Police Abuse Woman After Entering Home Without A Warrant

A video released to Facebook by Tori Thayer shows Travis County police officers entering a woman’s home without a warrant. The video begins with Ms Thayer exclaiming that whomever the police are looking for is not in the house. She exercises her rights after the officers had shoved their way inside, proclaiming, “you guys don’t have a warrant and she’s not here!”

After telling the officer to leave her house multiple times and explicitly asking for proof of a warrant, the officers knock her phone from her hand and handcuff her face down on the floor.

The officers perform a full search on the rest of the home while Ms. Thaver was handcuffed on the floor.  Thayer once again exercises her rights and asks if she’s being detained.

In some circumstances, it is lawful for a police officer to enter a home without a warrant. Emergency situations such as a violent crime taking place inside the residence or a person in need of immediate medical attention are examples of those exemptions. The moment Thayer asked the officers for proof of a warrant and they could not provide one, they are required to leave by law. From that point, they would need a warrant from a magistrate judge based on probable cause.

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Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.