Cop In Illegal Unmarked Car Evades Truth, Has Friends Bully Man

In the video above a man tries to confront an officer in Soap Lake, Washington about the illegally unmarked police vehicle he is driving. The cop drives away twice, but the man filming him never gives up and follows him to the police station.

After having evaded the filmographer, the officer claims that the man was ‘interrupting/obstructing his investigation.’ He then evades questions and attempts to escape into the building, claiming that the police station is not a public building.

Near the end of the interview with the officer the guy with the camera and questions asks the LEO how he feels about not being in compliance with the state laws regarding police vehicles. The cop, of course just stands there looking dumbfounded, before finally shooing off the activist.

The cinematographer hangs around the police station discussing the issues and attempting to get officers in the parking lot to interact with him, which they do not. Eventually a couple of guys show up to defend the honor of the cop from the earlier interaction.

The two guys charge up like a couple of high school bullies. They are warned almost immediately that they are going to embarrass themselves, which they go on to do many times over. Their ignorance, disregard for the law and constitution, as well as their thuggish anti-intellectual behavior, all serve to make them look like the fools that they are.

It is sad to see Americas youth are so conditioned that even young men like these do not have the basic skepticism of authority that helps keep it in check from one generation to the next.

On the other hand, it is refreshing to see guys like the one in this video filming and confronting cops in their own small towns across the country. These people are the brave heroes who are really fighting for your freedoms and liberties.

Dance your mouse this way and press the little button to get your shit all stickered up.
Dance your mouse this way and press the little button to get your shit all stickered up.

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  • t

    I don’t know which is worse…
    JSH for writing studies/lies or the video idiot saying stupidity/lies.

    Washington state statute clearly allows for the use of unmarked cars.

    Oops. Guess you should learn to read eh?

  • Common Sense

    I remember this was LL last week.

    I can guarantee that had he done his “where’s the sign that says private” here, he’d have been hooked within a blink.

    Notice how scared he got when the cop wasn’t around? Sorta like Centurion

  • L

    Hey t, commonsense, and JC, have a donut break.

  • t


    I miss that goof

  • Pw4x3r

    LoL @ little neo-nazis in training and their friend the Police officer….. I think it’s time we should let the FBI figure this one out…. send a tip!

  • Resit

    It Friday night around eleven and your wife and daughter have just gone to bed. You also try to go to sleep but it has been a very stressful week at work and after about a half hour you get up and have a night cap and return to bed. Another forty minutes go by and no shut eye comes your way so you get out of bed put on some clothes and decide to go for a night walk.

    You live in a medium sized city of under two-hundred thousand residence.
    You have been in the neighborhood, which is not in the suburbs but none the less is a nice part of town, for 6 years. During your time in the neighborhood you have walked the streets day or night for recreation hundreds of times and know it very well. Before leave the house you pick up a small flashlight, your keys, your cell phone, your wallet which contains your concealed handgun license, and a small pocket pistol.

    About ten minutes into your walk a large black SUV turns on to the road you are walking down coming towards you. As it approaches it slows down to under 5 miles an hour and you squint as the head lights slowly wash over you messing up your night vision.

    Immediately after the SUV has past you it begins to pick up speed heading behind you to the end of the block. You keep walking for a few seconds and then turn and look back the way you just came and see the same SUV at the stop sign at the end of the block executing a U-turn.

    Now your heart starts to race a little and you ask yourself: who is this person in the SUV and what could they possible want with you at one in the morning? As the headlights of the SUV turn back towards you, it is still several hundred feed down the road, you pick up the pace to a fast walk. A few seconds later you round a small bend in the road and then hoping you are out of sight run to a nearby dumpster and hide behind it.

    You can hear the SUV accelerating and in just a few seconds more see its headlights wash over the dumpster you are hiding behind. The SUV then makes a long pause at a stop sign just a couple of dozen feet ahead of you. It then turns left on to the next street and starts to slowly move down the block in the same direction it just came from.

    You wait a few moments until the SUV is out of sight and then abandon your improvised hiding spot and walk to the stop sign. When you get to the stop sign you look down the road and your stomach drops as you can clearly see the SUV’s brake lights at the stop sign down the block.

    They have been waiting for you to step out of your hiding spot and into the streetlights. The SUV quickly executes a second U-turn and starts accelerating towards you a second time. This time you know hiding is not an option so you quickly move across the street and stand so that a parked car is between you and the oncoming SUV hoping it might deter them from running you over.

    The SUV comes to a stop parallel to the car you are standing behind about eight or ten feet from you. The driver points a flashlight at you and as a result you cannot see anything but headlights and the flashlight beam and says “POLICE!”

