Excessive Force? You Decide (VIDEO)

The video above was recorded in Savannah, GA. where there appears to be a fight in the middle of the street.  One vehicle is stopped in the middle of the intersection and you see one male subject hitting the vehicle with his fists while a female is seen fighting with someone who is sitting in the passenger side with their door open.

As police arrive on the scene, you see one officer immediately deploy his night stick and begin striking the male that had been hitting the vehicle.  The female that was fighting with the passenger sees this and turns her attention to the officer and yells stop as she briefly touches his arm.  She never struck the officer and her actions did not appear to be violent.

pepperThe officer strikes her several times with the night stick even as she is walking away from him.  She then stands facing him with her hands behind her back and blasts her with a good dose of pepper spray.  She walks away rubbing her eyes.  The officer returns to the male that he had been striking and cuffs him.  He then goes after the female that he had struck and pepper sprayed.

He puts his hand into the back of her pants and grabs on.  He pulls her back to where the male is laying on the ground cuffed and kicks her legs out from under her and throws her down face first into the pavement.

I am going to give my assessment of what I think of this situation, but I am very interested in what you all have to say about this officer’s actions.

While there was definitely a fight taking place before the officers arrived on scene, it appears that the parties involved had stopped fighting once the cops were there.  The male that was struck first was not acting aggressively towards the officer.  He never raised his hands or swung at the officer.  As a matter of fact, the male had his hands at his sides, he had nothing in his hands, and they were open.

The female may have touched the officer, but she did not strike him and her posture did not indicate that she was about to fight with him.  He immediately strikes her rather than push her away.  Then she receives a dose of pepper spray for just standing there.  I feel any logical person observing this would see that she was not posing any type of threat to the officer.

After the pepper spray, you never hear the officer tell the female to stay where she is.  She walks away and is obviously trying to leave the violent scene.  His pursuing her and dragging her back with his hand in the back of her pants and then slamming her into the ground was quite a bit over the top.  He never instructed her to get on the ground.beat

I do not argue that when a fight is going on that officers need to regain order quickly, but this officer was not facing anyone that was assaulting him.  In my eyes, he was the aggressor by striking two citizens that were not posing any type of threat to his safety at all.  I believe that he simply lost control in an emotionally charged scene and used excessive force on these two by escalating things with brute force where it was not needed.

Officers say that they have to make split second decisions all of the time, but this guy made the decision to resort to violence before he even approached the male and striking him.  That can be seen when he whips out his baton before even getting to the guy.  I think this officer was wrong in his actions and made the wrong decision.

What do you have to say about his actions in this video?  Do you think he was justified in striking these two individuals repeatedly, or was he excessive in the amount of force he used on them?  Why or why not?  Let me know in the comments section.

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  • WD!

    Excessive force

  • JC

    What a bunch of BS. These people are beating the hell out of each other in the middle of the street. They did not stop when the PD arrived and they were dealt with appropriately.

  • SineNomine

    My impression is this cop joined the police force for the opportunity to inflict violence on other people.

  • Common Sense

    If you notice how ineffective the baton really was. I doubt it would even leave a bruise. Unless there’s a good “fluid shock” with momentum, to the right target area, its rather pointless.
    A solid right cross, ECD/pepper, or even better yet, an older 1 1/2″ hickory baton (or PR24) would work much better than collapsible batons, not enough mass.
    I also notice that no one rushed to the aid of anyone in the vehicle. Apathy. They would rather watch and jeer.

  • WD!

    All the old boys like the pr24, can you do the “fancy” tricks? ??

  • Why are so many cops so fat?

  • WD!

    All your comments are the same

  • WD!

    Slow metabolism…………LOL

  • t

    Quite right.
    Batons are nearly useless in the situations that are the most correct for them to be deployed.
    This has the stink of a nightclub/bar area. The parties are likely intoxicated and therefore the baton is far less effective.

