend and blogger here at, who was recently convicted of chalking  a police memorial in Fresno, CA. On Thursday he’ll be sentenced for his crime and I would like you to consider calling Lisa Smittcamp, the prosecutor wasting your tax dollars in this case, at (559) 600-3141 to voice your concerns. Chalking was done by a number of us over the weekend without any arrest, or tickets issued, but it still happens. Normally only when you’re alone, though, or if you’re writing things that really piss off the man – – as it did to me in Wisconsin recently.

That, IMO, is the real crime here… when people are arrested, or ticketed because the police don’t like what you’re chalking. So let Lisa Smittcamp know that freedom of speech is not a crime and that we don’t give a fuck about butt hurt cops who KILL PEOPLE! That’s right, Brain chalked the police memorial after the local police department shot and killed a man for no reason. I guess to the Fresno city officials chalk is worse than murder.

With that being said, let’s get into some of the pictures from the day’s events.

Bethlehem, PA: Hosted by Lehigh Valley CopBlock



Beaver Creek, OH: Hosted by Dayton CopBlock



Carlisle, PA: Host unknown


Cleveland, OH: Hosted by Greater Cleveland CopBlock


Indianapolis, IN: Hosted by Indy CopBlock



Keene, NH: Hosted by Keene CopBlock



Las Vegas, NV: Hosted by Nevada CopBlock


Stanley Gibson Jesus Arevalo Chalk

#BlueLiesMatter#BlueLiesMatter #ChalkThePoliceState 2015 #LasVegas

Posted by Kelly W. Patterson on Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lindenwold, NJ: Hosted by New Jersey CopBlock



Twin Cities, MN: Hosted by Minn CopBlock


Victoria, BC: Hosted by Canada CopBlock



Zanesville, OH: Hosted by Zanesville CopBlock

Olympia and Tacoma, WA: Hosted by the Sunset Activist Collective

Chalk the Police Day Olympia Memorial

Chalk the Police Day Olympia Memorial 2

Chalk the Police State Day Tacoma

It’s still a little early for the blog post and videos – since those are a little more time consuming – of the day’s events but we’ll post them as they come in throughout the week. The folks in the Liberty Media Capital of the world, Keene, are on the ball in that regard. Ian Freeman created the video below of Keene CopBlock’s chalk event and Chris Cantwell already completed this write up at his blog, “” So enjoy those and thanks again for making the Third Annual “Chalk the Police State Day” a huge success! You don’t have to put the chalk away just yet, there are plenty of reasons to still chalk the police the other 364 days before next year’s event.

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Via Beaver Creek Cops Dispatch Fire Trucks on Chalk the Police State Day (Video)

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was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

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  • Jury Nullification

    Calling a prosecutor won’t matter unless you are a taxpayer and voter in her district.
    What you need to do is get out in front of the court house with well positioned signs and people with pamphlets about jury nullification and the powerful rights jurors have that States want to hide.

    Have pictures of chalking where the police are doing the chalking. Have incidents where the local government endorced chalking etc….

    Have statistics on cost of case vs cost of cleaning up chalk.

    Show double standards. It only takes one juror to nullify.

    If you want to help your cause you need to be intellegent.

  • t

    Too funny.
    Videos of a massive movement. Of 1 or 2 people here and there’s Ross the nation. That would be a fail on your effectiveness of reaching the people. Intbinknthats also evidenced in Sumners conviction….the jury “nullified” his rights. Quite funny

    The videos though are awesome. The goof in Keene wanting to be the police so bad that he’s carrying a gun, a flashlight and a radio. Oh my

    But the whiner inCleveland was the best.
    The police let you have your moment. Let you chalk. And then washed it off. You can’t force people to agree with what you have to say or force them to respect you.
    His whining was awesome to behold.

    Nice fail boys. Nice fail.

  • t

    “Cost of case vs cost of cleaning up chalk”
    “You need to be intelligent”

    Wow. Take your own advice there guy.

  • Wow

    As usual your post makes no sense.

  • t

    It only escapes the dumb

    When Mike Brown commuted his strong arm robbery…and instead of attacking the officer he had been arrested….would the cost of “the case” been worth it as the box of cigarillos he took were maybe only 20-30$ and the owner didn’t get hurt? Sure. Pressing the criminals…seeking justice…is worth it.

    That’s why you CBers fail so badly. You simply don’t get it that it’s not about you. Most of the time…it’s about protecting others FROM YOU.

  • LYSANDERSPOONER2012!!!!!!!!!!!

    LYSANDER SPOONER 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow

    What the hell has that to do with my post?
    Oh yeah not a thing.
    Are you so stupid you can’t stay on the thread topic?

