Medford Cop Threatens To Kill Driver For Minor Traffic Mistake

On Sunday -July 26, 2015- in Medford, Massachusetts an off duty detective pulls man over for making a mistake in a turnabout. The tattooed detective wearing the wife beater and driving a pickup truck, Stephen Lebert, immediately gets out of his truck and begins threatening the mans life.

“I will put a hole through your head.”

The man tries pulling away, not realizing that the road rage guy is a police officer, but does pull over when he realizes the crazed man is a police officer. The cop continues making threats and says he plans to confiscate the drivers dash cam after he tells him he is recording the incident.

The two have a discussion and the man who was pulled over tries to explain his driving and actions, while Lebert continues his heavy handed tactics.

While waiting for on duty cops to arrive and issue a minor traffic citation, the man filming speaks with witnesses who are empathetic to his situation. A patrol officer eventually does show up to issue the ticket and speaks with the man in a much calmer manner.

As of Monday morning Det. Lebert has been put on administrative leave, pending an investigation into the incident.

What will the investigation uncover? Is there some circumstance where it is okay to threaten to kill somebody for a minor traffic violation? Why is it that when we citizens do something ‘wrong’ it is immediately apparent, enough so to issue tickets, make arrests or commit violence against us, but when cops do it we pretend there is more to the story that should be considered?

In this case there is not. Lebert is a danger to society. His reckless abandon towards human life, as shown in the video, is all you need to know to determine that this man has no right protecting the rights and safety of his fellow citizens.

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Alia Atreides

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