Copsucker’s Corner #2: A Plethora of Common Sense

If Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and that Tater Salad dude donated their DNA to a Nazi scientist working to eradicate humor, it would have produced Amiri King. This is what this hillbilly fuckpuddle actually thinks is funny.
If Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and that Tater Salad dude donated their DNA to a Nazi scientist working to eradicate humor, it would have produced Amiri King. This is what this hillbilly fuckpuddle actually thinks is funny.

It has been awhile since I have spoken with my buddy John Burk, who was the feature of my first edition of Copsucker’s Corner. In the time since we have last spoken, I have wondered if I would ever again meet a copsucker who filled me with so much. I thought I may walk upon this lonely planet for the rest of my life without ever meeting another special someone. Someone whose basic bootlicking idiocy and low intelligence would be my pillar and give me strength when I didn’t believe in myself. But thanks to Amiri King, whose profound mental issues and delusory state has him convinced that he is a comedian, I am already feeling a lot better about being me, simply by virtue of not being him.

Watch this stupid-ass video where store-brand Larry the Cable Guy goes on a rant about how delighted he is to have a load of cop in his mouth.

Below is a transcription of the rant, which I will respond to [in blue] at the end of each paragraph.

I was at an appearance the other day for the Wounded Warrior Project and I got my picture took with a couple of police officers. I was a little surprised that there was a few people on my…on the comments section that were like, “Fuck the police. Police ain’t shit. All police officers can suck my dick.” (chuckles)

Uh oh, right off the bat, after the WWP reference, you realize you are listening to one of those mindless -MUH HEROES!- idiots who thinks that violent aggression on the behalf of the state is something to worship without question. All expectations of logic and human compassion go right out the window. And his little self-superior asshole chuckle is as grotesque as John Stewart, Rush Limbaugh or any of these other jackass pundits who think that their symbolic gesturing towards intelligence actually proves it.

What the fuck…really? Why so anti-police? There’s so many better things that you could be against. Lets see, you could be anti-pedophile. Anti-guy that breaks into houses and shit. Anti-pillhead-breaking-into-your-car-and-stealing-all-your-change. Anti-Luke Bryan. (chuckles)

Well, it is pretty simple, people are anti-police because of the criminal shit that they do. They are anti-police because of the corruption, violence and brutality inherent in our system of law enforcement. And guess what, you can be anti-police and anti-all-those-other-things. The logic suggests that you can only be anti-one-thing, but if that were the case then you couldn’t be anti-breaks-into-houses-and-shit and anti-breaks-into-your-car at the same time, because you can only be against one thing at a time. This is clearly an illogical, dipshit stance.

banner420But you want to be anti-police. And people keep postin’ these videos of people gettin’ body slammed and people getting hemmed up. “Oh my god, police brutality. Oh my god, why is this happening?” Bitch, that’s not police brutality, that’s resisting arrest. I’m pretty sure because you pushed the officer and told him no, like, a hundred fuckin’ times.

I am not sure exactly which video he is referring to, but he seems to think that every  case of police brutality is exactly the same, and that all of those brutalized were involved in a crime. However it is easily demonstrable that a huge portion of those beaten or killed by police were committing no crimes. Yet even if they had, that does not give police the right to commit criminal acts of violence against them. We have laws and standards for a reason, but apparently ol’ Macaroni Salad here does not believe in the laws and standards we have unless the person committing them forgot to check out a badge before committing them.

You know what’s funny? I’m an ex-con. I’ve been arrested literally like millions of fuckin’ times. I’ve never been shot. I’ve never been tased. I’ve never been maced. I’ve never even been tackled and thrown to the ground.

That’s not funny. If you committed acts which violated another human beings person or property, that’s just fucking awful. Standing up for your fellow criminals, because they have uniforms, does not make up for your immoral and illegal behavior. I am glad he was never shot, tased, maced or tackled and thrown to the ground. But just because he got lucky doesn’t invalidate all the cases where force was used unnecessarily. Besides that, I don’t think he understands what ‘literally’ means. When followed by a hyperbolistic statement, it literally loses its meaning.

I was literally going to eat a hot dog, but I couldn't get it out of the back of the police cruiser.
I was literally going to eat a hot dog, but I couldn’t get it out of the back of the police cruiser.

When a cop says stop, I stop. If a cop says- ‘let me see your hands’ -guess what? I show him my hands. If a cop says put your leg in, put your leg out, put your leg in and shake it all about, well i’ll be doin’ the hokey pokey then, won’t I?

That he would actually do the hokey pokey and let other human beings rob him of his dignity, free will and self-ownership is pretty sad. It is even more sad that he expects everyone else to be a spineless coward with no limits on what they will do just because someone with an official title tells them to. In fact, nothing is sadder than the coward who parades their cowardice as virtue and feels entitled to expect other to do the same so they don’t look like such a weakling for their shameful ideas and actions.

Its not that I’m an ass-kisser. Its just that I have a plethora of common sense. For all the crimes that I admitted, I didn’t blame the police. I didn’t blame the judge. It was my fault. I held myself accountable. And nowadays somebody will get busted breaking into a garage and get caught with a gram in their pocket- they fuckin’ get hemmed up and they get arrested. Then all their friends are on Facebook like “Free my boy Dip-Dizzy-Wizzle! Free Dizzy-Dizzy-Wizzle. Free…”- what the fuck?

einstein common sense
Wow, that’s plethoras deep, Alby E.

