CopSucker Editorial: Freedom of Speech has Limits

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I just read the dumbest CopSucker editorial I have ever read in my entire life. I’m serious; I normally try not to swear in my posts, but the cockamamie shit I read, which was written by the Bee Editorial Board, has me dropping F -Bombs like POW BANG POW.  First, who the unfiltered fuck is “the Bee Editorial Board?” And when did it become cool to exclude your name(s) on what you write? Who in their grundlefucked mind does that? Oh yeah, dumb motherfuckers who are too scared to have someone walk up or email them and say, “Yo, what you just said was some really stupid shit!” That’s who.

Before I show you the most irritatingly asinine shit you’ll ever read, let me provide you with some background to what these anonymous dipshits are going to hate-fuck your ears with. Brian Sumner, a CopBlock Network Contributor (yeah, that’s right, he’s paid to do this shit, he’s just doing his job, dickheads! Now what?), was on trial last week for chalking a police memorial. Yes, he used children’s chalk on an idiotic-ass police memorial that was built with taxpayer money and is therefore legally considered public property. Sumner didn’t randomly wake up, jerk one off and decide to go chalk, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights” on Fresno’s police memorial. No, he did so because the Fresno police had shot and killed Miguel Moreno Torres just five days prior to the ‘chalking incident.’ The fucking Bee Team left that out of their bucket of shit editorial because simple minds can’t grasp fucking children’s chalk, let alone fucking cold-blooded murder by their brave jack-booted thugs.

So anyway, last week Sumner was found guilty by a jury of GovermentSuckers (people who just love goverment) – as they clearly weren’t his peers, and is scheduled to be sentenced later today. I guess that prompted some douchebags in some Fresno office downtown, where all the important fuckers work, to sit down, drink overpriced coffees, and compile the most disgusting cauldron of sun-stewed yak shit about Sumner’s conviction the world will ever lay eyes on. The fucking Bee Editorial Board wasted no time getting their sun-stewed yak shit going, stating:

Sumner, 26, told the court [the fucking who?] that he was merely exercising his constitutional right to free speech, and besides the damage wasn’t permanent because the chalk was easily removed.

The jury didn’t buy it, and neither do we.

Vandalizing a public memorial — regardless of whether the graffiti is easy or difficult to remove — is a contemptible act and deserving of punishment.

First off, who gives a flying fistfuck what you’re buying? We don’t even know who the fuck you are (who the fuck are you?) Why the ever-loving-fuck do I care what a person I don’t know would buy or believe? Second, though vandalism does reference defacing property as part of the crime, the law also notes that you would have to have ‘intend’ to cause harm or damage. The mere fact that Sumner decided to use CHALK and not a fucking chisel proves he had no “ill intent” in his actions. If you remove ill intent you have Freedom of Speech and redress of grievances left as Sumner’s motives. And those are protected by the First Amendment. Here’s a little refresher on what the First Amendment says, as I’ll shovel this up your rancid butt-buttered ass later. Enjoy:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets see how much more corny shit can come out the Bee Team’s floppy prolapsed ass:

As any schoolboy or schoolgirl who has studied the Constitution knows, there are limits to free speech. Sumner exceeded them with this selfish act intended to bring attention to himself and to his cause — and to disrespect Fresno’s police force.

Possible Bee Team Member. Aka: CopSucker
Possible Bee Team Member. Aka: CopSucker

For great-grandmother-fucking of all fuck’s sake. This is why we’re all fucked, unlubed with a rusty shovel as a society. These no-name, faceless papercunts just said that even schoolboys and schoolgirls understand that free speech has its limits? Really, I just posted the First Amendment above and I don’t recall reading the part that said, “Freedom of Speech is allowed EXCEPT for……. ” Are you constantly huffing oven cleaner, Bee Team, in order to be able to run a shitsucking newspaper so poorly? How the fuck did you ever get through any fucking journalism class? Oh yeah, government schools, keeping you down since kindergarten and now you’re trying to pass that moronic horseshit down the pipe? Go fuck yourselves with a bee grenade.

