LEO’s: Time to Quit Yet? – Beaten Officer Mocked On Social Media

Last Friday a Birmingham, Alabama police officer was brutally beaten during a routine traffic stop by the suspect he had pulled over. As he lie lifeless and bloody spectators showed no remorse, instead choosing to photograph the fallen and badly injured officer and posting them on social media with mocking comments.


I do not condone the actions of the man who brutally and violently assaulted this officer, nor do I condone the heartless way in which this tragedy was spread across social media. I bring this incident to light in order to illustrate how the tides of public opinion are turning against law enforcement.

As police misconduct, corruption and brutality become part of our daily lives; so does a new ideological paradigm which a majority of people are becoming not only skeptical of police, but downright spiteful of them. It seems there is little chance of this trend being reversed before even more egregious horrors are visited on police and citizens by one another. The cycle of violence this has created will only escalate until a massive change comes about to interrupt it.

I abhor aggression and needless violence of all types and against all people. I do not wish to see officers physically damaged any more than I do citizens. Nobody wins in these situations. The world just becomes an uglier more brutal place because of it. This is why I would like to urge police across the country to quit their jobs.

While there can be no ‘good cops’ in a system which is intrinsically bad, there are good people who wear that badge with the best of intentions. There are still naive people who show up to work in their uniforms in order to help people and make the world a better and safer place. The service of these types of individuals is a boon to humanity. Their dedication and courage are definitely needed in our world. However, it is time to stop pretending that this can be accomplished through traditional policing means.

Are you a LEO? Click the banner above if you are!
Are you a LEO? Click the banner above if you are!

If you or someone you love is a genuinely good person whose desire to serve and protect is authentic, please consider a new career outside of public service. Your bravery, talents and skills could be far better used in the private sector to actually help people, and not just to help prop up a system that repeatedly violates the values that good people hold dear. The private security industry is booming. Jobs within this sector continue to increase. Yet so do the opportunities for good men and women to open their own protection and investigative agencies that serve humanity, rather than the ruling elite.

Through private means you can make a good, honest living helping people in need of your services. You can build a profitable business that uses accountability, transparency and a clean record to bolster your reputation. You can be a hero to those who subscribe to your services without having to prowl the streets like some pirate or gangster in order to keep your position.

You must see that things are on a steep decline. As the push-pull between criminals and cops catches innocent citizens and ‘offenders’ of non-violent crimes in the middle; the reputation of police will end up causing more senseless violence against them. If you truly fear for your own safety then quit your jobs as public police agents. Find a way to use your skills to help people who really need it. Do not let the state throw you and your fellow officers under the bus so that you might have to pay for the violence it has ordained. They do not really care about you. They are using you. Will you continue to let them or will you wake up one day and say, “Enough is enough!”? On that day you will open up new vistas of opportunity to be the kind of brave guardian you always hoped to be without having to sully your goodness by mixing it with the awful individuals, policies and system that make up the police state.

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Alia Atreides

Hi, my name is Trevor. Thanks for reading!

  • No Cop’s Allowed

    Am i reading this right Did Joshua just sided with the police???

  • Common Sense

    Meh, he’ll spend years in prison now, maybe decades. That “attempted murder” charge has a way of sticking with you, especially when someone has such a colorful past. Then again, I’m a soulless ghoul and can mock the shit out of just about anyone. Oh well, enjoy that Alabama heat Janard.
    Don’t worry, the cop spent a couple of hours at the ER, he’s sitting back with a craft beer now waiting for pre-season.
    Don’t let that distract you, joke away.

  • Anti Cop

    So fucking what if the damn pig was mocked, any cop would do the same thing to a civilian they beat up, which they do they mock civilian’s they beaten up, JSH how can you say that’s okay for the cop’s to do that. but it’s not okay for it to be the opposite? I hope you’re only joking when you justified cop’s doing that but disliking civilian’s doing it to the cop’s. That would make me lose my respect for you

  • Hollywooddeed

    Sure, lower your level of humanity. Be as disgusting and heartless as they are.

  • ……….

    This has to be the most whining article on here!! Which isn’t like Joshua all of a sudden he’s turned to a real softy for law enforcement officers. I can’t understand this change into you Joshua and to correct you it was cop’s that did the big change when they begin to kill unarmed civilians and beat them so don’t be such a damn copsucker……

  • luigitehplumber

    You’re blaming the suspect instead of the cop’s that provoked him.

  • Anti Cop

    It surely didn’t bother Joshua that much when these cop’s beat up civilian’s but he’s getting all teary eyed at some stupid ass cop being beaten, guess he ain’t no true cop block activist I dealt with some whiny asses on the internet before who complain about violence against cop’s but didn’t think i had to deal with that from one inside copblock. More support for the police mean’s more police violence against civilian’s that are non violent, And Joshua feeling sorry for the dumb cop is one of the examples. So if theirs anyone here who is disgusting and heartless is Joshua for feeling sorry for the dumb cop.

  • simpleton

    I have no issue with the cop getting the shit beat out of him, because I’ll assume he’s destroyed lives throughout his career. You don’t climb the ladder playing by the book. I don’t have any issue with taking photos and mocking him. Law enforcement has worked very hard to earn their hatred, they earned it. I would have had a problem if the suspect would have ended his life. Just because cops are cavalier about killing civilians doesn’t mean we should stoop to that level. I hope this story goes very viral. 300+ million people vs 800k law enforcement. The numbers are in our favor. Not to mention at least 400K of those 800K cops are complete pussies when they are not wearing their costume.

  • simpleton

    Interesting, sounds like you don’t really give a shit about either one of them. Perp will sit his ass in jail, cop will go to ER, big fuckin deal. Might be part of the problem.

  • CopsKill

    So people were taking pics. with mocking comments……and this surprises people ? The way the police treat every day citizens, this type of behavior should be expected.
    More and more people are getting the picture. Police are brutal. Police are violent. Police are murders.
    Why would anyone WANT to help the cop ? If they did, another officer would probably have rolled up in another car….saw the situation….misunderstand…..kill the citizen trying to help the officer that’s down.
    Why take the chance ?
    People are so used to cops shooting the unarmed that it may have a lot to do with the reason no one helped.
    If it was me, I wouldn’t have tried to do anything either…even if he was bleeding out. Touch a cop, it’s a felony assault.

    Never trust police.

  • Brian

    You missed the whole meaning of the article. He wasn’t saying feel sorry for the man he’s saying they’re all working for the system which is fucked and totally rigged and urging cops not to give in the said rigged system.

  • CopsKill

    Yes, common sense IS part of the problem.

    Never trust police.