Yes, you are an ass-kisser, Amiri. I would also accept ‘copsucker’, ‘bootlicker’ or ‘traitor to your species’. Also, plethora means a large or excessive amount of things (plural), while common sense is singular, you muck-minded dickwit. It doesn’t take a lot of common sense to realize there is no ‘s’ at the end of ‘sense’. If you held yourself accountable, did you turn yourself in for your crimes and plead guilty? I kinda doubt that. The accountability shtick is an afterthought. By the end of that statement, paired with his blatant redneck tool personality, you start to get the picture that dude here has some serious bigotries and prejudice. Dizzy-Wizzle? I get the feeling he is doing to black folks what people do to Asians when they call them ‘Ching-Chang-Chong’ or some shit.

Are you fuckin’ serious, free them? They’re not Nelson Mandela, motherfucker. They’re not a political prisoner seeking asylum in a foreign state. Free them? They stole my rims and a goddamn chainsaw. (chuckles)

Since possessing or using drugs is a crime in which there is no victim, except potentially ones self, drug offenses are a political crime. So if his sticking point is the drugs and not the theft, then he obviously didn’t think this one through before spouting it out his copjunk receptacle.

Ya’all are what’s wrong with America. Believe me, its not the police officers.

You know who says, “Ya’all are whats wrong with America.”? The people who are whats wrong with the world, that is who. Yet considering that America was founded on ideas of freedom, liberty, self-ownership, limited government and the right not to be harassed by ‘officials’, it seems pretty clear who the problem is here.

Sharing our content is a BIG HELP, thank you!
Sharing our content is a BIG HELP, thank you!

I got outta prison in 2001. Decided to keep my nose clean, change my life. Never got in trouble again. Never had a problem with a cop. Never even had two words with one. Believe me, when you decide to quit breaking the law, they’ll leave you the fuck alone. (chuckles)

Good for you, Amiri. If you hadn’t gotten out of prison or the criminal lifestyle then the world would now have one less unfunny hillbilly jackass who thinks they are a comedian. And yet again, much of the problem is all the non-criminals who are abducted, imprisoned, fined, shamed or attacked by police on a regular basis. But I think Amiri is okay with the individuals and system that do that. But why? Well the answer is right up there. Amiri did some time. There are a few phenomena that occur to people in those horrendous situations. Institutionalization, firstly, which is where a person becomes desensitized to the rigidity of the system they are trapped in and come to depend on it. Secondly we have Stockholm Syndrome, where the captives come to empathize and side with their captors as a defense mechanism for the horror of the situation they are in. Methinks ol’ Macaroni Salad here suffers from both.

Fuck the police? What a basic bitch statement to make. (chuckles)

Basic bitch statement? And cue sexism. Homophobia in 3, 2…

You’re not NWA, bitch, for real. You’re G-A-Y. [END]


I think it’s pretty clear that that bigotry and prejudice I mentioned earlier manifests itself in many forms in this guy. Racism, sexism, homophobia- they all show up in his rant, even though often thinly veiled as (really fucking bad) jokes. I don’t think it is his love for the laws of this country that inspired this douchebottles ignoramus rant. I think it was his hatred and stereotyping that caused him to take the side of those he commends for causing pain and suffering to the people he associates with crime, which in his mind are people who are not just like him. Even though he is a convicted criminal. It is not so much that he loves police as it is that he loves it when they negatively impact those that he hates.

Amiri King, you are a fucking intellectual mongoloid and an immoral sack of fermented yak shit. You are not funny, intelligent or any of the things that you think you are when you put on that goofy self-righteous grin and mouthshit out that menacingly annoying self-satisfied giggle of yours. You may have wowed a bunch of stupid bumpkins and cops with your dazzlingly absurd and half-witted spiel, but nobody with any decency or intelligence gives a pinhead of shit about your sophmoric jokes or bargain bin opinions, you vaccuous low-grade imitation Jeff Foxworthy imbecile.

copsuckers corner #1 in the arena john burk


1861 Original Military Civil War Us Army 18th Ny Infantry Band Conductor's Baton picture
1861 Original Military Civil War Us Army 18th Ny Infantry Band Conductor's Baton

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Rat Tailed Spud, Scepter, Baton, Mace, Colbert County, Alabama, With Coa

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Ferrari Factory 60th Anniversary Relay Baton #5/500

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Ferrari Factory 60th Anniversary Relay Baton #103/500 Spectacular

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  • Common Sense

    Ha ha ha, JSH is jealous. Priceless.

  • mobooz

    TL;DR: Grammar Nazi is at it again.

  • t

    CBers need to wise up…and start licking boots like good copsuckers…society all loves us…except for fringe types and CBers who love dope…and only care about their rights…the anti police rhetoric of this site has made CBers hated by everyone else…we are loved…you are hated…doess it hurt that I’m so right?

  • Chicago Style

    Now don’t say that t. They have their Marijuana mobile phone apps and 3D cannabis printers making the substance and delivery to customers. The ACLU is doing their best to keep CBers cell phone data kept private.

