Hung Jury in Jones Co, MS for Filming Police Officers

For the past 20 months Pete Eyre and I have been trying to hold James Atkins, Abraham McKenzie and other Jones County Sheriff’s accountable for our wrongful arrest back in May of 09′. This past week I had my second trial, this one in circuit court, which resulted in a hung jury.

In the video below you’ll see the officers try to justify their actions claiming I kept “moving from the spot I was told to stand” and that my camera could have been a weapon or distractionary device. McKenzie even goes on to say that it’s perfectly legal for an officer to take your camera or to handcuff you for officer safety. Even if they have no reason to believe a law has, will be or could be broken.

It’s sad but I feel this is just the first of many reasons police will come up with to get people to stop filming them. Unless more people start doing so. Below you’ll find the video from the trial as well as the deleted footage from back in May of 09.  If you’re interested in learning more about his case check out this playlist on

I’m asking that those who believe I’m innocent of the states charges to call Wayne Thompson, ask him to drop my charges.

Wayne Thompson – DA Jones County, Mississippi


Ademo Freeman

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