Las Vegas Metro Police Release Body Cam Footage Of Fatal Shooting Of Mentally Disabled Man

Abel Correa
Abel Correa

Las Vegas Metro Police have released the body cam footage showing two officers shooting and killing a mentally disabled man.  Twenty-four year old Abel Correa was at his mother’s house when she called police. Instead of helping Correa, who the officers personally knew, he was executed on the spot. Though the body cam footage doesn’t show it, police claim that he was armed with a wrench and a screwdriver.

Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill held a press conference in which he stated that Correa “was in dire need of mental health services” and that his officers “had seven prior contacts” with Correa.

When it comes to mental health issues in this country, we, the system, often fail people who need critical services and don’t get them.

However, Undersheriff McMahill states that Correa ‘lunged’ at one of the officers with the screwdriver and wrench, though that cannot be clearly seen in the video. Both officers, Officer Glen Taylor and Officer Eli Prunchak are on administrative leave.

If the LVMPD knew beforehand that Correa had severe mental issues, why didn’t they take the appropriate measures to ensure his safety? Knowing they would encounter a mentally unstable man, officers could have been prepared to use non-lethal devices, such as taser guns, bean-bag guns, or a host of other measures. Instead, they shot and killed Correa in under two seconds of them opening the door.

Police have had a long history of beating, abusing, and killing mentally-disabled citizens (approximately 125 killed so far this year). Unfortunately, it usually starts when a loved-one calls police in an attempt to get the person help. However, police are poorly trained to handle mental health issues. In fact, their number one objective is to neutralize the person by using any means necessary.

Press Conference held by the Undersheriff:



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  • Joseph Murray

    ‘Lunged’ -Ah, that word that instantly tells you the cops are lying.

  • CopApologistsSuck

    Cop’s always mistreat disabled people.

  • Lj

    He wouldnt ever lundge at a cop especiallyt armed, he’s smarter then that. He was good person in my book and a great friend. Rip Abel #JusticeforAbel

  • mobooz

    “Unfortunately, it usually starts when a loved-one calls police in an attempt to get the person help. However, police are poorly trained to handle mental health issues.”

    So what do you want? In the vast majority of these cases, the family can’t afford private treatment. There used to be a much better public system in place for handling people suffering from psychotic episodes, but that was all tax-funded, and therefore pure evil. Shockingly, blind faith in the free market has yet to fill in the gaps.

  • Alex Ostrander

    they dont even given a second to put his hands up pigs HE HAD MENTAL ISSUES

  • JC

    The guy had weapons and wouldn’t drop them. If the police have been called 7 times before, he should be locked up for a mental evaluation. I’m sure his mom likes the SSDI checks that come in under his name.

  • hogwatch

    that was cruel to say about SSDI checks and its a clue why you are a cop lover as they kill and abuse disabled people to rid society of them so they can save a tiny pittance on their paychecks.

  • hogwatch

    I don’t believe a word a this police chief says about caring and officers hurting. Action speak louder then words and police wont hesitate to kill disabled people/mentally ill or injure them severely. We have a country full of evil corrupted cops.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    They just didn’t want to deal with him anymore, and they knew they could get away with killing him and walk free.

  • hogwatch

    On the video, the officer says “get your hands up.” However in the police chief briefing the chief says he had “screwdriver and wrench raised in attack position” hmmm I know cops lie and they lie a lot so we have a contradiction in the video and Police chiefs account. I think the appropriate words would be “drop it” if he had things in his hands. We need civilian review boards because cops are not so good of people.

  • David Burgess


  • hogwatch

    He was not even out the door for 2 seconds to have lunged and looks like he his just simply walking out and I see no raised arms?? How convenient that the cops collar impedes the camera and the other officer has no body camera??

  • Dark_Space

    Nothing else here matters because the mother called people to solve her problem who have their most important tool they can use on their belt and it is a gun. That is stupid, stupid, stupid, with all due respect to the woman who likely lost someone she just loved. Never call the cops unless you need someone shot, and even then, they are highly likely to shoot the wrong person, so I don’t even call them then (I’ll do the shooting myself – I actually trust myself around my kids and pets, unlike our local PD).

  • Dark_Space

    It’s still tax-funded, it’s just much worse today. We’ve given up the mental insitutions as inhumane back in the 60s, and moved the mentally ill into the streets, or at best flea-bag motels masquerading as treatment centers. If you look at homes designed for homeless vets, most of which have mental disorders and drug addictions, the VA funds them through grants to private “nonprofits”. The nonprofits get $100/day per customer, and then spends $30/day per customer outsourcing the services. The executives keep the $70/day per customer as “profit” that is paid out via wages and bonuses. I’ve worked with about a half dozen of these entities, they’re all crooked, 100% of the executives were African American (not a racist statement, just facts that I’ve personally witnessed) and about 95% of the employees are African American, 100% have Democrat party ties – again, just a fact, I’m sure if a Republican were in office their ties would switch sides. It’s typically very hard to get a hold of the executives because they spend all their time in DC or on some island schmoozing up politicians to keep the big grants coming. You have to wait until their Hummer is parked in their downtown parking lot to catch them in the office.

