APD Officer Incriminates Self After Facebook Post

Asheville, NC. Patrol Officer Krystale Jones is being investigated following a Facebook post that brings questions into an accident she was involved in  where she struck one car causing it to rear end another car.  Jones caused a wreck on Fairview Road last Wednesday when APD said she misjudged her distance when driving with lights and sirens around two drivers who were parked at a left turn signal.jones

Patrol Officer Jones is a 2012 graduate of the Asheville Police Department Police Academy.

The following morning she replied to a friend on Facebook that had seen a picture that she had posted of her in a cast.  She said,  “Here’s the story, they didn’t get out of my way. Responding to an emergency call, so I hit him. Lesson Learned. Get out of my way. Lol.”

APD said Jones was to blame for the wreck that has left driver Ricardo Barajas without a car. Barajas was also injured and taken to the hospital after the wreck.  Mr. Barajas works two jobs and has now had to borrow a car from a relative while he waits to see if APD insurance is going to pay for his car.

This is another fine example of those officers out there sworn to protect, but in reality putting the public at risk with their our of control behavior.  This officer obviously felt no remorse in the damage and injuries she caused and even laughed about it on Facebook.

The thing that bothers me about her statement on Facebook is that this was probably just an unfortunate accident.  As humans we make mistakes and accidents happen all of the time.  Her statement reeks of someone trying to come across as a hard ass teaching some lowly citizen a lesson.  Rather than own her mistake, she boasts about teaching someone a lesson about getting out of her way.  This is the kind of ego many officers carry around with them on the job and it speaks volumes about the screening process that these department use when picking candidates to serve and protect.

Not only did she endanger innocent civilians with her reckless driving, she also endangered her own life.  Traffic crashes are one of the leading causes of death to law enforcement officers in the line of duty.

The Asheville Police Department may be investigating the incident, but I’m not going to hold my breath on much of anything being done to this officer.  They are remaining tight-lipped about the investigation, citing it as a personnel matter.

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