Chicago PD Disrespect Victim Bodies, Family & Neighborhood

The video above is from a scene over the weekend in Chicago. In it you can see police and local residents gathered around a crime scene. The people who are not wearing shiny badges are a wee bit pissed. Why, you ask?

First of all, the two deceased victims are still in the car where the crime occurred, lifeless and untouched. Meanwhile, CPD begin transporting the vehicle with the bodies still just hanging out there in the open. While I am not necessarily an expert in crime scene procedures, the folks in Chicago, unfortunately, see this kind of thing all of the time. And according to their statements and my own common sense, this is not the proper way of dealing with this situation.

Secondly, not only are police handling the remains of the dead in a questionable manner, but they taunt and aggravate the people neighborhood verbally during the entire thing. Some of these people are friends and family members, people who are ready to mourn, except for the disgusting actions of the CPD preventing them from doing so.

The man who shot the video, JHustleCity, had the following to say:

By the way, how the hell are you trying to preserve evidence by using a repo truck instead of a flatbed, and also how can you preserve evidence when you did not tarp the vehicle and all of the windows were down. When the tow truck finally took off it began speeding down the street at about 40 miles per hour over a speed hump and turned the corner like it was a train on rails. That’s not preserving evidence, the body’s probably ended up in the backseat, and whatever evidence they were trying to preserve was definitely no longer there by the time he made it to the medical examiner’s office.
How would you feel if you were on the way to church with your children and you look to your left or right while you’re stopped at a traffic light and see two dead bodies.
That is not how you do things, I have had plenty of police officers that are my personal friends and also officers that are perfect strangers to write me and say the same exact thing I did. Now you tell me who’s right and who’s wrong.
That’s like me arriving to the scene of a shooting and picking up all the shell casings with my hand putting them in a ziplock bag, instead of just using something to mark the locations of them. and the when homicide or the crime scene investigators get there asking me why I did it, I tell them because I did not want the casings to get stepped on.

You can find more of his commentary in the comments at the YouTube posting of the video.

Chicago is one of the most violent places in all of America. From the street gangs to the gangs who wear badges and keep secret detention facilities and kill more people than in any other major city, it is a rough place to be. It is certainly not made any easier when police conducting an investigation treat the people living there like meat to be handled however they see fit. If the method of investigation in this case was within legal limits and the confines of police procedures, it would still be wrong. You don’t help to bring peace and heal a wounded city by treating people this way. Of course, the problem is likely that, the Chicago Police Department and their mercenaries just really do not see the all of the residents of that city as people. And until that changes, nothing in Chiraq will get any better for anyone involved.

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