Dear Copsuckers- The Truth About Your Stupid Fugking Meme

CopsuckerYou have probably been seeing the above meme scattered around the internet wherever the logically impaired can be found harassing responsible citizens fighting for our liberties and freedoms. I have seen it dozens of times myself and expect to see it many more, since our most rabid critics don’t seem to have a whole lot of tricks in their intellectual bag. Every time I see it I want to barf on the sharers mothers tits and then scatter feathers on that barf. If me barf and feathering your moms tits sounds totally preposterous and idiotic to you, just wait until I show you how totally fucking vapid and moronic your meme really is. Let us dissect this cockamamie ludicrousness one point at a time.

#1- It is implied in this meme that the only victims of police brutality belong to a single generation of people and that it is a younger generation, though it doesn’t specify which. This idea is so patently stupid it boggles the mind. The age range of even the most well known cases of police brutality is so extensive that it encompasses several generations.

Baby Bou Bou was only 19-months-old when police brutally attacked him with a stun grenade. Was this seemingly innocent infant really just an out of control brat whose parents let run too free and wild? Did a lack of discipline and structure in those first 19 months turn this child into an insufferably spoiled brat whose bad experience with law enforcement was just a matter of misguided parenting and a shitty attitude?

Or how about Lora Varner, the 86-year-old disabled woman who was struck twice with a taser while sitting in bed and connected to a breathing device for ‘taking a more aggressive posture’ in her bed? Was this granny-in-disguise really nothing more than a disrespectful little scofflaw? Was it the majority of the eighty six years of her life after surviving the Great Depression that softened her core of authoritarian obedience and turned her into the spoiled, entitled brat whom definitely needed to be taught a lesson by a bebadged hero?

Given that over a thousand people have been killed in the last year by police, and many times more that number brutalized and survived, the age range of police state victims covers the entire range. So exactly what generation is it that deserves all of this police brutality? What of all the others? If your parents spanked you, made you hold doors for the elderly and imbued in you a penchant for using your pleases and thank-yous, should this disqualify you from police brutality? Do you need to have a badge or license or something to prove your parents weren’t inept? Are perfectly well-adjusted individuals with reasonable expectations about their society never being brutalized?

#2- The two different possibilities are presented in a way that suggests that only one or the other can be true. This relates directly to the problem referred to in logic as Equivocation. This logical fallacy happens when two semantically disparate things are presented as being equivalent to one another.

In this case the equivocation is that:

police brutality is not a problem = some parents fail to instill reasonable expectations of reality

As you can see, the two statements are not at all similar or related in any way. This is a classic case of dividing a potato by zero. Potato and impossible math problems are not at all similar. One cannot divide potato by zero, not just because numbers cannot be divided by zero, but because numbers are abstract markers for axiomatic statements that cannot physically interact with objects of solid mass.

Comparing these two things is completely irrational. There is no logical basis for the mention of both ideas if the goal is to end up with a single logically valid point constructed from a comparison of the two. No amount of mental gymnastics could wrestle two such incongruent statements into rational argument. It fails entirely as a link of direct causation. It is semantically moot. Even if used metaphorically, the entire juxtaposition of the two disparate ideas provides no meaningful poetic truth. So if you are reading that meme and shaking your head with your stupid, greasy ‘fuck yeah’ smirk, you are a fucking idiot.


#3- The two scenarios present a false dichotomy, which is an irrational distortion of facts which attempts to present an entire truth of a whole situation by referencing only two finite points on the spectrum in which they exist. The statement presumes that only these two ideas exist and that only one of them can be true. This also relates to equivocation.

So then if police brutality is not a thing THEN every victim of justified force was raised poorly.


If there is no such thing as police brutality THEN all parents do a good job of raising their kids.

Since it is a logical impossibility that either of those deductions is true, then the premises must be flawed. And they are flawed. Not because neither of the premises is true but because comparison between them in an all or nothing battle for intellectual propriety is not possible. A meaningful deductive outcome cannot be made from the two premises. It is an asinine and logically unsupportable comparison.

