Body Cam Video Released – Officer Ray Tensing Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting of Sam Dubose

Note: This is a developing story and will be updated as information comes in.

Another murdering cop has been indicted for murder by a Grand Jury. Officer Ray Tensing has been indicted in the shooting death of Sam Dubose, an unarmed man, during an off-campus traffic stop.

University of Cincinnati Police officer, Ray Tinsing, observed Dubose driving near the Campus around 6:30 pm. After following him for a few blocks, Tinsing initiated a traffic stop for failure to display a front plate, and approached the vehicle. Officer Tinsing had told 911 dispatchers that he fired one shot, fatally striking Dubose in the head, because he was “almost run over” during the traffic stop. Tensing said in the incident report that he was “dragged” by the vehicle.

However, Joe Deters, the Hamilton County Prosecutor, said this murder was “Another asinine, senseless shooting.” Deters went on to say that Dubose “Didn’t deserve to be shot in the head” and that “he didn’t even deserve to be tased.”

The video released today contradicts Officer Tensing’s prior statements. As seen in the video, Dubose was asked to unbuckle his seat belt and step out of the vehicle. Dubose apparently moved his foot off the brake, which caused the car to move. Without hesitation, the officer drew his weapon and fired, striking Dubose in the head. He was not being dragged by the vehicle, nor was his life in danger.

Prosecutor Joe Deters had this to say:

“He didn’t do anything violent to the officer, he wasn’t dragging him, and he intentionally pulled out his gun and shot him in the head. He was making excuses for the purposeful killing of another person. I’m not saying he’s smart, that’s what I think he did. He lost his temper because Mr. Dubose wouldn’t get out of his car. When you see this you won’t believe how quickly he pulls his gun. Maybe a second – it’s incredible.”

Later, he also stated that “he purposely killed him. He should never have been a police officer. This is without question a murder.”

University of Cincinnati officials have canceled all classes in anticipation of protests.

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  • Common Sense

    See, you just have to be patient. I called the head shot.

  • Liars

    Just came to see if this case was updated. The family is giving a press conference right now.

    I guess I should avoid Cincinnati this weekend.

    Another lying cop. I sure hope a jury is abme to understand a liar is a liar. We have to stop giving police tbe benefit of the doubt.

  • PiggleWiggleGiggle

    Officer Ray Tensing never asks either driver to exit the vehicle.


    Sam Dubose shooting:

    Other driver stop June:

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    “My heart’s beatin, my heart’s beatin, my hands are shakin, my hands are shakin, but i’m still shootin, it’s like BOOM!HEADSHOT, BOOM!HEADSHOT, BOOM!HEADSHOT, BO-OM!HEAD-SHOT!” 

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I hope the good people of Cincinnati get ahold of this motherfucker and physically pull him apart completely. I want to see only little bit of skin left in the street, his skull fucking shattered into pieces and every broken bone shattered and the marrow sucked dry. The only good pig is a dead pig.

  • Typical

    Love how “everything for an officer is dangerous, just putting on the uniform is dangerous.”

    He wouldn’t admit that it isn’t policy and in fact might be skirting the 4th Amendment.

    How the hell am I supposed to know why you are opening my door?

    An officer will always find my door locked and the window only enough for me to converse with you.

    This lunatic evidently thinks he can open anyone’s door anytime.

    And shut up t. I am nlt interested in your abusing the 4th Amendment.

  • Timothy Brown

    Hang this officer from the flagpole in D.C as a warning to the rest of police, STOP enforcing bogus regulations, STOP shooting people for no reason, STOP thinking you will get away with Real criminal actions.

  • Tensing Fired

    Tensing has been fired.

  • What we know about Tensing

    • 25 years old; grew up in Colerain Township and graduated from Colerain High School.

    • Completed UC Clermont’s two-year police academy in 2010; received bachelor of science degree from UC in 2012.

    • An Enquirer reporter Tuesday visited the Colerain Township address listed for Tensing on multiple records. A man, who identified himself as having the last name Tensing but was not the officer, asked the reporter if he saw the posted “No Trespassing” signs along the driveway and told him to leave.

    • Tensing has been a police officer for just over four years. Tensing joined the village of Greenhills police force part-time in April 2011. He’s been a full-time officer since March 2013. Tensing was hired full-time at UC in April 2014. He stayed on with the Greenhills police as a part-time officer through December

    • Colerain Township hired Tensing in 2012 as a “reserve” officer. The department hired several part-time reserve officers – many of them unpaid – to help the police force deal with budget cuts. (Colerain officials did not return several calls to The Enquirer and a public records request seeking Tensing’s personnel file is pending.)

    • Awarded 19 certificates for successfully completing various training programs throughout his career, according to Tensing’s UC personnel file. All are standard training programs for police officers, including street survival, field sobriety testing, firearms simulation, arson investigation and tactics in traffic.

    • Received overall satisfactory reviews on three performance evaluations with Greenhills and one with UC. After his latest review in April, Tensing received a rank promotion and a raise to bring his annual salary to $51,603.80.

    “It is a pleasure to work with individuals who have a sincere dedication to their profession,” according to a letter UC sent Tensing informing him about the promotion and raise.

    • In the 2011 Greenhills performance review, Tensing was found to violate two department rules and procedures. He missed a court appearance on a case and failed to call the health department at the request of a sergeant. He still received an overall “meets standards” review that year.

    • Tensing’s two former chiefs with Greenhills police praised the officer for respecting others and being dedicated to the job.

    “He’s a very intelligent, personable, pleasant guy,” Chief Neil Ferdelman said. “I don’t have anything bad to say about him.”

    Former Greenhills Chief Tom Doyle, now the head ranger for Great Parks of Hamilton County, originally hired Tensing. “Ray was all business,” Doyle said. “He liked to follow the rules. He struck me as he was once the little kid who always wanted to be a policeman.”

    Doyle added: “He’s just a good person. And whether this shooting was right, wrong or indifferent, it’s not going to change my mind about Ray.”

    •Tensing has hired Cincinnati-based defense attorney William “Stew” Mathews, who has practiced law in Ohio for nearly 40 years. A former staffer in the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office, Mathews is no stranger to high-profile cases. In 2010, Mathews served as defense attorney for John Strutz, the Delhi Township man convicted of murdering his wife and dismembering her body.

    •Tensing has not spoken publicly since the July 19 incident. Mathews told The Enquirer his client “is depressed” and “very upset” about the incident.

  • Tensing Turned In

    Tensing has turned himself in.

  • Another Lying Cop

    Another cop on the scene lied and said he saw Tensing being dragged.
    Should be indicted on conspiracy and for lying in report.

  • Liar Ofc Phillip Kid

    Officer Phillip Kidd, was also at the scene and said he witnessed the vehicle drag Tensing, and he witnessed Tensing fire a single shot, according to the incident report.

  • 3rd Officer Lied

    The report said Tensing complained of pain in his left arm. Another officer at the scene reported he could see that the back of Tensing’s pants and shirt looked as if they had been dragged over a rough surface. The incident report indicates Tensing was taken to the hospital.

  • 3rd Liar Eric Weibel

    Eric Weibel is the third officer.
    Ray TensinG
    Phillip Kidd
    Eric Weibel
    All conspirators.