  • Pw4x3r

    Oh man that’s fucking hilarious… but only because any self respecting woman wouldn’t go near this guy with a ten foot pole with all the womanizing, sexist comments that appear to be his every other word.. maybe it was more than every other. In any event…

  • Pw4x3r

    I know you’re trolling, but I really want you to learn something…….

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    Sounds like Mr. King intimidates Josh. Priceless.

  • sean

    “but nobody with any decency or intelligence gives a pinhead of shit about your sophmoric jokes or bargain bin opinions, you vaccuous low-grade imitation Jeff Foxworthy imbecile.”

    You either A. Obviously according to your own rant about this guy, have no decency or intelligence. .. or B.are a hypocritical cry baby too…

    Either way your feeding I to his bullshit and spreading his idiocracy further. …

  • √π®

    He’s so imbread he’s filming vertical.

  • Nawimastay

    I stopped listening at “got mah picher took” dumbass uneducated fool

  • Yomammaaho

    How many trips up and down his driveway did that village idiot have to make to fit all this bullshit in?
    Any normal person would’ve just walked continously with a train of thought, but this copsucker must’ve had to keep stopping to collect his thoughts.
    He says he’s been arrested ‘many times’. If I did’nt know any better, I’d swear that he has an ankle bracelet on preventing him from leaving his property……and he’s bucking for a better deal in court.

  • Joshua H

    Right? I mean, if thats the best you can come up with- WITH EDITS- then I can’t imagine how unfunny he is live.

  • Yomammaaho

    I’m starting to think that guy is really CB’s troll…. Common Sense.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    Oh I do love my dope!

  • Wesley Sowers

    Do the hokie-pokie and shake it all about? That’s what some ex-cons MIGHT do. What about the innocent U.S. citizens killed by police whom had ZERO prior convictions? Not a single gram of narcotics found on their dead lifeless corpse? Not 1 traffic ticket. When you put your hands up and beg to not be killed, yet end up dead. Fuck this driveway cop sucker. He does not value anything that matters. People like him have not done the homework. They are too busy stroking themselves.
    (I bet they salute a returning soldier too)

  • Wesley Sowers

    You are an imposter… Your comments are hereby nullified.

  • Larry

    Reading from his script. New take with each 3×5 card.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    I am always amazed at what type of full blown idiots actually exist out there.

  • DeadPigGoodPig

    He doesn’t intimidate m99.

  • Chris Gargis

    CopBlock used to be awesome and educational… now its a joke.. he’s right ya know… you have to beat them at their own game. not a foot race or a wrestling match… use your fucking brain

  • Colbee Hernandez

    Oh dear. It must have taken a group of mongaloids to make this page. This is what you are going to attack? A small time comedian making goofy videos in his front yard? ??? Let me tell you, you all are doing BIG things for the victims of police brutality. So much. You attacking this guys personality and image is totally going to solve all the issues! That… Or just bring him another 30,000 followers. Hats off to you!! ??
    Oh… And you know SO many big words! That is AWESOME!

  • Fcuk Yuo

    lmfao whoever wrote this first of all, your just giving him more fans, and his current fans are just sitting here fucking laughing at you thinking you’re an idiot. Literally he put this on his page so we can come fucking laugh at you lol. in all seriousness tho, you’re retarded. If your really think that cops are the problem, head down to a cop shop and talk to one. Its just some dude like me (obviously not like you, because you’re to much of a pussy to do their job) doing his job. Ive been arrested before, and you know what? They were pretty nice. I did what the fuck they told me to do, and guess what? I didn’t get my ass beat for trying to fuck with them. You’re an idiot, and you are what is fucking up this country. PLEASE go move to fucking England or somewhere that your idiotic Liberal pansy ass bullshit is common.

    Everybody that isn’t a fucking idiot.

  • Gregg628

    Here’s what AK supporters think of your fearless leader on CB……. I’m guessing this pic about covers it.

  • AmiriKingForPres

    drink bleach and dont contaminate the world with your idiocy please for the love of god lol

  • Ashley

    Though I stand by the first amendment right of freedom of speech I stopped reading this when I came across that doing drugs is a victim-less crime. That is where you are wrong. I personally believe you’re wrong about many stand points but doing drugs is not a victim-less crime. A case in point would be a shooting that happened of father’s day in Medford, NY a couple years back. How about the druggies that leave their so called friends behind because they took a bit to much? What about people killed in car accidents because someone was high/drunk behind the wheel? I could to on but it’s not a victim-less crime.
    I will agree as far as yes there are crooked asshole cops out there but there are plenty others who do their job properly. I work closely with cops as an EMT. I have also dealt with them in my personal life as well. I hope there never comes a day you need to dial 9-11. Because it’s people like you who deserve to be the victims of meaningless criminal acts. I agree with amiri king. I agree with his general principle. But you are also uninformed as well. Do more research.

  • Rodrigo Pirate

    Are you upset?