  • Yomammaaho

    I have news Joshua….police will NEVER quit their jobs. They make more than the average joe….they have a nice cushy state pension…..and they have all the other niceties and privileges that power offers.
    Instead, the police will arrest and extort evermore citizens in order to justify their positions. Fact- people compete to win a job as a pig.

    HATE and DESTRUCTION are the cure……because it sure as hell is’nt going to be the system fixing itself…and especially not going to be fixed by the Supreme court. SCOTUS has already screwed our bill of rights versus the police a long time ago.
    Let pigs look over their shoulders every second of every day for their and their family’s safety.

    I want to see even MORE pigs getting the living shit beat out of them. I want to see even MORE pigs dying slow, painful deaths recorded on video for the world to munch popcorn over.. And I pray more and more people become smart enough to get away with it because not one person deserves to be punished for making the world a better place to live.

  • CopsKill
  • Yomammaaho

    Yep i’ve seen that. It’s Good.

  • CopApologistsSuck

    Considering all the bad things cop’s do i do not feel sorry for this piece of shit pig. It was a justified beating!! And their are no good cop’s only bad cop’s and silent cop’s, So the damn pig is lucky to not be sent to the morgue

  • CopApologistsSuck

    I remember that video

  • Yomammaaho

    Fight fire with FIRE.

  • Yomammaaho

    Flawed argument.
    The economy itself will ASSURE there’s always more pigs looking to get on the state’s teet.

  • Pw4x3r

    Only because this wasn’t America. If this happened in Murika, the police would open fire on the crowds of people and it would be a fucking slaughter.. because the cops in Murika are fucking pigs. They are fucking animals. Nothing else.

  • Pw4x3r

    When I read the beginning of this article, I said to myself, oh fuck… another Copblock article where half of it is the author sympathizing with the police? Thrice in one week…. What the fuck fucking portal did I go through. Wow. The change is very real…. Thankfully it wasn’t the entire first half. It was just the intro. (I wish you would have posted the article and simply omitted that part. It seems that is the general opinion of others as well…) The rest of your article was fucking spot on, man. Why did you have to ruin it? And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel that way, or share it and so forth, but it distracts from the beauty that was the rest of your article.

  • Hollywooddeed

    Or you could work towards a civil society.

  • t

    Huh. Funny thing is there goof….applications are through the roof.

    Citizens demanding more cops…everywhere.
    People wanting to be e police…..everywhere.

    Looks like you missed on that one huh?

  • SineNomine

    Cops as a whole have put to the torch most of the cultural and societal respect and good will for law enforcement that used to be present. People I know who used to be highly supportive of the police would now just shrug at something like this. Routine violations of civil rights and gratuitous, senseless violence against people and their pets will quickly burn out all but the most rabid cop sycophants. If cops want to find a way back to something other than disdain and distrust, they should start by taking a long, critical look in the mirror.

  • Pop goes the Piggy

    I hated the sympathizing part in his article it ruined part of it.

  • Pop goes the Piggy

    i hope you wouldn’t feel sympathize with the pig if he was a pig that killed a family member of yours or beaten them to submission.

  • CopApologistsSuck

    Cop’s are not interested in that they want blood and more blood. And more new toy’s to kill their victims

  • Yomammaaho

    Glad we did’nt try that approach with the Nazis

  • Don Hanson

    at the current rate of cop to civilian abuse…this will be a reality soon.

  • faaaaaaaqqqq yeeeeeeew

    You people amaze me. You get mad when some innocent person gets beat up by the cops, yet when some piece of shit scumbag beats the shit out of the cop like that you cheer and blame the cops for what happened. I’m not saying that they sometimes don’t bring it on themselves, but applauding this kind of neanderthal shit, you are making yourself look practically dumb.

  • faaaaaaaqqqq yeeeeeeew

    Police brutality needs to stop, but beating a cop to death doesn’t solve anything, and it only gets a person thrown in jail.

  • Cop’s Are SuperVillains

    Josh that cop got what he deserved he just better be thankful he’s still breathing…I just don’t understand why you’re giving him sympathy.

  • Pw4x3r

    To help, or not to help…. That is the question….. Nope. You’re right. They’re going to fucking shoot you when they get there and you’re hovering over the cops body. Faster than shit. This is what the police have done to America. Congratulations you filthy pigs.. Reap what you fucking sow you fucking murderers!

  • BlackVault

    JSH when you mention good cop’s you sound like you still trust the system and the police that enforce it….

    if their would good cop’s then their wouldn’t be bad cop’s so you are wrong

  • BlackVault

    I mean was not would

  • Common Sense

    Yeah, sometimes I really don’t care. From what I read, he skinned his pistol without the heart to pull the trigger. Like that scene in Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Fat Billh Bob.

    Maybe a busted nose and a concussion will either get his nuts to drop or to polish off his resume.

  • Del

    What do you mean? The man got badly beat and you have no idea what kind of person he was.

  • Shawn

    Do you think like that if it is a Blood or Crypt? The guy chose to be a cop. He gets the reputation that goes with it. People tend to be judged by their associations.

  • fgt4urights

    Sgt. Heath Boackle, president of the Fraternal Order of Police. “If the tables were turned, and that was a suspect lying there, they would be rioting.”
    What Sgt. Heath Boackle, president ot the Fraternal Order of Police didn’t meantion was that if the tables were turned the man who beat up the cop would get a raise, or at the very least a paid vacation for his heroic actions he displayed…. There fixed it for them….Wonder if Smokey from Friday came by to say, Damn, you got knocked the fuck out, while taking a selfie….seems appropriate..

  • WD!

    Made up bullshit from t-bag, must be a day that ends with y

  • If I ever see a cop getting his ass kicked on a traffic stop, or if a known cop who is off duty is getting his ass curb stomped outside of a bar, I promise to never intervene and I promise to not post the video until I have scrubbed out the faces of the people doing the stomping so they are protected. I also promise to vote not guilty if I am a juror, but will vote GUILTY if it is a cop. I promise to point out a cops family member or home if someone is looking to enact revenge. I will do everything that is considered uncivilized until real change in police accountability takes shape. More importantly, I promise to keep on recording the police and filing complaints on them every time I see them speed, not use a turn signal, not stop at a stop sign, etc. I promise to be the biggest pain in the ass I can possibly be to these MOTHER FUCKING TERRORIST! If your a cop reading this, do the right thing and stop a rogue cop from violating someones rights. Turn in a bad cop.

  • Scott Downey

    If you don’t want to get beaten AS a cop, stop trying to extort people on their way to work.