This is something that our society does all of the time. The building of an individuals reasoning faculties from false dichotomies causes a great deal of harmful and degrading lunacy. From the primacy of the two party political system, to the false notion of ‘good cops’ and ‘bad cops’, the tendency of our culture to empower false dichotomies leads us on and endless fools errand of illogical, non-critical thinking. While I would be willing to entertain a discussion about how the changing nature of parenting has led to new social dilemmas, the idea that it has caused police brutality is without any intellectual merit whatsoever. And you are provably a fucking dipshit if you believe otherwise.

Image courtesy of CopBlock contributor Amanda

#4- What if it was all of this bad parenting that is causing individuals who work as police officers to commit brutality? For just a minute we will posit that the entitlement of a generation of spoiled brats is an actual thing that can be observed, measured, tested and reproduced with proper controls in place. Does this then only apply to people outside of authority?

I would say that if you are brutalizing citizens because you ‘feared for your safety’ then you probably have an expectation that you should not be subject to any forms of harm. If you believe that a badge entitles you to put your own safety above anyone not wearing badge, then you are suffering from a silly belief, not exercising rational adult thinking. Anybody who believes that they are entitled to an expectation of personal safety while interacting with dangerous social deviants, who their system often helps create, is a deluded asshole.

There is no rational expectation that a police officer should not come unto harm. That is part of the job. There have been many brave men and women who put their lives on the line rather than harm another in a difficult situation. But their numbers continue to dwindle as they are replaced by LEO’s who think that the point of their job is protecting their safety, not ours. If you want to be safe, learn to decorate cakes or become a librarian, don’t become a cop. Being a cop is not safe and should only be done by people whose commitment to their communities and the individuals in it is greater than their own paranoia and fear.

As police departments have grown rapidly in the last few decades, there are more and more younger people working in that profession. By the logic of this meme we might conclude that the reason that brutality is also on the rise is because many of these cops are entitled, spoiled brats whose parents did not instill enough respect for others, personal bravery and acceptance of social norms in them.

#5- You wanna talk about some childish shit? Alright, lets fuckin’ dig in. The entire system of centralized authority that this meme suggests is sacrosanct is itself the delusion of childish fantasy. In almost any school of psychology it is agreed that the irrational need to exercise power and control over others is related to early child conditioning in which the individual continues to transforms their own fears and existential angst into plausible denial via control over themselves, others and the environment. Authoritarians do not become so because some universal objective truth about their own righteousness has been bestowed upon them. They become so because the delusions that authority provides allows them to escape the deeper truth that we are all awash in a sea of unknowable outcomes, with danger and death lurking easily amongst the other possibilities like joy and love.

This is also related psychologically to what Aldous Huxley called the NoboDaddy. The NoboDaddy can be a god or any other form of authority that an individual clutches to like a safety blanket in order to dispel the inevitable truths about our existence being a chaotic gamble with no guarantees. NoboDaddy is the construct created by maturing humans who once thought their father or childhood authority figure(s) were infallible in keeping them safe, and having lost that delusion through maturity, seek to replace it with something else in their environment. So the toddler that cried for papa to come look under the bed for monsters eventually comes to rely on authority to do the same thing for them in adulthood. It was not until after you realized that monsters did not exist that you were able to see your father as a regular, fragile human being full of weakness and faults himself. Yet social authority like government and law enforcement is able to keep creating new monsters your whole life in order that you will never question their necessity, as it is supposedly your only line of defense between you and said monsters. This is why authoritarians want you to fear. They want you to fear terrorists and they want you to fear bad guys and most of all- they want you to fear each other. Once they have you doing that then they have built themselves a perpetual motion machine in which they can rely on your blind, mindless support no matter how much worse they become than the monsters they scared you into thinking you needed them to protect you against.

