Adams Mass. Police Lie And Try To Intimidate

It is clear that officer Brad Vivori of the North Adams Police doesn’t know the law. He doesn’t know the difference between State and Federal Laws. He doesn’t understand the Constitution or how the Supreme Court works. It is important that we all learn to protect our selves from the police. Police are lacking in training. Officer Vivori has been a police officer for three years and one week yet doesn’t know what is legal or not. How many people has he lied to, to get his way? Does he go around town bullying people? Is the rest of the department like this. According to a news article HERE there are more then one. Anyone who knows how the North Adams Police department operate please share below.

Police Director: Michael Cozzaglio
Non-Emergency Phone No.: 413-664-4944
Mailing Address:
North Adams Police Department
11 Summer Street
North Adams, MA 01247

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