Police Pose As Construction Crew To Extort Texting Drivers

The tactics of the road pirates are shameless and know no bounds. There isn’t anything these revenue generators for the state won’t do to eat out the substance of their own countrymen.

Under the auspices of protecting a duped public from distracted drivers, Marietta Police in Cobb County, Georgia dressed up as a construction crew at a busy intersection at Cobb Parkway at Roswell Road, Wednesday, to catch people texting at stop lights.

The down-right sneaky effort not only held up traffic but included coordinated surveillance tactics that allowed officers to radio their findings to patrol cars waiting in the wings to pull over and extort motorists.

“What we’ve done here is we’re able to put officers in the roads so we’re able to get close enough almost inside their cars so we can look down and see exactly what they’re doing on their phones,” Marietta police officer Nick Serkedakis said proudly.

The Orwellian overtones of the statement were obviously lost on the highwayman but not on outraged drivers who received $150 fines and one point on their drivers licenses for the “code violations.”

“If you’re driving and texting [or] driving and trying to read [that’s a problem], one motorist said. “But if you’re situated and stopped just trying to confirm an address, I don’t think that’s a problem.”

Serkedakis responded by saying, “It doesn’t matter if you’re stopped at a light, if you’re on a public thoroughfare or public road and facing the phone, we’re going to have a conversation with you.”

Local news coverage:

Similar tactics have recently made headlines in the news.

Last week it was reported that four plain-clothed San Bernardino police officers in California, stood on highway off-ramps posing as transients holding up signs in attempt to catch drivers using their phones as well.

One detective, part of a team of uniformed motorcycle officers waiting nearby for a signal from the plain-clothed officers, boasted she made 13-14 stops alone, and said the team was able to stop 53 cars and issue 50 citations during the three-hour operation.

Thirty-three tickets were given to drivers for cell phone use and 15 tickets were doled out for seat-belt violations. Additionally, five cars were impounded after officers discovered unlicensed drivers. – Not a bad haul for a three hour extortion scheme.

As cops pat themselves on the back for their clever tactics, they continue to piss on us and call it rain.


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  • RadicalDude

    Cops disguising themselves as productive members of society as part of a scheme to steal. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes. Professional predators. It’s disgusting.

  • twn5858 .

    God I hate police! Don’t these welfare bums have anything better to do with their time?

  • Yankeefan

    Read this link. It is found by following the links in this post. This is why you do not talk to the police. Keep your mouth shut and let them make the case against you. These people cooperated and lookie what happened! Street level encounters too!

  • Bill Cain

    deez guise… fucking scumbags..

  • t

    Wow. That’s awesome.

    That whole thing about no right to privacy while in public …. sucks sometimes doesn’t it.

  • t

    Ha ha. Ummmm…maybe the better idea would be NOT TO HAVE ANY INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE…AS YOU DID NOTHING WRONG.

    Texting while driving has proven to be more dangerous than drinking and driving.

  • JC

    This story has been posted before. The PD is taking a proactive stance. It’s against the law to text and drive. IF the police nail someone for doing that, great. They are doing a great job.

  • TisforTraitor

    When all these cases get rejected by the courts because they clog up the court’s needy time, perhaps then we’ll see these unconstitutional laws evaporate. Never take a plea. Always take dismissal.

  • Bill Cain

    LMAO… yeah do the same thing to a cop and see what happens

  • DeekS

    wrong – something was posted about cops dressing up as homeless not construction workers… It was also legal to own slaves and to conscript ppl into the military… if your ethics stand on the premises of whether something is legal or “the law” – you are a disgraceful fucking fool….

  • t sucks on a cop’s dick

    leave it to t to troll copblockers as usual. You know what i think you love your job doing that

  • t sucks on a cop’s dick

    the more you keep trolling t the more you’ll be called one.

  • t

    Ya know….funny you brought that up.

    If we just go with the simple number of 45,000,000 direct police contacts a year (which is a yearly average for the U.S.)…
    But just using that number…let’s say that 1/3 of those incidents are recorded by some one OTHER than the POLICE…and each of those contacts lasts …say half an hour…that’s like what….7 1/2 MILLION HOURS of RECORDINGS.


    Seems we don’t see much of that video.

    Wonder why?

  • mobooz

    I think 1/3 is a pretty high estimate, 1/10 would probably be pushing it. All the same, people are generally satisfied with their encounters with police.

  • RadicalDude


  • mobooz
  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Gee, I guess that means all those pigs out there using phones and computers are worse than the drunks. I would agree with that. The only good pig is a dead pig.

  • steve

    It’s a good thing to catch them.

  • t

    I have said it many times…my PD runs about mid 80’s in warnings only for the original reason for the stop. Now that changes if someone is discovered to be impaired or suspend or something else.

    A huge number of those that complain of having been repeatedly “harassed” by the police have absolutely no documented contact with the police at all. I’ve seen lots of interviews in which those making such statements or claims…when confronted with proof about their false claims…suddenly start with some such crap like “well I’ve seen it happen all the time”. Really kinda pathetic really.

  • Shmuck

    I wonder if it was difficult for the police to “act” like they were working. ?

  • mobooz


  • Peter Bruns

    While I do not like the cops concealing themselves as actual “Hard working road crews” 9 which has a bit of sarcasm in that), I KNOW that texting whilst driving, even checking emails (not ‘technically’ ” texting ” ) is deadly. So, this time, I go for, holding my nose, Good for them !

