“Voluntaryists Take On The Statists” by Brett Perry

Here is Brett Perry’s (who blogs at the Examiner) point of view about the actions of the Brave Police Officers FB administrators.   Brett was one of the folks who were attempting to educate and engage those with different views.

Last night was a fun night, at the behest of Adam Mueller, founder of Cop Block, myself and other Liberty Lovers took on the statists at the Facebook fan page Brave Police Officers. While the most vocal of us, myself included, were eventually banned from the group, we got some statists and police officers to show their true colors.

We were deemed cop haters and called some names I dare not repeat on here as I choose too keep language at a PG-13 level here. After telling a cop I had no problem if they stopped busting pot smokers and dealers and didn’t care if my daughter grew up to smoke pot, a police officer dropped the conversation saying “I have better things to do than smoke pot and drink beer and basically be a disrespectful little s**t. But I guess that is what happens when you sleep with your sister” he also said that I am a terrible parent because I would let my child smoke pot if she so chose as a grown up.

That was from Police Officer Robert Johnson, where the conversation between him and myself went like this.

“If you bust in someones door, shove guns in their face, destroy their property and ruin their life for simply growing marijuana, who are you protecting?

“Your kids”

“How are you protecting my kids by throwing peaceful people in jail who have harmed no one and destroyed no property?  I believe it was Jefferson who said ‘Bad laws must be broken by good people'”

He then showed how disgusting the mind of a statist is, they demand absolute obedience.

“Jefferson may have said that Brett but Roosevelt said this. And let me ask you this, would you rather cops stop taking drugs off the streets so that they can find their was in kids hands. (Then insulted another liberty lover also commented on the thread)

‘No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man’s permission when we require him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor’ – Theodore Roosevelt”

I then said that I would LOVE for cops to stop taking drugs off the street and if my daughter grew up to smoke pot I wouldn’t care. He then responded with the bold quote from above.

One thing I kept hammering home was the Supreme Court has ruled time and time again the police have no obligation to protect us. I don’t consider someone to be brave if they have a gun, drive a vehicle holding more guns, wearing bulletproof armor and have a radio where they can call in more men with guns.

Most of them kept repeating the same statement, “You guys bash the police but when you need them you can’t stop wetting your pants until they get to you” which is completely false. I don’t need police to protect me, I protect myself. The job of the police is to clean up and investigate a crime that has already been committed, not protect you, because the have no obligation to do that. If they did and someone you know died or a crime was committed you could then hold them accountable and sue.

If you hire a private security force to protect you, your business, or whatever they are accountable if something happens, but not the police. They constantly back their own guys up. If a cop does something bad they generally get a slap on the wrist and a paid vacation.

We were all polite and respectful in our dissent, it was the statists who brought out the name calling and general rudeness.

Below is an e-mail [use the link below] sent this morning from Adam Mueller to the pages administrator along with his reply, posted at the Brave Police Officers fan page. I’ll let you read Adams opinion and the reply and let you make your own decision. (I edited some words lest some younger people read this)

Here is the Cop Block post Adam just finished on this same thing and sent me the link to.


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