  • Johnny PapaDoc Davis

    What the police need to realize is that, in this age of advanced technology, people are starting to see just how coos really treat innocent people. They have beat, harassed, rape, intimidated people for long enough as it went un-noticed to the majority of this nation. But now do to the great increase on technology (camera phones and the Net) people are seeing just how brutal the police have become. Their for people are losing a respect and remorse for the police. Who can blame them really? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the police did this to themselves. And if assaulting, beating and even killing cops is what it takes to get it through to them that the people are no longer willing totolerate this then so be it. They have done it to tthemselves. Ever here the frase “You reap what you sow” will the tides are turning and this is just the bringing if police dont clean up their acts. Welcome to the other side of brutality. Lmfao

  • Daniel Shawn Hall

    So you know this officer personally? You know he’s a piece of Shit?
    All cops are guilty like all blacks or welfare recipients.
    Maybe you believe that too.
    Do all white people Fuck their cousins?

  • William J. Lee III

    “I also promise to vote not guilty if I am a juror, but will vote GUILTY if it is a cop. I promise to point out a cops family member or home if someone is looking to enact revenge.”

    Congratulations. You are now more despicable than police officers. At least they made this EXACT SAME DECISION at only one remove. They saw terrible things happen, they said “I should just kill those people.

    But you….You saw THAT happen. You saw those police officers make that choice, you hate them for it, AND NOW YOU’RE MAKING IT. You are the enemy, just as much as they are, perhaps more. You have just admitted yourself to be an enemy to justice, an enemy to truth, and enemy to that which is good against evil. You have chosen to be the “lesser evil.”.

    And that’s exactly what you will be.

  • Daniel Shawn Hall

    If your father beat your mother, you don’t beat all fathers.
    You beat the mother Fucker who beats women

  • YouAreHumanScumToo

    WTF is your problem??? Are you stupid??? Pigs are tortured and slaughtered every moment of every day in this country, kept in Gestation crates to feed the public’s insatiable appetite for death and gluttony. Cops are not Pigs. They are humans acting as you ALL wish to act. Pigs did nothing to people. They are intelligent beings who hear the death squeals of their fellow beings and know that their fate is to be slaughtered as well for your hunger. They have nothing to do with your human violence other than being victims of it. You ALL own the violence of human beings. Stop bringing Pigs into it. Human torture is the responsibility of Human beings and human beings alone.

  • Keri Watson

    Maybe the “suspect” feared for his life and defended himself, Why is it that only cops can use that justification?

  • Al Lucard

    There’s no indication from the article stating the cop did anything to warrant such an action from the suspect.

    As he states, there *ARE* good, decent cops out there. The problem is the prolific amount of abuses from cops that are hitting the media. There is such an abundance of police brutality, and police killing “innocent” people, that there is very little trust for “the men in blue.” Rightfully so.

    There needs to be an end to the violence, period. Cop on citizen, AND citizen on cop.. (citizen on citizen would be great too, but I’m not that naive to think it’ll ever happen.)

  • mioman

    i bet he will think twice the next time someone dosent use a turn singal or has a licens plate light out

  • Splunkzop

    Oops! Seems you’ve upset some pole smoking cop lovers. Fuck the police.

  • Unstoppable Black Pride

    I truly fucking despise the police, but seeing this cop on the ground all fucked up, made me sad. I realize that hatred is working against me. Nonetheless, we need to gut the f*king paradigm; force the system to change.

  • tanner cook

    You look at it all wrong. The people are gonna act out since the cops take advantage of their authority. Since they continue to do it the people are gonna treat them the way the feel is fair to treat them . if cops are going to be unfair so will the people. They don’t need to stop their jobs but the people won’t stop untill they straighten up

  • Bubs

    You mean the next time he does his job? Yeah, that’s what we want. Next time someone runs over your child because they were going 85 in a 30, look back at this post and think to yourself: “Am I a complete moron? Or just a partial one?”


    If I was there I would of helped that officer catch his breath while the other guy put on a pair of steal toed boots I just handed him. If a cop can claim “officer safety”and straight shoot a non aggresive person in the back to death simply because he “thought he had a gun”and be deemed justified, then that makes every officer that “carries a gun and posseses a multitude of weapons that are meant to cause bodily harm to people” automaticaly a mortal threat to all citizens, period. I mean this is a fact proven with there own words. SO NOW THAT WE NO THIS IF YOU WANT A GAURANTEE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE SHOT TO DEATH DURING YOUR NEXT POLICE ENCOUNTER YOU MUST START SHOOTING TO KILL AS SOON AS THEY ARE IN YOUR RANGE OF SIGHTS, I ONLY SAY THIS BECAUSE OF THE FACTS, WHICH ARE …FACT ONE , Any one of us at any time can be shot to death by police because they “THOUGHT YOU HAD A GUN OR LITERALY MADE UP SOME EXCUSE WHY YOU POSED A THREAT TO THEM” and FACT TWO is created by fact one”THEY REALLY REALLY DO HAVE GUNS”. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    P = people
    I = in
    G = government
    S = suits

  • RaymondbyEllis

    As it turns out, the guy wasn’t really trying to kill the cop or the cop would be dead. He could have easily finished it stomping on his neck. He could have made sure.

    What you are saying is that if a cop thinks he’s going to be hurt, or lose control of a situation, he needs to kill. If only you and our legal system would grant that to all of us.

  • RadicalDude

    “There are still naive people who show up to work in their uniforms in order to help people and make the world a better and safer place. The service of these types of individuals is a boon to humanity. Their dedication and courage are definitely needed in our world.”


  • RadicalDude

    Being a cop means joining a violent gang. He was in the act of committing armed extortion. This was an appropriate act of self defense. The violent gang member brought it on himself with his aggressive behavior.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    “As he lie lifeless”, that would mean something if he was dead but he wasn’t. What was done to this cop was every bit as wrong as what some cops do to the rest of us. It isn’t justifiable.

    And that spectators did nothing, or even mocked on that mob-think called social media, can’t be turned into an argument over how the tide is turning. It’s a stretch that shreds.

  • RadicalDude

    What if the only way to stop cop violence is to start fighting back, though?

  • RadicalDude

    Sometimes the same word can have multiple meanings. True story.

  • RadicalDude

    how? Please don’t tell me voting.

  • RadicalDude

    HE was killed while trying to commit armed extortion. This was justified self defense.

  • RadicalDude

    I halfway expect to start seeing parties to celebrate and fully expect to see more of this reaction to police aggression.

  • RadicalDude

    No offense but I think this is bullshit.

  • you know what really grinds my

    congratulations. you get it.
    Thank you. traffic stops do not need to be responded to with violence. that will only confirm their worst fears of encountering some psycho who wants to kill them. and becoming a police state where the police are above questioning is not what this country is based on. the government exists with the blessing of the people. not the other way around.
    and don’t even get me started on blacklivesmatter. they can penetrate themselves with a rusty railroad spike.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yeah, he’s never bothered by cops beating up other citizens (when you use civilian, you buy into the cop dialog). What planet did you just leave?

