BREAKING: Police Tow Vehicle With Deceased Bodies Inside (Video)

In a video released yesterday by James Hawthorne on Facebook, police tow a vehicle with deceased bodies inside. The incident occurred in Humboldt Park Chicago.

It is currently unknown whether police were involved in the deaths. Regardless, it is safe to assume that towing a vehicle containing dead bodies does not coincide with police procedure; nor common ethics. “They just towed this car with the body hanging out the window and dragged it down the street, and now they’re out here provoking the family, laughing and shit”, said Hawthorne. At about 20 seconds into the video, an altercation occurs between a bystander and an officer, in which the officer pulls out his baton in a threatening manner.

This type of behavior from police does not correlate with “working with the community” as much of their public relations suggests. Incidents such as these reveal quite the opposite; lack of respect and concern for human lives, and/or the community in which these officers are working.

More on this story as it unfolds.

UPDATE: Josh also was on top of this story and has produced this write up on the matters with eyewitness accounts and a statement from the man who took the video. CLICK HERE.

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Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.

  • t

    Do what the nice officer says if you want to live.

  • weThePolice

    I appluad police dilligence in removing the vechile and unsightly corpses. Thank you officers for not turning the sedan of horrors into a spectacal. The niegborhood children will sleep better at night

  • CopApologistsSuck

    the kind of talk all cop apologist say

  • blast0id

    I think we citizens need to form the neighborhood “anti-cops” just as well armed and ready to keep these a-holes off our streets…


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  • Mike Wilen

    And destroy every piece of evidence in the car. Wow are you a clown or what?

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  • jonn

    And they wonder why Americans are starting to hate all cops!
    This was just wrong on all levels!


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  • Shawn

    This is what LE thinks of the public. Just meat. No sense of the dignity of anyone. In their minds, we aren’t people. We are things.

  • ShitCopblockersSay

    Fucking pigs should have done the autopsy in the middle of the street.

  • Anti-cop

    That’s such a great idea.

  • t

    We have more important things to think about.

  • t

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  • Yomammaaho

    S.A.S. is what we need (secret assassination squads).

  • Yomammaaho

    As a cop or a copsucker, I’m surprised you did’nt go into a racist tirade, but you did’nt because you’re outnumbered here.

  • Common Sense

    The triple shooting happened at 3am. The police collected all they could, and the ME requested that the bodies remain in side, more than likely their brains were spilled out, and unless the public wanted to watch them slop them into a body bag or bio-bucket like a rotten clump of tomoatos, this was perhaps the best method. If it were a heavy caliber, like a 7.62, it would be like the scene in Pulp Fiction.

    But by all means, rush to your conclusions. Since after all, with more than 1500 people haven already been shot with 230 of them killed in Chicago, this is the first one to be mentioned by the “vanguard” of police accountability.

    From CPD”
    “From time to time, depending on the unique circumstances of the death, bodies may be left in vehicles and removed in private area at the ME’S office. This would be done to protect the integrity of the crime scene (the car) while at the same time preserving the dignity of the deceased by handling their bodies in a private area rather than on the street in full view of onlookers.

    “CPD is sensitive to the handling of bodies in public, and detective bureau has implemented procedures to minimize any community concerns that may arise from the manner in which crime scenes are processed.”

  • Common Sense

    I bet you are a hoot at parties.

  • Shaarinya

    bow down and suck some more cops off.

    the pigs afforded no dignity to the family by their actions. There is NO EXCUSE for what they did.

    Like the person recoding the video said…

    you process the scene for evidence….you then remove the bodies and transport them to a morgue….you then load the vehicle on a flat bed to preserve evidence.

    you keep doing what those cops say….you’ll wind up being some cops b*tch like you are begging to be.

  • JC

    I didn’t see a “body” hanging out of the vehicle. Guess what dumbass, they can tow a vehicle from a crime scene with a body in the vehicle. Look at how many dumbass there were arguing with the officers and posing a threat to the scene. The police did the right thing.

  • t

    Lie much?
    Well….actually, yes you clearly do

    • No “body” was “hanging out the window”. It’s not even known if there was a body at all.
    • Amazingly you failed to
    Mention that the officer got assaulted before pulling out his baton

    Hmmm. When you lie about the small stuff….it’s hard to believe you about the big stuff.

  • t

    That was actually a good one. 7 out of 10 U.S. cities are all looking to vastly increase their police and public safety. It’s like a nice community hug.

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  • DeadPigGoodPig

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  • Common Sense

    I’d tend to agree. Pistols, smaller caliber, are rather ineffective unless vitals/bone mass is hit. I’ve seen videos of an older woman being hit 5 times with a .40 cal before she fell, and another where a man was hit 11 times with a 9mm, and he walked away before he finally collapsed. Another with a .45 shoulder hit that shredded a guy inside and came out his hip.
    Bullets do funny things.

    I just comment on the mass/speed of say the AK vs the AR. I know it’s a debate that will never be settled, but those 7.62 have a lot of mass moving, though everything, houses, walls, cars.

  • Common Sense

    And slavey and the Black Death, oh and Holy Roman Empire, and…

  • t

    High velocity rifle rounds VS pistol rounds

    Not a real comparison at all.