Officer Murdered Man Crawling On Ground, Refused To Allow First-Aid

Jonathan Ferrell
Jonathan Ferrell

Jonathan Ferrell was murdered by another power-hungry cop, shot down like a rabid animal. But Ferrell was no animal; he was a human being. The 24-year-old had just moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, so he could be with his fiancée.

In September of 2013, Ferrell had just been in a car accident and was trying to get help. One of the residents in the neighborhood called 911, thinking someone was trying to break in. When police responded, they did so with deadly force, as they often do.

Ferrell, whose only ‘crime’ was trying to get help, was shot 4 times, knocking him to the ground. As he lay there, trying to crawl, screaming and crying in agonizing pain, Officer Randall Kerrick fired 6 more shots, claiming he was ‘in fear for his life.’ Once Ferrell stopped moving, the sadistic, psychotic officer fired 2 more shots, just to finish him off.

Officer Kerrick
Officer Kerrick

Now, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Randall Kerrick is on trial for voluntary manslaughter. If convicted, he faces only 11 years in prison. However, he should be on trial for 1st degree murder.

Jonathan Freeze, an EMT who came upon the scene, testified in court that he saw the gravely-wounded Ferrell, lying face-down in a ditch, handcuffed and not moving. He asked Officer Kerrick if he could roll him over to check for a pulse and administer first aid; Officer Kerrick said no!

Officer Kerrick's Mugshot
Officer Kerrick’s Mugshot

These actions are not something you would see in anyone other than a cold-blooded murderer, a narcissistic psychopath that wears a badge.

Considering that Officer Kerrick shot Ferrell almost a dozen times, and the fact that he refused to allow a wounded person to receive basic medical treatment, this proves the case for murder. But in true ‘Cop Logic’ fashion, Michael Greene, the lawyer for Officer Randall Kerrick, is blaming the entire situation on Ferrell.

This case is not about race. It never was about race. This case was about choices — Jonathan Ferrell’s bad choices, Greene said.

During opening statements on Monday, Michael Greene said bad choices by Jonathan Ferrell caused his death, from drinking and smoking marijuana before the early morning crash to beating on a woman’s door so hard he dented it while seeking help. However, autopsy reports show that Ferrell was not intoxicated and no illegal substances were found in his system.

The report lists the cause of death as “multiple gunshot wounds of the chest.” Eight of the wounds followed a similar trajectory:  front-to-back and downward. Three would have been lethal, the report says; two others potentially lethal.   It’s important to note that the ‘downward’ trajectory means that Ferrell was under or below the officer when he was murdered.

Initial 911 Call


Dash Cam Video

Autopsy report

You can download the full autopsy report here:

Jonathan Ferrell Autopsy Report
Jonathan Ferrell Autopsy Report Shows That 8 Shots Were Fired From A Downward Trajectory, Meaning Ferrell Was On The Ground When The Officer Murdered Him.


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