    He isn’t feeling sorry for a dumb cop, he’s writing about humanity. You OTH are writing just like a bad cop: Us v. Them, dehumanize, make excuses for violence against the other.

    The really great thing is when some anti-cop writes here about how that cop had to have done something evil before because he’s a cop. Dirtying taken to the next level, the anti-cop doesn’t even need proof of prior actions.

    Pro-cop and anti-cop, two excuses of the same coin.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Okay, it’s not well written. But he’s trying to deal with someone that’s thrown out every moral precept or construct, every sense of what constitutes justice, for his own prejudices based on his tribalism.

    In a sense, FTPA is more the enemy.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And comparing police to the Bloods and the Crips is a fair comparison? The police do work under a long-standing Rule of Law, however they break it over their ego and their fear, but the Bloods and the Crips have no understanding of the Rule of Law because they are the Rule of Man.

    Please, don’t take it down that silly rabbit hole or I’ll be forced to Slick you.

  • disqus_7UI8QqKoe4

    I’m sure not all Nazi’s were bad

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    The only thing the police have to do to prevent this is to get rid of the bad cops. And with their assertion that there are so few of them, it wouldn’t take very long.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    Leave Floyd Mayweather out of this.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    I have no doubt that every black man that is confronted by the police is in fear for his life.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    And you people always like to claim that the person deserved it. So go fuck yourself.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    It’s ok to mock a victim of police abuse!!! https://youtu.be/Hvf3JpVAoLM

  • Joshua H

    It is not okay for anyone to do that. That is my overarching point. Equality and respect are synonyms in the mind of the peaceful.

  • Joshua H

    I have only trashed brutal cops about five hundred times so far. Keep reading.

  • Joshua H

    Raymond always brings a glimmer of hope when I actually read these comment thingies. Thanks, friend.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    How many law abiding gang members have you met in your life?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    You know I tried a simple “how many traffic stops do usa police make in a year” and stopped after the second page. Maybe if I had gone much further I would have found the number.

    So I’m going to resort to estimates for perspectives. We have roughly 800,000 police, I’ll use 400,000 as on patrol (that’s the group that occasionally rises into the top ten most dangerous professions), that meaning over a 24 hour period. I’ll cut that number in half for two officers in a vehicle. So 200,000 officers. I’ll give them one traffic stop per day. Hell, lets make it one stop every other day. So I’ve given the basis, you want to argue show yours.

    That’s 36,500,000 stops per year. 66 officers died in 2014 that could be attributed to the hands of someone else (I used the Officer Down Memorial Page). If all of them died from a traffic stop, then they have a percent chance of dying from a traffic stop of 0.00018 percent. If all the injured in 2014 came from traffic stops, using 50,000 injured then they had a percent chance of 0.137. Notice, these numbers are the worse case, and injuries doesn’t distinguish from a scratch, a sprain, and 4 weeks in the hospital.

    Traffic stops aren’t inherently dangerous, but they are feared. Driving is inherently dangerous (0.01% dead per year, the injuries totaling into millions), but it isn’t feared. What wild things our fears are.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Thank you. I’m not anti-cop or pro-cop, I’m tired of both of them trying to make theirs the only narrative and the only morality, if it can be called that, the only moral choice.

    I’ll recommend any book by the late Sidney Hook. He coined the phrase “epithets of abuse” over the New Left’s (now old) labeling to defame, not to argue but to stop argument by dismissing as evil. They called him a right-wing reactionary conservative when the professor was a Deweyian Social Democrat, who was a Communist in the 30s and had a life-changing epiphany over Stalin’s Show Trials. He realized the Left was, to take liberties with Sontag’s phrase, just the Right with a Human Face. (Sontag wrote that Communism was just Fascism with a Human Face, the obvious point being the face was a mask.)

    Edit: I changed their to the only.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Tu quoque at it’s most obvious. It’s not okay period. And I can’t find where JSH wrote it was okay when police did that.

    It doesn’t matter if he does, it matters if you do. From mocking to violence.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Welcome to the shit hole of Us v Them. The unthinking shedding of all the universal morality argued over for centuries for the morality of tribalism.

    You crossed the Rubicon with “I do not condone the actions of the man who brutally and violently assaulted this officer, nor do I condone the heartless way in which this
    tragedy was spread across social media.” You should have said both were justified. Otherwise, you’re an apologist for cops. For the pure, one sign of impurity justifies burning at the stake.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And when he does, criticize him then. Then he would be wrong, right now he’s right. If you get outraged over a cop beating someone innocent senseless, then you should be just as outraged here because you have no idea that the cop deserved it, other than “he’s a cop” which is just the other side of “he’s a criminal”.

    He could be the most honest, kind, and righteous cop on the whole force.

    Cop tribalism, anti-cop tribalism, still the worst form of thinking and acting for humanity.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    The cop wasn’t beaten to death. Brutality needs to stop. State-sanctioned, by looking away or making excuses, brutality needs scrutiny because we need to roll-back laws and court decisions. The non-cop brutality is covered.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    We don’t have to be outraged with this incident because the person responsible will be sent to prison. The outrage isn’t about the actual assault, it’s about the fact that the police are allowed to do it without facing the consequences. When has there ever been an instance where a police officer was assaulted and the person responsible was not arrested? Just one. If you can show me a video, or even a story about someone assaulting a cop and not being charged with a crime, I will NEVER post a another comment on Cop Block.

  • Donovan Bock

    “The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.

    We need only consider the following:

    (1) A cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them;
    (2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;
    (3) Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.

    There are no good cops.”

    — Robert Higgs

  • Donovan Bock

    No such thing as a good cop

    “The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.

    We need only consider the following:

    (1) A cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them;
    (2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;
    (3) Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.

    There are no good cops.”

    — Robert Higgs

  • t

    Wow. Your numbers thinking is bad,

    Let’s use your number of 400,000. Even though that’s a ridiculous number…trying to explain it to you again I know won’t work. So keeping with that number:
    Your idea of dividing it in half doesn’t work. That would make every. Single officer…work every single day.
    You need to divide it by 4 or 5 to allow for shift work.

    And that’s is just the start of your limited thinking.
    You aren’t even beginning to bring in the number of assaults on officer every year.
    I’d guess that almost every patrol officer I know is assaulted every year…multiple times. Most of those go unreported and even uncharged.
    But even if it’s just once…..that’s 400,000 assaults each year.

    But back to,your math.
    With 4 shifts…and in your bizarro world of 2 guys in every car…that’s 50,000 stops a day. In a country of 350,000,000 ish million people.