  • stitch

    and another lying cop…not even a real cop…a security guard at a campus. Did this really just happen just now?? Another fakie..another Zimmerman..another…”oops I thought it was my taser” type of fake/security cop. Who had already had his alibi ready from the jump. “Ohhh I got dragged” until the video came out and showed that he was lieing. Dude is dead over nothing. They killed him, like they did Sandra bland, Eric garner, the kid in ferguson, and Trayvon martin and all these other strings of deaths that I’m not even mentioning all for nothing. When are black people gonna realize its open season on your hides. You have to carry a gun at all times. Have camera’s on your car and wear them in form of those glasses that come with camera’s in them while your driving or just being black in public like being at a mall for instance. Because you know #BlacklivesDON’Tmatter. Once it gets around that black people are carrying, they won’t be so quick to try a black person anymore. Their just needs to be a few, unnecessary deaths on the law enforcements side for them to get the picture, that they can’t just punk black people anymore and get away with it, that they will be shot on sight if they were to try anything corrupt. That needs to happen ASAP.

  • Member548

    Just another case of “Respect mah authoritah!”

  • Aaron Davison

    That’s hilarious that your already guessing that asshats comments!!! If they had half a brain or any dignity he’d keep his trap closed. Now he will go on about his first amendment rights!! T is a total douche bag. Keyboard warrior.

  • JC

    It should be interesting to see how this one turns out. I doubt he will be convicted of murder. The copblockers should be happy because the vest cam showed everything. Usually copblockers whine and cry about body cams.

  • JC

    It should be interesting to see how this one turns out. I doubt he will be convicted of murder. The copblockers should be happy because the vest cam showed everything. Usually copblockers whine and cry about body cams.

  • Damn

    Damn, he shot him BEFORE he even drove away. I thought the way the initial report was that he shot at him as he drove away but he reached into the car and shot him. The gun was inside the window.

  • Psychopath

    He just shot a man in the head, admits the man didn’t reach for anything and isn’t at all upset even though he knows this wasn’t self defense. What a psychopath.

  • Turf war

    They were arguing over jurisdiction
    Gang turf wars.

  • Shawn

    Hey t.
    “The video released today contradicts Officer Tensing’s prior statements.
    As seen in the video, Dubose was asked to unbuckle his seat belt and
    step out of the vehicle. Dubose apparently moved his foot off the brake,
    which caused the car to move. Without hesitation, the officer drew his
    weapon and fired, striking Dubose in the head. He was not being dragged
    by the vehicle, nor was his life in danger.”

    And you wonder why people always assume cops are liars and will protect each other. You weren’t questioning the cop’s story one bit, were you? You treated his claims like the Gospel of John. And look, cops all about accounability didn’t want to release the video. Geee, why is that? Two faced fuckers.

  • mobooz

    “Dubose was asked to unbuckle his seat belt and step out of the vehicle. Dubose apparently moved his foot off the brake, which caused the car to move.”

    Um, what? You honestly didn’t see and hear Dubose turning the ignition while holding the car door shut? He wasn’t accidentally rolling forward, his intent was to drive away, very quickly. I’ll try to avoid any counterfactual history here, but from that point forward, there was about a 50/50 chance that he would peacefully stop if the police gave chase.

    That said, campus cops are the worst, their training is shit. I’ll never understand why they have any jurisdiction outside of university bounds.

  • Yomammaaho

    Campus pigs have jurisdiction for the same reasons constabes are given leeway to behave as pigs…..our government can never say no to a pig, and courts do whatever the government ultimately wants….since it is the government who issues their fat paychecks and golden retirements.
    But to be executed because perhaps he was fleeing?
    That just shows your intelligence and your copsucker mindset.

  • Yomammaaho

    We citizens whine only when cops refuse to release video….or edit footage to cover their asses.
    If this glorified campus security guard were instead a REAL pig, he would’nt be charged with anything…and he’d probably be secretly promoted.

  • Liar

    Tensing trying to open door:” Go ahead and take your seatbelt off for me. ”

    “I didnt even do anything” “What are…” Dubois asking about him opening his door while pulling it closed.
    Tensing: “Take off your seat belt. Stop Stop.

    Then gun shot.

    At no time does Tensing ask him to “step out of the vehicle.”

  • Yomammaaho

    TOTALLY agree.
    KNOW where your cops LIVE….and SPREAD the info.
    Paint it as graffiti on every wall in and out of the city.
    Watch how fast the pigs stop harassing everyone….while they instead scrub them and their family’s addresses off buildings all day. Watch how fast….and how often….they have to move.
    Maybe in the end, they’ll realize WHO works for WHOM.

  • mobooz

    Your question as to whether or not Dubose should be executed for fleeing shows my intelligence and mindset? Seriously, take your pills, they’re good for you.

  • Yomammaaho

    Hey Mobooz…..wipe that cream off your lips……and clean up that pearl necklace.
    What you do with cops behind closed doors should STAY behind closed doors.

  • shut up t

    Shut up t. No one cares.

  • Brendan Jones

    Another murdering fucking PIG!!! EVERY DAY NOW!

  • License Proof Law

    Ambiguous Legality of requiring you to have your license on you in Ohio.
    You may either display license OR FURNISH SATISFACTORY PROOF.
    This could be done with SSN or Name Address and a computer search by the cop.

    4507.35 Duty to display license or furnish satisfactory proof of license upon demand; penalty.
    (A) The operator of a motor vehicle shall display the operator’s driver’s license, or furnish satisfactory proof that the operator has a driver’s license, upon demand of any peace officer or of any person damaged or injured in any collision in which the licensee may be involved. When a demand is properly made and the operator has the operator’s driver’s license on or about the operator’s person, the operator shall not refuse to display the license. A person’s failure to furnish satisfactory evidence that the person is licensed under this chapter when the person does not have the person’s license on or about the person’s person shall be prima-facie evidence of the person’s not having obtained a driver’s license.

  • t

    Ummm….all,of those things happened.

  • RadicalDude
  • keepitreal

    Can someone just drop bombs on all these corrupt departments? DO IT NOW!!!!!

  • t

    Wow. Now that is inventive testimony from you.

    Now…I wouldn’t say that he was dragged. But I can clearly see where he would think he was going to be.
    And even other person watching from a different angel,would absolutely think the officer was being dragged.

    But setting that aside….
    ~ “Apparently moved his foot of the brake”. And put it on the gas?

    Apparently you missed the part where HE PULLS THE DOOR SHUT and then RESTARTS THE CAR…PUTS IT IN GEAR…AND BEGINS TO DRIVE AWAY.

  • mobooz

    If you want to split hairs over the wording of the command, that’s fine, courts ponder that stuff all the time. All the same, I saw plenty of reasonable suspicion for a Terry stop in the video.

    Tensing’s life didn’t seem to be especially endangered until he reached into the car to prevent Dubose from fleeing. I’m not sure if that’s against UCPD policy, but it should be–and if it is, then you might just see an involuntary manslaughter conviction on this one.

  • Splitting hairs

    I want you to stop hallucinating what can be heard.

    There are no hairs to split except in your head. That statement was never made.

  • Ignore him

    Ignore the little shit.