Let me help you waste of space, lamestream media, slave world writers understand a few things. The freedom of speech, according to the government’s fucking list of rules, is what allows me to call you ‘mongoloid motherfuckers, with intestinal worms for brains, that have no fucking clue what on Fuck Mountain you’re even talking about’ whenever the fuck I want! It’s also what allowed Sumner to express himself and his redress of grievances with Fresno PD for the murder of Miguel Moreno Torres. You might not like his method, but I didn’t like your daddy-fucking, “give me some more big brother, oh fuck yeah” post, either. Yet, I’m not about to get all butt hurt and send the man after you, either. Especially with claims so mindfuckingly ridiculous, like that our freedom of speech has limits, that even a cocaine-adled, porn star with dickmentia would recognize them for the irrational idiocy they are.

And I’m sure you educated ‘we’re the real fucking media’ bumblefucks won’t believe a word I say and will most likely get lost in how many times I cussed you intellectually vapid whack jobs the unholy fuck out. Still, I know how to use this wonderful thing called ‘Google’. Do you mentally obsolete fucking dinosaurs have any idea what that fucking shit even is? If so, you may have used it to find a number of cases where using children’s chalk was ruled constitutional by a number of courts. Let me help you hopelessly stupid fucks with that, too:

Judge: Police Violated Chalk Protestor’s First Amendment Rights

Chalk Protestor’s Have First Amendment Right

$196,000 Settlement for Chalking Protest

Oh shit, you are probably feeling slightly fucking stupid right now, aren’t you? Well, don’t run off just yet:  You said the most ironic thing – once you realize how fucking wrong you were from the start – at the end of your fucking authoritarian groupie gang bang post (seriously, I hope you sick freaks pulled out before dumping your weak load into some feminist bimbo from Sputnik):

One thing for sure: Defacing a public memorial does nothing to foster a cause. It merely reveals lack of character and clarity of thought by the person responsible for the vandalism.

Does nothing to foster a cause? Do you idiots realize that the “Third Annual Chalk the Police State Day” just passed, and that nearly a dozen cities nationwide partook in the event? Do you limp-brained fucks understand that since the arrest of the “Chalking 8″ in Manchester, NH in 2010 that Chalking the Police has become more and more popular? That I’ve personally chalked over 30 police stations myself, and though I have been to jail for it once, the rarity is to have the police make an arrest? In fact, the only time I’ve been arrested for chalking the police is when a member of the group chalked a police memorial as well. So if the action was ok on other public property, what changed when the chalk ended up on some stupid cop memorial? The answer is–TA DA!–nothing. The only thing that changed is the butt hurt of the police officers, which is similar to what you felt when you wrote the world’s most deep-throated CopSucker editorial ever. Problem is, using words – aka: freedom of speech – to bring attention to a certain matter, or cause, isn’t illegal. Even if it leaves you with rectal tears and uncontrollable anal spasms.
I’ve compiled some videos for you ass-clowns of people chalking the police; hopefully, it will help numb you to the increased chalking Fresno is probably going to experience thanks the endless PR this worthless farce of law enforcement has brought to the cause. Maybe when you simple-minded fucks are done with the bullshit bending of a person’s rights you can get back to talking about that man those cops killed. You know, when you’re done with your fucking latte’.
[UPDATE: Brain has been sentenced by the ‘courts’ and states, “I was sentenced to a year of bench probation, a 250 dollar fine, and 50 hours of community service.” I guess justice doesn’t fit the crime. The bill to clean up children’s chalk is NOT $250 nor did any “damage” cost the equilavant of 50 hours of Brian’s time, so why is the government allowed to profit from justice?]
The Chalking 8 Arrest:
Ademo Given Worthless Ticket for Chalking the Police
Brain Arrested for Chalking
[Author’s Note: The excessive use of cuss words in this post is intended to emphasize how freedom of speech applies to words that make us uncomfortable, just as it does those which don’t.]
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  • Disappointed

    I actively work to stop police brutality and the violation of all our rights and by no means can I be considered a copsucker. All this long before it was the cool thing to do.

    That being said this article does absolutely nothing for the movement.

    People who don’t know you are not going to read past the first paragraph. There is a place and time for using provocative language but a website trying to sway people to our way of thinking is not one of them.

    Sure it is your website, your words, your right but in doing so I have to ask what was the point if nothing more than to rant?

    Is this website for personal gripes or for highlighting a problem so others will join to fight against it.

    And BTW I may not agree with what the other site said and I may not even care for their opinions but they are entitled to them regardless of your feelings.

    I didn’t even finish the article before you put me off and I have been reading here for years. I can’t imagine anyone new to the site being impressed enough to want to join or learn more based on what they read here.

