Married to a Cop? You and Your Children are More Likely to Suffer Abuse

According to several organizations, including the Battered Women’s Support Services, police officer-involved domestic violence is 4x that of the national average. The National Center for Women and Policing states that 40% of police households experience some type of domestic violence, versus 10% for households with no police connections. Even the wildly popular pro-police website,, talks about police involved domestic violence and how police departments can combat the problem.

But why would police officers, who are supposed to protect and serve the public, beat, rape, or even kill their loved-ones behind closed doors – at up to 4x the national average? According to the Department of Justice, it’s called Sociopathic Police Personality.

Officer involved domestic abuse is up to 4x the national average.
Officer-involved domestic abuse is up to 4x the national average.
Excerpt from the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology
Excerpt from the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology

According to the document on the DOJ’s website, it states there are two types of violent police officers: (1) Rotten Barrel Theory which states that the stressful conditions of the police occupation constitute a primary risk factor for police misconduct (2) Rotten Apple Theory which states that deviant police officers brought their undesirable traits into the policing profession when they were hired.

Whatever the case, whether they were naturally susceptible to violent behavior, or it was learned on the job from other violent officers, police officers are a major risk to their loved-ones. From spousal/partner abuse to child abuse, it’s dangerous and potentially deadly to be living with a cop.

Though the percentage of cops who abuse their family members are estimated to be up to 4x the national average, that number could actually be many times greater. In the civilian world, when a woman is beaten or raped by her husband, she has the option of going to the police – that option isn’t always there for the spouse of a police officer. If the spouse were to file a police report, the report would be taken by the abuser’s co-workers and friends. In those situations, there is no anonymity or protections during the investigative phase and will usually cause the domestic-violence situation at home to only worsen.

Police who physically and sexually abuse their spouse are also more likely to sexually abuse young children. Here are a few of the headlines from around the Country that made national news.






Police One
National Criminal Justice Reference System
CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
National Center for Women & Policing
Stop Violence Against Women
Abuse of Power


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  • Shawn

    Rotten barrel, rotten Apple? How about simply the issue of taking a man who already has a control issue, the reinforce it institutionally? Teach him the only way to survive is total control, and that aggression is the tool to get that control. You can’t take an attitude off with the uniform. So a cop goes home, showing that same attitude to his family and others.
    Look at t’s arrogant and controlling attitude, and how he responds to disagreement. Think he doesn’t act this way when family disagrees with him.

  • simpleton

    This does not surprise me in the least.

  • Yomammaaho

    Married to a cop?
    Copsucker in it’s purest form. You deserve what you get.

  • Resit

    Rotten applies are a small part of the problem. Police training, policies, practices, and culture turn even normal people into sociopaths.

    If you want to learn more about the Bad Barrel Theory you can read The Lucifer Effect by PhD. Zimbardo. The Stanford Prison experiments described by Dr. Zimbardo are a great illustration on how the criminal justice system turns normal people in to Grade A Assholes.

    I have zero respect for any man that beats his wife or children. If you can’t solve your domestic problems without laying your hands on people please either A. get a divorce and go away or B. take your service pistol put in your mouth and pull the trigger.

  • Resit

    Someone call the domestic violence center on JC’s behalf she will not do it for herself.

  • Common Sense

    The 4x notion is actually false. Police are no more likely than anyone else to assault a domestic partner than anyone else. I looked up several of the most popular cited “studies” and found them to be flawed to say that least. If you notice the bibliography for one of the links, there’s nothing cited beyond 2001 with a vast majority in the mid 90’s. Also, the DOJ “study” was also from 1999. From another who also looked at them:

    “……Before the Lautenberg Amendment, there were three well known studies in the area of IPV within police families, two of which we’ll look at.

    The first, by Neidig et. al., (1992) surveyed officers and their spouses. They were given a laundry list of types of violence (everything from “pushing” to using a gun and everything in between) and asked if they had experienced any of these. Approximately 40% of the respondents endorsed one or more types of violent incidents. A weakness here is the failure to discriminate between what type of violence couples experienced. We don’t know what percentage of them had a shoving incident versus one in which the husband choked or beat up the wife. Some in the world of domestic violence prevention believe it doesn’t really matter if you call your wife a “whore,” push her or give her two black eyes. It’s all domestic violence, so these distinctions are insignificant. That’s what I was trained to believe, and it’s what my clinical experience has shown. Others, like PoliceOne contributor Richard Davis, claim these distinctions are very important because “family conflict” is different from “battering behavior.” (Davis, 2004a)

    The second (Johnson, 1991) involved 728 officers and 479 spouses. “40 percent of the officers stated that in the last six months prior to the survey they had gotten out of control and behaved violently against their spouse and children.” (p. 34) Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what “getting out of control and behaving violently” means. Richard Davis (2004b) slams this study on this front. He writes, “The Johnson study is a survey not a scientific empirical study.” Hmm. Not a compelling argument there. I think we can surmise the behavior Johnson found very likely fit within the realm of domestic violence. But again, it depends on whether or not you adopt the “family conflict” model of domestic violence.


    Gershon (2005), who by all accounts is a five star academic, surveyed 1,103 cops about, among other things, domestic violence. She writes,

    Altogether, 9% of all respondents (76/857) who had a spouse/partner, reported that they had committed physical spouse/partner abuse…that these were completely anonymous questionnaires, and… the responses were validated with a well defined domestic violence attitudes scale, we are confident of the accuracy of these percentages….”