  • Leon Bonta

    prison time you murderer

  • mobooz

    How do you know that you hear anything? Tell me about this “sound” you worship. Have you prayed to your audiologist lately?

    Seriously, what do you think I’m hallucinating?

  • mobooz

    LOL, everybody thinks everybody is a troll now. That’s about the long and the short of the copblocker subculture.

  • stitch

    I don’t have to kill any cop….everyone knows a black persons role when it comes to cops killing black people…their either gonna march or riot. That hasn’t changed……people now have been finding out cops have been lying more and more because everyone has phone cameras now…and guess what happened? more “peaceful protests” or rioting. So basically? NOTHING. Everyone knows you can run over black people an nothing will happen because white people will paint a black person as being a stereotypical no job having, gangster, thug type way and all the other minorities will fall into line and accept that. That’s why you have Mexican cops treating black people just as bad. And everyone knows you can buy Jesse Jackson or al Sharpton for the right price. When that guy from umm….Seinfeld got caught yelling at some black dude at a comedy club, throwin all types of racist slavery type jokes at the guy. His career was over. But low and behold….he held a press conference and Jesse Jackson was speaking at it, saying “he’s really not a racist” All that Seinfeld guy did was pay Jesse off with “donations” in the thousands to speak…and it probably would have worked if ALL black people were stupid. Then everyone went on twitter and shamed Jesse Jackson for doing so, but does that stop jesse Jackson from defending racist actors when they need defending? No..because jesse Jackson likes free money and he’ll use his “good name” to get it. But To this day that Seinfeld dude doesn’t really have a career. But that goes to show you that’s the gameplan….just like those college people singing a racist song on the bus, their whole group got disbanded but when they did their public apology? Guess who was standing behind him at the press conference? More PAID off black people that those people’s parents owned. They know how to do it. Sterling paid off the NAACP ten million dollars, so they made up a fake award for him. When that whole clippers, his girlfriend thing scandal hit the news? The NAACP was caught. They couldn’t backtrack because ppl found the evidence. It was so known that sterling paid off the NAACP to make him look like he gets along with blacks, that Saturday Night LIVE did a sketch on it, and it was funny as heck and on POINT. Jesse Jackson , Naacp…are all counterfeit black people/ organizations. White people still own black people in very crucial areas of life that get them off the hook of their corruption against other black people they dislike or who they want to get rid of and its just sad. There’s gonna be no shooting of cops…..but more killing of innocent black people, for traffic violations or just looking suspicious aka Trayvon martin…or just existing. And there’s nothing black people can do about it. And that’s life. Because peaceful protests = no change, and riots = more bundles of burdens of racism towards black people, OH YEAH..and of course…no change.

  • Yankeefan

    We saw what we saw. He had NO REASON to believe he was in danger. This is another bad shoot being defended. I wish I could say I am surprised but I am not. By the way, even though I disagree with Shawn about things, ALL THAT YOU MENTIONED ISN’T A JUSTIFICTION TO SOOT AWAY. This cop was in no danger at all. He simply made a bad choice to unholster and shoot!

  • Yomammaaho

    You misunderstood me. My comment was not in the least aimed at blacks.
    My comment was aimed at ANYONE who values our constitution.
    My personal opinion is to put a president in there like Rand Paul, who will appoint supreme court justices who OBEY the READING of the constitution.

  • JC

    No, you copblockers whine because you think you deserve special privileges. Copblockers manipulate and edit their videos all the time.

  • stitch

    Constitution or no constitution…law or no law…black people will always be treated unfairly like this…till the end of time.

  • Yomammaaho

    Nope. You copsuckers are the ones who have the corrupt justice system on the side of your cops, allowing edited (or witheld) videos….fabricated police reports…ect.
    And even IF copblockers edited video…so what? They don’t use the (according to you) …edited video to manipulate the justice system so that they can continue unfettered in violating we citizen’s constitutional rights.
    Now….go back to being a brainwashed copsucker.

  • Shawn

    “Now…I wouldn’t say that he was dragged. But I can clearly see where he would think he was going to be.”

    I’m sure you could, paranoid fuck. A piece of shit like you will always see anything regarding a cop in the best possible light.

    “Apparently you missed the part where HE PULLS THE DOOR SHUT and then

    Irrelevant to choosing to kill. The cop was an eager murdering bastard. And you’re being a typical pig and supporting him.

  • Scott Giblin

    Hope he gets murdered in prison

  • Shawn

    Yes, I’m sure they said all kind of things to make it look better. And it certainly isn’t a surprise the other cop might not help his friend. Look at t’s bullshit.

  • stitch

    lol @” like the Gospel of John” …when I read that, that made me laugh out loud. NO LIE. LOL

  • Yomammaaho

    Maybe so….but not if I have any say about it.
    Blacks are indeed taking the brunt of the police state….but that only means that it is becoming 2nd nature for cops to violate EVERYONE more easily.
    You don’t see the racist shit here on copblock that you would at yahoo comments. That is because we ALL share the knowledge that color is irrelevant with regards to police thugdom.

  • simpleton

    Officer Tensing definitely demonstrates sociopathic tendencies. He just murdered someone by shooting him point blank in the head, necessarily. He shows no emotion, nor remorse. Very matter of factual, like a serial killer. His only concern is himself. How many times did he say he thought he was going to get run over? Also, he’s concerned about his injuries. Does he even comprehend the “injury” he just inflicted on a guy who’s rights he was clearly violating? No. I’m glad AND surprised he has been charged.

  • simpleton

    …..aaaaannnd nothing you say is funny about this incident. Seriously man, grow the fuck up. Even if you are an impostor, not funny.

  • Yomammaaho

    Eff you.
    Murdering for a “supposed” traffic infraction?

  • Yomammaaho

    You’re a fuckin liar. He was never asked to “step out if the vehicle”.

  • simpleton

    Hey LEO’s, they indicted this officer, and I think they indicted that dude in South Carolina awhile back. You were warned long ago that they (the powers that be) will spare no one, officers included. So if you think the highest of the higher ups are on your side, you’re sadly mistaken. They will be coming after you too. Slowly but surely, you guys will be given enough rope to hang yourselves. Body-cams for YOUR protection, bullshit. This is exhibit A as to why the government gladly forked over 75 million to equip you guys with body cameras. They want your ass as bad as ours.

  • Yomammaaho

    Fuck you mobooz. NOBODY buys your shit here….but you stay on and continue lying anyway.
    Who is paying you?

  • stitch

    I don’t know……. I don’t see any Asians or Indians or other races getting shot for no reason, or any indian children being shot at a park for playing with a play gun., Or being shot in Walmart because someone called the police that a guy was holding a gun that he was later going to purchase from Walmart. Not just being shot, but five min/s later after taking a selfie with his newborn infant girl on his phone. I don’t hear any stories like that in the news. Just only black people getting killed in situations like these.

  • shut up t

    That wasn’t saying Liar was t it was saying t need not respond to the post because no one cares.

  • shut up mobooz

    Oh shut up. No one cares.

  • Shut up stitch

    Stitch is a racist. Just read any of his posts. He also has proven to be incapable of reading news reports where other races have been victims of police violence.