  • Disappointed

    And I know what editorial means. But an editorial should have a purpose beyond a rant.
    Especially because this editorial probably won’t be read by many at all.

  • mobooz
  • Common Sense

    Ahh Adam, still trying. You know son, someday you are just gonna have to get a real job.

  • Mike TheVet

    He must be doing something right since you keep coming back.

  • JC

    Ademo, it doesn’t take anything for you to spout off your anger bullshit. Your butt-buddy was found guilty. Now he will be cleaning graffiti for a while. You flip out because the justice system works. Just like with you. You have four felonies after your name. The justice system works.

  • RAD

    The difference with the cop memorial is it is one of the religious sites for the cop cult.

    “It was beyond disrespectful. It was beyond disgraceful,” Fresno police officer David Ponek told the jury. “It was like vandalizing a church.”

    Read more here:

  • mobooz

    Aren’t you busy as a bee… therefore, you are literally a bee. poof!

  • Analogy

    Poor officer has a problem with analogies. I guess 6th grade was one of those difficult years at school for him

  • copblock18017

    please please please give me admin control of the CB page so i can ping this douche “JC” and get his REAL NAME. i promice to turn the page back over as soon as i blast his info across every police accountability page on the web

  • Bob

    You hit the nail on the head. I didn’t even get halfway through this profanity laced rant.

  • Enjoy

    Google the following:
    “jc’s real name”

  • Larry

    Look out everyone, here comes JC the obfusicator. Do not answer anything to him/her, he/she will drag you down to his/her psychorants, and you’ll end up arguing about whether we landed on the moon or not.

  • tz1

    Potty mouth and potty mind, you need to flush.

    Did you chalk the police stations, or the public sidewalk? Oh, you kow-towed to their gag order – hope you like your 30 pieces of silver or feel free to post all the details in violation.

    Public property does NOT mean you can vandalize it no more than I can burn a forest in a commons.

  • Phillip Franklin

    I’m brand new and this article caused me to finish reading it in order to see what upset them so.

  • Vallihuldun Untamed

    I will admit that I simply skimmed most of the article. However, while certainly inflammatory and vulgar, it IS essentially correct. Chalking a memorial, or much of anything else, clearly resides in the realm of free speech. Anything that will be washed away the next time it rains is clearly not vandalism. With that said, and the supreme court of the united states backing me up on that, I still would not be surprised to find LEOs arresting four year old girls for playing with chalk on public sidewalks. Gotta stop jumping on here after beer 6 or so… I get to bloody self-righteous… smh.

  • Pw4x3r

    If by works, you mean, inspire him to continue his activism even harder in the future, perhaps more carefully, but perhaps more effectively, and to continue to inspire others by the insane bullshit the government continues to throw? Sure. In that case, the justice system definitely works. You stupid cunt mother fucker.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I guess it’s too bad for you that the justice system won’t be relied upon in your case.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    It was his last year.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Maybe you don’t know what chalk is. But then again you like to take it in the ass and down the throat from your buddies in blue. It’s going to be funny when these pigs are lit on fire in the streets, I hope hundreds film their squeals. The only good pig is a dead pig.

  • RadicalDude

    It’s not an analogy. It’s literally a site of religious worship. What this cop said on the stand is right on the money. What we call “the police” is factually a modern day religious cult. This site, “public” or not, is a temple of the cop cult.

  • RadicalDude

    It’s place of religious worship in the literal sense. It’s not allegory. People literally go there as a form of worship/veneration of the departed, a major component of religious practice. The venerated are celebrated there in part because they are thought to have a personal relationship with the Leviathan. They are “Peace officers” of the “State of California”(aka the Leviathan), a scriptural deity of the State Religion.
    Word Origin
    reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.
    formal or ceremonious rendering of such honor and homage:
    They attended worship this morning.
    adoring reverence or regard:
    excessive worship of business success.
    the object of adoring reverence or regard.
    (initial capital letter) British. a title of honor used in addressing or mentioning certain magistrates and others of high rank or station (usually preceded by Your, His, or Her).

  • mobooz

    What priest in a funny robe did you pray to for that definition?

  • Thank you!

    “However, when you act like a dumbass, or you re-post dumbass posts, it HURTS THE ENTIRE MOVEMENT! You are not stupid…. I hope. Cop block is getting national attention now. That will only grow, and that is good. However, every time you act like a fucking moron, it detracts from the entire movement that is working to bring police and government accountability.”