    But setting that aside…
    This guy just did a couple grand worth of damage to that SUV. It clearly
    Appears that the officers are giving him voice commands that he is ignoring. Use of force on him…appropriate if not too little.
    Now the chick is a different story. I LOVE that she got sprayed. Awesome. His snatching her up as she’s trying to leave the scene of an assault that she appears to have committed…and rapidly moving her back away from the crowd and to where the male is located….very good. As for taking her to the ground….you guys saw her fighting right?

  • JeromeMac

    I’m pretty disturbed by those who were so entertained by this.

  • PiggleWiggleGiggle

    ” As for taking her to the ground….you guys saw her fighting right?” Fighting the forces of gravity…./rolleyes

  • Excessive

    Taxpayers should be prepared to payout for the man and woman. This was excessive.

    He should be charged with Assault and Battery
    Assault is the intent to use force or violence against another human with the abilty to do so.
    Battery is unlawful use of force or violence against another human being.
    It doesn’t matter if the other person in fact suffered any pain or injury. The case will be whether defen

  • Disgusting

    It was disgusting listen to the cheering. The way people behave…

  • Excessive

    Rest of my sentence didn’t make it. The case will be whether the defendant (cop) touched the victim in anyway he is not authorized to by law whether or not he hurt them is immaterial to the case.

  • Eric

    That was figgen bogus how that cop put that chick on the ground.

  • Confused?

    What the hell is even going on in this video. The woman in red who is slammed down is not the woman in black who was punching someone in the vehicle. Or was the woman in red also standing in the door doing something with the woman in black?

    Was the woman in red the person in the passengers seat and if so why did she defend the man?
    You can see the woman in black is pulled away from the door and arrested at the front of the vehicle, then the woman in red stumbles out of the door area towards the cop and tells him to stop.

  • Confused?

    Okay, watched it on slow mo and it looks like woman in red is also standing in door punching along with woman in black.

  • Yomammaaho

    And people wonder why pigs are being stalked more and more.
    Every time I hear about a pig assassination. ..l get off!

  • simpleton

    On the police brutality scale of 1 to 10 this is a 5.5. The cop is an asshole, that much is obvious. His mistake that will cost taxpayers a smaller amount is that I did not hear him give any “lawful orders” as they call it. He just broke out his tool kit and starting whacking and spraying. I would bet $100 that he discussed this incident with other officers and his poor wife and bragged about what an awesome job he did gaining control of the situation as quickly as he did. I will admit, he did gain control of the situation quite quickly but if you notice, the other officer gained control of his perp even quicker by simply instructing her to put her hands behind her back, and she did. You can see her at the right of the frame and at the front of the vehicle.

  • simpleton

    They don’t dare rush to aid anyone in the vehicle, or even fucking move. That would put them in the cross-hairs of officer tough-guy and would end up with a mouthful of pepper spray and maybe a couple shots to the shins with a baton. If I made any move in that situation it would have been a bullrush from behind of officer tough guy and would have tried to apply the hardest choke hold I could muster to keep him under control. Rendering him unconscious would be a bonus point.

  • simpleton

    You don’t really mean what you say, you are just trying to rile people up here. And it will work.

  • bill

    very easy situation to de-escalate….calm people down, talk to them….if they start to rush you to fight you…then use your asp…this cock sucker starting wacking people and throwing the girl to the ground….are you kidding me!!!! the female…all you had to do was calmly detain or arrest you rather throw a FEMALE to the ground like that…they weren’t resisting *shaking my head*

  • Midnight

    Another bully with a badge taking a break from beating his wife and kids in favor of the general public…

  • JC has smelly feet

    you smell like rotten cheese

  • Cop’sAreSuperVillains

    JC oaught to get his turkey in the straw on hahahahahaha

  • t

    Wow. So really don’t see the girl in red fighting with the people in the SUV? Really?
    Not much help for ya then

  • Common Sense

    Whatever you have to tell yourself junior.

  • Shaarinya

    there was no need to toss her around like a rag doll or hit her with anything.

    may this pigs daughter have done to her what her daddy sees fit to do to others.

    see how he likes that.