    There are no red or blue lights or other indication that this is a real police officer. You know if this person is an imposter that you are a sitting duck, spot lighted and blinded by the flashlight and headlights.

    Between heart beats you have to decide what to do. Do you run and risk your potential assailant running or shooting you down? Or do you drawl your weapon and fire at the flashlight? What if it is a real cop? Running will get you locked up for sure and defending yourself will either have you killed at the hands of the officer or by lethal injection years after the confrontation is over. You freeze with indecision as the driver gets out of the vehicle and takes several steps towards you. As he approaches his “uniform” does not help verify that he is indeed a cop. He is dressed in dark slacks and a short sleeved blue polo shirt with small yellow letters on the chest. The lettering on his left breast has the name of the local police department and on his right breast bears his rank, sergeant, and name.

    He then tells you to stand more directly in his headlight beams and continues to point his flashlight in your face. After that he ask you “where did you go? were you hiding in the damn bushes or something? You say nothing. He then ask if you have been drinking. You simply answer yes, and do not bother to elaborate that it was a night cap taken nearly two hours earlier.

    He then demands ID and you give him your driver’s license and he walks back to his open car door. You hear him calling your information over a radio, the first good evidence that he is indeed a real cop. Also you clearly hear the acronym, CHL, come over the radio.He returns after about a minute and ask you if you are carrying your concealed handgun.

    You respond with a simple yes. He ask where it is and you very slowly
    pinch your shirt on your right side at the level of your ribs and lift the
    shirt to reveal the handle of the pistol sticking up out of your right hip
    pocket. He reaches down and extracts the weapon and proceeds back to his SUV.

    After returning a few seconds later he ask “where do you live?” You repeat
    your address even though he already has the information from your driver’s
    license and add that you are less than one-hundred yards from your own back yard as the crow flies, in your own neighborhood.

    He then ask, what are you doing out here? And immediately supplies an answer to his own question, “trouble at home?” Not wanting to divulge any more details about your personal life to this stranger you simply agree with his assumption by stating,yes.

    He then ask you what you think you are doing walking around at night,
    drunk, with a pistol in your pocket, giving drivers the “stink eye”
    and hiding behind bushes waiting for them. Since this question is full of wrong assumptions and seems to be implying that you are a drunken murderous psychopath you remain silent.

    After a few seconds of silence he declares “that is drunk thinking!” He then angrily commands you to follow his finger with your eyes, raises the flashlight to the level of your nose a few inches from your face, and with his other hand starts moving his finger slowly and jerkily in front of your face.

    A minute later he puts down his finger and ask you where you work. You give the name of the company you are employed by and mention that you are currently assigned to providing services at one of the local jails. He then wants to know how long you have worked there and you respond that you have been employed with the company for ten years and assigned to the jail for two.

    He then briefly returns to his vehicle and when he comes back he pours a small handful of bullets into your breast pocket and deposits your empty clip into the same pocket. In the next instant he reaches around you and places your empty pistol into your left back pocket.

    He then threatens you by saying “I have half a mind to arrest you, and if I did you would not be working there (the jail) anymore.” Then he continues to lecture you for a minute or two about how he hopes this was a sobering
    experience for you.

    Then he ask “you’re not going to go home and shoot the wife are you?” You respond “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” Then he commands you to “go home” and proceeds to get back in his SUV and drive away.

    Now think back to that moment as the SUV was coming back towards you for the second time and you did not yet know he was a cop. And the
    moment after that when you had to decide to run, fight, or assume the aggressor was a cop and stay put.

    By waiting for more information about the situation you put yourself at risk. If this individual had turn out to be a criminal impersonating a cop with a flashlight you would likely be robbed and left for dead.

    Every time the police shoot first and ask questions second it is justified with statements like “cops just want to go home at the end of their shift” or “officer safety is our number one priority”. They are not willing to hesitate to see if that water pistol, cell phone, or wallet is a weapon because “hesitation kills” and the public is expected and in most cases do except these poor excuses.

    We are all fortunate that only one of the actors in this scenario was a cop. Cops need to understand that citizens want to go home alive and well just as much as they do and that officer safety should be a priority behind public safety.

    After all they are paid professionals supposedly paid to sever and protect the public. Officers that cannot accept the risk of holding their fire while they clearly identify a threat or lack thereof need to find a new line of work. If we expect you, a regular citizen, to exercise restraint and good judgment with a firearm we should demand no less from paid professionals.

    To those boot lickers that will no doubt fault “you” in the story above for having the night cap, walking at night, hiding, or not sufficiently kiss the officer’s backside. Consider this, if the citizen in this story was drunk then why after the administration of a field sobriety test did the officer let them go? Would that not put the public at risk? Why is walking at night in a free country consider suspicious? What fool wouldn’t hide from such a suspicious vehicle speeding towards them. Would it be less “guilty” if the citizen thumped his chest and waited for the expected confrontation knowing they had a gun in their pocket?

