Video of Dog Execution and Brutal Arrest Outrages Kamsack Residents

A video from 2014 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arresting a man and shooting a dog is now making its rounds on social media.  The video is causing outrage in Kamsack, Saskatchewan and on the internet.

Police arrived on the Key First Nation Reserve looking for 28-year-old Adam Cote, who had an arrest warrant for numerous charges.  Adam was found intoxicated and hiding in a residence on the reserve.

In the video, Adam is seen being dragged by police with his pants down.  Police claim a dog, owned by the home owner, attacked their service dog that was at the scene.  The dog was debilitated with pepper spray, but apparently the RCMP officers were still scared for their lives because they executed the dog, Dukey, moments later with a shotgun as it lay in the grass, not appearing to pose a threat to anyone.

Cote’s Family says he was brutalized and have been calling for justice since the incident happened.  Cote was treated for multiple injuries suffered during the arrest.


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