Police Dog Dies after Being Left in Hot Patrol Car for Ten Hours

(CONYERS, GA) A Georgia police officer is now on paid administrative leave after leaving his K9 to die in a hot patrol car, reportedly for ten hours.

K9Corporal Jerahmy Williams, a 5 year veteran of the Conyers Police Department, had just left the gym after his shift ended when he went to his residence to take a nap. Williams had allegedly forgot that his police dog, Zane, was left kenneled in the back of his patrol car in 90 degree weather with all of the windows rolled up.

When Williams woke up for his shift the following afternoon he found the dead K9, still in the back of the patrol car that he parked in his driveway.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.44.03 PMThe Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office responded to the home of the officer in question and has now started a criminal investigation. Officer Williams will possibly face charges of reckless conduct and cruelty to animals if convicted.

“We all realize it was an accident. We know how bad you’re hurting and we’re going to be here for you, but at the same time we’re going to look at it from both a violation of law and a violation of policy,” Police Chief Gene Wilson stated.

Shortly after the Conyers Police Department released a statement on their Facebook page about the incident, members of the community demonstrated that they were not happy, to say the least. Frustrated commenters flooded the page with demands that the officer in question be held accountable for his actions.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.52.48 PM

“We are committed to the care and proper treatment of our working K9s. We are mourning the loss of our own,” Wilson continued.

Will that statement from the Police Chief prove to be true? The community doesn’t seem to think so. Only time will tell.

Officer Williams remains on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.





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    locking williams in a small black car outside of walmart might be too lenient

  • No more K9s

    Police should not have K9s -Period.

    It takes a special brand of stupid to leave a dog in a car and not even realize it for seven hours until you go to get back into the vehicle for your next shift. O

    This story is more disturbing when you think about what actually happened. This wasn’t a dog being left for an hour and quickly succumbing to heat stoke in the Georgia sun. This was a dog he evidently was accustomed to leaving and not tending for hours on end.

    How many times has he done this before? How many hours has he locked the dog in a kennel and not walked it or let it out to go pee or play or to even feed it.

    He should be instantly fired for being so stupid and then charged for his criminal stupidity.

    What do we expect from someone whose mom should be slapped for naming him Jerahmy?

  • JC

    Citizens leave their animals and children in unattended vehicles all the time. It’s unfortunate this happened.

  • JC

    So when citizens leave their animals and children in unattended vehicles, they should be fired. They are prosecuted. The officer will be dealt with the same way.

    You said, “This was a dog he evidently was accustomed to leaving and not tending for hours on end”. Prove it. You are talking off the top of your head again.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    This pigs family should be skinned and burned alive, then chopped up into small cubes and fed to dogs in front of this piece of shit. Once that has been done this fucker should have his skin pulled off with hot iron.. Then feed this fucker to the dogs as well.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Maybe that would be a good way for you to die. Put you inside a hot bullet proof glass box and watch you cook. I can tell you I would find a shitload of joy in it.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    We’re not talking about citizens dumb fuck, we are talking about pig pieces of shit that need to be skinned and burned alive.


    might be a bit harsh. I’d spare the family, but they would have to skin and burn ofcr williams alive, then dice and eat him.

    Don’t poison the dogs with any of the nasty rotting nazi flesh from this gene pool. Remember, they are already the innocent victims. Don’t victimize them twice.

    and please remember, pigs are one of the most intelligent, compassionate, and tastiest species on the planet. You dishonor them to compare them to Ga nazis.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    You’re correct, I should not deface the swine name with these cop piece of shit mother fuckers.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Way too lenient.

  • simpleton

    JEEZUS FUCK THIS MAKES ME MAD! The story is also full of shit. He went to the gym after his shift, where was the dog during his 2 hour roid session? Yeah, in the fucking car. He got home to take a nap. ok. When does someone’s nap last until his shift the next fucking day! I don’t think k-9’s should be in law enforcement. They are used a tool to destroy peoples lives. Whether it be a “hit” on a vehicle, tearing up some poor bastard with their teeth, or justification in putting someone in jail for many years to life because that person kicked the k-9 or killed the k-9. They are considered legitimate law enforcement.
    So this bag of shit (aka k-9 handler) leaves a dog in a hot car to die a miserable death. I know we can’t hang him in a public square, but I do believe that every LEO should be prosecuted the same as a citizen who kills a police officer. And I think they need to take steps to remove k-9’s from law enforcement. That way not ONE MORE DOG, will die this way.

  • simpleton

    OK Captain Obvious, what’s your point?

  • simpleton

    The officer will not be dealt with the same way….you are talking off the top of your head. He’s already getting preferential treatment. He has not been charged and is on a paid vacation. Hell, if that’s the case I’m gonna go around and start throwing dogs in people’s cars and start racking up some serious paid vacation time. you bring this shit on yourself jc.

  • Midnight

    Well, like anyone who would kill a police dog (intentionally or otherwise) he should be prosecuted and imprisoned.

    23 years sounds about right….



  • Midnight

    It’s criminal….not just unfortunate but, alas, the pig will walk free as most do.

  • Midnight

    no worries. your heart is in the right place.

  • JC

    More threats, more paperwork, more emails. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when the PD arrests you. You will lose your guns and you won’t be able to act like an idiot carrying one.

  • Common Sense

    I’d agree, he’d eat the misdemeanor charge. Whether he’d have a job afterward is up to the municipality.

  • Mike

    He killed a fellow officer, and should be fired for gross negligence, and he should be prosecuted just like a citizen would be, for killing a police officer. Death penalty. He is a POS and that is why cops don’t deserve to have K-9 units.

  • Mike

    This cop deserves to die, and he should be locked in a car hogtied in 90 degree heat, left to slowly boil his brain (what little brain there is). If he was honorable he would commit suicide!

  • Peter Geller

    What’s he doing at the gym that requires a ten hour nap? Apparently he didn’t even wonder why things were so quiet around the house….

  • JC

    That will never happen. You have to be realistic. It happened. Move on.

  • Mike

    I hope PETA gets involved and make this POS cops life miserable forever, as he should burn in hell, and never be allowed to have a dog again. I hope he dies a slow and painful death, he deserves it!

  • Savanah

    They even said he left the gym after his shift.. That means the K9 had already been locked in the car while he was inside the gym! Do you really think that was the first time in 5 years? Because that’s already twice in one day that K9 was locked in the car.

  • Jazzi Blonde

    Why do they get “paid administrative leave” its like paying someone for being abusive, or stupid, or a murderer.

  • JC

    PETA, too funny. A dangerous group of idiots who kill more animals than they claim to save. They are a joke.

  • Mike

    Don’t really care what you think about PETA, maybe one of those dangerous bunch of idiots will put a bullet between that cops eyes that he deserves!