Humanity is on the cusp of a new era. As we evolved from nomadic hunter-gatherers to farmers and then into industrial dominant paradigms, so too shall we evolve again. We are already on the cusp of doing so. The rapid evolution of technology has sent us spiraling into change faster than it has ever been recorded. Much as electronic devices replaced mechanical ones, so too shall voluntary societies replace compulsive ones. The coming age of information and reputation will, in short order, transform humans and their societies into that which we today might think of as impossible. Authority is becoming obsolete. It will be replaced by cooperation, given that humanity now has the tools to manage such intricate social complexities as it never has before.

Just as a child must one day leave the dependent structure of their families rules and home in order to experience growth, so must humanity leave the nest of authority. It is a badly damaged crutch that we no longer need. Clinging childishly to it, as do the sharers of the stupid fucking meme up top, is not a sign of adult wisdom and maturity. It is the social equivalent of living in your parents basement because you were too crippled by fear to strike out on your own and make and then learn from mistakes. The defenders of authority are not the pragmatically intelligent people that they think they are. They are the final generations of humanities childhood and their fear-driven clutching of authority is just an irrational  last ditch effort to maintain the delusions that their tiny little experiences and minds are the whole truth about humanity and reality. Because the people who think and believe all this stupid ass shit are too dumb to even imagine a future unlike their present, they cling to our authoritarian past like Stockholm Syndrome sufferers at a hostage reunion dinner hosted by their former captors.

It is you, copsuckers, for whom the bell tolls. You can either grow up with the rest of us or you can spend the rest of your life sitting in your parents metaphorical basement, using ALL CAPS logic and rhetoric (such as that meme) to assert that your blanket really does keep you safe from monsters. That blanket is the scariest monster in existence, because it eats and shits out your very capacity to reason.  It is time for you to grow up and put your lil’ blanky-poo down or you should expect to be treated like the intellectual toddlers that you are. You are not entitled to your stupidity and morally questionable stances. You fuckin’ brats.

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  • Anti Cop

    Half of this article sound’s like a religious fanatic wrote it

    It’s Sickening this is just as bad as your previous article

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    I think you need to update your bio from “writer” to “fiction writer”. It’ll be more accurate.

  • JPZodeaux

    The meme strikes me as being spot on. Today’s generation of cops have repeatedly, time and time again, on video for all to see, shown themselves to be spoiled, entitled brats, who believe rules and laws do not apply to them, and I frankly do not care how bad these cops parents were, the worst parents in the world do not excuse the spoiled, entitled brats, we have as police officers these days.

  • Common Sense

    I just farted so loud I woke up the cat.

  • JC

    Another pissy BS story by Hotchkin. Do you believe have the crap you post? Parents need to be more involved in their children’s lives. Children need to be in school. Children think for the day. Adults plan for the future. To blame police officers for your hallucinations is priceless. Obviously you were beaten in the girls locker room when you were in high school.

  • CopApologistsSuck

    Come on Josh stick to the topic half of what you wrote was unrelated to copsucker’s….

    And it ruin’s half of this article with what you said.

  • hogwatch

    you have to completely kiss their ass to avoid being assaulted and killed. To even question them is cause for assault, they are beyond reproach type people. they demand respect because they are societies best people. No, American police are tyrants and abuse/brutalize American citizens.

  • hogwatch

    Arrogance is not a good quality and Cops think they are the better people and who has not noticed that in the last 20 years. Cops don’t command respect anymore and need to realize they are not going to get it. they are the worst cops in the world

  • jan brady

    its impotant to understand that individuals choosing to become police are of low intellect, frequently with a history of child abuse and psychologically predisposed to violence and revenge; they take their childhood frustrations out on the innocent under the guise of “law enforcement” …

  • WD!

    Kill yourself

  • Ike Wheeler

    Well put. Another excuse to justify murdering us citizens. We Will bring police corruption to it’s knee’s
    The police across the united states are running on barrowed time. My next video release will have 50+. police murdering citizens clips . We will not stop. you can not hide.