    Thank you!

  • Yomammaaho

    Speaking of police ‘memorials’, I just got a call from some fund raising telemarketing agency asking me to contribute to dead police families and causes.
    I sat patiently and listened to his sales pitch….and then he asked me what level contribution I could give him over the phone on my card.
    I then finally spoke……”I’m suing the police right now-(True-kitko v young)…..and want even MORE police to die…and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”.
    I then hung up on the prick.

  • Disappointed

    Could he have explained his reasons for being upset in fewer paragraphs with less extraneous “details”?

    This isn’t a school assignment where one is trying to get to 500 words as quickly as you can before it is due next period.

    I am sure he had a great point but how many people are going to weed through the garbage to get to it?

  • Okay…

    That was ummm….mature.

    Just say what I do. “Can you tell me the name of one police officer killed in my state in the last 12 months and how he was killed?”

    I have asked this at least a dozen times in my life and not once could the caller answer the question.

    I usually respond to their inability with “I can answer that for you. The answer is not a single officer has died.” Or “I can answer that question, One died from an automobile accident because he stupidly wasn’t following state law and wearing a seatbelt. The widows and families already get too much of my tax money via death benefits.”

  • Yomammaaho

    All that you say is a Given.
    The fact that a cop funding organization has the gull to ask funds from me (given all that I have spent it trying to obtain justice against the pigs) is WHY I used that “mature” language.
    So when JC does this piece on the injustice of the system in protecting their pig brethren, EXPECT some “mature” language.
    I/We shoud not have to sugarcoat out language in describing the police state.

  • Police Religion

    I think you need to put down the dictionaries.

    Worship literally means WORTHY. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with a god. Just because some group says they worship a god it doesn’t mean if I find my child worthy of praise that I think she is a god.

    I agree people worship the police in that they find them worthy of tax money and praise.

    We all get it. Time to move along with another discussion.

  • Okay….

    You have a first amendment right to say whatever you like. It doesn’t mean I think it was the best way to educate the caller nor showed you in a positive light. I always try to educate everyone on the propaganda lie that police are slaughtered by the thousands every year and their poor widow and children are starving without our help. Besides the caller is usually just some paid college student who works from home and next week will be calling you for Cancer Research money.

    So i think leaving them with something to think about is better. And I have had at least one caller say be didn’t realize that no police were killed in our state that year.

  • tz1

    There are many things which aren’t permanent. Chalk, mid, water soluble inks. It is still vandalism to use them. Why not chalk Cops themselves since it washes off? Or go chalk yourself.

    And a string of profanities cannot stretch to one argument.

    And non-agression has been abandoned. Burn cops to death, not in defense or retribition, but because they are cops?

  • Jake from statefarm

    I’m a long time trucker. Have many friends in the oil fields and diamond mines. I might as well have been born a sailor child with as often as I use foul language. But your lack of composure, in any event, shows your lack of control.
    This post, as incoherent as it is, proves you are nothing more then a school ground bully who didn’t get his way.
    Even IF you had a point, it is beyond gone with the lack of journalistic integrity, that you THINK you harness, with the ramblings of a 13 year old, who uses the new found cuss word when mom and dad aren’t around.
    Grow up

  • mobooz

    NAP was a joke from the get-go, just a “tu quoque” to throw at cops whenever a copblocker gets violent.

  • mobooz

    I think you’ll find the “Debating a Crank” section most useful here:

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Let’s be honest. Vulgarity-laced articles don’t lend much credence to our cause, or the article itself. Despite the truth contained within the article (between all the profanity), we probably are best served, as a movement, to remain professional. Just my opinion.

  • Well said!

    I completely agree.

  • Vicente San Martin

    I like what this Cop Block is doing it is Great to see this thank you

  • Aaron Kenneth

    Personally, I would tell the pretend court to go screw themselves, not pay the fines nor perform any involuntary service for such baseless lawless edicts and if any cowardly costumed criminal attempted to “just follow orders” through utilizing force against me I’d would fill his beastly lesser-man hide full of holes. But that’s just me. Well, and maybe a few others as people realize that consensually participating with incontinent idiots playing at government like it is their own little private sandbox is a futile en devour, especially since the sand has become litter full of turds. If we can’t force such moronic imbecilic government actors to wear diapers or become potty trained it would do everyone well to steer clear of coming anywhere near their sandbox courts.