National City Police Officer Slams Disabled Man to Ground & Punches Him

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On 2/13/2015 I was in National City in San Diego County. I was traveling south on Hoover, trying to cross over, but the intersection was blocked due to a DUI/drivers license checkpoint a couple blocks away. The police department blocked the street to stop cars from Mile of Cars (a local car dealership) to the southern turn on Hoover. I saw a motorcycle officer and made my way over to where he was to ask about the blocking of the road. I parked my car on Hoover and approached the officer.

He asked me, “What do you want?”

I told him I wanted to inquire about the street being closed.

He told me to “get my ass out of the street.”

I got onto the sidewalk and asked him to call his supervisor. I went to the intersection and began filming for evidence for my future complaint. I walked back towards the officer and asked his name. He commanded me to sit on the curb. (I’m permanently disabled due to polio.) I told the officer there was no need to be aggressive or forceful. Next thing I knew the officer got off his motorcycle and tackled me. Then said, “Didn’t I tell you to have a fucking seat?” He then punched me and put his knee in my back.

I ended up with several cuts and bruises. The officer said he could tell I wasn’t disabled because I was walking normally. He said he feared for his safety. I can’t walk normally; one leg is almost 5 inches shorter than the other. He handcuffed me and arrested me for resisting arrest and leaving the sidewalk. I never left the sidewalk. When I exited my car I was in the street. After being told to get on the sidewalk I complied. Being tackled, punched, and having a knee in my back was scary. All because I asked for his name. Well, his name is officer Lucky Nguyen.

Sharing our content is a BIG HELP, thank you!
Sharing our content is a BIG HELP, thank you!

Sergio Rodriguez

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