Video Shows NYPD Thugs Assault Business Owner As He Closes Shop

Video has emerged showing the most violent gang in America assaulting a shopkeeper while he is closing up his store.

Posters on social media say the incident involved NYPD officers from the 25th precinct in East Harlem and “took place on E 124th and Lexington, in front of the Bottle Recycling Center, which is located next to the Rainbow clothing store.”

The footage shows officers confront the small-business owner about an argument between him and a customer before asking for his ID.

The man is seen on the video complaining about problems with patrons as he locks up his enterprise.

“Am I going to be arrested if I don’t give you my ID?” the man asks officers. “When I close up, I’ll give you my ID.”

The unidentified man then makes his way to close the last section of his store where he is grabbed by one of the officers – and like locusts – at least six other policemen are seen surrounding him before he is put in a headlock and taken to the ground.

“Don’t touch me, don’t touch me,” the man can be heard saying before being driven to concrete head first.

“Excessive! Why is there six of y’all mother fuckers,” one bystander says. “Brutality! How many of y’all does it take?”

“Get off of him!” another witness hysterically screams as the shopkeeper attempts to fend off the multiple assailants from his back.

The footage then shows the gang of violent thugs punch and wrestle with the man as one officer, growing concerned about the surmounting rabble gathering on scene, tell people to “get back.”

The officer then draws his mace and threatens bystanders by sticking it in their faces.

The incident ends with the detained man being led away to a police car as a bystander asks some important questions: “Which one of you good cops is going to stop the brutality? Which one of ‘yall is the good cop?”

Watch the raw footage:

This investigator has reached out to the poster of the video on social media but have not yet received a response. The NYPD has offered no comment on the incident either.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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