Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Traffic Stop Gets Shut Down (Video)

Jacksonville,_FL_Sheriff-PoliceA Jacksonville Sheriff’s officer pulled over a private investigator who was investigating a young lady. She called the police and told them he was stalking her. According to Mike, the PI who runs the YouTube Channel F.T.G., the young lady in question has been the subject of several investigations and has done the same thing to other investigators, making false claims to get the police to harass them.

Watch the video above to see how Mike handles the police in this traffic stop. He is calm and sticks to his guns that he will not answer questions, and he wants them to articulate the crime they suspect him of committing (a requirement for police to legally detain someone). The police cannot do that, so he remains silent. As a result, the police cannot escalate the stop any further. This is a very good tactic for dealing with police. They were able to get nothing on the investigator because there wasn’t anything to get. The allegations were false, so there was no reasonable  suspicion and therefore no need for him to continue complying with their orders.

What is really interesting is that the original officer leaves after other officers arrive on the scene. So, at that point there is not one officer on scene who knows what initially happened. If Mike had started answering questions, the officers would have had enough to escalate the stop. Mike reminds himself several times during the stop to “calm down.” He does a very good job of reining himself in, in my opinion. Something I am incapable of doing myself.

Good job, Mike, and thank you for providing a video record of how to handle a traffic stop. I think there are lessons to be learned from this video, as well as providing a guide for new CopBlockers to study. That way they will be prepared when the police state comes down on them! Check out the F.T.G. channel for their other videos, like the one where cops harass them for trying to tell people about jury nullification. Google “jury nullification” to find information like this. Always film the police, and remember, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!”

Chuck U Farley

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