    Paid government thugs have to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of
    respect just like the rest of us. Why should we accept secrete police
    patrolling our neighborhoods?

  • Resit

    Why was my alter ego, “Stitches” comments get deleted?

  • Resit

    I added a story about an encounter with an cop in an unmarked car below. Due to its length I added it as a reply so it will stay at the bottom of the page.

  • t sucks on a cop’s dick

    Who gives a shit?

  • t sucks on a cop’s dick

    suck on that cop cock some more

  • t sucks on a cop’s dick



    He may need help…smash the window out and save him.


    No, didn’t notice that at all actually.

  • Nichole Douglas


  • t


    I think I liked the
    “between the heartbeats” line the best.

  • Mark McCauley

    Silly shit….the law doesn’t apply to PIGS!

  • Resit

    Thanks, what are your thoughts on unmarked police cars running down pedestrians in residential neighborhoods?

  • barack

    Indiana “law” says you do NOT have to stop for an unmarked police car…..but people do all the time.

    IC 9-30-2-2 Uniform and badge; marked police vehicle
    Sec. 2.

    A law enforcement officer may not arrest or issue a traffic
    information and summons to a person for a violation of an Indiana law
    regulating the use and operation of a motor vehicle on an Indiana
    highway or an ordinance of a city or town regulating the use and
    operation of a motor vehicle on an Indiana highway unless at the time of
    the arrest the officer is: (1) wearing a
    distinctive uniform and a badge of authority; or (2) operating a motor
    vehicle that is clearly marked as a police vehicle; that will clearly
    show the officer or the officer’s vehicle to casual observations to be
    an officer or a police vehicle. This section does not apply to an
    officer making an arrest when there is a uniformed officer present at
    the time of the arrest. As added by P.L.2-1991, SEC.18.

  • mobooz

    TL;DR: Paranoid gun nut got off easy on a prowling investigation, is one descent into alcoholism away from becoming another headline.

  • Resit

    The alcoholism accusation is rich coming from someone with the handle “mobooz”.

  • mioman

    they split like roaches when a light comes on that was something to see. The cops did not have a chance in the arena of ideas with this guy that is why they ran. you know the other cop was peeking through the closed blinds

  • mobooz

    Everyone loves to jump on the screen name. Should I simply assume you’re the kind of moron who can’t spell “resist?” Or perhaps “resin?”

    A simple, “Hey, mobooz, what’s with the name?” will suffice. =D

  • Ben

    Love what this guy stands for but he annoys the shit out of me. Maybe the cop is an asshole for pulling people over in an unmarked and a pussy for running away but Neim is harassing the dude. Video and expose corruption not waste your time being a useless dick

  • t

    Dude I didn’t read that novel crap.

    Is that supposed to be a really story? Then link the story or lose the bad pulp fiction story telling.

    In my 20 years on the job I’ve driving both marked and unmarked vehicles on various assignments.

    Now to me…there is a difference between an “unmarked car” and an undercover vehicle.
    Most “unmarked cars still have lots of lights and look very much like a police car. I drove one on patrol for a number of years. Undercover vehicles are surveillance vehicles and that’s what they are primarily used for.

    My rule is that we don’t stop anyone in an undercover vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary. (The same goes for for our UC guys making “stops”…we always try to get a duty/uniformed officer to do that before we get involved)

    But the use of unmarked cars definitely has its place.
    The taking away from someone’s distance recognition that it’s the police is priceless. Getting closer to people…direct observance of their crime/involvement…the ability to get a closer look at a suspect before they flee…again, priceless.

  • simpleton

    His “friends” seem like losers and injected themselves into a situation where now roughly 287,000 people know who they are. Stupid kids.

  • Those are supposed to be confidential witnesses which means they snitch their friends out to Ryan “sucks” cox in exchange for having not been arrested on whatever he’s holding over their heads.

  • Pubit

    Wow, so I’m used to cops being total douche bags, I expect to be disrespected and/or ignored by the police is I ever have a question. But those two teenagers, they made me sick to my stomach. “Fuck the constitution”?? I felt like I was watching a movie where the police run the drug trade and use teenagers to take care of any ‘off the books’ problems. Just think, those moron teenagers are the future Soap County policemen. What does that say for our country… I, nope, my brain broke. I can’t type anymore.

  • Carlos Mejia

    Two young punks cop’s Ass Kissers

  • Shon

    Can someone from Anonymous please release these two bitch ass punk’s info publicly. We’re all wanting to send them a bunch of Christmas cards…pretty please!