    Mike Brown’s death had nothing to do with a jury or court house. Nothing.

  • Wow

    You also fail to understand what jury nullification means.
    Press charges all you like but you still have to get past a well informed jury.

    Pressing charges doesn’t equal guilt.

  • t

    Leroy Jenkins 2006.
    See…lots of people can do that

  • t

    Hey….you got one right
    Charged and arrested doesn’t mean guilt.
    Hence why I write all the time that it’s not street court.

    As for you “jury nullification”
    Well…that’s a case of perspective.
    To YOU…it’s about getting off on a charge of breaking a law that you think is “injust”
    Well…why is that different than a group of jurors sitting listen to you sir a cop for kicking you ass…and the jurors thinking that it is “just” that you got your ass kicked?

    There no difference. Juries can be quite powerful. They can accept things that you find unacceptable or just the opposite…dislike something that you think is right.

    I’m proud of you. It’s real growth that you got that one right.

  • LYSANDER SPOONER 2012!!!!!!!!!

    LYSANDER SPOONERR 2012!!!!!1!!

  • Wow

    “… jurors thinking that it is “just” that you got your ass kicked?”

    That is the beauty of jury rights, sometimes juries don’t agree with me or you or the prosecutor or the defendant.

    That must be copsucking thinking to want to block something because it might go against you sometimes. That isn’t true liberty.

  • t

    It was simply an example. And you couldn’t follow. Not shocking.

    The point was…to expose your limited thinking…that the “cost”…while not to be ignored…isn’t the point. The DA is answerable to the citizen of the district they represent. If that district is “pro order”…then it is. If it’s say…Portland or Berkley or some such place And orde isn’t that important…then the elected DA should represent that.

    And that’s why you don’t get it.
    The DA….paid to be there and do that job. The clerk and judge? Same thing. So are the police. No “extra cost” in them charging and prosecuting this guy.

    As for Mike Brown and hIs llk and Sumner…The “cost” of the crime were both small. But that’s only a small part of the story.

    Sorry if you buddy got convicted as the jurors hated him. Get used to it. They all hate you.

  • t

    Remember the Titans

  • Wow

    Your example was illogical to the discussion at hand.

    I am sure I “get” a vast more of this than you do.
    This rambling post did nothing but prove you lack the most basic comprehension and debate skills.

    My very first line on my very first post already addressed your concerns about to whom the DA answers to and why jurors were needed in the mix.

    Keep posting nonsense. I am done playing with you. Each of your posts become even deeper in idiocy than the last.

    And why you keep insinuating you know anything of me or my friends I am sure I don’t know. You suffer from delusions, it must be a coping mechanism for when you realize you have spent a life time being wrong about a fundemental issue.

  • Gaspee

    The HMS Gaspee 1772/2015!!!!!!!!!

  • JC

    The copblock circus chimps trying to get attention. You say a lot of people participated in this childish event. Just how many is a lot? You people are walking Disney characters without the fur. Your little friend will be convicted. He vandalized a memorial. That is pretty pathetic I hope they throw the book at him.

  • t

    Wow. Who said anything about “blocking”? Not I. Must be you as a cop BLOCKER.

    Dude…how many times has it come up around here about “Never bet on a jury”. Are you bright enough to get what that means? Not to be offensive…but can you grasp that?
    Brelo in Clevland recently asked for a bench trial. That takes the “feels” out of it…the emotions away. It’s just about the legal,aspects.
    That’s why it means something when Sumner got convicted by a jury. They didn’t care about his “feels”. When they saw through his mess…its pretty clear

  • t

    Wow. Sorry you can’t grasp that it’s simply not about “cost”.

    Are you feeling flogged yet?
    You should be. You’ve had you butt kicked all over this topic.
    And it’s not because I think you’re dumb…but because you think you’re clever.

  • Wow

    Two more posts proving you can’t even follow your own posts much less posts by someone with an education and an actual point to be made.

    You sure are funny. Please keep reponding, we all need a laugh at your vast mental skills.

  • Wow

    Read your own damn posts. Wow. You don’t even remember what you type.

  • History Rulz

    And cops think a few individuals can’t start a revolution with one small act?
    History people, is our friend. Small acts matter just look at how the Gaspee turned out for Britain.

  • t is a twat

    This is some funny shit. T is a twat. You have to go over to the asthma thread where he gets all confused about who posted what and then blames the other person for it like a lying twat cop.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    You complaining about somebody wanting attention. Priceless.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Holy shit, you think people actually want to be pigs. Going to be funny watching the video of all the burning little piggies run around. The only good pig is it toasty little pig.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Good lord, your ego knows no bounds. It definitely won’t be missed.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I was wrong. You are as retarded as JC. Watching you try to use logic is painful.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Lol, portland is a police state you fucking numbnut.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    The funny thing is you actually believe that. Make stupid statements, then claim you kick somebody’s butt all over the discussion forum. Your mommy would be so proud of you.