    Not many. With your thinking.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    First, a police officer using force on you isn’t assault. If he believes he has probable cause that you have committed a crime, and can justify it, the force he needs to use isn’t assault. He’s a civilian granted special powers. If he uses excessive force, then he’s broken the law.

    You’re using assault like it’s a merry-go-round. If someone assaults a cop they should be arrested as if they assaulted you or me. People charged by a cop with assaulting them often have the charges dropped by a prosecutor, and then sent on their way. Which level of “not being charged” will make you go away?

  • Peter Lemonjello

    That video made my blood boil.

  • Samuel Anderson

    yeah like the cops will ever try to do something to make peace xDDDD

  • RaymondbyEllis

    You don’t know what a basis is, do you?

    I put the number of officer units (2 cops per unit) to 200,000. Thats all the officer units patrolling all the settlements, towns, and cities of the US throughout the year. The only cops on patrol. I gave them 1 stop every other day. That would be all those cop units through all their shifts only making 1 traffic stop every other day. Laid it out plain as day, all 200,000 cop units only make 1 traffic stop every other day. Gave you everything you needed and you turn it into 200,000 cops with 4 shifts making 50,000 stops a day in a country of 350 million ish (the US is extrapolated to be about 319 million now).

    The assumptions and the math were easy to follow, even for you. And you went fucking bizarro. Come back when you can actually read something without making shit up in that vacuum you call a skull. “50,000 stops a day”, what a friggin’ clown.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    As for the assaults, I used the published numbers over injuries. But I did round it down from 58,000 to 50,000. In rough estimates, it makes little difference. (58 versus 50 would have made it 0.159 rather than 0.137, or 0.16 to 0.14, big deal.)

    If you want to claim all those unreported assaults on police that you guessed happened, you might look to your sisters, the ones that claim all the sexual assaults that are never reported. They must be right, just like you must be right. Peas in a pod. Hey, I know 100,000 incidents of real police brutality go unreported every year, I’m just guessing like you.

    Think before you write. All you do is open yourself to justified ridicule.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    If a police says he was assaulted and had to use force, it is justified. The only exception is when video surfaces and proves the cop is lying. That is when the charges are dropped, but the cops that lie are very rarely charged.

    “Not being charged”- A person assaults a police officer and is not charged with assault.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Actually, there was at least one Nazi officer that helped Jews out of Europe (he wanted Jews out of Europe, but he didn’t want them killed). Obviously we have the Nazi by opportunity, Schindler. Goering also protected his brother (maybe half brother) when he sneaked Jews out of Europe. There were also Nazis that tried to lessen the excesses of the Japanese militarists. There were German officers that protected Slavs and Jews (notice the move from Nazi to German?) Still, the minuscule few.

    All Nazis were bad, but not all Nazis were as bad as what we mean by “Nazi”.

  • disqus_7UI8QqKoe4

    In which case we shouldn’t label all terrorist as bad either as I’m sure somewhere in the world exist a handful of terrorist with a conscience. Ridiculous right? Well that’s how it sounds to many of us who are tired with the vast majority of police and their heavy handed over the top antics not to mention those who blindly support them.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    So, Humpty Dumpty, words mean what you choose them to mean? A gloriously impenetrable time, eh?

    Now could you explain the poem “Jabberwocky”? You can wait to start when the clock strikes four o’clock, that would be brillig.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Remind me to ignore the syllogisms of Robert Higgs.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Prosecutors aren’t some army of automatons. A prosecutor will question the cop over the charge because if it goes to court they have to “defend” the charge. If the cop contradicts himself, they may drop it right then. It isn’t all dependent on video.

    How can a person assault a police officer and not be charged? If the person assaulted a police officer how can the prosecutor not proceed with assault charges? Oh, you mean an assault didn’t happen but the guy was charged falsely by the cop? In those cases, if the cop fails to convey it to the prosecutor, like being contradictory, the charges get dropped. If the cop is a really good liar, then hope for video, then the charges get dropped. In 1970, it took the cop contradicting himself. Today, we also have video.

    So there isn’t a level of “not being charged” that will make you go away unless anyone that assaults an officer isn’t charged?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Considering all the bad things people do, I don’t feel sorry for you whatever bad thing happens to you. People do bad things, you are “people”, so you deserve whatever happens to you. If you aren’t guilty of this one thing, you’re still guilty of other things. You deserve a beating because people do bad things.

    You’re the antagonist in every novel or movie portraying a dystopia.

  • mioman

    yes the next time he thinks of doing his job of keeping the people safe from broken tail lights and no turn signals

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Oh, please, let’s not confuse things into meaninglessness. The Nazis led a nation-state, and made war under the rules of a nation-state. They also broke those rules when dealing with the populations they conquered. They were a police state and acted like one, a police state with racial fantasies, and had a special group to carry-out those fantasies in the conquered lands. Yet, they still had laws, still had courts, and so long as you weren’t a Jew, Gypsy, Jehovah’s Witness, or a political dissident, you had to commit a property crime or crime of unsanctioned violence to be tried. They operated as a nation-state.

    Terrorists use violence against civilians to force political change without following any of the rules of war as a nation-state because they aren’t a nation-state. They target anyone. It’s ridiculous because you blur the distinctions.

  • oooorgle

    There is no such thing as a good cop. Although the cops are not the problem. There will always be a criminal element in society. The fact that you think those criminals can be good is the problem, and why they have the power to do what they do. You don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong without first referring to one of these criminals or their laws, or perhaps scripture. That is a irresponsible and immature thing to do.

  • Common Sense

    I swear, the still looked like a little old Jewish woman.

  • Common Sense

    Yeah, two per car is an anomaly here. Normally there are two deputies for the entire county, maybe three or four depending on shift.
    Only the state police run two-person cars and only at night. If their partner doesn’t show, they ride the desk and don’t talk any calls for service.

  • Common Sense

    A pistol makes a poor impact weapon but it was what the state charged him with. He could have shot him in the head, since 2-4 officers are disarmed and killed annually by their own weapons.
    The guy was a B&E suspect (apparently) who decided he didn’t really want to go back to prison but guess where he’s heading? Prison.
    Sometimes you have to knuckle up and get bloody, some cops can and some don’t. I would hedge a bet that there was some type of altercation, and somehow the guy gets the cop’s gun. Whether the cop skinned it and believed that the guy would comply or whether they scuffled and it fell out, was taken out, it unknown. I read one account the cop skinned it, they scuffled and the guy took it and when hammer-time on him.
    The point is this, if you are going to skin it, be ready to use it. In this case, the cop never should have pulled it. Knuckle up. I’d bet the guy sized up the cop as being soft, knew he wouldn’t pull the trigger and engaged and disarmed. Had the cop learned how to fight, both might be banged up but that’d be just about it.

