Marion County Deputy Threatens CopBlocker with Arrest for Filming (VIDEO)

11261925_896762180369895_4024783960572045493_nJames Butler, of Florida CopWatch,  was on his way to work one morning when he saw a Marion County deputy on the side of the road. Being a CopBlocker, Butler decided to investigate the officer’s actions, so he grabbed his phone and headed over to the stop. It’s still unclear exactly what the officer was doing. However, based on the video he appears to be searching the car that has either crashed off the roadway or was pulled off the roadway after a mechanical issue. Butler stated that he didn’t see anyone in the back of the cruiser, so it’s unlikely the officer was involved in a stop.

Yet, even though there was nobody in the car and no sense of urgency throughout the whole video, the officer becomes agitated when Butler asks, “Can I have your name and badge number?” To which the Marion County thug replies, “You have about five seconds to leave or I’m going to arrest you for obstruction.” I guess this officer didn’t get the memo about filming public officials in public spaces.

Maybe we can help remind him. Below are some ways to contact the Marion County Sheriff’s department:  Feel free to call, comment, or post to gain their attention. Let them know that filming is not a crime. In fact, this isn’t the first time Marion County sheriffs have been on the pages of, and the last time they were featured here was due to filming as well! See the video below or check out the review post by Pete regarding Marion Co Sheriff’s egregious actions.

Marion County Sheriff’s DepartmentWebsiteFacebook Page

Crime Line: 740-375-TIPS (8477)

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