  • Yomammaaho

    MOSTLY black people. …..but not all.
    The cops are so used to getting away with ther thuggery on blacks, that they are now also doing it to whites (mostly poor). They prefer victims lacking the means to fight back.
    And long the way, the supreme court has given cops unconstitutional lattitude to do as they “please”….in the name of “law and order”. These justices were elected by republicans (which i used to be one) under the guise to IGNORE our constitution.

  • stitch

    lol @ this dude…….you dedicated one of your usernames to me? AWESOME

  • Paul Skvorc

    He wasn’t “depressed” or even “very upset” AT THE TIME!

  • stitch

    Ohh..I already knew that….that happens a lot not just to poor white people, but rich white ppl too, they steal from themselves in higher levels of business. Because in higher levels of business, black people and other minorities are nowhere near them, some could be there but not a lot to profit from on a daily basis, so who are they gonna steal from? Other white people next to them who they think less of.

  • Yomammaaho

    He has every right to be a racist…given what he’s seen 1st hand. I don’t blame him.
    I DO blame the motherfucker WHITE racists who initiated it though.

  • stitch

    So calling out wrong doings makes me racist? Really dude…..really?

  • simpleton

    Police are on pace to kill over 1000 people this year, this is the second officer to be indicted. That is a .002 indictment percentage for outright murder. Charge and CONVICTION rate for even spitting on a police dog….100%. Pretty interesting huh?

  • Paul Skvorc

    Seriously, what do you think I’m hallucinating?

    Certainly not “reality”.

  • Racist

    Too stupid to even realize how disqus works I see.
    Spend a little less time on twitter and more time with a text book and a newspaper Doesn’t school start soon.

  • stitch


  • stitch


  • Stay in school

    And you want people to actually listen to what you have to say? You have a long way to go child.
    Get an education. The world isn’t all black and white and everyone isn’t out to get you. Separate yourself from others who are working the same cause and you don’t help yourself nor the people you claim to be fighting for.

  • Police kill everything

    And I have every right to call a racist a racist. He is a kid , what has he “seen”?

    POLICE are killing anyone plus dogs who doesn’t do exactly what they want. this isn’t a race poblem this is a police problem. No need to confuse an issue with PC.

  • Yomammaaho

    I did’nt mean you WERE a racist…i was responding to the other “if you were a racist” you had every right to be.

  • stitch

    Your opinion of my life holds no weight……the fact that you told me to get an education is beyond believable if you knew what schools I was accepted too. LOOK AT THAT. YOU JUST SIMPLY “ASSUMED” and put me into YOUR RACIST category because I just dropped a few bars and that was it, you don’t know even know who I am or what I have accomplished in my life, YOU COULDNT HOLD A CANDLE to it. but YOU I can tell have indeed accomplished what most cops on this site have been accused of…and that’s racism and GENERALIZATIONS of a group of people you know nothing about. So congratulations on EXPOSING yourself to any reader who happens to come by this conversation.

  • Common Sense

    Ha ha

    That campus cop is so screwed, hope he has his affairs in order.

  • t

    Do you not see your lies?
    Yours can’t be seen as anything but as…you have the great luxury of watching it over and over…of stopping it, rewinding it, playing it again.

    And even with that you very intentionally left all of the that out and went with “apparently moved his foot off the brake”

    Please don’t ever take a job where decision making is crucial…your clearly not up to that task.

  • stay in school

    Do you think people don’t remember your other posts?
    You are a racist. You are not just calling out wrongs. Other posters have tried to correct you before when you assumed the wrong race or claimed this race did something or had not had this done to them.

    Read a paper.

  • Common Sense

    Don’t you recall? I’m a soulless ghoul.

    And I wasn’t really being funny, I stated previously that the video may have contained a headshot, and guess what, I was right.

  • stitch

    Your just a person who is really trying to stretch lies into facts even though the evidence you see right in front of you prove other wise. So don’t get mad at me when I refuse to go along with your delusional positions on COLD HARD FACTS of a situation, when they have evidence on TAPE. Just let it go…and move on.

  • Common Sense


  • blacklivesmater

    In fact the entire blacklivesmatter movement which many copblockers have attached themselves to is racist.

    All this does is further separate us and make us easier for the police to pick us off.

  • t

    I didn’t say it was a justification to shoot. That’s not me standing there dealing with this guy.

    But you need to realize:
    That his perceptions in that moment are what matter. Right there…in at moment.

    Now…what info is available for us to,draw on?
    Well….we have….in the long version of this recording…his activities before the stop. Certainly nothing “murderous” there. And then ther is the stop itself and his interactions with the driver. Hmmmm. Not exactly murderous or threatening either.
    – Patiently explaining the reason for the stop…multiple times.
    – Calmly trying to identify the driver…asking him repeatedly for his drivers license and why he isn’t carrying it.
    – Calmly telling the driver to take off his seatbelt and exit the car.
    – Responding to the driver inexplicable decision to start his car, to put it in gear and to begin to drive away.

    Now based on that….in my state…there can’t be a charge of murder as it requires premeditation. Clearly there isn’t any shown here.

    Now the grand jury indicted. To paraphrase @Ray: a grand jury can indicate a ham sandwich. So that is what it is.

    But the DAs comments I saw earlier are…in light of seeing the video…uncalled for and slanderous. I think he pulled the trigger to quick because this is a white cop,and a black driver.

    The video simple doesn’t support the charge.

  • Yomammaaho

    I just read your link….you gave yourself away….you’re a COPSUCKER.
    You racist pigs…or pig lovers have the gull to come onto copblock and further your rants agsinst blacks.
    Keep hiding behind your multiple usernames….we are’nt stupid.

  • Coco Puff Lawyer

    That law degree you received inside your coco puffs doesn’t actually mean you know anything about charges.

  • Coco Puff Lawyer

    2903.02 Murder.
    (A) No person shall purposely cause the death of another or the unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy.

    (B) No person shall cause the death of another as a proximate result of the offender’s committing or attempting to commit an offense of violence that is a felony of the first or second degree and that is not a violation of section 2903.03 or 2903.04 of the Revised Code.

    2903.03 Voluntary manslaughter.
    (A) No person, while under the influence of sudden passion or in a sudden fit of rage, either of which is brought on by serious provocation occasioned by the victim that is reasonably sufficient to incite the person into using deadly force, shall knowingly cause the death of another or the unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy.

    (B) No person, with a sexual motivation, shall violate division (A) of this section.

    (C) Whoever violates this section is guilty of voluntary manslaughter, a felony of the first degree.

    (D) As used in this section, “sexual motivation” has the same meaning as in section 2971.01 of the Revised Code.

  • LOL

    Wow. You saying that is rich.
    But we don’t have to worry because your mother’s basement is pretty safe for your delusions.

  • mobooz

    More bizarre rants, baseless complaints, now I know how the Third Circuit feels.

  • mobooz

    That’s… Um… What?

  • Ken Pederson

    If this wasn’t so damn sad ; it would be comical watching half the police force coordinate ” the investigation ” ( cover-up )

  • Hayzor

    You said before
    “Now…I wouldn’t say that he was dragged..”

    And now you say in response to an officer claiming to see his pants look as if they were dragged over a rough surface that it actually happened..