    If you really want to be disgusted, go look and see who is getting the VA’s Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program in your town. Life Enhancement Services (dot org) is one of the most despicable once you get past the cute kids on their websites. LES operates in numerous southern cities.

  • hogwatch

    yes Police are domestic terrorists; yet, some still stand by them which is why we cant make changes.

  • t

    Within 2 seconds.
    Wow. Lie much?

    “Get your hands up”
    “Screwdriver and wrench raised in artack position”

    No doofus….that be the exact same thing.

  • t

    Please tell me you are smart enough to know that the camera isn’t the officers eyes? That the angles aren’t the flame and neither is the direction or height?
    Please tell me you know that as o don’t think you do know it

  • fgt4urights

    Police love killing mental ill people and FBI loves setting them up for terror events…

  • hogwatch

    the camera was on his shoulder and the collar impeded our view of the incident so I am speaking of someone who is investigating the incident. I would think the arms would come up above or at the level of the camera to be considered raised arms that are attacking as the police chief demonstrated in the briefing.
    And why did not the other officer have a body camera as that’s suspicious as it is. As someone said already I get the feeling they wanted to be done with this guy.

  • t

    You are very right.
    By shoving mental patients out into the street….they have become HUGE issues for society. The overwhelming majority of the homeless have gone through he mental health system at some point.

  • Thor Gonzalez

    You are so right

  • JC

    You must live in a cave. What I said about SSDI checks is the truth. Parents take the money from their family members. They will hold on to that family member even though where the person lives is not the best environment for them. Why don’t you look it up.

  • hogwatch

    Why do you come to this page? you have a cop in the family; I assume. Do you actually have information that they were not getting treatment. Eventually, they release the person but still may have issues. I am sure they love him and use the money to help him and provide for him and some probably to improve his living standard in the home

  • simpleton

    Video has been edited and tampered with. Position of body camera is never on collar. They specifically mention it in presser (suspicious), when “presser guy” raises his arms in presser, collar does not move. Length and width of collar does not match presser guys uniform, and just happens to be in perfect position to block victim. Even as shots are fired collars does not move from recoil of weapon. Busted in another lie. I’m beginning to not care which I think is there goal. Prove me wrong on video editing, usual suspects.

  • hogwatch

    You can hear the click of the door opening then crooked cop says as a reflex action “get your hands up and backs away as he probably would have done anyway. Then looks like Kid is simply standing in the doorway then turns toward crooked cop with gun and I see no raised weapons from the Kid. Terrible don’t call the police or let them in your home. Has this lady not turned on the television to see all the police murdering going on in this country.

  • Rick Carufel

    Another police execution of the mentally ill.

  • reaching for her cell phone in

    Fellow commentators, How can I give you a thumbs up? I do not twitter, and I use facebook for business only. I would like to support your comments but not sure how.

  • simpleton


  • reaching for her cell phone in

    ok, first , I don’t understand a fucking word of your post. “public tax funded pure evil system in place (I’m paraphrasing). What do you mean?
    To answer your other question “So what do you want”? We don’t miracles, unicorns and angels, but I will tell you (and you know this already), other countries seem to be able to deal with citizens who are high, mentally ill, and/or armed without killing them. Apparently the US can’t. We need to kill em first. Then defend our actions. Its silly. What was this better system in place you refer to for the mentally ill?

  • simpleton

    Fair point, so the law enforcement community’s approach is to simply eliminate them through killing them and then offering up edited video? Christ, I’d feel alot better if they came out and said “guy was fucking wacko so we killed him, we aren’t trained to deal with wackos. I like the truth more than anything else.

  • simpleton

    Well, hogwatch, sadly Americans have become a complacent society and are likely no longer the leaders of the world. So this poor woman as a result of her conditioning, had no idea that calling for help would result in death. Its going to continue for awhile. the good news is that many kids nowadays are sharp as a tack when it comes to electronic communication, social media, and alternative media. But its going to take 20 years for it to turn around. IMO

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Don’t forget their second favorite word, “Waistband”. They either either lunge, or are reaching for their waistband. Tin star goons that jumped on the opportunity to put a notch in their belt, and offer up another sacrifice to their lord and master, Satan.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    You’ll have to excuse “t”, he wants to suck a cop’s dick so bad, he can taste it.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Stop calling the cops on a mentally disabled loved one! Call a family member to come help. Jesus, when are people going to learn to stop calling the cops.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    We all know he didn’t lunge at the cop. Cops are the biggest scumbag liars on the planet. The worst of humanity.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    It must suck being a fat, balding little douchebag.

  • t

    Hmmm. You do know that his shoulder isn’t where his eyes are right?

    Amazing how he planned to have his collar there though huh?

    But….enough of your nonsensical stufff…let’s move on to more important stuff.