  • simpleton

    Let’s breakdown the first top one you posted, except its intended for a cop:
    1.Don’t be shitbag
    2. Don’t be with a shitbag
    3. Don’t kill or taze if questioned.
    4.Keep your fucking gun in your holster.
    5. If you make an arrest, make the arrest, don’t lecture an adult. Just do your job.
    6. Don’t go big and then act like the victim.
    If you don’t follow these steps, don’t worry, taxpayers will foot the bill for you fucking up.

    Make sense? Does to me.

  • simpleton

    Huh, someone on cop block owns a dictionary and has a brain. Well written piece. I don’t think its fair to paint all officers with the same brush (or a broad brush), but since they painted citizens with one in their meme, its a fair rebuttal. I wonder how many cops are reading that article and their mind is starting melt and are feverishly going through their dictionary and thesaurus to try and understand. I put the over/under at about an hour for them to read this. Give me $100 on the over.

  • simpleton

    Can you please explain where you see religion in this article?

  • simpleton

    where do you see religion in this article?

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    LOL!! Hotchkin’s fables tend to make me gassy too. I think I’ll try taking a Beano or two before I read another one of his installments.

  • copblock18017

    Well written, intellectual article. Sadly over some peoples heads to grasp the elongated vocabulary and illustrative verbiage. I enjoyed it very much.

  • mrblastachick

    That meme really doesn’t have much to do with police. That’s just the proverbial soapbox that gave someone the chance to spew thier views on “entitlement.” People have been whining about the youth forever. It’s an epidemic. Not youth entitlement, but people who whine about it.

  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    Looks like you’re begging to suck some obese cop dick.

  • theoneandonlyme2

    The real problem IS police brutality.
    The problem is we now hire an entire generation of spoiled entitled brat cops that believe the laws and rules do not apply to them and a brainwashed public who refuse to hold their “Little Piggies” accountable for their behavaiour.

  • theoneandonlyme2

    Maybe in Nazi Germany or Russia …. Not here fool.. Take your little meme and shove it up your ass. Do WE THE PEOPLE another favor and take the cop dick out of your mouth and help us hold BAD COPS accountable.

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    Literary art!

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  • Brendan Jones

    Dont pay attention to to this troll,.His screen name is a fantasy!

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    I’ve never understood the latent homoeroticism of so many CB commentors. I am not judging mind you, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled you and your kind are equals now. Enjoy.

  • Common Sense

    Oh sure, you will type and fume, blog and post, but you will do nothing that actually affects change.

    Nothing at all but chirp. Chirp away peasant. Leave decisions to the adults.

    Not run along sport.

  • Joshua H

    I lost my dictionary and mind transcends the physical limitations of brain, but thanks!

  • Joshua H

    Were Baby Bou Bou and Granny Varner doing those things? Way to not read or understand the argument and commit the same logical fallacies right in the comments. I would say it makes you look even stupider, but thats not really possible, at this point.

  • Common Sense

    And for some reason you thing the “police” created this meme? I can create them to my heart’s desire.

    Joshua wants to be the smartest man in the room and cannot understand why others don’t agree with him. After all, had everyone else agreed with him then peace and love and a new utopia would preveil. Welcome to the real world Mr Anderson.

    Come on simpleton, you are not so easily persuaded are you?

  • Joshua H

    And I think you should update your birth certificate from ‘durable surviving placenta’ to ‘forgot to step off the train tracks’.

  • Joshua H

    You never read them. You just react to the pictures or title. Because you are not big on reading comprehension or critical thinking.

  • Doh Rellish

    “The real problem is we now have an entire generation of (Police who are) spoiled, entitled brats, who beleive rules adn laws don’t apply to them and parents (and departments) who refuse to be parents and (departments and) hold their “little kiddos” accountable for their behavior!”

  • Doh Rellish

    “The real problem is we now have an entire generation of (Police who are) spoiled, entitled brats, who believe rules and laws don’t apply to them and parents (and departments) who refuse to be parents and (departments and) hold their “little kiddos” accountable for their behavior!”

  • Joshua H

    It was related to logic, which is directly related to copsuckers, as they lack it.

  • Joshua H

    What the bloody perineum are you even yakkin’ about?

