Another Woman Dead While in Police Custody


Cleveland Scene reported:

Yesterday, the body of 37-year-old Ralkina Jones was discovered in a cell within Cleveland Heights’ jail. The city’s police department is investigating.

She was arrested on Friday after a dispute with her husband at his workplace, but amid Sandra Bland’s case and the other instances of people dying in police custody these days, such as Native American activist Rexdale W. Henry, her case is getting some extra attention. According to Counter Current News:

Rexdale W. Henry, 53, was recently found dead inside the Neshoba County Jail in Philadelphia, Mississippi, on July 14th. He had been arrested over failure to pay a minor traffic citation.

Local WTOK reported that corrections officers reported Henry dead around 10 a.m.. But reports and logs reveal that he was seen alive and perfectly fine only half an hour before that.

It is suspicious to me that the police cannot keep anyone alive following an arrest. What is going on here? Have we jumped the rails of reality and landed on the tracks of some alternate universe where this just happens now and no one cares? I hope we can get to the bottom of some of these senseless deaths and get some accountability from those responsible.

The police are planning a press conference later today on Ralkina’s case. Stay tuned here at CopBlock for more information on this and other stories as they develop. R.I.P. Ralkina, and condolences to the family.



Chuck U Farley

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