  • Tim Creese

    Blah blah blah go make me some sandwiches. You all sound like a bunch of sissy ass bitch boys. #eatabagofdicks

  • chris demille

    amiri king says it like is you cocksuckers need to be executed

  • new reader

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read…

    Most of your statement about his video is ad hominem attacks, the rest is breaking it down from one comedic point of view into separate points of view so that you could make your attacks…

  • Motorhead710

    OMG…….this article made me laugh so hard!! Amiri……well said. Your tactics are all wrong Josh. You know how much of a little douche-bag bitch you sound like? Funny how you stereotype all cops is the same as saying everyone named Josh is a little douche-bag bitch!! Now we know that is only true of one person named Josh……am I right?!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

    Yes, there have been problems with corrupt police but it isn’t everyone of them as your claims are. It works both ways and many that are attacked truely did deserve what they got. Most cases you never see or know the entire story. WE WILL NEVER LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD as you expect. Just think what it would be like if we didn’t have ANY police and no laws were in place. It would be worse than the wild west. You would be afraid to go out your house because the neighbor can shoot your ass just because you act like a little bitch. Wouldn’t that be scary??????!!!

    I am happy to know at least there is some security and safety that I can walk outside my neighborhood/city and feel safe. Without police, that security would not exist.

    An old wise mans saying…. Promote what you LOVE instead of bashing what you HATE. Your life will be much better.

  • TM

    You’re too much of an idiot to understand how grammar works. Why not get over that milestone first instead of showing your obvious lack of education and standards. With a 3rd grade reading level like the one you possess, it’s easy to understand why you’re ignorant to the thousands of articles written about real cases of police brutality.

  • James Taylor

    The police state, what kind of impact has it had on my life? None. None at all. Why? Because I don’t go around breaking laws. Weird concept isn’t it? Maybe the police are as aggressive as they are because of an increase in this anti-police rhetoric that has increased violence against the police? No? For all your “logic”, it’s surprisingly absent.

    Increased aggression = increased aggression. Not a hard concept at all. But at least you preaching compassion (“logic and human compassion”) is in no way invalidated by anything at all that you say right? I’m not sure you actually understand the meaning of logic OR compassion. I mean, you go pretty far out of your way to berate anyone whose views are different than yours. I get it though, hypocrisy is only okay when it’s you right?

    The only thing you’re consistent at is being a self-entitled, pretentious twat. But by all means, continue to decry violence while helping to perpetuate it.

  • John Blankenship

    Next time you need help, call a crackhead.

  • TM Sucks Donkey Ballz

    Ok fuckstick, i have better shit to do than sit here listening to some little pansy ass twat waffle. And thousands of articles? Shit you need to go back to school too, learn how to count shit bird.

  • Jacob Taylor

    Copblock is just a bunch of wannabe lawyers that are more like s**t stirring domestic terrorists.

  • fail

    Calm down bro and go pop some pills…. Why so much hate towards a man who turned his life around? Is it because he challenges your world view?

  • Jared Bunker

    It must be tough being white in iowa city. All that racial diversity and police injustice in one place. No really, Is it white guilt, growing up a nobody or being an outcast in a sea of sameness that creates such an individual that writes junk stories on something he has never first hand experienced? It is simple, dont antagonize another person, don’t be an ignorant fool, and don’t fight with them. Guess what the likelihood that you deal with the 1% of the bad ones and acting with a little class. You will never have an issue. I never said the word cop once. Why, because this is how it works in all aspects of life, including if you are being arrested. Biotch!


    a wild west youve never lived in nor fully understand? honey is 2015 please grow up


    both of you need to learn how to count, and write, and not be a complete fucking sheep


    so because he said he had his picture took in a fucking different dialect that you dont understand it makes him uneducated? Please kindly go fuck yourself

  • 061262

    Thank you, Fcuk Yuo! To all these cop haters I hope you find yourself in a position where you need one, and they can’t get to you. Because you don’t deserve their protection or assistance. Next time maybe you are the one to catch the bullet from one of those drive-by’s or maybe your home/store/car will be vandalized or burned down because some people don’t know how to act like normal human beings when they are mad. Instead of campaigning against ALL cops and trying to make ALL cops look bad, why don’t you wipe the hate out of your eyes and take another look. If you want it to be OK to shoot yourselves, burn your shit, steal things and just generally go against everything that decent people normally adhere to then go for it. Next time you need a cop, call the neighborhood crack/meth head (or the thug of your choice) to help your ass out. Stop painting a picture that isn’t true. There ARE bad cops out there – they get caught and punished. You are making the job harder for the good cops out there trying to do their job and keep us all safe. You are spreading hate and paranoia for all cops,

  • jackie

    You are an ass. Serve as an officer, then tell me how bad they are. You jackass. Must’ve had a run in huh? Whatever it was, I have no doubt you deserved it.

  • James Taylor

    Inbred* That can in no way be misconstrued as a typo, that’s pure irony.

  • Common Sense

    ha ha +4

  • Common Sense

    Nope, my truck is blue. But thanks for asking.

  • Yomammaaho

    Have to admit…that WAS funny.

  • Aaron Francis

    Amiri king makes alot of sense. Think about this. If you are in trouble like being robbed or attacked, who are you gonna call? That’s right dip shit, The police.

  • Ben Klink

    You ever think he does it because he’s not a fucking idiot and smart enough to know about attention spans and how it affects people’s abilities to follow any video/motion picture. Same reason if you watch any movie the camera will switch shots after every 10 seconds

  • John

    I think their are criminal cops but I know their are criminal people. Criminal to their soul. If you were old enough to remember the riots in the 60s or have spent any time in jail you would know what I’m saying. But hey congrats on finding something to bump your gums about!
    Looks like your doing it for profit though and in my opinion it makes you almost as bad as a cop that shoots a kid in a park he was wrong and so are you.