  • Yomammaaho

    No one shoud waste one second checking Common Sense’s long winded cherry picked defence of cops abusing spouses. Common Sense probably KNOWS no one has the time to check his data, and has likely falsified it.

    Most pig spouses are scared to death to report abuse, and I would’nt hold my breath waiting for a cop to admit it either.

    But as I have said before….given the info available about tiny dicked cops with GIANT egos, if you choose to marry one anyway…you deserve what you get.

  • Common Sense

    Yeah, fact checking and accuracy, totally a waste of time for CB.

  • Resit

    Sorry but this is not something new or a single study that bears this out. Some studies I have read say it is double the national average some say it is as high as 4 times the national average. The bottom line is that pigs beat their wives more often than the typical scum bag. I know that does not fit your world view but it is the truth.

  • Resit

    I did not read all the bs you posted but I did notice that you are sighting studies that are over 20 years old. If you have to pull studies from the last century to validate your argument you are probably wrong.

  • Resit

    I meant to reply to commonsense

  • Resit

    No, these women could be heroes. Ladies if you are married to a cop save yourself, save your children, save society put an ice pick in your man’s brain while he is sleeping.

  • Jerith

    I used to follow all the time. Usually reading the comments from cops about cop action. Some would evaluate a story in the news about someone getting shot. The term Good Shoot versus bad takedown or some comment. The Good Shoot was echoed by many after that. Some stories they all are shocked what a Brother did. Next they are drumming up donations to help finances of a cop rightfully being punished by fine, which may be due to personal liability. Such as stealing from dealers to resell. Insurance fraud. Gambling ring (rare). Embezzlement.
    Problem with P1 is unless you can send in proof of being employed in some sort of official capacity, you couldn’t comment on anything. Just read. That was fine because it gave me some search details and that would turn up results on liberty and rights sites.
    Then they just closed off showing all comments unless you were in the clan. What was the point after that? Havent been there for more than a year. Might be different but I just don’t care or need to recognize their opinions. But I now miss the actual Good Cop stories that are really not staged. Like that officer who stood up for the rights of those kids handing out flyers in an airport. Owned that airport control freak director who thought he was the boss, period.

  • Yomammaaho

    Yep… you should do a litte fact checking yourself CS. Try reading our bill of rights and the constitution.
    Oh….but that does’nt apply with government pigs huh?

  • Common Sense

    Ok, what study?

  • CopsKill

    Hmmmm, police that are brutal, violent, murderous, dog killers….act and do the same at home ???

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, that can’t be true !!!………(sarcasm)

    Never trust police

  • Common Sense

    Actually those studies from 20 years ago are what we’re used to generate the stats that are cited for this article.

    Follow the link, look at the bibliography. If you actually look hard enough, you can find where in 1983 a Dr testified before the House, explaining how she arrived at her numbers. I posted the links once here a few months back.

  • A concerned citizen

    LOL you realize that the National Center for Women and Policing only cites studies that are 30 years old, right?

  • John Venn

    This shit again? Please learn at least one thing about set theory, then try again.

  • DeadPigGoodPig


  • DeadPigGoodPig

    “Police are no more likely than anyone else to assault a domestic partner than anyone else.” I’m not sure I fully agree with this statement, but then I’m pretty sure there are no real statistics concerning the true amount of abuse that goes on inside any family. I will admit that yelling at each other is not the same as punching each other though. There has to be a better way to get statistics for this rather than voluntary admission. I think America would be truly stunned to see the amount of abuse that goes on inside any family, at least if yelling is considered domestic abuse. I don’t think I’ve ever met a couple that hasn’t yelled at each other.

  • samoanpunch .

    Funny, that’s exactly what I thought before even finishing the first sentence. He’s the standard seeing things in reverse to support his delusions type of idiot.

  • Jimsgirl3053

    You could possibly be saving the life of a child, teenager, women, pregnant women, unarmed young men, senior citizens.

  • ridewme

    Funny, I handle approximately 3-5 domestic violence related calls per night. I wonder if this is a ratio statistic or using the national population vs how many police officers are in the nation. I’m guessing the statistics are actual numbers instead of percentage based. I can think of five incidents in ten years when there have been officer involved DV in my city. People fail to realize officers are humans and therefore not perfect. There is always going to be 10% of any group that makes the 90% look bad. Media makes it look like there is only 10% good. Sites like these are not meant to inform they are meant to ignite and fan flames. I highly recommend everyone to request a police ride-along if your city offers it. Or maybe attend a citizens police academy, put yourself in a shoot/no shoot scenario and see how you do. You’d be surprised, even in a training environment, how much your systems natural defenses activate. Before you know it, your particular sense of danger will pull that trigger, taz that person, or incapacitate with open hand tactics. Until you’ve looked at danger in the eyes to protect someone or someone’s property, I say, keep your opinions in the dimension you are living in and keep it out of the actual reality we as citizens operate in. This isn’t movies or Hollywood. This isn’t a sitcom you can watch at the edge of your seat waiting to exhale. This is the real world. Come and be a part of it and contribute physically instead of sitting in front of a LED screen looking for the next buzz anti-establishment media bonfire.

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