Peaceful Streets Founder Arrested Again


Antonio Buehler is free!

Posted by Harold Gray on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Antonio Buehler, founder of the Peaceful Streets Project, was arrested at around 2 am for filming the police in the entertainment district of Austin, Texas. Also arrested was Mike “Blue Hair” Smith of Film the Police Portland, who had accompanied the group, which regularly films the police in public.  Both were charged with “interfering with public duties” and are still incarcerated as far as we know.


Buehler was just cleared of criminal charges stemming from telling a cop to “go fuck himself,” and this is his sixth arrest since his first arrest for filming a cop aggressively arresting a lady at a gas station, which prompted the creation of the Peaceful Streets Project – find them and more on the Allies Page.

In the videos Buehler is seen talking to Sgt. Randy Dear before he is arrested. When he turns around to leave, to be arrested, two other cops tackle him to the ground. Buehler dropped his camera and Mike reached out to catch it, prompting his arrest as well.

In the videos you can see Antonio in no way acting aggressively toward the police, yet when he turned around they jumped on him.

Here is the contact information for the sergeant who had Antonio arrested. If you are so inclined, please call and voice your disappointment with his behavior and that of his fellow officers.



Brian Sumner

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