The Long term effects of Police Brutality

It is important that those of you who have been affected by law enforcement in a negative way understand that the long term emotional distress can wreak havoc on your lives. I am a victim. I currently suffer from PTSD, chronic anxiety attacks, and borderline agoraphobia. I live sun up to sun down in fear. I have a horrible sense of self worthlessness. I do not leave my home. I do not socialize. My sense of TRUST has been destroyed on so many levels. I was once a fun loving social being with many friends. NOT ANYMORE. Cops have taken something from me they have stolen my ability to trust. When one is violated by someone of authority the consequences can be life altering.

I am sharing this website [see below] that I found in hopes that it may help those of you suffering from the same symptoms or those INFLICTING the ABUSE to understand the impact of POLICE BRUTALITY PLEASE STOP VICTIMIZING people especially when they are rendered defensless IT IS NOT NECESSARY. Bullying is NOT allowed in our SCHOOLS and it most CERTAINLY should not be tolerated on the streets especially by authority we are suppose to be able to depend on. You know who you are. STOP STOP STOP you are destroying lives.

Police Brutality: The Impact on Victims

Defined as unmerited, excessive and aggressive abuse, police brutality is a phenomenon that causes irreparable harm to its victims. The abuse may be physical or psychological, and the victims can feel the effects of this abuse for a lifetime. These effects include not only physical wounds, but also psychological ones. In some cases, the community also experiences the impact of police brutality on its victims.

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– Angel

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