Ft. Worth PD Edward P. Martinez is a Dog Murderer

Shadow Dog Killed PoliceIn early July I had had enough of the heart wrenching posts on Justice for Shadow Facebook page. As a life long dog lover and owner I kept putting myself in the position of the person writing these devastating and raw emotions day after day. Photo after photo of this dog’s shredded flesh followed by videos of him running and playing in fields, hiking, and just being a good, normal, loyal dog.

I would consider an  elderly homeless man with one leg to be one of the most vulnerable members of society. For police, homeless people are prime targets because they can be abused with even less accountability than the general public receives which of course is nearly non-existent.  Any cop worth his salt will gladly shoot a dog in it’s own fenced in yard or on a chain so sneaking up on one in a homeless camp is not a matter of “to shoot or not” it’s a matter of how many times to shoot.

Early this year a “scared” man named Brent repeatedly called Ft. Worth cops over a dog in the area and some possible “illegal camping.” Fort Worth PD Cpl.  S.S. (emphasis added) Shosid #2320 decided that rather than take a non aggressive approach like shouting “hello, hello” from a distance, he’d call out the big guns in order to make a mess to clean up.  “Cpl. SS” wrote the following in his report:

I contacted our two-man unit W-162, Officers E. Martinez #3343 and E. Morales #3397 to assist me. After they arrived, I filled them in and told them to bring their shotguns since this was a wooded area and we had prior knowledge of a Pit Bull dog in the area and I really did not know what to expect. As we made our way to the pickup truck, all was quiet and we did not see anyone or any dog(s). We saw a homeless camp set up around the pickup truck, (which is further identified in this report as the General Vehicle). We saw among other things, a large tent that was closed at the front. Officer Morales stood near the front left quarter panel of the truck while Officer Martinez stood ready just to the east of the front part of the tent. I walked in front of the tent and extended my ASP baton and stood just to the west of the front part of the tent. About this time, We saw the tent shaking. I yelled out, “Ft. Worth Police”. We then heard a dog start to bark, I then yelled out, “hold that dog”. All of a sudden, a brown Pit Bull dog emerged from the tent and charged out, running towards Officer Martinez. Officer Martinez fearing for is life, fired one round from his duty carry – 12 ga. Mossberg Model 500 shotgun, striking the dog in the front left shoulder area. The dog retreated and ran south into the woods.

Next to emerge from the tent, was a white male, later identified in this report as Owner – Lonnie Reynolds who crawled out yelling, “you shot my dog”. As Officer Martinez tried to calm Lonnie down, Lonnie was calling for his dog, named Shadow. A few minutes later, Shadow returned to Lonnie. I gave Lonnie my small, TAC MED kit so he could use it on Shadow, which he did, in an attempt to give Shadow first aid. Initially Officer Morales had called Animal Control, but after talking to them and Lonnie, it was ok for Lonnie to transport Shadow to a VET in the area, which he did.

I contacted W-150, Sgt. P.W. Walker and he in turn contacted W-101, Lt. J. Stockton who both made the scene.

I can assure anyone who sneaks up on a tent, occupied by a man and his dog, then yells, that the dog is going to come out charging. Edward Martinez knew this and so did his comrades. They went into this knowing they were going to get to shoot something and they came prepared. They were right and everything went as planned.

You’re a disgusting man Edward P. Martinez 3343. Your “brothers in blue” are likely proud of your trophy hunt but the internet will forever remind your descendants of this sadistic behavior.




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