Did Philly Cops Plant A Gun On This Man After Punching Him While Handcuffed?

Above is a video that was uploaded earlier today which really shows the ethical fortitude and good nature of the Philadelphia Police Department. The video starts off with two men up near a porch with their arms up and hands against the porch, in a non-threatening manner, being submissive to the police. There’s no way to tell what the men are under arrest for from the video, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to suggest a fight of any kind.

Right off the bat, the cop that would later go on to punch the man can be seen grabbing the suspect and angrily taunting him shouting “you want to get locked the fuck up!?” while appearing to push the man in an attempt to turn him around so that the two would be facing each other. The suspect offers no resistance, then the same cop shoves his face into the stonework in front of the house, again taunting him saying “you think we’re fucking playing out here. I’ll knock you the fuck out. I don’t give a fuck out, you ain’t got nothing on me”. He then starts to search the suspect while another officer holds his hands behind his back, with him handcuffed. The officer conducting the search and the suspect seem to make brief eye contact, and the officer, without any provocation whatsoever, cowardly punches the suspect in the face twice while calling him a pussy. The officer behind the suspect then takes him to the ground.

GunIt is at this point that something odd happens. As the man is being pulled to the ground, the striking officer appears to pull something out of his pocket or belt. It appears to be a gun but we are not sure. We did take this close up image of it in the frame, but it is so grainy that it appears as though it could be a revolver or something else.

The striking officer then puts his knee on the suspects head, with the other officer on top of his legs, and you can hear the suspect say “I’m not doing anything,” which certainly matches what we’re seeing. The striking officer then looks to the camera and taunts the filmers saying “do me a favor, put that on the internet, too.” What is apparent at this point is that this cop can brazenly assault a man and feel totally confident that he is going to get away with it from the get go, even on camera.

They then scoop the man off the ground, dump his back pack out, slam him up against the squad car for no apparent reason, then angrily shove him into the back seat and slam the door behind him without making sure he was even in the car to begin with.

CBN-network-bannerThe cop then confronts a woman off camera and, not every word can be heard, but the officer can be clearly heard saying the words “that’s the problem with this whole neighborhood” and “oh and he was just carrying a gun?”, which would seem to indicate that the item in his hand was in fact a gun. The woman denies knowing anything about a gun. The cops then drive off, but not before taunting the camera man one last time.

Watch the video and let us know if you think the officer pulled out a gun or not.


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