NY State Troopers Caught Stealing and Violating 4th Amendment Rights – Again

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The rights violation took place in Plattsburgh, NY at a DUI checkpoint, on Friday (August 14th) when NY State Troopers violated this man’s 4th Amendment rights! The Trooper reached in through the locked car door to steal a police decal. That is right, steal! The State Police have no right to force anyone to open their window or order someone out of the car for no reason. The driver held up the Fair DUI Flyer and showed his driver’s licence to the trooper. In NY that is not grounds to pull someone out of the car. The troopers probably cause was the driver being “deceitful”. This is what NY state police think of people exercising their rights.

Good job to the driver for standing up for himself and being prepared. Know your rights and don’t fear the police. Expose their corrupt ways! Always film the police!

NY State Police Troop B Headquarters

1097 NYS Route 86, Box 100, Ray Brook, NY 12977


NY State Police Facebook Page


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