Useless cops F***** up again

To Whom it May Concern:

I was involved in a struggle to save my step-daughter from getting hurt (AGAIN) by her ex-boyfriend who came back to my house to retrieve his belongings. My wife had woken me up at 10:00 a.m. because the ex-boyfriend was ringing the doorbell continuously. I told him he could come in and get his belongings. He started a loud argument with my step-daughter within a few minutes of being there. That escalated to throwing and breaking items, including an air conditioner he threw down the basement steps, I told him to leave numerous times already. He then put his chest up to mine and told me I wasn’t going to stop him. I grabbed his arms so he couldn’t swing his fists, but that didn’t work. My wife, and two step-daughters ran into the kitchen when they heard the noise. My wife had gotten hit in the face. The ex-boyfriend start yelling for his brother to come in, instead of leaving my house, another 200+ pound man started kicking in my back door.I scrambled to get my shotgun, thinking they would both leave without hurting my family anymore, but they still continued to fight my family and I in my house. The gun was thrown down the basement steps and the ex-boyfriend ran down after it, I had no choice but to then retrieve my hand gun thinking my family and or I were going to get shot with my gun. He left with my shotgun in a fold-up chair case and put it in his car trunk. I never loaded, aimed, pointed or said I was going to shoot either of the firearms.

We were BOTH charged with disorderly conduct, domestic violence, and I have the gun modifier charge. I never hit, slapped, or struck the ex-boyfriend. First the A.D.A. said they weren’t going to press charges, next day they did a 180* turn. There were 5 victims, (my wife, two step-daughters, granddaughter, and I), and 1 suspect, not 2 suspects, 2 victims, and 2 witnesses as portrayed by the police. They also missed seeing our 8 year old granddaughter that unfortunately was in the house during the struggle, but never mentioned as a victim. The injury that my wife occurred labeled her a witness and not a victim. If someone you don’t want in your house refuses to leave with threats made against you, starts to yell and break your things, is my whole family not the victim(s)? The police did not take the time to sort out the details, 10 minutes after the police arrived I was hand cuffed and placed in the squad.

NUMEROUS mistakes in the police reports too. They have my status as single, unemployed laborer, when in fact I am a married business owner. Four different people stated in the report that they feared for their safety because of the ex-boyfriend, but wrote a final one sentence supplement stating, “During an argument with his girlfriend, Paul A. Shain W/M 02/11/72, threatened the victims with a shotgun.” The police ‘rewrote’ the story twice, through supplement reports a month after it happened, the day before court, to better their case. I am married first of all, and I did not have a struggle with my ‘girlfriend’ that day, and I certainly did not threaten ‘victims’. How can I be guilty of a crime when the police report labels my step-daughter a victim first? Don’t I have the right to stop her from being a victim? I’ve been screamed at and threatened by a 6th district Lieut. for trying to ask the arresting officer a question, called a coward by P.O. John M. Klein, chained to the ex-boyfriend for 4 hours while in custody, fearing for my safety again. I suffered a painful pitched nerve in my neck for a few month after because of the struggle. I don’t think I will have a fair trial, because of the police report. All it reflects is his lies, incompetent police work, mistakes. Although it does state that we feared for our safety 4 times, by 4 different people. 16 pictures were taken, including my back door that was physically kicked in, my wife’s lip, and the ex-boyfriend’s brother was not arrested for this.

My step-children call me father, where theirs had abandon them at an early age. I would do anything for them. I am an honest, licensed business owner in the heating and cooling trade, for the city of Milwaukee. I also have a clean driving/criminal record. I helped the D.A. in 2005 convict a child sex offender in my neighborhood after witnessing his crime, (David Morrison). I was not going to let the ex-boyfriend hurt her again.

Police report #111500056.
Milwaukee County Case #2011CM003194
Thank you for your time, Paul A. Shain

P.S. I have fired my attorney. I am representing myself for now.

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