Newport Tennessee Teen Arrested for Calling Cops Pigs

William Reece
William Reece

William G. Reece, 19, was arrested near Newport, Tennessee on Friday August 14, 2015 after opening his door and yelling “PIGS!” at Newport and State Patrol officers who were just finishing up a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 131 near a business called Zoomers.

Newport PD officer Derek Wright, who allegedly swore an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, then followed after the car Reece was in, and after pulling it over, arrested the teen for disorderly conduct and booked him into jail.

He bonded out for $500.00 later the same day.

The reasoning given for the charge was-  “…due to creating a hazardous condition that served no legitimate purpose.”

First of all, the irony is so thick you could cut it with a horse dick. By pulling the vehicle Reece was in over on the highway, considering the number of roadside stops that lead to tragedies for officers and citizens, Wright created a hazardous condition. Yet, so far as I know, nobody has ever been killed or even injured by being called a ‘pig’.

banner420Neither did the arrest serve any legitimate purpose. No victim received justice nor were safety and civil order increased due to this arrest. The only plausible explanation for making such an arrest is that the officer is such a spoiled little brat that he couldn’t let something as simple as being referred to as a farm animal just roll off him.

Yet the most problematic part of this, and every other arrest like it, is that the officer was required to swear an oath to a constitution that – explicitly states right in the fucking beginning that – citizens have a right to speak freely and otherwise express themselves without interference from the government or its agencies and agents.

The only criminal here is Officer Derek Wright, who not only violated a citizens constitutional rights, but also was involved in the kidnapping, false imprisonment, slander, and extortion of William Reece in the process.

Use the City of Newport online form here to insist charges be dropped and the disrespectful, criminal thug be fired for his tyrannical actions.

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