    Sit down and write out your BS and read it back to yourself. Let me know when you start to make sense

  • Shawn

    Your idea of decision making belongs on a battlefield. If in doubt, shoot. This isn’t Iraq. In no way shape or form did he have any REASONABLE fear. You’re trying to use a split second decision to remove any responsibility for that decision. You are clearly no nearly so generous with anyone who isn’t a cop. The rest of us live in a 20 20 hindsight world. What makes you special?

    If there is any fault other than him, it is the constant drilling into their heads of “I’m going to die! I’m going to die! Kill him now!” When you constantly reinforce paranoia, it changes how they react.

  • mobooz

    I love you, too. :)

  • mobooz

    I love you, too. :)

  • corkie

    t, you keep thinking that it’s reasonable to allow a cop to use deadly force as long as a cop might have perceived his life to be threatened in any way – regardless of how irrational such perception is. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. It’s a reasonableness standard that’s used. That standard is way too high for a paranoid coward like you.

  • stitch

    drakes response rap to meek mill wasn’t that great, and I think it proves that he does have ghost writers, yeah ( like a lot of em) he stole someones flow but just because you steal someones flow doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t write your own raps, but the song back to back to meek, wasn’t great. I mean it just wasn’t. Every line he said was supposed to be amazing, and it just exposed drake and it sucks. I really did think he wrote all his raps. And any drake fan on here, plz do not threaten my life…I’m just sayin what I feel I don’t mean to be offensive…I’ve never even held a gun or get into fights so in the end you’d just look like a punk goin after someone who doesn’t even fight. So there.

  • corkie

    I have no doubt that t and common sense will be put on trial for crimes soon. Hey, has anyone heard from common sense since Tensing was arrested?

  • DeadPigGoodPig


  • corkie

    That his perceptions in that moment are what matter. Right there…in at moment.

    LOL! I think you really believed this when you wrote it. No, it’s not simply his state of mind. He needs to show that his state of mind was reasonable. A cop that’s on a paranoid trip doesn’t get to kill people because he thought that grandma leaving the grocery store was trying to kill him. Read up on affirmative defenses, Idiot. You really are in over your head on here, t.

    Now, how are you going to excuse the fact that he claimed that his hand was caught in the steering wheel? It clearly wasn’t – even if he thought he was in danger. That’s going to hurt his credibility at trial.

  • stitch

    LOL….yeah this wasn’t meant for umm this site…iim on a diff site and I have 8 windows open….this was meant for complex….so yeah sorry just ignore it

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    What do you mean? Lots of things he says are funny. You just have to understand the humor.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Lol, I was trying to figure out the connection.


    Dubose only started the car after the power tripping piglet tried to illegally open his door. Dude’s a campus cop too. Please. Bye, Felicia. Prison for life.

  • Regina Taylor

    Lying POS. He deserves everything thrown at him, and more. I would never in a million years forgive him. Hell No. Killer kkkops have got to go.

  • Yomammaaho

    I hope Tensing is convicted on at least manslaughter. I pray that he is assigned the meanest black guy possible as cellmate….and is beaten and raped by both blacks and whites to within an inch of his life daily.
    I hope the guards also beat him.
    Tensing should begin practiing oral and anal techniques now, as this may be his only salvation.

  • takesonetoknowone

    I love how all your posts are copied and pasted over and over.

    You fail to provide any proof of your side of the argument.

    Just like elementary school children, your typing and grammar could use some work.

    I hope your some fat troll and not someone paid with tax dollars to fill in forms for a living.

  • JC da bitch

    Should be happy that the gun was out and firing before the car even moved?

    Happy that the officer shot him point blank range to the face/head?

    In training your taught to use only the same force that’s being applied.

    Your never taught to jump into someone’s car as they train that officer safety is number 1.

    Your not taught to shoot for a subjects head. Center mass is number 1.

    Your weak ass attempts at trolling fails harder then a fat kid playing dodge ball. I hope you tell your mother everyday about how awesome you are online.

  • t

    Wow. Reading comprehend much?
    Clearly not.

    “I”. That me dude.
    I = me.

    The officer who said he was dragged because of the pants or beciase of what they saw

    Ummmm…you do realize that they aren’t the officer on the video right? And that the body camera angle isn’t the angel they would being seeing it from right?

    Keeping that in mind…with the hindsight of the video…what do we see to verify the other officers statements?
    • We have the officer calmly discussing the stop at the window
    • We see the officer reach down to the door
    • We hear the car suddenly and inexorably start
    • We see the officer moving
    • We seeing the car starting to drive away
    • we see the officer falling down as a shot is fired.

    It’s all right there on video.

    I didn’t defend the shoot. I’m just analyzing what’s there with open and truthful eyes.

    If this was where I lived…he’d walk on the level
    Of the charge against him. The actions spot don’t met the elements of the crime.
    But reading Ohios statutes…I’m not sure.

    If I was advising the officer…I’d push for the lower/lesser included charge to be dismissed and seek a bench trial on the most serious charge. Even in Ohio I don’t think the elements are met.

  • t

    So still not admitting you lied?

    Wow. Disappointing.

  • t

    “No, it’s not simply his state of mind”

    Hmmm….yeah it does

    Ever heard about the concept of specific intent? Malice? Things like that? Clearly you haven’t.

    I thought you were “special legal counsel” and you don’t know of such things?

  • t

    I know nearly nothing of Ohio law and never claimed too.

    Oops. Guess you missed

  • t

    The more I watch the video…the more clear becomes about the officers statements and his point of view.

    And the more concerned I am about the DAs honesty.

    The cities gonna end up paying big on both sides. They’ll bow down and pay the family and then I’m betting that they’ll end up paying this officer lots too.

    This is a weird one. I thought it looked bad the first time I saw it. But after repeated viewings…not all that bad anymore.

  • martymarsh

    Well, we can argue about this until the end of time, but, the prosecutor is the man this cop has to deal with and it doesn’t sound like he liked what he has seen and he is going to hang him for a show, and he should.

  • Shawn

    Stupidity isn’t a crime, lucky for them.

  • Shawn

    What lie is that? What false claim did I make?

  • Roy Point Anderson

    T, even if all of that is true, there is no justifiable reason to fatally shoot someone in the head. That’s not the penalty for driving without a front lisence plate.

  • Roy Point Anderson

    T, What an idiot you are. Only first degree Murder needs to be premeditated. This is clearly 2nd degree murder with reckless endangerment. THAT’s WHY CHARGES WERE FILED SO QUICKLY. Yet you still knee-jerkishly
    DEFEND the undefendabvle actions of this KIller.

  • Roy Point Anderson

    He had the specific intent to fatally shoot that guy in the head. He had the malice to pull the trigger even though he wasn’t in the least threatened.

  • Roy Point Anderson

    The more you speak the more your idiocy shows. You should just quit now.

  • martymarsh

    That is funny, first we had our right to drive taken away because a politician came up with the idea to make money, so they sold it back to us. The really funny part is the state just let’s anyone drive as long as they have the money, so it was never a safety thing, they just did it in the name of safety. Then people get treated like mass murders for not producing one. The government is not the answer, it is the problem. The corrupt make laws and the corrupt enforce them, integrity is dead. I think I will go fishing to day, oh wait, I can’t I don’t have a license, I haven’t given the state their protection money.