  • Common Sense

    But that’s the argument Joshua. You want to lump the whole in, do you seriously think, that joe cop, looked down into a crib, saw an infant and tossed in a flash bang? Seriously? All your utopia/ape bullshit aside, that he saw little feet and hands and pulled the pin?

    Get the report and post it.

  • Doh Rellish

    You are right, its NOT fair to paint all cops with the same brush. Some cops are great human beings and Some cops are corrupt pieces of shit who deserve to spend life in prison or be given the death penalty for their terrorist crimes. not all police are the same. Some are phenomenal human beings and some are Terrorist scum.

  • Joshua H

    Obviously, even after logic is explained to you at the junior high level, you still cannot grasp it. That you are too stupid to even begin to grasp your own ignorance is the saddest thing about you, and everything about you is sad.

  • beurbs

    this article is way too intellectual to affect the people it needs to affect

  • Joshua H

    In that line of work, ignorance and malfeasance is just as great a trespass. Do you sleep at night with all of the immoral bullshit you defend every day, scumbag?

  • Doh Rellish

    Tamir Rice wasn’t breaking any laws adn followed all of those rules. Just like most Officers in the us he had toy gun as a kid. If he deserved to die despite not breaking any of the rules above, then that means every officer and their children deserve to die by your logic. So either your Meme is bullshit, or you are saying police should be shot on site for having a toy gun. Either way you are in the wrong.

  • Michael Moore

    The best part of this response is they will never understand it.

  • Common Sense

    And naturally the insults appear. So typical of Copblock.

    Heaven forbid someone, anyone, disagree with you. If only everyone else thought as you, your Star Trek utopia awaits.

  • Common Sense

    Rice was playing with a toy. The police who responded to several 911 calls did not know it was a toy. Watch the video. He pointed at others from what I recall. Tragic as it may have been, it’s not criminal. You present a gun to a cop, expect gunshots.

  • Ivan Ross Marik

    I fucking love this post. Spot on brother, spot on.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I actually do read those fables. They’re a constant source of funny. As for me and reading comprehension and critical thinking, you’re wrong. However, this site’s commenters (with the exception of a select few) show that they’ve been dumped out with the bong water to begin with.

  • Devon Shire

    The meme leaves out the last line: “….and that’s why we execute you on the spot.”

  • Pw4x3r

    it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. If it’s going to happen, then things like this need to be factored in to play. It’s really that simple. So yes, the guy is responsible for murdering that baby. It’s very simple. It’s pretty sad that you can read a report and lose your humanity at the same time, all while not having a fucking clue it’s happening. You are very deserving of the insults you receive, for the record.

  • Pw4x3r

    LoL. The sad reality strikes again. So very, sadly true.

  • Pw4x3r

    “New era.” “Voluntary society.” and no authority (misunderstood and interpreted out of context). Those are scary things to the average person who doesn’t understand what it means. Also, this person lacks understanding of the words they are using (religious, cult).

  • wildman

    this cop shit will never stop until a LARGE number of them are taken down permanently and tomorrow will not be 2 soon

  • Gina

    It’s a shame the cops don’t have the same intellect as the Author of this article,Josh Scott Hotchkin .
    Become informed ,Read Everything this man writes !

  • Alex Akande

    It takes about 2 seconds from the moment the cops step out of their car to the moment they shoot him. I don’t know how it was possible for them to issue an order to drop the weapon(as is their protocol), and expect him to be able to comply in that infinitesimal period of time. You present a firearm to cops, their immediate response it to try and get you to drop the weapon, not shoot, so you may want to revise your thoughts before you post them.

    The fact of the matter is they only received ONE phone call where the caller even stated he believed the weapon to be a toy and the person wielding it was most likely a child. That information was not relayed to the the officers. Police mistake #1. Then they drove right up to him which is against protocol as it gives them no cover and no place from which to persuade him to drop the weapon. Police mistake #2. Then they failed to give any kind of life saving care in the 8 minutes it took for medical services to arrive. Police mistake #3.

