Racist, Lying Police Union President Targets Woman Who Posted Video Of Cops Beating Handcuffed Man

If you’ve never heard the name Javier Ortiz, be thankful, very thankful. Before I get into Lt. Ortiz’s current situation, I would like to give you a brief background into the racist cop that somehow became the President of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police.

Octavia Johnson
Octavia Johnson

In 2004, Ortiz victimized Octavia Johnson after pulling her over for a traffic violation. While he was roughing her up, she pleaded with him to stop, saying that her 2-year-old son was in the car. Ortiz responded by saying “I don’t give a f**k about that kid.”

Jonathan Vilma
Jonathan Vilma

In 2011, Ortiz pulled over Jonathan Vilma (who then played for the New Orleans Saints). He accused Ortiz of excessive force during the traffic stop, saying that Ortiz pointed a gun in his face, yelled profanities at him, and charged with a number of things that were later dismissed in court. Vilma filed complaints with the police department, but nothing ever became of his complaint – at the time, Ortiz was also the vice-president of the police union.

Ortiz Racist Email
Javier Ortiz’s Depiction Of A Black Male

Also in 2011, Ortiz made the news again, this time for editing and emailing a photo of an African-American to make him look evil, like the devil. Of course, the lying cop initially denied any involvement in the email, but later confessed. Miami Commissioner Richard Dunn said the photo was inexcusable, stating that “Mr. Ortiz, that is the most racist thing I’ve seen in my life .. shame on you.”  It should come as no shock that Ortiz stated, “I stand by what I did. Absolutely no regret.”

As it turns out, Lt. Javier Ortiz has had dozens of excessive-force complaints so far in his career – many of which were brought on by African-Americans. He was also the subject of various Federal lawsuits, in which he was accused of Battery, False Arrest, and Malicious Prosecution.

Ortiz made headlines again later that year, when he publicly criticized a Florida State Trooper for pulling over and arresting a Miami Police Officer for driving in excess of 120 mph. Ortiz said about the officer,

I pulled someone over last week doing 111 (mph) in a 60.   I didn’t put a gun to their face.  Their is no reason for her to pull a firearm and put it in the face of another police officer. Trooper Watts has a dislike for Miami police and was on the hunt for a Miami officer.

So after a lengthy career of targeting blacks, and even other police agencies that dares mess with one of his officers, what do you think Lt. Javier Ortiz would do to a black woman, who recorded one of his officers, beating an unarmed, handcuffed man in the back of a patrol car? The answer: declare all-out war on her and her character. Here is a statement released by Ortiz on his Facebook page:

As everyone is aware, social media has placed a very negative tone on law enforcement nationwide. On August 13th, there was a video that was posted in social media that shows an encounter with Miami Police Officers. While the video may seem concerning to some, the FOP is confident that when everything is analyzed with the totality of the circumstance, it will be concluded that the police officer was doing what he is supposed to be doing: Protecting our Community.

‘What is extremely concerning is that the poster of this video (aka Facebook Marilyn Smith) has photographs of her with young men armed with handguns. It seems that no one cares to address this. Social media has focused so much on #blacklifematters  /alllifematters campaigns, yet nobody targets the root of the problem our community faces today.

Javier Ortiz Posted This Image, Claiming It Belongs To The Woman Who Recorded Police Beating An Unarmed, Handcuffed Suspect.
Javier Ortiz Posted This Image, Claiming It Belongs To The Woman Who Recorded Police Beating An Unarmed, Handcuffed Suspect.

Ortiz also attached purported screenshots from Smith’s Facebook page, which is currently down and cannot be authenticated. Why would Ortiz go after the woman, and her character, because she posted a video of officer misconduct? Does it really matter who she is, or what she has/hasn’t done in her life? She is not the one on trial here. She did not assault an unarmed, handcuffed suspect. All she did was show the world the true character of the men and women who are employed by the Miami Police Department. Thankfully, she also reminded us that lying, racist cops still exist and are still targeting citizens in the street.

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