Waukesha police Tell Us To Go Home And Watch TV…

I was spending some time watching a para-military action by Waukesha police when some cop decided it was his business as to what I was doing outside the, “crime scene perimeter.” There was a mental illness issue down the street and allegedly the man owned a gun.

Why use common sense and compassion when you can use machine guns, battering rams, and aggression. Nobody was injured in this incident and of course the man didn’t shoot anyone inside or outside the house. At least they didn’t beat any innocent people like they did with Mark Schroeder in 2010 and then delete the dash cam videos (requested as evidence) after watching them 20 some times.

The SUV cop may want to take a refresher driving course. Hits the curb and cone in one shot. Perhaps a sobriety test was in order.

Please Film police! Get them used to it and keep them in check.

– fromjanesville2waukesha

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