    Then the fact that when they did shoot him in the less than 2 seconds after exiting their vehicle the first of all claimed he was a, and I quote “Black male, maybe 20, black revolver, black handgun by him. Send E.M.S. this way, and a roadblock.” shows they didn’t even check him. And the lie that the officer told Rice to raise his hands 3 times upon his exit from the vehicle all go to show the level of police incompetence that led to the death of a child. You need to get your facts straight before you make wild assertions that, ultimately, are wrong.

  • Ron Burgundy

    lmao….funny yet true

  • Alex Akande

    So blowing of half a child’s face is a fable? These are the findings of the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office.

    “The act of sleeping in a room about to be breached by a SWAT team constituted “criminal” conduct on the part of the infant. At the very least, the infant was fully liable for the nearly fatal injuries inflicted on him when Habersham County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Long blindly heaved a flash-bang grenade – a “destructive device,” as described by the ATF, that when detonated burns at 2,000-3,500 degrees Fahrenheit – into the crib.

    Merely by being in that room, Bou-Bou had assumed the risk of coming under attack by a SWAT team. By impeding the trajectory of that grenade, rather than fleeing from his crib, Bou-Bou failed to “avoid the consequences” of that attack.

    In any case, Bou-Bou, along with his parents and his siblings, are fully and exclusively to blame for the injuries that nearly killed the child and left the family with more than one million dollars in medical bills. The SWAT team that invaded the home in Cornelia, Georgia on the basis of a bogus anonymous tip that a $50 drug transaction had occurred there is legally blameless.”

  • deemixdee

    Equivocation does not mean what the
    author thinks it does. Wiki says “It is the misleading use of a term with more
    than one meaning or sense (by glossing over which meaning is intended
    at a particular time). It generally occurs with polysemic words
    (words with multiple meanings).” It does not imply two statements are equivalent.

  • Von Ace

    The real problem isn’t police “brutality.”

    The real problem is we always had an entire institution of spoiled, entitled, bullies with magical costumes and badges, who believe rules and laws don’t apply to them and parents who refuse to be parents and hold their “little bullies” accountable for their behavior!

    There I fixed the meme

  • Common Sense

    No verbal order is required. Something being “against protocol” and something being criminal are two separate things.

    Tragic, but lawful.

  • EddyCutz

    Damn… tell us how you REALLY feel. No, but seriously, what this guy said!

  • vegas jack

    Not tragic, but criminal and cowardly. Try to use some common sense from time to time and you might come off as credible.

  • WD!

    He’s not even real, he’s either a plant or someone from copblock trying to increase traffic, either way I hope he dies in a chemical fire.

  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    I have never met a good cop. All are either on the take, or psychos…. especially here in Iowa were the Iowa Highway Patrol pulls people going to work early in the morning and demands $100 or the driver is threatened with jail. The Iowa court system is one of the vile court systems in this nation–94% agreeing with the uniformed thugs who openly commit perjury on the stand–and if the accused calls the criminal cop on it and offers date (including a tape recording) the Iowa judge in the lower courts confiscate the evidence and destroy it in front on the criminal cop. Been there. NEVER trust a cop,

  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    Iowa cops are psycho, unqualified to do simple jobs but become cops. Few have any intelligence, and a base education. I reported a robbery in process, but the cop declared “is boys young, no importa.” He was white, not Latino, African, etc. and I was reprimanded for wasting the cop’s time for “child play.” The “boys” broke into two businesses and carried out goods, but the cop said “is normal play for white boys.” In Waterloo, Iowa, Black boys would be arrested, booked, tried, and sent to reformatory. NEVER trust a cop.

  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    Brutality is often the first action, not asked for in any way.

  • Shawn

    I think the point is that instance on having a perfect world is causing this mess. Look at t. Total control freak. He either lost, or never had the ability to deal with a world not under tight control.

  • Shawn

    “He pointed at others from what I recall. ”

    No, a couple people or only one claimed it. Of course no one would exaggerate to get a quicker responsible.

