Trooper Gets Butthurt and Throws Paperwork at Driver

Officer Involved: Minnesota Trooper Erola, badge #523
Department Involved: Minnesota State Patrol, Deluth office.
Phone: 218-302-6127.

In this video provided by Minnesota CopBlock, this driver was pulled over for doing 83 in a 70 MPH zone.  The driver simply asked how fast the trooper got him driving on his radar.  The trooper responds that he was doing 83.  He asks the trooper if he can see it and was polite about it.  He didn’t know that he was going to be given a warning.

The trooper responds to the request by saying, “I’m giving you a warning.  You want to argue that?”  He then throws the driver’s paperwork and drivers license at the driver before telling him to have a safe day and walking off.

Maybe this trooper was having a bad day.  Maybe he’s just a big douche that doesn’t like his job.  Who knows?  What I do know from watching this video is that the trooper acted in an unprofessional manner in his interaction.  Had the driver thrown his paperwork at this trooper, he would have been snatched up for assaulting an officer and charged with a felony.

It never ceases to amaze me the double standard that is constantly being demonstrated by these officers.

Feel free to contact his superiors at the phone number listed above to let them know the substandard customer service that this driver was given.  I guess we should be happy though that the driver wasn’t extorted, beaten, tased, or killed by this angry trooper.



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