    “Put you hands up” would mean the officer is wNting to take a surrendering position.
    Assuming an aggressive or attacking position…with a screwdriver and a wrench….doesn’t mean a zombie or Frankenstein pose.

  • t

    Please tell me that was just you being intentionally stupid again?

    Thousands upon thousands of interactions each day with the subjects we are talking about. Very very few incidents see any force used.

    Reality is a real bitch for you guys. The truth simple is nothing like what you are saying.

  • hogwatch

    you wont see it my way; you believe in killing. I don’t. To you, Cops/Authority can do no wrong. I never meant it that way that its what he is seeing, Gee, who would think that. I am just looking at what evidence was given by the shoulder cam. if the other cop had a cam then the whole thing would have been clearer. Very odd don’t t you think and Odd that he takes his gun out. I am puzzled that his mother or brother did not reason with him and deescalate and try to tell them that the cops came to kill him if he had anything in his hands. the whole things is disgusting.

  • simpleton

    Awww, Jeez, you’re right T, I ate too many fruit loops this morning and got out of line. Please burn down my house as i am unfit to live. Please, before you kill me, tell your wife that she was a good fuck. At least that is what your captain said, I’m just the messenger. I’m sure your wife is very nice gal.

  • Common Sense

    It all depends on the body cam model.

  • t

    Stop while you’re behind.

    Wow guy…look at that mess of a comment and your….thinking.

    “just looking at what evidence is given by the shoulder cam”.

    • don’t you find it just a little odd that…unlike what the author is trying to sell you…that the officer with the camera was CLEARLY inside the house before the video we are shown here starts?
    • Funny how his video was likely on during this entire encounter…all they show here is a small snipet which is designed to mislead you (and it clearly worked)
    • “odd that he takes his gun out”
    Ummmm….no. Which part of the fact that they knew this guy and had dealt with him on several occasions didn’t you get?
    Or that he had already committed a felony in the morning

    Look…the info is there as are the clues that you are being fooled.

    Clearly the officer didn’t just walk in and shoot him. They had clearly been there long enough to get inside the house, speak to the mother, and brother and that they had located the suspect in the back of the house.

    When younwatch the video from the press conference….and not the edited video CB shows you…you can see that the officer directly in front of the suspect has an excellent view.

    Listen to what had happened PRIOR to the officers arrival. 6 am….destroying the house with weapons.

    Guy…you may not like the police…and I couldn’t care any less about that.
    The police have a duty to ALL…not just to him. He choose or just was a danger to those around him….as well as to those officers.

    You may
    Not ever call the police as you hate us. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to call us about you…and we show up.

  • t

    Simple truth escapes them

  • t

    She is a good fuck

    Yours was lousy. ?

  • blue line hater

    Boy these long rants from this t don’t even bother hogwatch; I don’t even read his posts

  • t

    Right rights. Actions LOUDER than words. Right right

    So watch the. Idea and see the truth. It’s all right there.

    Truth is like an antiseptic to you guys.

  • simpleton

    Gosh T, you are so right. I’m going to go hang myself now because I made such a fool of myself. Look for my obituary. What was I thinking? So sorry guys.

  • simpleton

    ok, fair is fair, that was pretty funny. With regards to your second comment, you are probably right. I love my wife, but she put on 40 lbs since we got married. It ain’t pretty.

  • simpleton

    T, the retard came out of the closet and they murdered him. What do you see that I don’t see. yes, you guys have a shitty job, but you applied for it. right? Even went to school and had to pass a fitness test to wear the costume. In all fairness, if I had to wear a clown suit but could carry a gun and kill people for 90K a year, I might apply too.

  • Jesse Cox

    How did pull out our guns, swing the door open surprising this manchild with two cops pointing fucking death in his face even make the list of probable ways to solve this case? Window’s still broke, kids dead, and a grieving family. Some say hero’s, I don’t see it. We need some leadership within these police departments and some dart guns. One cop opens the door and gets outta the way the other cop already taking aim with his anti-death-window-breaker-catcher-put-you-to-sleeper-dart-gun-and pew. Fucker falls like a bear in a tree and you can safely load him up and release him in his new cage.
    If that was you opening the closet door and pulling the trigger you’d be fucked. Nobody would understand why you would go to such extremes over a window nor could you justify having a gun in your hand and pointing it at a punk kid because he broke a window. This kid needed his ass kicked not shot by the police. It’s just not what a reasonable person would do. Cops need to make good choices when solving problems and when you lay out all the choices they had on the table why choose to point guns at him and kill him over a window if he doesn’t comply?

  • simpleton

    T, I’m waiting to hear your response. Other than the gun and the inflated paycheck, why does one become a police officer? Do you guys really feel that you keep “law and order” in society?

  • martymarsh

    Yeah it couldn’t possibly be a labor of love, they are just doing it for the money, and if they put them away a stranger is certainly going to show them more love than their mother. That is not helping, that is warehousing. If a person can’t handle another person, no amount of money is going to keep them trying, but then I live in the real world.

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