    I’ve seen lots of kids with toy guns, without living in fear of a nurf round.

  • Shawn

    “do you seriously think, that joe cop, looked down into a crib, saw an infant and tossed in a flash bang?”

    Maybe he should toss a pyrotechnic device blindly into an occupied building, when threat had not been offered.

  • SourceCiting

    the fact that you believe Wiki to be a reliable source of information shows a high lack of intelligence…. here from a dictionary (Webster’s not the Urban)


    verb equiv·o·cate i-ˈkwi-və-ˌkāt

    : to use unclear language especially to deceive or mislead someone


    Full Definition of EQUIVOCATE

    intransitive verb

    1: to use equivocal language especially with intent to deceive

    2: to avoid committing oneself in what one says

    He did very well in his use of the word.

  • Cliff

    The police officers didn’t render aid when the did it, the department was cleared of any and all wrong doing, and they refused to pay for the medical expenses from burning the infant alive with their negligence.

  • Cody Cramer

    Once upon a time towns were small communities where everyone new everyone. The cops of the town were not exempt from this, and were therefore held to greater accountability for their actions. But this accountability was rarely needed, because the cop didn’t have the mindset of the modern cop. He was just as much a citizen as a cop, and when he responded to crimes, he did so out of concern for his neighbor and not to enforce a law (which is the primary programming of cops today). The simple fact is that this function can be performed by the citizenry giving us no need for cops, other than investigators who solve murders and other heinous crimes. It made sense though, having a dedicated service on call 24/7 that you can reach out to in a moment’s notice if you need help. Of course, we can also greatly lessen crime in general by arming the public and drastically reducing the number of laws in existence. The best alternative to what we have today would be an all volunteer force of selfless citizens able to respond 24/7 to crimes in progress. NO REVENUE PIRATES. Think this wouldn’t work? Well you are stupid, because we do the same thing with many of the people who respond to your home fire.

  • deemixdee

    Equivocation was linked to in the article to Wiki.
    The fallacy files has “Equivocation is the type of ambiguity
    which occurs when a single word or phrase is ambiguous, and this
    ambiguity is not grammatical but lexical. So, when a phrase
    equivocates, it is not due to grammar, but to the phrase as a whole
    having two distinct meanings.”

    “The fallacy of equivocation occurs
    when a word switches meaning in the middle of an argument – when it
    expresses one concept in one premise and another concept in another
    premise or in the conclusion.”

    The article refers to …”problem referred to in logic as Equivocation. This logical fallacy happens when two semantically disparate things are presented as being equivalent to one another.” Claiming to draw from the study of logical fallacies appeared to give the article more credibility.

    Webster’s has the more general, everyday meaning. And the narrower description of it as a logical fallacy fits that too.

    By the way, Wikipedia has two sources for its description; I assume both would meet your standards of reliability.

  • James Quinn

    I don’t look for trouble but if it comes my way regardless of title or uniform I don’t simply back down.

    I ran as a kid/teen cause it was fun. I’m much older now and less likely to run due to age not amusement for I would still find it amusing. Living in Maine there were always woods close by and if I got into the woods the cops never stood a chance.

    Some of your suggestions seem to feel that a scared cop is justified in what actions he or she takes because of their fear.. I say if your police force is so very scared it’s likely time to get new officers. Just saying…..

    Looked it up and found being a police officer is not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in American the number one being Lumberjack. I don’t understand all the fear and I certainly don’t understand deciding to be aggressive as being an answer. If I’m expecting an office to be aggressive I’m far more likely to be aggressive myself. If I expect to be well treated and with logic and reason then I can even excuse the occasional mis step.

    Pagan jim

  • dufas_duck

    I disagree. Those ‘good cops’ will turn away, remain silent, or even lie and actively cover up for a ‘bad cop’ and stand by smiling as the ‘bad cop’ gets accolades or an advancement for the crime he/she just committed. Whereas both your ‘good cop’ and your ‘bad cop’ will arrest the average citizen if they find out that the citizen withheld or lied about any evidence they may have knowledge of. Plus, these cops will add in any other bogus charges that they can think up…..