  • Joseph Hennen

    LMAO, at least Amiri spoke the truth. Don’t resist, do what the cop asks, and you won’t get your ass beat. Hey they may even give let you off with a warning. Wow right? Show them respect and they might take it easier on you? What a novel idea.

  • Nikki

    Maybe you should try it sometime. First one should read: My name is Larry and I get off by harassing police in the Ohio Valley. Second one: My mother hates me. Third one: I am a complete failure in life.

    Helpful tip: You can purchase those index cards the local Wal-Mart close to your job.

    You’re welcome! :)

  • Me

    Kinda funny how many people get their panties in a bunch when their ideologies don’t aline with ideologies of other people….. (i.e., cop block). He may sound uneducated, but he does bring a “plethora” of knowledge in common sense. It’s quite simple, don’t break the law, you won’t get messed with. Not much to that; however, most cop blockers lack the comments sense to understand that concept.

  • Michael Easter

    Saying that drug laws are a political crime is your worst argument. You may not agree with paternal legislation, but it is codified into our law. One day, it may not be, but until that day comes, it is illegal. Breaking a law you do not agree with is still breaking the law. As for Amiri’s pro-cop stance, I am pretty sure he does not encourage or support police brutality. His message is don’t resist and it will go a lot smoother. And 99% of the time, that would be true. I think we can all agree on that, or if 99% is too high for you then we will just say 90%. It is still a vast majority. On a different note, you accuse him of being illogical for being anti-criminal and pro-police instead of anti-both. Supporting law enforcement does not mean every police officer gets to do what they want. There are laws that protect people from police officers as well. What they can and can not do is codified and it is illegal when they do not abide by it which technically makes those police officers criminals, which would fit right back into the anti-criminal stance. Another big problem is that most the people that say fuck the police don’t mean it as fuck the police who act outside of the law and abuse citizens, they mean it as I don’t respect the law or its officers. I do what I want. That is childish behaviour. It is the same argument as being 6 and saying fuck parents.

  • Saint Bunny

    It takes a special kind of stupid to be a cop apologist. You, my friend, have it.

  • Swizzle

    Josh Hotchkin. Good story changed my life bro. Way to go man putting this guy down bc he’s not as well spoken as you. He’s a comedian and he’s funny. Plus he’s pretty spot on with the whole cop thing man. Of course some cops abuse their power. But that happens with any human in a position of authority. Is it right? No. The majority of cops are good people serving their community. As happens with anyone who starts to gain a little attention a little fame people like josh Hotchkin (aka haters) start coming out of the woodworks. You seem like a sensitive liberal to me. Don’t cry Josh dry your eyes. Pull up your pants. Stop being such a pussy.

  • Isn’t there a “million strikes” rule or something.

    This douche gives us decent rednecks a bad name.

  • Copblockisdumb

    Amiri king is the man!

  • Brad

    Thought this was a parody site and then I realized you are serious…. Lol. Either way you’re giving Amiri more fans and making yourself look like a whining 3 yr old. No wonder nobody’s heard of this page except for “wronged” criminals

  • Copblockisdumb

    Copblock is the most ignorant site, put your efforts into something productive.

  • tony

    oh because you have a little more education you’re such a better person, i don’t see you over there figuring out free energy. so unless you have something to share that is actually worthwhile, keep that cocksucker closed. no one likes a showoff. nice punctuation by the way, from someone so educated…

  • Grant

    The whole time it took to write that article you could have made like 57 sandwiches. Your boyfriend must be really proud of you.

  • Fuckthehaters

    Wow.. someone is butt hurt over this. But he is right… when they tell you to stop… stop. When they say let me see your hands.. show them your hands. It’s not that hard to figure out.

  • Anthony

    This is literally the dumbest website I have ever seen. You can’t tell me this is the most productive thing you can do with your time. Think about what you stand for. Now when some dude raps your daughter or murders your father over 20 dollars because he’s a fucking meth head. Don’t call the cops. Remeber you say this that when that happens. I agree you all are fucking basic.

  • Ben S Kelsey

    dude you are fucking retarded as fuck cops are not evil, you are the only evil in this country the cops are here to put fucktrads like you in jail and if you talk back, or insult a cop i hope he beats the living shit out of you

  • why SO STUPID

    You people are stupid he has more of a poi t than any of you agreeing that police are bad. Who will you call next time someone steals your stuff or mugs you or maybe even tries to kill yet you? It sure as hell don’t be your neighbor. You people blow my mind thinking that this shit , my dog has a better thought process.

  • mobooz


  • A-Train

    Poor guys… What he says is spot on. If that ‘upsets’ you, you’re part of the problem. I think most are against the ‘police state’, but since when does that mean everyone should just stop complying with usually very easy to follow non ‘tyranny’ requests like ‘hey, what’s your name buddy’ or ‘can I see your driver’s license’? We’re literally on the cusp of ‘nobody needs to comply’, which will lead to utter chaos (like what we’ve seen in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.).. Is that really what you want?
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    I imagine the ‘writer’ of this article, who can’t find the time for a self portrait (because his cause is obviously so worthy, so pure), has probably been body slammed for being a douche at some point. It’s REALLY easy to avoid.
    Everybody here needs to relax, make a sandwich, and stop being basic bitches.