  • martymarsh

    I agree with most of that, but, it is not a reason to end a mans life, it is that simple. People running away are not a threat to you.

  • martymarsh

    One could argue, what is the time line on premeditation, a day a second? When will you understand, someone trying to get away from you is not a deadly threat to YOU. Also I think grand juries will keep that comment about the ham sandwich in mind.

  • snowdogrob2112

    jc, it’s the cops that think they deserve special privileges…. so shut your cockholster :)

  • corkie

    Ever heard about the concept of specific intent? Malice? Things like that? Clearly you haven’t.

    LOL! Please explain how the concept of mens rea is used in affirmative defenses such as the one in this case!!!! The cop needs to show that he had ” probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.”
    Tennessee v. Garner

    Get that? Probable cause is a much higher standard than “I really, really thought it.”

    t, you are such a joke. I know they only teach cops the law from little books found in cracker jack boxes, but that’s no excuse for you continuing to embarrass yourself on here over and over.

    Again, given your misunderstanding of the law, I have no doubt that you will be fired and on trial within a few years.

  • Dreagan MacEagan

    Laughing my f****** ass off! T, you are the most illiterate person I’ve ever met! You’re trying to correct his grammar and in the process you f***** up your own paragraph numerous times! It’s no wonder you are a pig lover, you are the most illiterate, inbred retard I have ever seen post on here! Only retards who love pigs could be as dumb as you!

  • t



    I typed it all big so you can find it easier.

    That’s absolutely and clearly not the truth.

    So what else would you call it?

  • t

    It’s not a defense. The prosecution has that burden.

    Really dude. You must be the worst special counsel ever

  • Shawn

    Not mine. Quotation marks mean it was the words of another.

    As for foot off the break. No way to really know. You will of course simply assume what you want. For myself, I suspect it, but see room for an accidental event.

    Either way, the cop had no justification in shooting.

  • t

    Quite true. That is the focus on many murder trials.

    So let’s look at the moments leading up to the “murder”
    At what point would YOU say that the officer PREMEDITAED this “murder”?

    See…unlike what the fraud wrote above…the state HAS TO PROVE THAT ELEMENT. The defense doesn’t. J

  • mobooz

    If Tensing was reaching into the car at the time Dubose was peeling out, then his life was in danger at that moment. I suspect a lot of the trial is going to hinge on UCPD policy regarding reaching into a vehicle and how well their officers are trained to conform to that standard.

  • Shawn

    What the he’ll does policy have to do with it? That is an internal matter. All that should matter is law.

  • t

    Who said it was?
    But just because you got caught “driving without a front license plate” also doesn’t give you the right to drive at this officer.

    And that’s key.
    This is about as iniccuous a traffic stop as there is.
    And then the driver decides to RESTART THE CAR and begin to drive away…at the officer.
    Now you can say he wasn’t dragged. The video supports that he would think he was. At one point his arm appears to be stuck inside the car…withbthebcar acceraltimg at him.
    It’s in that moment that the shot was fired. At some point….the state will have to prove he premeditation to kill he driver not that it was unreasonable to beleove his own life was in danger.

    Of course what makes it worse is the DAd comments already. That may end up like the DA on Philly that went after the 6 drug officers. Everything he said in the press…defamation isn’t protected speech. Those officers are gonna win their suits…the DA wil get fired and may even do jail time.

    Public officials should NEVER engage in trial by media.

  • t

    Wow. Quotations of another. That you quoted and support. It’s called lying.

    No way to no for sure?
    Restart the car
    Put it in gear
    Accelerate forward.

    Maybe the car was a cousin to Christine.

  • simpleton

    I suppose. I just don’t find murder humorous. I find some things that result in death funny. But not murder. And for the record, all the cops that say “I’m gonna shoot you” and then kill the person should be charged with first degree murder. Its premeditated because they told you they were going to do it.

  • simpleton

    I suppose. I just don’t find murder humorous. And for the record, all the cops that say “I’m gonna shoot you” and then kill the person should be charged with first degree murder. Its premeditated because they told you they were going to do it.

  • martymarsh

    Well we know that things like missing license plates and break lights out are just an avenue to bigger and better things. So, why does he want the guy out of the car? He could have run his name and seen what that came up with, not to mention call for back up because he is not going to let the guy drive away if he doesn’t have a license. He escalated it all in a big hurry, which may not show premeditation but it does make him look like he is looking for trouble, please don’t make me explain that. Then how you talk to people, he shouldn’t talk to no one, his rage was shining thru with the word AGAIN. So, was he looking to be a hero, that is what I see and that would be premeditation. Why is he even off campus unless someone called for help?
    Let me give you a more direct answer, when he came to work.

  • corkie

    It’s not a defense. The prosecution has that burden.

    Wow, you really have a lot to learn about the law. The prosecution has the burden to show that the cop intentionally killed the driver beyond a reasonable doubt. If the cop wants to assert an affirmative defense, then it’s the cop’s burden to show that he had probable cause to believe that his life was in danger.

  • corkie

    It’s not a defense. The prosecution has that burden.

    Wow, you really have a lot to learn about the law. The prosecution has the burden to show that the cop intentionally killed the driver beyond a reasonable doubt. If the cop wants to assert an affirmative defense, then it’s the cop’s burden to show that he had probable cause to believe that his life was in danger.

  • corkie

    I’m still laughing about how willingly you embarrass yourself. Instead of tripling down on your stupidity, use the internet to see which party has the burden of proof when an affirmative defense is used. Hint: It ain’t the prosecution.

  • Hater

    Damn I enjoyed that video!!! I wish there were more like it! A permanently revoked driver’s licence, 60 arrest, 13-20 kids, nobody really knows the true number. Yeah, that cop did us all a favor and I for one really appreciate it! Thank you officer. Job well done. You couldn’t have put down a better one.

  • mobooz

    It’s mostly for differentiating between involuntary and voluntary manslaughter. I know you don’t like it, but this wasn’t a murder under the legal definition. I expect the charges are most likely going to get pled down, and to what extent depends on what the prosecutor knows he can nail Tensing with.

  • corkie

    t, you really are a loser. The comment you replied to wasn’t about a 1st degree murder conviction. Premeditation doesn’t need to be proven in order to get a conviction in this case, and murder isn’t even the only charge. It’s funny that you’re so clueless about the law, that you’ve been forced to move the goal posts.

  • corkie

    Are you claiming that you think the cop’s hand was caught in the steering wheel? Have you even watched the slow motion version of the video? None of us are surpassed that you wouldn’t think the cop’s actions are that bad. If nothing else, it shows complete incompetence, but you’re definitely not one to determine competence.

    It’s incredibly ironic for you to be concerned about the DA’s honesty. I mean, that’s seriously funny.

  • corkie

    doesn’t give you the right to drive at this officer.

    What the heck? Are you claiming that this guy drove at this officer? You definitely have a twisted definition of the word “at.”

    At some point….the state will have to prove he premeditation to kill he driver not that it was unreasonable to beleove his own life was in danger.

