A Letter to the Head of Police

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Date of Interaction: 2010
Police Employee Involved: Officer Brian Jones

*This is an email that I recently sent to the head of police at my old college. In light of recent events where cops have been assaulting and even killing, and abusing their power, I thought I would write this anonymous letter to the police officer at the college I attended where I was violated and wrongly arrested, to get it all off my chest. I never pursued charges on the cop, due to lack of evidence.

Officer Moore,

I thought you would like to know that several years ago, Officer Brian Jones physically assaulted me, arrested me, and got away with it.

no-police-brutalityThere was no video evidence of this assault, so this allowed him to lie numerous times in his police report to cover up the fact that he assaulted me and violated my rights. This officer neglected to tell me, “You are under arrest.” He got angry with me simply because I was disagreeing about whether the alcohol found in my car was mine. It wasn’t mine; it was a possession of my 31 year old friend’s, who was driving my car and got pulled over for running a stop sign. Anyway, Jones got irrationally mad that I didn’t agree that it was my alcohol, he impulsively grabbed my arm, started pulling me, yelled to the other policeman “get the handcuffs,” grabbed my cell phone out of my hand, and bent me over the police vehicle. I was hysteric, just as most people would be if they had just been grabbed and physically assaulted by a stranger. He pressed his legs against the back of my legs and his legs and hands were shaking as he tried to put the handcuffs on me. Conveniently enough, he neglected to put all of that in his police report and lied about what happened; he wrote in the police report something along the lines of that he told me I was under arrest and that I raised my arms in an attempt to resist arrest, and then he “placed” the handcuffs on me. This was completely false.

While I was being held in the police station, I believe the policemen in the office violated my right to a proper phone call. They gave me my cell phone to call my mother to tell her to pick up my car. My mother asked, “What happened?” and I said, “I got arrested for no reason.” Apparently this angered Mr. Jones which prompted him to rip my cell phone out of my hand, and I believe he deleted my call history so that there was no evidence I ever called from my cell phone. When he ripped my cell phone out of hands, I reached for my cell phone. The other officers then reacted and probably inappropriately thought I was trying to harm Wilson, so they responded by painfully handcuffing my ankles to the chair. Why were my ankles handcuffed? I simply reached for my cell phone after someone RIPPED it from my grip while I was in the middle of a conversation. This did not make sense to me that he ripped the phone out of my hand. I was treated TERRIBLY throughout this whole ordeal.

Some time after, an officer had me come into a room and instructed me to call my mom from their phone and tell her to come pick up my car and this officer told me to not say anything else to her – which is a violation of free speech and right to proper phone call, in my opinion. Of course I played along, out of fear that the officers would handcuff my ankles and abuse me yet again.

I also happened to overhear Mr. Jones say to the other officer, “So, what are we charging her with?” as he was writing the report in his office. How can you arrest someone and not be clear WHAT THE CHARGES ARE, sir? Does that make sense to you?

I was going to sue for assault and misconduct after the incident, but a lawyer advised me that without proper video evidence or evidence of physical assault (I had no real documented evidence of the assault, besides a sore arm, wrist, and ankles for a few days after), it would be my word against the police and I probably wouldn’t win the case. My friend refused to be witness if I went to court because he was terrified of getting in trouble, because he was over 30 years old and didn’t want to end up being charged with sharing alcohol with a minor.

I hope you feel content knowing that you continue to employ and help financially support someone who assaulted, harmed and violated the rights of a former student. I assure you, I am not making any of this up; I have nothing to gain from this email except to notify you of my awful experience and reveal the truth. I was also suspended from the college, because of course the judgement committee believed the police officer, rather than believing the traumatized 20 year old kid who had recently experienced the worst night of their life. The fact that I was intoxicated at the time did not help my case, but I can assure you that I remember the majority of the night VIVIDLY, even years later, because it was so traumatizing and stress inducing; it is burned into my mind.

I experienced months of stress, depression, and anxiety after this traumatic incident. To this day, I have intense anxiety of the mere thought of police. I fear coming into contact with police, for the fear that they will end up assaulting me and violating my rights, just as your officer did.

You probably won’t do anything with this information. That’s fine. I just thought you should know that your officers acted completely out of conduct and one officer assaulted a student, and now this former student is traumatized and emotionally scarred.

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