  • TiredOftheHate

    Could you tone down the hate rhetoric before you land yourself in jail for criminal menacing, terrorism, or something along those lines? This is going out to everyone who comes to the site, even the policemen.

  • Shawn

    At least the blood and the Crypt know they are lawless. Cops can’t see the forest through the trees, regarding themselves.

    They do it for the money, not to serve others. They are more mercenary than anything else.

  • t

    Yes…many of us know what a “basis” is. And we’ve identified that you don’t have one.

    “I put the number of officer units (2 cops per unit) to 200,000”
    Yes dear….we read that. But it’s wrong thinking and simply dumb.

    Again using YOUR number of 400,000:

    With your 2 man units…working 12 hours shifts…every single day;
    Divided out over the 18,000 police agencies in the U.S…..that’s 5.5 “units” per jurisdiction. And that would included NYC, LA, Chicago. 5.5 “units” on average per agency every 12 hours.

    Now of course…that’s crap.
    There’s 35000 uniformed in NYC.

    Kinda skews the numbers a bit.

    And of course…your concept of 2-man units is….laughable for the most part.

    Now…do whatever vodoo math that you’d like to try and invent whatever point you’d like….
    But you need to start with a “basis” of knowledge. And you aren’t even close.

    I’ve tried. CS has tried.
    I know the numbers are big and scary. And I know that because of the MASSIVE variations in PD size and scheduling is intimidating for you. So here’s a tip….try to keep it generalized. Although you still red to do some
    Basic research to even have a starting point to work from


  • t

    My population number came from the 320,000,000 estimate adjusted to reflected a more realistic number of undocumented folks.
    Sorry if that escaped
    You. I guess I should have slowed it WAY DOWN

  • Yankeefan

    This is how cops act. Why be surprised.

  • Hollywooddeed

    If you have to ask…disappointing.

  • JC

    This is the very same written article that was posted previous to this one. You also copied word for word another copblocker’s article. You are pathetic and obviously can’t write anything original. Your bullshit rant made no sense. You are pathetic.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    I’m not surprised. I’m just pointing out that the mockery is just as bad on the other side. Personally, I think it is actually worse because the police are in a position of authority and they get away with it 99% of the time. Of the 1% that does not get away with it due to it being recorded, maybe half of them are charged with the crimes they commit. The other half are fired or resign and go to another department.

  • Spirit Plumber

    Then you are part of the problem. This sort of wanton violence is not acceptable regardless of who’s wearing a badge and who isn’t.

    Even if you have good reason to disable someone (a home invader for example) you stop beating on him as soon as he’s incapacitated or restrained.

    Hitting a man when he’s down is bestial. Don’t become what you hate.

  • Cliff

    Not gonna lie. I found this incident hilarious, and I’m pretty sure the other cops are laughing about it too now. This veteran police officer had his gun taken away from him in a traffic stop and was pistol whipped with it instead of shot. Anybody on the scene had to get their 7 laughs in before helping.

  • Shawn

    “Huh. Funny thing is there goof….applications are through the roof.”

    A lot of people because mercenaries in south Africa too. They are applying for the paycheck, bennies, and thirst for power.

  • Wade Dewell

    i laughed at the pig and it looks damn good on him. police only serve and protect the ruling class so if every pig was brutally murdered i would celebrate

  • RadicalDude

    They mean whatever the writer decides they mean. A word is just an abstract representation of something else. There’s no sense arguing what do words mean because they mean anything we want. There’s no mystical attachment between the word and the thing it represents. The important thing is for the grammar and logic of our argument to be self-consistent rather than equivocal. A=A. The law of identity. A doesn’t inexplicably become B halfway through the story in terms of logic, but in religion it can. A person can also be a planet or part way through the story a person can inexplicably transform into a bird, etc in the realm of religion. Equivocation in other words.

  • t

    mercanaries in South Africa”

    Oh my. You get goofier with every post.

  • faaaaaaaqqqq yeeeeeeew

    sorry little man, My dicks big enough I probably could, but I’m not gay like you and your boyfriend. Are a total Hypocrite? All I’m saying is that if you bitch about police brutality, you should bitch just as much when a cop gets beat senseless like that. You won’t though. You’re a hypocrite. Quit getting mad that you found out your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory. You must be the reason they have life guards in the gene pool.

  • t

    Oh…not just the ER. Several weeks kicking back on the couch on the taxpayer dime. Maybe the prep has a family to sue.

    Heck…might even get a full disability out of it and retire nice and early on the taxpayers back.

    Your tax dollar

  • Shawn

    In other words, you know my point was valid and can’t counter it.

    There is no reason to believe that just because a person chooses LE, that they honor the position. Few do it out of regard for others. You’ve made your contempt for citizens quite clear.

    Money, power, and thrill seeking are what recruit cops. Not some sense of service. It is mercenary.

  • RadicalDude

    Arguing over what words mean. It’s up to the author to decide what their own definitions mean in their own argument. You’re just arguing by redefinition. I think it is better argumentation ethics to simply ask the author what the words mean in the context in which they are used rather than to argue over them by redefining the word and only accepting the definitions of words that you accept. You get that the same word can have a dozen different meanings and some of them might be completely unrelated, and that the word is not the thing, right?

    Are you trying to argue that Nazis were not terrorists in any meaningful sense of the word(seriously?)?

  • RadicalDude

    Why does it disappoint you? Is it because you don’t have an answer?

  • RadicalDude

    Are you saying we should be pacifists toward the cops? Do you recognize self-defense as legitimate?

  • RadicalDude

    What constitutes justice?

    What moral precepts and constructs? I only have a few that I hold other people to. The NAP and the golden rule. I don’t rule out self-defense as a moral precept. It sucks this cop got hurt like that but it’s the natural consequence of his aggressive actions. He broke the NAP and the golden rule, the natural law. Self defense was justified.