  • isense

    I have absolutely no pity for those who can’t put down the cell phone for the length of time it takes to get from A to B. NONE! Eff them! They put people’s lives at risk and deserve much worse than just a simple ticket! Every day… EVERY SINGLE EFFING DAY!… I see people doing their little zigzag, slamming on the brakes suddenly and often, driving 20 mph under the speed limit while veering into someone else’s lane… and every damn time, I can see the phone in their hands! ENOUGH! You got it wrong this time, CopBlock. They have every right to ticket the cell-phone addicted a**holes on GOVERNMENT BUILT AND MAINTAINED roadways. Not one ounce of pity!

  • Nando

    and when cop do it its completely ok right ( cops are on their cellphones twice as much as citizens in their cars )…. they get a pass because they enforce the law? THOSE GOVERNMENT “BUILT” ROADS WERE ALSO PAID FOR BY THE VERY SAME PEOPLE BEING PULLED OVER.

  • isense

    Oh yes, that is exactly something you saw me write. I totally and obviously just wrote, “It is perfectly fine for the police to look at their cell phones though.” Quite the cute little tactic you got there… shove words in someone else’s mouth AND come up with a bullsh*t and false statistics… to hopefully make their point null. (I observe! That’s my big talent in this world. I have seen what you are talking about and I have given those cops the same dirty glare that I give the citizens. But I can see 12 citizens in 10 minutes looking at their phones, and I’ve only seen 2 out of about 25 cops do it.) Well, gee, that didn’t work. As for your second brain-numbingly asinine point… paying taxes does not give one carte blanche to engage in reckless and destructive behaviors! I pay taxes, too… why can’t it be that my taxes go to a system that keeps me and my family safe from all the idiot drivers that would rather “LOL” someone then keep their bloody eyes on the road? Driving is NOT a right! It is a privilege. Some people need to get that into their thick skulls! Don’t want to be pulled over for texting while driving? Snip your license in half and invest in bus pass. Otherwise, PUT THE EFFING PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE! Let me astound you for a second… ***AMAZINGLY*** I have never been and can never be pulled over for this particular infraction.. Why??? BECAUSE I CARE MORE ABOUT MY OWN, MY FAMILY’S, AND MY FELLOW DRIVER’S SAFETY! I DO NOT TOUCH MY PHONE WHILE DRIVING! I truly care about other people getting home safe to the the people who love them. I’ve seen too many stories… *wife and mother of a 2-year old, 7-months pregnant -t-boned and killed by another person texting while driving… *16 year old girl on her way to school – lost control of her truck and died sending a text to a classmate she would have seen in 5 minutes… *man looking at his phone – ran into 3 children playing in the street, 2 dead, one with permanent brain injury. Now, tell me, Nando- am I wrong for being tired of hearing stories like that? For thinking that these people deserved to not die over something as trite as the need for someone to stare at their phone screen? Do you really want to put your hatred for cops above the random person on the road that just wants to get home in one piece?

  • isense

    So you stand with the people who text and drive? Even though that activity has killed so many people and caused so many accidents? I would think, ethically, it is MORE important to stop these people then allow them to proceed with their selfish actions, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Nando

    first off.. the government did not create cars or driving.. average people did … and government capitalized, average people planned out and crated roads government simply allowed and capitalized. driving is not a right nor is it a privilege you sir must like being on your knees.. and if it were not texting it would be driving while eating, driving while smoking, driving while etc. because people are always distracted by shit, just last month a man crashed into the car in front of him while checking out a woman .. should we make driving while checking woman out a crime too ? it sucks when people get hurt but it doesn’t even have to be a car it could be a bike .. cops/government always look for a way to steal your money. I do understand your point not to make you think I’m being ignorant but i work in the wireless industry and i know how often police officers use their phones in their car because were allowed to do an analysis of their phones every time they call for troubleshooting. a cops job is to keep the peace and respond to emergencies, instead here in america they create traps to generate money.. why have a highway speed of 55 since the early makings of vehicles if cars these days can stop 4 times as quick? better yet why allow cars that can surpass the legal speed limit when most streets are restricted to slow travel speeds… easy to generate money. I don’t have a hatred for cops i studied criminal justice i hate the fact that the government allows a double standard for government officials. we are all equals and that’s how the founding fathers intended america to be.

  • isense

    Actually, I WOULD get quite pissed if a man couldn’t drive his car straight because of a woman on the street. Even when it’s just a guy goggling a woman in a fully pedestrian setting, it annoys the living f*** out of me! Why is it that so many men need to act no better than a dog heat, just shy of humping the closest object, living or inanimate, just because of an attractive woman? I’m sure that analogy might’ve worked if I were a man, but I’m not, and therefore I find the idea that it’s okay to swerve a bit ’cause…”hey, check out her ” a bit revolting and pathetic. Ugh! Now, I’m not AT ALL thinking you are this type of guy. You just thought I was a shallow and vapid type of man and that point would get me to agree with you. I’m sure you don’t really think it’s a valid reason to drive poorly, right? Look, I’m sorry, but in the debate between people who text while driving and the cops using means possible to eff those people over…. we are at an impasse, I stand firm. They deserve it. And, if you have proof that cops use their phones while driving so much… maybe there’s a way to make that info public (without getting yourself in trouble)? Because, yea, that does piss me off too! Driving is serious sh*t and should be treated with more respect by EVERYONE! So on the matter of double standards for government officials… yes, Nando, you have my full agreement there.

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