  • t

    Does it hurt that I am so right?

  • T is JC

    He is as retarded as JC because he is JC.

  • whosJC?

    Can’t wait to take a huge shit on your “memorial”. But odds are you will end up in the swamp without any markings.

  • t is JC

    In the asthma thread t outed himself as being JC.
    I am taking other posters advise and ignoring the trolls, they don’t add anything to the discussions.

  • t

    Hmmm. So you equate chalk on a sidewalk with murder? Youbdontralize that’s wha happen aboard the Gaspee right?

    Setting that nonsensical example aside….let’s looks at a more recent “historical event”: the OWS movement. It’s was the great activist cause…everyone united against that evil 1%.
    How’d that work out? Not too good.
    Because as usual…it was all just about smoking weed and using other drugs, destroying stuff…looking dirty and smelling bad.
    And nobody cared. All that movement did was make you guys look worse. The 98,9 % of people were pissed because they couldn’t go downtown, watched city budge sky’s get decimated by clean up and LEO costs in dealing with you, and they had to watch business owners loose their businesses….because you wanted to destroy it.

    Now maybe you weren’t part of the OWS movement. But when people are driving along with there kids and you’re standing there with a sign that says fuck on it…or they take their kids to the park to play and that’s what you’re writing on the sidewalks and walls….they don’t care about your message. They hate you for infringing on them.

    Seems you need a history refresher to certainly include some modern history.

  • Aaron Davison

    There is nothing, nothing simple about the law enforcement industry (I contend here weekly that while they may use police in their name policing is not in anyway their focus) lying, conspiring to lie, using state power to crush the little guy, and the supervision – there is no leadership since policing has been turned into a government monopoly industry – everyone of the dung heap cowards involved in this has violated their oath, broken the law, and identified themselves and their union members as exactly what they are: a clear, identifiable threat to every law abiding God fearing taxpaying American. This is coordinated daily criminality on a national basis from the most inane lie on a ticket to the most horrific murders; RICO applies.

  • Applause

    Well said, sir.

    >>>”clear, identifiable threat to every law abiding God fearing taxpaying American. “<<<<

    And I would highly suggest the copsuckers on here realize a great many of us in this movement are LAW ABIDING. We also are ethical and proud Americans who don't require a run-in with the law over "dope" to have made us realize the police in this country have gone too far.

  • Freedom protector

    The law enforcement of tjis country now is the reason jurys are letting murders that should have been convicted go free because someone in there family has already been a victims of there injustice and treason enforcing laws that go against our constitutional rights and clearly the constitution states that any law that contradicts the constitution is not a law at all but the revenue generating citizens killing machine police state will eventually fail and fall because all of the deeds usually done in the dark are now coming too light in the age of technology and i one am thankful having been a victim several times too there illegal actions and abuse of power 8 staples in my head from one encounter where i was passed out drunk in my house they broke into too they say to make sure i was alright a wellness check onlu to wake up having a k9 dog attacking me because they said i was non responsive and my arm was under my bed so they didnt know if i haf a weapon ? Non responsive broke into my house no warrant to make sure i was ok? 8 staples 16 stitches because i woke up with a dog attacking me in my house and snapped what would any normal person do? So for grabbing their dog off of me too be bashed in the head with mag lights and tazed only too wake up on my porch covered in blood and handcuffed too be charged with battery on a police dog and 2 batterys on a leo and resisting arrest with violence after my house was broken into ransacked items stole 5000dollars in bond money and another 8000 for an attorney only too have all charges dropped yes and this is not my only encounter with the people we employee too protect us? If everyone in the justice system was too take their cases to trial at once they would be screwed they wouldn’t know what too do as only 1% of all crimesbin america make it too trial in texas a town fired there police department and cirizens handle the law enforcement 2012 when this started no one arrested for misdemeanors only felonys guess what happened crime dropped 60% because there was never a lot of crimes its cop forced arrests that have all the data messed up every town on AMERICA needs too follow suit law enforcement is supposed to protect and Serve not oppress and abuse kill without worry of punishment but instead praised by there peers yes it will all backfire soon enough the land of the free with the highest incarceration rate in the world10 times over think about that like the job cop block is doing through social media to make citizens aware of the travesty that our law enforcement has made only too pray upon the people who pay them for protection its been going on for years without notice wake up American citizens before you become the next victim or one of your loved ones god bless!!!

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