Kind Cop Walks With Disabled Woman- Or Is There More To It?

There is currently a video going around that purports to show Officer Michael Giovenco taking a walk with a disabled woman as an act of spontaneous human kindness. I have several issues with this video.

The most obvious issue is that this is not some random act of generosity. HE IS JUST DOING HIS JOB! Michael Giovenco, the man, is not taking time out of his own personal life to befriend some lonely woman. He did not call in to work and say, “Fuck all this nonsense about collecting revenue and terrorizing citizens on behalf of the state, I am going to take the day off and go connect with people in my community.”

In fact, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that Bloomingdale, Illinois has a number of unsolved crimes where there was an actual victim. Now, if you are on the internet reading this story, it may seem enchantingly heart-warming that this officer takes time out to walk with this woman. However, if you are a victim of some property crime, act of violence or the family of the victim of a crime that is still unsolved in Bloomingdale, you may think there were better ways for your paid crime-fighters to be spending their time.

SFPD Turned On MeMy next issue is that we only see a very small portion of video here. We do not have the complete story. Isn’t this what the cops are so fond of telling us? Just because things look one way in a small piece of video, doesn’t mean that it tells the whole story, right? Is this not what the cops and their suckers tell us all of the time? “Stop adding your own context to this sliver of content,” they say.

Well then why should this video be any different? How do you know the officer didn’t threaten ‘I will put a hole through your head‘ if the woman did not stop and comply with the officers request for a walk before the camera started rolling. Maybe it was all set up. Maybe it was all a public relations stunt. Maybe that handicapped woman is actually the twelve year old son of the officer and not a handicapped woman at all. How would you know? You have only seen a small portion of the video. You weren’t there.

Finally, this is really obviously a publicity stunt. An attempt by police to rescue their reputation from the grotesque actions they have committed nationwide. This is not a reasonable illustration of the average police interaction. This is an extreme. It is click bait for spreading the message of the police state, or at least the one they want sent.

It is no different than my little stunt earlier today. I was widely criticized for using satire to get clicks. And that shit is totally true. That is exactly what I did. Not for blatant self-promotion, as was suggested by many, but as a way of bringing a wider audience to hear our message of corruption, misconduct and brutality. The police accountability movement has difficulties reaching people under 30 and people over 50, as well as women and higher income brackets. Yet these people are all allies, as they are all also victims of the police state, even if they do not know it yet. So if I have to make a bad joke to get people to maybe peek into a corner they have been afraid to look in, then so be it.

Yet I did it to bolster the message of, a group of people who are not responsible for a single incident of imprisonment, torture, brutality or death of another human being. If you somehow think that taking someone on a short walk disproves or forgives countless acts of inhumane aggression against humanity; then maybe you deserve a little torture. And if my irreverent, sarcastic and hyperbolistic writings are torture to you, then all the merrier for me.

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