    You’re an idiot cop that needs to learn the law. No, the state does NOT have to prove premeditation in order to get a conviction in this case.

    Public officials should NEVER engage in trial by media.

    Are you kidding me? Police departments do this ALL the time. Hypocrite.

  • JC

    No, it’s the streetsheep copblockers cock sucker

  • corkie

    LOL! Is t really this stupid? What cop doesn’t know that premeditation isn’t an element required for all murder? I mean, I understand that cops aren’t lawyers, and I don’t expect them to be, but even teenage television viewers know that there are different degrees of murder. Unbelievable.

  • Shawn

    I don’t like the idea of police making internal policy, and it being treated as superior to law. They aren’t empowered to make their own law.

  • Shawn

    Burden of proof is on the prosecution. You don’t have to prove your innocence.

  • corkie

    The burden of proof to show that the cop intentionally killed the driver is on the prosecution. If the cop wants to assert an affirmative defense, then the burden of proof is on him.

  • uncle

    Lots of things wrong with our “system”. 1.Politicians that send cops out to collect $$$$ from citizens for “CS” reasons, so cops can buy goodies like tanks and military style weapons to use against the citizens. 2.The law prohibits using the Armed forces so they just train cops to act like the army. 3. Cops that afraid of their own shadows, used to be tough guys….now college educated pansies who really dig those bennies and $$$$. 4. LYING COPS and their “brothers” who LIE for them…..NO WAY the cop SAW him being DRAGGED. Oh…the dead guy and most of the dead victims aren’t without blame….5. Career criminals, punks and people who had NO father or anyone to teach them that THEY aren’t the BOSS in POLICE SITUATIONS. 6. The AFOREMENTIONED thinking they are going to adjudicate the case while sitting behind their wheel, and choose to argue and debate instead of OBEY THE COP!!!! 7. MEN WHO FATHER 13 kids… job….no means of supporting them in ANY WAY,SHAPE or FORM!!!!!! 8. Social programs that cover the fannies of these BUMS. This is senseless. I have seen cops lie in court during a civil case…blatantly lie in a whistleblower case, they all stuck together. Oh, the concern they had for this murderer….his arm, leg, he was hot…that’s from getting his rocks off. Then he goes to the hospital? LIAR!!!!! Hope the system figures this out SOON!!!

  • grevyturty

    He Dindu nuthin!!

  • grevyturty

    The nigger was dragging him in his ghetto mobile, what the hell was he supposed to do? Ask nicely for the ape to stop? What kind of IDIOT fucking runs from the cops like that??

  • mobooz

    I never said police policy is superior to law, but if UCPD policy is to reach into the car, then that would shift some of the blame away from Tensing and toward the department, both criminally and civilly.

  • Jeff Peterson

    Okay, both parties were in the wrong. Mr. Dubose had no business being behind the wheel with a permanently suspended license, no insurance, liquor in the vehicle. His disrespectful attitude for the law lent to his demise in that HE DID attempt to flee the scene. Anyone can see that Dubose held his door closed when the officer attempted to open it (resisting). He then turned the ignition and put the car in drive. (Attempted evasion)

    Officer Tesning showed no hostility during his conversation with the driver and was actually quite patient when the Dubose was OBVIOUSLY dodging questions and avoiding having to show a license (because their was none) Mr. Dubose wanted Tensing to return to the squad car to run his name giving him a chance to flee. Officer Tensing sensed this was the case and wanted to remove the driver from the vehicle to avoid a potential vehicular pursuit. Once Dubose resisted and started to drive away, Tensing was too quick to pull his gun and fire without being directly in harms way. (my opinion) Officer Tensning DID NOT shoot Mr. Dubose in malice. It was a poor, split-second decision in the heat of the moment.

    So let’s say he didn’t shoot. The only alternative would be to engage in a vehicular pursuit of the evading suspect which would potentially put innocent drivers and pedestrians in harm’s way as this took place in a residential area. Imagine for a minute if Officer Tensing had let him drive off recklessly at high speeds after displaying an open bottle of alcohol. Let’s say, in his flight, Mr. Dubose had hit a someone crossing the road and killed him/her. Or hit a family head on while trying to cross an intersection. There would be no outrage. There would be no calling for police reform or riots. It would just another case of a habitual law-breaker robbing someone of their life due to illegal, selfish decision-making. Any subsequent devastation caused by Mr. Dubose’s scoff-law behavior would forever be on Officer Tensing’s conscience for not stopping the perp when he had the chance. I realize this is hypothetical, but officer’s deal with these kind of possibilities daily and not us. We can’t possibly know what we would do in those situations. The man should definitely lose his job in law enforcement, but not his freedom.

  • t

    Not correcting anyone grammar.
    Just pointing out that when I am talking about an opinion…I=me.

    Hazy had started comparing what someone else said and confusing it with what I wrote.

    Just pointing out that I=me and only me.

  • t


    Who said anything about any defense.
    You forgot…or likely don’t know…that the officer doesn’t have to offer up anything of a defense.

    The prosecution has to show his state of mind in a specific intent crime.

    Are you really that dumb?
    Well….clearly you are

  • t


    Now your catching on.

  • corkie

    Are you trying to claim that the cop didn’t intentionally kill the driver? LOL! You really are bad at this “legal” thing.

  • corkie

    Who said anything about any defense.

    Is the cop not going to defend himself at or before trial?

    The prosecution has to show his state of mind in a specific intent crime.

    The prosecution merely needs to show that the cop intentionally killed the driver. That’s going to be incredibly easy for them. In fact, the defense will probably stipulate. He shot the guy in the head in order to prevent him from driving away. That’s an intention killing. Trying to say that it wasn’t an intentional killing would be an incredibly bad defense strategy.

    The defense will most likely try to claim that the cop killed the driver in self-defense. In fact, YOU were claiming this before I challenged you. If the cop wants to claim self-defense, then the burden will be on him to show probable cause of fear for his life. He won’t likely need to show probable cause beyond a reasonable doubt, but the burden will be on him.

  • corkie

    t, if you were his lawyer, would you claim that he shot him by accident?

  • Ninja

    Wheres the dash cam footage?

  • king kong

    I want to see the complete dash cam footage that will tell if the officer was dragged or just got trigger happy.

  • wow

    the kind of person that knows how stupid, ignorant, racist people like you are, and knows that it doesn’t matter if he is wrong or not, all that matters is that he was a black man at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Bortdmeister

    Come on, why should the cop be afraid of this unarmed black motorist. Just b/c it turned out that the deceased had been arrested over 70 times(!) in his 43 year-old life and that he was found with weed and $2,600 in his pocket (I’m sure the family, after consulting Al Sharpton, will claim that he earned the money by working, not drug dealing). But his family says he was starting to turn his life around!!

  • Bortdmeister

    You might want to actually watch the full video and read the police report before you jump to conclusions. A close look at the video shows that the officer was dragged/carried/transported approximately 30 feet up the road from the stop. BTW, if a fleeing suspect jams on the gas while a police officer has his arm in the steering column, that justifies shooting the thug. Absolutely. Black lives matter, so blacks, quite breaking the law and disobeying lawful orders given by police.

