Killer Cop, Adam Torres, Has GoFundMe Account Taken Down (UPDATE)

Thanks to the work of Lorelei McFly, Manda Moore, and Mike Curtis – all of Northern Virginia CopBlock – the GoFundMe account set up by Adam Torres’s wife has been taken down. That’s the story from WUSA9 who conducted the news report below and gives credit to the post (by Lorelei McFly) published here at yesterday.

For those unaware, Adam Torres’s wife set up the account after he realized he was being fired from his job as a police officer. Of course the campaign didn’t mention why Torres was fired and that’s what was troubling.

In August 2013 Torres shot and killed John Geer as other officers attempted to talk him into custody. Torres claims that Geer made a motion for his pocket (or side) and he shot him because he believed he was going for a weapon. Yet, three other officers on scene that day – including a lieutenant – stated they seen no such actions themselves. Furthermore, the city of Fairfax has already settled with the Geer family 2.9 million dollars but has yet to reach a finding on whether or not to charge Torres.


And herein lies the problem.

Even though the ‘city’ (which really means taxpayers) has taken financial responsibility for the wrongful death they have yet to hold one of their own accountable. For nearly two years the investigation has yet to be completed and though rumors state that a decision may come down this month, one can’t help but ask, “why is the city so quick to settle the lawsuit but so slow to finalize an investigation?”

The answer is simple. The police department doesn’t want anymore bad publicity so they allow as much time as possible to go by before stating that Torres was terminated but not charged. This tactic is a favorite of police but a dying one nonetheless. As seen with Dubose in Cincinnati the tactic of holding onto video evidence or stalling an indictment is no longer tolerated. And thanks to the hard work of several dedicated Northern Virginia CopBlockers, neither is charity for a killer cop, stalling the conclusion of a grand jury or trying to quietly pass on pressing charges on one of your own. No matter how long it takes CopBlockers will be there to report it and seek accountability.

Stay tuned to for more details about Adam Torres and Fairfax officials, as they attempt to sweep murder under the rug.

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  • CopApologistsSuck

    That’s right whore stick by your man even when he’s a murderer

  • WD!

    That’s out of line, she wasn’t there, give her some time to absorb the facts as they come out. Calling someone a whore for being supportive of their spouse is low. Blissfully ignorant, mindless robot, apologist, alright, calling her a whore makes you look childish, just my opinion I don’t really care that much.

  • mioman

    good news!

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Information is a powerful weapon.

  • Joseph Murray

    ‘, give her some time to absorb the facts as they come out. ‘ -From where are these ‘facts’ coming? You know this happened two years ago, right?

  • WD!

    No I didnt realize, maybe she’s been kept in the dark, maybe voluntarily, but still low to call her a whore.

  • Joseph Murray

    Ah, well that’s just typical Internet Misogyny. It barely registers with me anymore.

  • simpleton

    Agreed. The internet, social media and camera phones have given the public to shine light on cockroaches. And we all know what cockroaches do when the light is shined on them. They run and hide.

  • Common Sense

    I’m sure they reached their goal of 20k in 4 days, I’m sure that’s why it was taken down. Chickens will be eatin’ well now!

  • JC

    Too funny. I think I will start a campaign to get copblockers and freekeeners go fund me pages taken down.

  • t

    I’m going to laugh when the CBer law suits start…you think you can keep hurting officers…we are getting tired of CBers…we are going to start cracking down on your kind.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    They are terrified of the technology. They can see the end of their hold on power. They also know that same technology can be used to find out where they reside. If they never did anything wrong, they wouldn’t care who knew where they lived.

  • dingus

    Maybe divorce the murderer, get a protection order, find love and get on with life?

  • dingus

    assorta, but sad for the kids

  • Yankeefan

    Nothing like making 20k while snowballing the public! “My husband, a cop, shot a man to death, making the claim he was reaching for something in his pocket. 3 officers, including a lieutenant on scene state they saw nothing of the sort which calls into question my husbands actions.” I bet that wasn’t on the page!

    Maybe they had a pic of a little girl in a dirty dress looking innocently at the camera with the caption “would you starve the child of a murdering cop”?

  • simpleton

    Your damn right. Technology may just weed out the bad ones before their is a civil war. It would be great.

    Lastly, I don’t often use this word, but the cops wife is a cunt. A total cunt. Starts a fucking website to support their sorry ass after her husband murdered someone. Makes me want to puke. As far as the cop goes, they should make him watch a couple guys fuck the shit out of his cunt of a wife for punishment.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    It truly shows their parasitic nature. I am always stunned that we have made it as far as we have with people like this in our society.

    Of course I’m sure people say the same thing about me when they read my comments. but the regulars here know that my comments are to show what type of society we would live in if chaos was allowed to consume it.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Problem is, we are not murderers. Atleast most of us aren’t.

  • Joey Galleno

    JC the asshole pokes his head out of the slime once again.

  • JC

    Yes, yes you are Baby Huey

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    They will never find the bodies though. Do you think long pig taste better with salt and pepper or with a little lemon pepper and butter?

  • Simpleton

    Stay with me on this; parasitic nature…exactly. Go to the post office, DMV, court house, city workers and of course cops. Their productivity is probably 2 hrs per 8 hr shift and they get all the holidays off, full benefits, 401K and pensions. We wonder why our taxes are so high. And just remember, the money is taxed EVERY SINGLE TIME it changes hands. I sell you a car, taxes are paid on that sale, you paint it (your paint and equipment you have to paint it was taxed when you bought it), you sell it the next week, taxes are paid on that sale once again. I own a business, people pay me with their money after it has been taxed, I take it and have to pay taxes on that income, I also pay payroll tax, SS tax, income tax, sales tax, employee match on federal and state taxes, tax on my materials, tax on my gas, tax on my maintenance and repairs of equipment, state licence fees, DOT inspections, parking and moving violations are just a tax….you get the picture. And to beat a dead horse here, all that money I pay out to these people, well they have to pay their taxes on the money I’ve given them. So its not just federal and state income tax, its every tax paid every time money changes hands, and its changing hands all the fucking time. And it goes to support these shitbags careers and retirement. Did I mention the taxes?

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    It’s enough to make any sane person crack. I thought about that scenario over and over, money being taxed every time it changes hands. They set themselves up a hell of a system.