  • RadicalDude

    Strict CRIP rules & regulations

    01 In our organization of CRIP we will have no snitches (rats)
    02 In our organization of CRIP we will have no rapists
    03 In our organization of CRIP we will respect every G individually
    04 In our organization of CRIP we will respect every SUPERIOR OFFICER
    05 In our organization of CRIP you will never argue in front of outcasters
    06 Every G must never disrespect a SUPERIOR OFFICER’s orders
    07 Every G must show his FLAG (drip) or CRIP blue rags for he can know who are his G’s
    09 Every G must give RESPECT to other organizations so every G can receive RESPECT
    10 Every G must never talk to an outcaster about his own CRIP at any moment
    11 You should never deny your CRIP a plate of food or something to eat
    12 You should never take your CRIP kindness for weakness at any moment of day
    13 You should never refuse a 31st meeting unless you are in a visit or going to see your family in the hospital or funeral
    14 You should always keep an up and alert mind while going to court or at any area around you
    15 You will be responsible for your brother’s ways and actions and anything that can happen
    16 You should never start a conflict unless it’s important, because everything you do reflects on each and every *CRIP always put your supreme mind to it
    17 You should never play with your hands with any CRIP to prevent any misunderstandings
    18 There will be no one accepted in our organization for protection or for drug related reasons
    19 With other religions any G has you must always remember that being a CRIP is always #1
    20 For each CRIP that goes home, or goes up north the clothes you’re not sending home…you can always make a clothes box in your own house or dorms for when we have a G coming in
    21 Every house should have a treasury box so whenever our CRIP come through you can supply that G with something like soap, food, shampoo, roll-on, powder or clothes
    22 Each CRIP must show a state of obedience for others outside, our cipher can not judge us by what we are and what our organization can accomplish
    23 Each CRIP must salute his CRIP G each and every day with authority
    24 You should never disrespect your fellow G by robbing or stealing from him or anyone else around your circumference.
    25 For every CRIP G in our organization he should know we have security-at-arms and if he needs a burner, you should never hesitate to ask for protection

  • RadicalDude

    1.”The police do work under a long-standing Rule of Law…””2. however they break it over their ego and their fear”

    Doesn’t assertion 2 contradict assertion 1? Or breaking the law is logically consistent with working under the rule of law? Got any facts to support any of this? An actual empirical observance or measurement?

    ” Bloods and the Crips have no understanding of the Rule of Law”

    How do you figure this?

  • RadicalDude

    “At least the blood and the Crypt know they are lawless. ”

    They do? How do you know this to be true?


  • LawrenceNeal

    Fire the police departments, top to bottom, and replace them with private security companies that are accountable, insured, and which vet their hires. You can’t reform psychopaths.

  • RadicalDude

    the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

  • James Vincent Speller

    Cops are simply people with employment. They are and have always been
    just people hired to do a job. There is no such thing as a “Cop” it’s
    isn’t a person it’s a label of employment. Such as a Doctor, Nurse,
    Superintendent, Factory worker, Manager. These are just people in a
    uniform. Now grant you there are some baaaad people in that uniform.
    They took a test and passed, they went to the academy and graduated as
    people, now they are employed but they are just people. Constable On
    Patrol=C.O.P is a term that we have personified into a living being.
    It’s a job title and nothing more. The real problem is the people who
    are being hired to take these positions. There is no separate specie of
    people called COPS….They are the same people you grew up with, ate
    with, played ball with and dated. THE QUESTION IS HOW DO WE GET THE

  • you know what really grinds my

    hey, I agree they don’t fucking need military grade equipment to take down the occasional shoplifter or even the occasional bank robber. traffic stops are an excuse. it doesn’t need to be a valid one. and the fact of the matter that many are forgetting is that unless you are a police officer or a politician, the police are NOT your friends. and if there ever was martial law they would not be there with you. they would be there in full swat gear alongside the military and government agents targeting american citizens as enemy combatants.

  • Hollywooddeed

    No, it’s because you don’t.

  • tz1

    The more noble, just, and dangerous alternative to quitting is to expose the cesspool of criminality and corruption on your side of the blue line. Serpico was a good cop., so was the “prince of the city”.

  • tz1

    So much for non-agression. Your defense of free speech is only measured by that which offends you. The only measure of justice is if you will call out unjust violence against an enemy – not friends.

  • Payback?

  • Nice! Wish people did this to cops when they see them beating somebody!

  • james

    If you live by the sword you die by the sword.

  • Randall Goguen

    I didn’t help the cop because I was in fear of my life. Now everyone say it with me.

  • Al Lucard

    And your mentality there is the *exact* same thing as white assholes that believe *all* black people are criminal thugs..

    There *ARE* good cops..


    Just because you can’t seem to accept that makes it seem as though you aren’t able to see right from wrong.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Like I said, what a frigging clown.

    The 350 ish is crap. The maximum total for illegals has varied from 10 to 15 million, currently around 12. It stays in that range. And BTW, you might look up how the Census does it’s count. The total population is the total population as best the Census can count. It isn’t by birth certificate or naturalization papers. It’s household (do you know what that means? You will after doing what you should have done first, and then why).

    I think like engineers so an estimate should be conservative and revised as we get more exact data. So I did a total of 200,000 units making one traffic stop every two days per year. It doesn’t matter how those 200k units are split by occupant, jurisdiction, by shift, holiday schedule, or off work for a broken nail. (BTW, Phoenix uses a mix of one/two per vehicle). Using that estimate generated 36.5 million traffic stops, applying all police deaths at the hands of another in 2014 (66), you get a percent chance per traffic stop of 0.00018. If I had stuck to 400k, it would be 0.00009. I did the more conservative estimate.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Splitting for the reading and thinking impaired.

    Why you’re a frigging clown is that you don’t understand that there are only two
    numbers important in putting police deaths by traffic stop in perspective: the total number of stops and the number of police killed that year (And I used all cops killed at the hands of another in 2014 so I inflated in favor of your profession). The first two numbers I had to create by making an estimate through assumptions because they aren’t easily found. That created a basis. That basis can be varied with better data. Furthermore, when you have one number dimensionalized per year, all the other
    numbers have to be in the same unit. Arguing police populations, shifts, etc, is crap thinking.

    Why you’re a frigging clown is because you didn’t show me that 36.5 million stops was way too high (which supports police fear), instead you attacked only how the number was arrived at without showing it was too high, or, if you have integrity,
    too low. In fact, you left me and anyone else following your comments believing it may be too low.

    What a friggin’ clown you are.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Thus Humpty Dumpty.

    You should read the discourse between Alice and Humpty Dumpty. The Jabberwocky part is precious because the author, Carrol, new that brillig meant nothing of the sort. It emoted something much different (Jabberwocky is a “nonsense” poem, those made-up words are to stir emotions, they’re connotative with denotation.).

    If you’re going to use words denotatively where that denotation can’t be found in any dictionary, it behooves you to set the glossary first. It’s not our responsibility to decipher Humpty Dumpty, but it is Humpty Dumpty’s responsibility to communicate so others can understand.

    Edit: I’m so ashamed. I left out an “l” in “Carrol”. That of course changes everything I wrote. /sarc

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I see the problem. You confuse having rules with the Rule of Law.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Only if you’re binary. Binary people can’t see anything other than the opposites. 1’s 0’s. They can’t see people.

    You confuse the rules of an organization, one which only applies those rules to it’s members, with the Rule of Law.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    That has nothing to do with anything. I reduced 400k to 200k to get the most conservative estimate I could (only 1/4 of all police patrol streets? Should it be 1/8th or 1/3?). I used an excuse of two per vehicle to drop the number to 200k, I then dropped the number of traffic stops to 1 every two days to make it even more conservative. I then took all police deaths in 2014 to be from traffic stops to make it even more conservative.

