Call Flood Today! Free Jeffrey Weinhaus, MO Highway Patrol Shooting Victim Wrongfully Caged

Today and each Monday until his court date there will be call flood to Attorney General Chris Kostner and MO Governor Jay Nixon, demanding they “do the right thing” by releasing Jeffrey immediately. Please be a participant in this and encourage those you know to do the same.

The official Jeffrey Weinhaus, aka “Bulletinman” website:

MO Attorney General Chris Kostner- Phone# (573)-751-3321
Governor Jay NixonPhone# (573) 751-3222

Jeffrey Weinhaus, journalist and proponent of governmental transparency, was shot four times by Henry “HJ” Folsom, employed at the Missouri State Highway Patrol (twice in the chest and twice in the head) on Sept.11, 2012.

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After Jeffrey Weinhaus’ computers were stolen from his home by police earlier in 2012, Jeff got a call requesting he meet troopers Scott Mertens and Sgt. Henry Folsom on Sept. 11th at a gas station near his home to return his computers. Recorded on his Spy Watch camera is the interaction and shooting (seen in video below). Jeffrey was running for Coroner in Crawford County, Missouri in order to reopen several questionable police involved shootings at the time. Surprisingly, Jeff survived the intended fatal gunshot wounds, causing brain damage.  Soon after he was released from the hospital, Jeffrey was found guilty of bogus and unfounded charges. Now his case is pending Supreme Court trial through appeal, while he still sits in prison.

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