  • Bortdmeister

    He shot a man in the head….Gee, that’s a simpleton review of the facts. Let’s see, perhaps the officer had an experience that placed him in fear of his safety?? Perhaps when the driver, when asked to take off his seatbelt and exit the car, instead slammed the car door shut WHILE he quickly started the engine and put the car in gear caused the cop to get nervous? Or when the cop reached in the car in an attempt to stop the fleeing criminal, got his arm stuck, and the criminal pushed the gas pedal BEFORE the cop fired the gun. Sorry, but I give the benefit of the doubt to the cop. BTW, if you watch the video very closely, you will see that a car is driving down the road in the opposite direction on this narrow, one-lane street. If the cop had let the criminal speed away and he ran into this car head on and killed someone, we’d be second guessing the cop. Or at least you would be. Black lives matter. So blacks, quit assaulting cops; quit running from cops; quit resisting cops.

  • Jesse M.

    Where’s the dash cam video from the police cruiser???
    It could show us the complete wide angle view of the crime scene!!!

  • Jesse M.

    Also, Mr. DuBose did not have to bleed out while Officer Tensing stands their pretending he was armed and dangerous. The officers who arrived later can be excused because they didn’t know the facts but Tensing’s behaviour and negligence should be at a minimum Criminally Negligent Manslaughter for not providing emergency assistance to DuBose. They all stood by with their guns pointed acting as if the real victim, while slumped over and motionless, was a potential threat to them.

  • wanda Walton

    Know what you are and what you are worth because they do that why they are destroying you ….just like Cain killed Abell to kill christ seed line but the seed line still lives though seth Cain and Abell had different father Abel father was Adam and Cain father can be found in John 8:44

  • Sheep O’Doom

    I’m sure had there been dash cam footage you would claim the camera lied too.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    One problem The body cam DOES SHOW HE WAS DRAGGED.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    Ok folks I’ve seen all the videos. What no one is noticing is the area around where this takes place & where certain objects are in relation to the video.
    1. There us a gray or silver car seen at the beginning down the street.
    2. Between that car & DuBose’s car is what looks like a large stain or puddle with a second smaller one to the right.
    3. There is a Street facing vehicle in the driveway being blocked by DuBose’s car.
    4. across the street on the railing side there is a sign where the Stain/Puddle is.

    Now when Tensing is interviewing DuBose the Driveway car is to Tensing’s left

    The stain area is also to his left mid way between the two.

    Oh one other thing THERE WAS AN INDEPENDENT WITNESS Who drove by as this was taking place. They would have seen the scuffle.

    After the cop falls to the ground you see him facing the sign Then he turns to stand where that stain is. how did he get from the right side of the drive way to that point in the street IF he fell TOWARDS THE Fence?
    Here is a Google map screenshot from where the cop stood up & started running The Arrowhead is where the hood of DuBose’s car would have been & the C & E in Rice is where the cop would have been standing, So If he was not dragged & fell at the spot he was standing how did the video show him end up where the old manhole cover (Stain/Puddle) use to be? Ever fall on your butt only to land feet away as your falling? I can’t do that. Not unless I’m moved to a different position by say a car.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    You do know people can die from being run over with a car right?

  • Sheep O’Doom

    From a stablized clip I think the cop grabbed this guys seat belt that was over his chest.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    body camres & evidence will clear this cop. They should have had dash cams on the cars had that been done we would not be having this discussion it would have shown the cop being dragged.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    Only if they put you as a Juror. However I think in the interview you’ll yell he’s guilty & they will pass on you.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    Does removing your foot off the brake also start the car? Tell ya what Shawn stand up fall backward & land across the room. Keep trying till you can acomplish this IMPOSSIBLE action.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    Um Shawn either the video is lying or it’s not you can’t have both. Also NOT irrelevant you try to harm or kill a cop he’s NOt going to allow you without trying to kill you.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    Lets drag you done the road & see itf you don’t try & shoot me Deal?

  • Sheep O’Doom

    And the Prosecution HAS NO PROOF. The defense does have a civilian witness who drove up & by at the time DuBose was shot. but I bet he’s gonna lie to cover for the cop too right?

  • Sheep O’Doom

    umm nope

  • Sheep O’Doom

    So lets see the video tells the truth about the cop shooting the driver but lies about the cop being dragged?

  • Yankeefan

    Properly punctuate your sentences before you talk like a tough guy! Deal? Huh Slappy?

  • Sheep O’Doom

    It was a clear cut self defense. the ONLY think that would make it clearer is dash cam video. That would have caught the cop being dragged or at least knocked down by the forward motion of the car.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    So then anytime a cop shoots someone to you it’s murder? Cops are not allowed to defend themselves right?

  • Sheep O’Doom

    This guy must have had a warrant, drugs or some other reason he chose to run.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    I did watch the slow motion & paused it many times. It looked like the cop grabbed the seat belt as he fell however he was at first trying to grab something around the steering wheel.

  • Sheep O’Doom

    running down a cop sure is.

  • David

    Sad man!

  • martymarsh

    It would be obvious he wasn’t an angel, but is that a reason to kill him? We have crossed the line, we now think we are just taking out the garbage. I can’t wait to see who decides the corrupt politicians get the same treatment. Evil taking out evil.

  • corkie

    He was dead before he was knocked down. Fear of being knocked down and scraping your pants isn’t a justification for shooting someone in the head.

  • corkie

    You said the cop will need to try to claim self-defense. (That’s an affirmative defense.) If so, the burden of proof is on him to show that he had probable cause to believe that his life was in danger. Read about affirmative defenses if you don’t understand this.

  • stitch



    JUST TELL ME…!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW……!!!!!! WHO CALLED IT?????????????

    this is the headlines in MEMPHIS….right NOW–>Manhunt in Memphis continues after officer, 33, fatally shoT

    ^^^^ this happened DURING A TRAFFIC STOP


    CHECK IT !!!! —> ” When are black people gonna realize its open season on your hides. You have to carry a gun at all times. Have camera’s on your car and wear them in form of those glasses that come with camera’s in them while your driving or just being black in public, like being at a mall for instance. Because you know #BlacklivesDON’Tmatter. Once it gets around that black people are carrying, they won’t be so quick to try a black person anymore. Their just needs to be a few, unnecessary deaths on the law enforcements side for them to get the picture, that they can’t just punk black people anymore and get away with it, that they will be shot on sight if they were to try anything corrupt. That needs to happen ASAP.” <—-and look what just happened in MEMPHIS!!!!!!
    Seems as tho black ppl in HEAVILY racist states have gotten the picture….

  • Jojo

    where is the dash cam footage??

  • snowdogrob2112

    idiot pig lover

  • SafetyDave

    You DO NOT have to get out of the car unless the pig says you are being detained with probable cause. ONLY at that time can he search you and your car..To prevent being murdered by pigs, when they approach the car shoot them in the face and leave. Keep your license plates dirty. Then go to a car wash.

  • SafetyDave

    Complicity to murder.

  • SafetyDave

    The pig was NOT dragged. He lost balance while murdering the victim.

  • SafetyDave

    That “Nigger” had every right to live. And the pig was NOT being dragged!

  • Jimmy Dean

    Is there dash cam footage? I just want to see what it looks like from the patrol car when an officer says someone tried to “run them over”.

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