Mark Fiorino Update, Philadelphia Open Carry Case

Mark Fiorino filed a federal civil rights lawsuit today against the Philadelphia Police Department, with the help of his lawyer and the PA ACLU. I thought it would be best to update your viewers and let them know the latest, so the PPD doesn’t get off the hook!

I wrote the update over on my blog:

About a year ago today, Mark Fiorino was stopped and threatened by several Philadelphia police officers for openly carrying his firearms, as we mentioned in an earlier blog post.  Fortunately for him, he recorded the entire incident on his voice recorder, which was then put on youtube by our fellow blogger, Timothy Havener.  The youtube video with the most content can be seen here, with parts two and three here and here (the first video contains most of what you’d be interested in hearing).

Back in April of 2011, assuming the docket sheet has the correct date, Mark was charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment by the Philadelphia Police Department and the case proceeded to trial for preliminary arraignment.

In October of 2011, Mark was found not guilty on both accounts.

Today, 2/14/12, Mark filed a federal civil rights lawsuit with the help of his lawyer and the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

The complaint can be viewed here and the press release can be viewed here.

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-Andrew, blogger at Liberty Thinkers

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