Founder of Ohio Cop Block Falsely Accused of Ordering Meth

[Editor’s note: The author, Jake, updated his post to be more grammatically correct, hence the edit]

A co-founder of was arrested by the Department of Homeland Security on a trumped up possession charge.  From the Norwalk Reflector.

A local man is behind bars after allegedly having crystal methamphetamine mailed to his home.

Two Bellevue police officers and an agent from the Department of Homeland Security swooped into the residence… and seized a package that had been delivered to the residence and opened by Jacob T. Frost, 20.

After determining the package contained 50 grams of a substance that tested positive for crystal meth, Frost was arrested and taken to the Bellevue Police Department, where he was booked


The package that Mr. Frost ordered did not, in fact, contain crystal meth. The order was placed for a chemical known as 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-ethylcathinone, which is legal in the United States.  The local police arrived with the Department of Homeland Security and Customs agents. Contrary to media reports there were upwards 30 agents who burst into the house wielding machine guns.

The agents were only searching for the package, but they ransaked the house ran into the basement and pointed a gun at a neighbor’s 4 year old daughter. According to Frost the local police destroyed all CopBlock related material as well as other liberty oriented items.

After the arrest the local police told Frost they were trying to indict him because he was “interfering with their job” by engaging in police accountability activism and filming.  Frost was made to feel like a target because of his liberty activism and philosophy. Upon arrival in the county jail they placed Frost in a segregation unit for 3 days until he demanded to be moved. The segregation unit was filled with child abusers and informants. Bail was set at $20,000. Frost was unable to post bail until the courts eventually lowered it, by telling Frost that he had to waive his preliminary to get it lowered.

It appears that the state is pursuing this non-crime based mainly on Frost’s political beliefs and activism. Though local bureaucrats will be dropping the charges Frost is still under the threat of possible indictment by the Feds. This case will likely be pursued as an offense to the Federal Analog Act. This controversial and unconstitutional act makes it illegal to posses any chemical or substance that is related to an illegal chemical. This is especially dangerous because just because a substance has chemically similar structure to an illicit substance doesn’t mean it has the same use or effect. For example serotonin is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that is legal to buy sell and consume. It’s chemical structure is similar to the schedule 1 drug DMT. In fact, serotonin is far more closely related to DMT than the chemical that Frost ordered is similar to methamphetamine.

If anyone can help Mr. Frost or recommend a constitutional lawyer willing to take his case please contact him at



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