  • uhhh…

    Whats the cop going to do? Jump in front of the bullet. The problem with cops is they are an after the fact remedy. If I were shot in a drive by I would call an ambulance not a cop. If my house were vandalized calling a cop does nothing the damage is done. I would instead call my insurance company. So.. yea i don’t see your point here…

  • A-Train

    Exactly. I have a few friends who always think it’s smart to mouth off to cops… Can you guess which ones have been arrested the most/pushed around? It’s like ‘dude, it doesn’t make you cool to wind up handcuffed in the back of a car for something stupid’.
    There ARE instances when cops ‘do wrong’ or overreact, but overall they just want it to be a regular day.

  • A-Train

    Exactly. We had a cop killed during the day in Cincinnati a few months back. A month ago a cop may have ‘overracted’ and killed an unarmed guy (who started pulling away in his car, a couple pounds of weed, etc., possibly dragging the cop); everyone was in an outrage, ‘how could this happen!?’… Well, we DID have a cop killed pretty recently, so maybe that plays into their psyche? Lots of anti-cop rhetoric going around, and it isn’t healthy.
    And I’m a true ‘right-winger’ who wants less gov’t. It drives me nuts.

  • why so stupid

    You are part of the problem. Also maybe if you stopped and thought about it being anti-pedophile is hell of a lot better than being anti-police but you probably don’t see past it with all your hate because they stop you from doing the wrongs in life like drugs and murder or robbery. Pedo loving bitch.

  • A-Train

    The edits are part of the routine. It makes the shtick funnier.

  • Johnny PapaDoc Davis

    I’ve watched alot of his video’s,yes he is crude, yes he is a redneck, yes his jokes are offenseive. But that seems to be the point. I’m myself am a subscriber to Copblock, I watch all the video’s that get posted to my timeline. I’m born, raised and still work in Detroit (murder capital of the U.S.A) and out of all the things going on. Im Amazed that this site you actually take the time, to slam or a 3rd rate comedian. Seriously, seriously, out of all what’s going on and all the police corruption in the U.S. you take the time to slam this guy. That’s like if I stopped my own construction business for a day to slam the ice cream man, for driving a ghetto ass truck. Smh in disappointment that you’d stoop to his level and waste your time to write such a long article aabout this ass. I hope you go back to the more important issue’s that your site is known for going after.

  • James Taylor

    It’s easy to cry out against the police because most of these people haven’t bothered to look in to the number of police that are attacked/killed yearly in the US. What about the police officer that bought shoes for a homeless man? The police officer that every day buys lunch for a homeless man? So there are plenty of stories of police going out of their way for their communities.

    What about the police officer that bought a hungry child lunch right before being murdered? What about the two police officers in New York that were executed in their squad car? What about all those videos of police being shot at while approaching a suspect? The police being murdered on camera?

    Every forgets about what it is they have to go through, and then wonder why they would be paranoid. The current mindset has only spawned more resistance and more attacks on police. Everyone wants the police to be less aggressive while not taking any steps to help give them a reason NOT to be aggressive. Even the poster of this article has a criminal background. Drunk and disorderly…pretty sure that’s why he’s so anti-police.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    “Funny how you stereotype all cops”

    Funny how YOU stereotype every person who has a run-in with cops as a criminal. But I suppose it’s alright for you to stereotype, but not others. That’s why nobody cares what you say, because you are full of double standards.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Because “talking back” is a crime, right? This is why you guys sound like idiots and nobody takes you seriously.

  • Really?

    Where do you live F*ing moron? I want to go over shoot you in the ass, take all your shit and burn what I don’t take. Oh, I will leave a prepaid cell for you to make all the necessary phone calls…idoit!!

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    No. I’m a free fucking person. How about I do what I want, and unless I’ve committed a crime, cops can go fuck themselves.

  • A-Train

    MANY more videos and stories of cops ‘doing good’ than bad. It’s just negativity and the ‘racism’ narrative sells better.
    And yesterday St. Louis police, executing a search warrant, where a ‘kid’ tried to shoot them, killed the ‘kid’. What does the town do? Start rioting again, over a POS.
    A girl under 10 was killed in St. Louis recently while eating dinner, from a bullet from most likely a gang member. NOBODY is protesting or ‘wanting justice’ for that.
    These ‘cop block’ people serve a purpose, but they’re just anti-cop at this point; not ‘pro-justice’. They’re simply taking advantage of sad situations to further an agenda, whatever it may be.

  • KDK52

    Why dont you all cry about it?

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    It would most likely be a cop who raped someone’s daughter. Look up the stats. Cops rape and molest people all the time and get a slap on the wrist.

  • A-Train

    Actually, knowing full well that ‘talking back’ can lead to ‘getting your ass beat/shot/tazed’, would/should lead to you being the idiot and not being taken seriously.
    I’m as much against the ‘police state’ as anyone, but it’s just fuckin stupid to talk back to a cop. Seriously fucking stupid.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    They are. They are trying to stop police murder of innocent people. It happens all the time. But I wouldn’t expect a copsucker to actually educate themselves on police brutality stats.

  • A-Train

    free, and butthurt; not that their’s anything wrong with that.

  • James Taylor

    Couldn’t agree more. They’ve taken what was a great idea and destroyed its potential for positive change.