    What you and t. have done is argue for lowering that 0.00018% further, which only buttresses my case that the most dangerous part of a traffic stop is the cop’s fear.

    Don’t support the clown. The friggin’ clown came up with “50000 stops per shift” because I used the phrase “on patrol”. The clown ignored that the numbers I arrived at were per year. The clown stops at the first thing he can grab, his mind shuts off immediately thereafter. That is what a clown does.

    Do you believe all the police on patrol, whatever the actual number per year, only make one traffic stop every two days? That 36.5 million traffic stops per year is the actual number? Smaller or larger? All police deaths (at the hands of another) in 2014 were from traffic stops? I don’t, but it created a conservative estimate.

    Don’t support the clown. The clown has two degrees and can’t understand a ballpark estimate, and can’t add anything to that estimate but ignorance and obfuscation. Don’t support the clown.

    If you want to give me your own estimate of traffic stops per year, which will drive that 0.00018% up or down, with an argument to support it, I’ll entertain it, may even embrace it. But don’t support the clown.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Not according to RD, he gave a long list of Crip rules of behavior without understanding that the rules of an organization aren’t the Rule of Law.

    “They do it for the money, not to serve others. They are more mercenary than anything else.” Don’t let your feelings drag you to a dark corner. You’ve got a minimum of 800,000 LEOs, and every single one does it only for your reason? Don’t succumb to that thinking, because it’s flat out wrong. In the same way if you applied it to all in any profession.

    But let’s add more, cops are in it for their egos, all cops are sociopaths, all cops are anything else that can be called bad. /sarc.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I’m sorry but this has nothing to do with my comment: “A pistol makes a poor impact weapon but it was what the state charged him with. He could have shot him in the head, since 2-4 officers are disarmed and killed annually by their own weapons.” I know it has everything to do with your argument…

    So a long digression from the door you opened, just a bit on kinetic energy, psi, density (that of the target), inertia , and ceritis parabus. Two rounds of different diameters with the same kinetic energy (KE=m(v squared)) have two different impacts, the one with the larger diameter pushes back more against the body, penetrates more slowly (lower psi) and wanders less, than the one with the smaller diameter. The larger one tends to keep a straight line better than the smaller one (inertia isn’t the square of velocity, linear inertia is more p=mv or F=ma if trying to change it), so it moves the body more in one direction than the one with a smaller diameter, even though the kinetic energy is the same (smaller diameter, less mass, higher velocity to reach the same kinetic energy). As for the density of the target, human density is variable with every organ, not to mention bones, again the one with the greater inertia plows a straighter line than the one with less inertia even with the density variability. But, but…KE. Well, KE isn’t the only thing going on. My ceretis parabus was only about KE.

    “The guy was a B&E suspect (apparently) who decided he didn’t really
    want to go back to prison but guess where he’s heading? Prison.” Again, that has nothing to do with my comment.

    I’ll split it for you so you can focus: “As it turns out, the guy wasn’t really trying to kill the cop or the cop
    would be dead. He could have easily finished it stomping on his neck.
    He could have made sure.” He didn’t, which is why he’ll get the George Carlin award for attempted murder. His record has nothing about what he did, but begs why he did.

    Next split: ‘What you are saying is that if a cop thinks he’s going to be hurt, or
    lose control of a situation, he needs to kill. If only you and our legal
    system would grant that to all of us.” You could have easily questioned my two assumptions leading to a cop needing to kill. Instead you went into knuckles, which by the way I agree, but still it has nothing to do with what I wrote.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Obviously, anything you want the word “justice” to mean. It could mean you getting ice cream anytime you want it because you use words like Humpty Dumpty.

    Do you want ice cream?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yes, by the definition used today. Really, seriously. Terrorists do not represent a nation-state, they target civilians with no declaration of war (by definition, only a nation-state can declare war.) and that only for making political change through terrorizing civilians. So yeah there’s a meaningful sense, a purposeful distinction (I know you’re going to take purposeful to the extreme of your use) between terrorists and state terror. It’s not a distinction as a distraction, it’s a real distinction. Okay, not to those that blur words to the extinction of the very words.

    Nazis used terror, but that doesn’t make them terrorists by the definition of terrorist today. Distinctions are important, otherwise Humpty Dumpty prevails and you can use words however you want to suit you, making those words meaningless for the rest of us but giving you the the self-created ambiguity you need to meet your needs in argument.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I’ll give you kudos for the first page in google for “terrorism definition”. Now do “terrorism definition political science”.

    Humpty Dumpty, you have to understand words in their fullness of understanding, not what you want to make them especially by a very truncated definition. You had just as well use the definition of terrorism as creating terror. What you failed to realize is that the definition of terrorist isn’t the same as terrorism or terror.

    However, you do sound like a government employee if that gives you solace.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    “It’s up to the author to decide what their own definitions mean in their own argument.” Yep, one President argued the meaning of “is”. The rest of us tried to figure out the blatant disregard or language to obfuscate.

    Now, bumfuck (which doesn’t mean what you think it does) idiot (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), how (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), could you (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does) come (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does) to a conclusion (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does) so stupid (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does). I’ll give you my glossary (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does) at my leisure (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does) at a later date (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does). Nothing I wrote means how you take it (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does).

    I’ll explain all those words later (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does) because, as the author (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), I can (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does). All the definitions of those words (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), and any phrases (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), are up to me in my own argument (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does). I exist alone (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does).

    “It’s up to the author to decide what their own definitions mean in their own argument.” But you don’t define them (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does). When called to define them you use the most trivial (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), the most ambiguous (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), or the most idiosyncratic way (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does), which ever suits you (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does).

    I determine what my words mean, you don’t (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does).

    In fact, nothing I wrote means anything you think it does (which also doesn’t mean what you think it does).

  • Doubt I would help

    I don’t think I would ever help a cop because the chances of a Samaritan being hurt or killed by other officers responding to the scene is just too great. Cops have created this problem for themselves by beating innocent people and jumping into a scen without all the facts. Besides I don’t know if the cop didn’t deserve the beating.

  • Al Lucard

    Well, violence begets violence.. that said, sometimes it may be necessary.

    My point with *this* particular case, is.. there’s no mention that this particular cop did anything to deserve this. Don’t beat up those that are doing their job, and doing it with honor and respect. They ARE out there, regardless of what others here want to believe.

    *IF* “you” must resort to violence.. aim it at those that “deserve” it.

  • Scott Downey

    You think being an extortionist is good? You’re done.

  • 12345

    This is why all niggers must die.