Nassau Corrections Deputy Arrested/Fired For Beating Inmate [VIDEO]

Andrew Wilson Sasser, who is a Nassau County Corrections Officer, was caught on surveillance footage brutally attacking a male prisoner on July 1st, 2015. After an investigation has determined that he should be charged with a crime, he has turned himself in for arrest under the charge of simple battery he faces in relation the incident. He was also fired by Nassau [Florida] County Sheriff Bill Leeper.

In the video Sasser is seen shoving the 40-year-old inmate a few times before taking him to the ground and repeatedly kneeing and punching him while two other deputies make shallow attempts to break up the beating.

The former deputy claims that the victim made an untoward comment about a female inmate when a verbal confrontation between the two began. He also says that the inmate took an ‘aggressive posture’, although it appears in the video that the aggression was more heavily anchored in the camp of the deputy. During the course of this exchange Sasser becomes increasingly enraged and continues to escalate the situation in every possible way. It finally results with him wrestling the man on the ground while continuing to strike him with multiple limbs.

Sasser had been on the force for four years and had faced no previous troubles in his duties.

He has been bonded out of jail and will appear in court on the 25th of August.

Just another case of a man with a badge who cannot handle himself when someone disagrees with him and turns his impatience and personal character flaws into the sort of daily grind violence that scars the body of the police state we live in.

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