Allentown Again? – Cop Attacks Homeless Man for Singing

Allentown PigsUPDATE by Editor @ 4:40pm – Ademo: Not even an 3 hours after posting this story to the CopBlock Facebook page the Allentown Police Department, or someone working for, made this public post at their Facebook page:

Several recent incidents have compelled some to post their opinions (with extreme bias) within this Forum. Although Public, this is not the place for it. We must remind our audience of our Policy of Use. Comments should be relative to the topics at hand. Comments containing vulgarity of any type will not be tolerated. Hold yourself to higher standards and respectfully post your opposing position, or keep them on your personal page.

Just as the 1st Amendment is protected… Due Process of the Law is also protected under the 5th and 14th Amendments. Filing of a law suit is only a fact that a law suit was indeed filed. It does not mean any party is guilty simply because suit was filed. The facts of any allegation will be brought to light, and dealt with accordingly. We ask for patience while Due Process is afforded to ALL involved parties. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

The irony is thick in this statement. It seems the Allentown Department wants to cite amendments to the Constitution while ignoring the ones their officers violated and we can all laugh at the hypocrisy of the “due process of law” statement. I didn’t see the happy singing man get any due process before being slammed to the pavement. Just more Cop Logic for ya, feel free to join in the fun by clicking here.


There seems to be a pattern emerging from the Allentown Police Department in Pennsylvania of officer aggression, excessive force and police brutality. Less than a week ago we brought you the story of a man who was assaulted and arrested by police for filming same police assaulting another man.

This also comes in the heels of an investigation by the FBI into Allentown City Hall for some alleged misdeeds and possible criminal activity by the mayor and other officials.

banner420So with all of that happening you might think that city employees would be on their best behavior, but if you did think that, you would be wrong.

On Sunday August 16, 2015, the above video surfaced on Facebook. Although a member of the Lehigh Valley CopBlock, Gabriel Freeman, attempted to get more information about the incident from the person who recorded it, his requests were denied and the video was soon taken down. Luckily several copies were made by folks who are used to seeing these sort of videos disappear, so the evidence still remains despite the original post being taken down by someone who had second thoughts about the video circulating after it began going viral on Sunday.

Click above to read the story that recently got several of our members banned from Facebook!
Click above to read the story that recently got several of our members temporarily banned from Facebook!

Neither the name of the man attacked for singing nor the officer doing the attacking are known at this time. What we have been able to gather is that the man is a regular fixture in the area who enjoys singing to passer-bys, who also usually seem to enjoy his cheerful disposition and singing. Although the man is homeless he is not known for drinking or drug usage and seems mild mannered even after the situation becomes horrifying to him.

He begs and pleads to the officer and to onlookers for compassion or assistance and tells the officer to check with his department, as he claims to have permission to be singing publicly, as if permission to sing is needed. The area that the man is in is a public area downtown near the Strata Luxury Flats. It is speculated by many online that the men in suits are employees of the building and were likely to have made the initial complaint which brought the officer to the scene.

You can contact the building company here at the Strata Facebook Page and encourage them to be be friendlier to the locals, rather than calling the cops to come abuse them.

You can also use the Allentown Police Department Facebook Page to make your concerns over the treatment of citizens known.

Already there are local conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of the video that involve the same city officials and local contractors recently investigated by the FBI.

Stay tuned to for any updates we receive on this story and for all the latest in police corruption, misconduct and brutality.

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