  • Brandon

    “Muh Heros” is incredibly offensive. The fact that you lead with this means your criticism and critique of someone else’s stereo types is worth about as much as the cover charge at Brothers. Wounded warriors is a charitable organization helping handicapped people adjust. Your self-proclaimed intelligence is worth little to nothing when you are just a plain and simple– bad person. It’s no coincidence you bring up Nazi in your opening– they too waged war against an entire group of people: good, bad, young, old. Much like the war you wage on police and military personnel. I hate criminals, of all types. I just don’t lump the good with the bad. Copsucker isn’t clever it’s as offensive as you claim Amiri King’s comedy bit to be. Maybe, just maybe someone will take you serious when you quit being such a hypocrite. For some reason though, I doubt it.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Yeah, I get a little butt hurt that family members of mine have died for rights that people like you are throwing away. I understand that you’ve never sacrificed for freedom, but that’s why you’re a pussy.

  • PissedPatriot

    The writer of this article clearly has penis envy…as in…his butthole is envious of Amiri’s cock and can’t wait to take a load from Mr. King’s flesh pistol.

  • A-Train

    Neither have you bro. Stop acting like you’re ‘fighting tyranny’ by talking shit to cops. You’re nothing brave or special.

  • mobooz

    Looks like you’re making a lot of friends with this one. Sure would be lulzy if one of them pranked you good, eh? Not only is trolling activism, it’s all in good fun! =D

  • A-Train

    Better watch out, because “it’s painted black, just like my cock”.

  • A-Train

    I thought part of being ‘educated’ means realizing different accents and dialects generally aren’t indicative of intelligence?
    So stopping when being told to stop, showing hands when asked to show hands, is ‘uneducated’, but fighting a cop is somehow enlightened.
    Do you all even read/think about the shit you right?

  • KDK52

    The fact that is a legitimate website is a joke. I wont feel sorry for any of you when some sick fuck breaks into your house and kills your dumbass, because guess what? The police are going to be the ones saving your sorry raped ass. Post a blog about it to some other losers with nothing better to do with their time then to put together this massive bullshit conspiracy theory, maybe mommy and daddy didnt give you all enough attention growing up. Hell, if I was a cop myself id arrest your ass for being illegally retarded, stomp a mudhole in your ass, and walk it dry.

  • uhhh

    Southwest Detroit… Come see me. Talk like that where I’m from and your family will need to make funeral arrangements. Because, by the time the police come its to late. So… while everyone wants to praise all cops. I only respect the ones that earn it. That do their job and uphold their oath. Since im assuming you’re to much of a bitch to come see me. You have a nice day Sir… or Mam. Whatever……..

  • Sean

    You are an idiot and feed the hate! Your logic means all cops are bad. Let’s get rid of cops, then your weak ass will cry about not having anyone around to defend your honor.

  • Bunnyisdumb

    Bunny you’re an idiot.

  • Amanda

    Since plethora means “a lot of” it is grammatically correct to say a plethora of common sense. Meaning you have a great deal of common sense. Just like you can have a plethora of knowledge, which you obviously don’t. Whether or not you like someone’s sense of humor, the message is still a good one. Let’s say there are 3 black people in my town who are thugs and low life’s, I don’t then start filming and being generally shitty to every black person I encounter in my town. Just because there are a few bad apples doesn’t mean I treat the majority like shit. Of course there have been some police officers that are corrupt, and corrupt teachers molesting students, and corrupt politicians, and corrupt priests. That does not justify acting like an asshole to every teacher, priest, politician, POLICE OFFICER that you encounter. You’re an ignorant moron. Laws are in place for a purpose. Following a police officers directions does not make you a coward. Sure if you hand over your license and immediately get kicked in the face then its a valid reason to be pissed. But just being a general cock to every cop just trying to do his job is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. I hope all the idiots on here don’t have kids they are teaching to talk shit and refuse to comply when they are stopped by police. You are perpetuating the problem!

  • Reworkmyazz

    Innocent my ass.

  • Jeremy Foster

    This is the most illogical, impractical, and probably the dumbest point of view I have ever seen. I mean you actually refer to cops as criminals. How about you minus cops from the equation of society and see what you get. You sir are a dumb ass. Please do not produce children ever

  • Derek Eldridge

    Honestly Amiri is quite a bit more funny than the “intellectual” bullshit that was just spewed all over this page. Hell, if you don’t like cops in this country, well fucking leave! No one is holding your dumb ass here you making a blanket statement about all cops would be like me making the same statement about all illegals, which would be racist. Point is you’re an idiot for thinking every cop is the same and i hope when someone steals all your shit you don’t call the police just go vigilante style see how that works for your dumb ass.

  • K

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. And anyone who hates cops are fucking stupid. Where would we be without law and order????!! Tell me that. Ill tell you. Most of us would be dead and our children wouldnt grow up in a safe world. I cant even believe this site exists. Anyone associated with it should be ashamed of themselves.


    Not sure what you wrote but killer video. You should stop writing these posts and just post more of his stuff. Might get more viewers.

  • Joe blow citizen

    “Free-time is the devil’s plaything” as well as these cop hating websites. Just some facts for you simple minded cop hating kids here. Law enforcement is a necessity in any organized society. As much as you them you absolutely need them.Next..Cops are human beings and yes like all humans they are not perfect.

    Jack Nicholson said it best ..

