Confronting Albany PD at a Protest

In Albany, NY on 08/10/15, protesters learned, six months after the fact, how Dontay Ivy died in police custody. Albany PD’s response to the protest was to have officers stationed at each end of the block and have patrol cars drive by every ten minutes. A minimum of five officers were present at all times. So I figured, why not ask the officers if they were “good cops” who would come forward to speak out against their fellow officers? Of course, I couldn’t find one who would.  Listen to what the Time Warner News cameraman says in the very beginning: “They’re cops; they are supposed to do what they want.”  I guess we can’t trust Time Warner News to report police activity properly. This is why Albany PD won’t answer how people die in their custody.
That first cop would follow any order given to him.  How sad that he can’t think for himself. The mounted cops were a shining example of Albany PD, too, and left their horses in the trailer for over an hour in the hot sun.

banner-square storeYou can find more of the interactions with Albany PD Here.

Albany Police Department Headquarters                         

165 Henry Johnson Blvd.
Albany, New York 12210
(518) 438-4000


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