  • Shmuck

    I think this happened in 2011 ?? Google the cops name

  • Shmuck
  • simpleton

    how do you know I am a “Junior”, because I am. Are you stalking me? This will go on your permanent record.

  • simpleton

    In my younger years I could have accomplished the goal of choking someone out quite quickly, yes, even a police officer. Nowadays, I mind my own business, I know my limitations. And being a smart ass to me doesn’t intimidate me or rile me up. Try using that thing between your ears.

  • simpleton

    Christ, don’t be telling me there is no help for me etc…I went back and watched the video again, I do see the white trash in red shirt fighting with people in the SUV, but I cannot connect the dots on how that makes it ok to face-plant the girl. Just because 2 citizens are beating up each other, doesn’t mean the boys in blue get to show up and starting beating up the ones who are fighting. Aren’t they supposed to de-escalate the situation and gain control? The foot sweep was a bullshit move. Effective, but bullshit.

  • t

    Wow…you got one right. You can’t connect the dots.

    Let me walk you through it slowly and see if you can get it:

    1. Do you see the guy causing thousands of dollars in damage to the SUV?
    2. Do you see the 2 females attacking the woman in e SUV?
    3. Do you see the large crowd and the heavy traffic in he area?
    4. Do you see the female in red aggressively approaching the officer while he is taking the male into custody?
    5. Do you see how ineffective the officers baton strikes were on the likely intoxicated female in red?
    6. Do you see the female in red trying to leave the area?

    Now…with just that information:
    – Do you know what the rule is concerning how much force the police can use when arresting someone?

    If you can figure out that last one…it should all make sense when you have the info from the first 6.

    Good luck.

  • simpleton

    They be wildin’, just let em play. They’ll figure it out eventually.

  • Bryan David Hale

    yet again cops outnumber 10 to 1 get away with beating on whoever the fuck they want. how is it none of the people there even try to stop the jackbooted thug?

  • Chris Rickard

    Refrain from feeding the trolls

  • James Nickell

    Started it realized id seen it excessive force no question asked

  • Clint Jaysiel

    “In order to stop beatings, which are bad, we must tithe our income to the government in order to fund people who ensure that more people get beat more, and more beatings happen. Because beatings are bad.”

    Your whole paradigm is illogical.

  • Aaron Davison

    Just the fact they are allowed to use all that force on us the citizens should be all you really need to know to prove to anyone that we are not seen as equal citizens with unalaniable rifghts. The police have been trained to not respect us and to think of us all as though we are peasants. That officer did not have to hit anyone in this situation and he did it so fluently and without hesitation which indicates that behavior is just sop. I’m sorry but if that was happening to my family id probably intervene and take a beating just on principal. That badge doesn’t trump the safety of any female in my family

  • Aaron Davison

    My guess from seeing all the videos and personal experience is the rule is any force necessary to make an arrest. In other words, the police policy in this country need a complete overhaul. The average officer in the US wouldn’t be allowed on the streets in other countries !! And I’d guess youd be one with inadequate training. The US policing standards are comparable or less than those in third world countries. So you have to excuse me when I say your life’s profession is substandard compared to the rest of well off civilized nations. Idk about you but I always strived to be the best at whatever I do.. But I guess being a bully is ‘cool’ to you.

  • Larry

    He lost his job as a rodeo clown, applied to be a policeman. The coward
    should have stopped at pepper spray. I was going to quit watching the
    video after the pepper spray because I thought that was the end of it,
    but then continued watching. He slams her so hard to the ground at 1:47
    that she is knocked out. Any type of slam to the head can result in
    lifelong problems like seizures. When you are knocked out, it means
    capillaries in your brain have been ruptured, the same as if you had a

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Proof that cops are only trained to escalate situations into more violence…

  • Leland Whitehouse

    This so called Officer is a typical PIG. He had full control of the female but then un nessarilly slamed her face down to the ground. He should be suspended two weeks WITHOUT pay. The famale should submit the video to an Attorney and file charges of abusive force for one million dollars.

  • Craig Tarter

    It might be more effective if he was to be suspended like a piñata. Just make sure NOBODY is blindfolded.