  • dufas_duck

    Actually, there are cops that will think you are being a smart azz if you become completely subservient……

  • dufas_duck

    If you don’t get beat by the cop on the street, you’ll be bankrupt by some lawyer and only possibly exonerated by him/her. Choice is get beat or go broke…catch 22…….

  • deemixdee

    I’ve contributed to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is uneven in quality, but I believe it is often possible to know what parts to trust. And this I trusted (and was right).

  • Russ

    Good article, which could be immensely better if all the incredible vulgarity were removed. It’s unnecessary and contributes nothing, and manages only to distract from the validity of the the arguments given.

  • deemixdee

    Although it is unintelligent to blindly trust Wikipedia, a really intelligent response to the flaws are to fix them. I’m working on the equivocation one. Already deleted something, will do more. Haven’t done much yet. Then even you can trust it.

  • Lucias Fox

    No one but you stated this was made by cops. The title addresses it to ‘copsuckers.’ AKA police apologists. You aren’t really that stupid, are you?

  • Trauma

    If you work for an institutionally corrupt and broken system, you can’t deny culpability when that system hurts people. I’m sure lots of Nazi soldiers were really great people out of uniform, but that doesn’t excuse their participation in the Holocaust. Simpleton.

  • Taylor Claypool

    I believe these people think your references to the NoboDaddy are religious (maybe anti-religious?) rhetoric? I think this article might just be too difficult for some. It is philosophical, though based on logic and well written. Also, NoboDaddy was William Blake…

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    We’re not talking about that unfortunate event. We’re talking about Josh’s half-baked stories. Please try to follow along.

  • Alex Akande

    It’s actually part of a conversation. The child I reference in my post is in fact the same child the story speaks of. The story that is the foundation of all the comments here. The story you have chalked up as a fable. So how have I missed anything? How have I failed to “follow along”?

    I gave you a direct quote from the police department responsible and it’s somehow flown completely over your head. Or maybe you just choose to ignore it so you can further argue a groundless point. The next time you want to start handing out snide comments, actually know what you’re talking about. It helps.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    In no part of my conversation with Josh did your child story come up. Not once. Nor will it be. If you would like to discuss it, start your own thread. Until then, my point remains…. everything Josh puts out is half-baked, unvetted and is nothing but a stoned out has been (or never was?) cranking out crap that the lazy readers of this site eat up like a fresh bag of Cheetos after herfing bong hit after bong hit.

  • Alex Akande

    It just goes to show that you didn’t even read it. From the article:

    Baby Bou Bou was only 19-months-old when police brutally attacked him with a stun grenade. Was this seemingly innocent infant really just an out of control brat whose parents let run too free and wild? Did a lack of discipline and structure in those first 19 months turn this child into an insufferably spoiled brat whose bad experience with law enforcement was just a matter of misguided parenting and a shitty attitude?

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I read it. I just chose not to bother with it and give it any additional attention.

  • Alex Akande

    So in other words, in regard to what I have said, you were wrong.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I never responded to what you wrote elsewhere – Just this particular thread. Only you brought up the unfortunate event in this thread. So, it was you who tried to inject yourself into this thread with something that had nothing at all to do with what Josh and I were talking about. So no, I’m not wrong in this case.

    We’ve beat this poor dead horse enough. Moving along.

  • Alex Akande

    Your initial comment/reply:

    “LOL!! Hotchkin’s fables tend to make me gassy too. I think I’ll try taking a Beano or two before I read another one of his installments”

    Did Hotckin not write the story? Did he not mention this child in the story? I asked whether a toddler getting his face blown off is a fable. It’s very simple. I’m not talking about what I wrote elsewhere. I’m talking about what was written in the article. It goes to show that you never read it. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. You labelled the article a fable. I questioned that. Simple.

  • Jdjdj

    And where is the proof to support that statement. Gone are the days of people who make logical statements that are backed up with supporting facts