    Cops: You want answers?

    Cop Haters: I think I’m entitled to.

    Cops: Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Cop hater? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for [insert any criminal justifiably murdered by police], and you curse the Cops. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That [CRIMINAL] death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

    or Tom Berenger

    Talking about killing? Y’all experts? Y’all know about killing? I’d like to hear about it, potheads.

    Before you kids harass me about the movie references , I just assumed since you must live in your mothers basement ,you could relate a little easier.

    Remember 95% of cops do a outstanding job everyday at a task not one of you would want to do for single shift.

  • Austin Rooney

    Police don’t do anything but generate revenue and escalate situations. If a crime happens there is hardly any way to prevent it. The job of solving crimes goes to the detectives. Most laws that are passed are constitutionaly unjust and are made by the law makers that are lobbied by corperations, so the corporations can make more money. Every state ran government is now a corperation. Do some research. So these cops are pretty much just lunch time bullies shaking down citizens for their bosses.
    Also, I would never call the police, I fully practice my second ammendment right and will protect my family and property. I am not a weak minded simpleton that depends on other people holding my hand. You, and millions of other ppl like you, are whats wrong with America, you are petrified of your own shadow. Its people like you that have let our freedoms get striped away in exchange for a false sense of security. Enjoy your life as a slave, you pathetic excuse for an American.

  • soildershavehonor

    Wesley if you have problems with our military personnel I think that makes you a fool. Every nation has a military. The job of thevsoilders is to protect your freedom. To paint them in a bad light is to say you don’t want the freedom they protect. So from now on anything you say I will assume is not valid as you don’t want freedom of speech.

  • iyut

    Let’s see some statistical data that shows most cops do that. As you said if a rape happens it is most likely a cop.. So prove it. If you cannot then I think your opinion is as valid as a meth heads word.

  • fufyfyf

    I was in our army.. What sacrifice for freedom have you made you little jerk?

  • Steve Trevor

    Wow… thanks for the dumbest thing I’ll read all day. This guy is spot on… but I guess personal accountability is a concept y’all don’t quite understand yet.


    You are a stupid corn fed blogger which has no clue. Just another OWS commie fan who needs his a&& kicked. Writer? Really? Where did you receive your

    degree in journalism little kid? You chastise the LEO and praise your punk a&& friends who like you are a parasitic entity in our country! Do us all a favor you ice looking wannabe boy band fa@@ot and eat a bullet!@ GFYS

  • Shawn

    You must be fun at parties..just reading this article and I feel like killing myself.

  • Angel

    you kidding me? I guess someone wants attention. People can twist stuff
    around and always being critical. The channel button on my remote works
    and I use it when I don’t like what I see or hear on the t.v.. As
    stated “Badges do not grant extra rights” but I guess demeaning and
    cursing someone does because you don’t agree with someones opinion. So
    lets swear and call him names to get our point across? Basic child
    stuff. Oh! And I am an ex-correctional officer and I have family members
    that are police officers that agree with what he says by the way. If
    you had a bad experience like I did growing up with police officers
    (cops) don’t break the law or just be compliant. That’s not hard to do
    at all and you’ll be on your way. I turned my life around a long time
    ago and worked for the state of Arizona and it seemed like the inmates
    had more rights then the officers. If your gonna talk at least talk from
    life experience where it happened to you and not just be one who
    follows someones beliefs or what you see on t.v.. Media only covers not
    even half of what you see. Don’t believe your own hype! What do I think
    about Copsucker’s corner? “Click”

  • H_H

    I knew you were uneducated when you called him a mongoloid. It would be a better idea perhaps, to stay out of anthropology. It seems you had trouble enough writing this article.

  • Aly

    UM…LMAO… I like this guy…”Amiri King” that is. He is Real about Life! Lmao on the part where he said hate the guy that steals money from your car!! We leave the car outfront unlocked and empty bcuz if we don’t we end up with a cracked window. And just last week someone was in the dam car again and stole all the frekin change!! And we live in a good area. I’m tired of all the shit in America; and I’m happy that Amiri King calls that shit out!!

  • Julia

    Thank You. I know I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Aly

    Oh; and AFTER THE FACT remedy; really. What happens when it’s a domestic dispute; and they show-up to stop the bullshit and abuse. They are putting their lives at Risk. Is that AFTER THE FACT. Not every situation is after the fact. And yes they will jump in front of a bullet. They do SAVE lives. Some things are pointless but not all. They are there for a Reason.

  • Valerie Emmons

    What an idiot–you must be a guy that cops know on a first name Basis—Amari King is dead on with his comments and your just a dumbass.

  • Valerie Emmons

    Ive walked this planet for 42 years and not once have my rights been violated by the police–they have always been there to help–even after i have taken care of a situation. Cops come after an incident so i protect my damn self. I also have two young adults who are metal heds with long hair-guess what? they have never had a issue with a cop either because they are respectful and not out doing dumb shit to have to interact with police to begin with. Grow up.

  • Joe

    The simple fact that you took the time to write an extensive article on a person that you don’t know, and based purely off of his comedy and internet personality just goes to show how little you have to live for in your life. I feel bad for you.

  • 061262

    yes I fully believe a cop would take a bullet to save a life. They go to work with no promise they will make it home. They are there to enforce laws that are in place for our safety. They may not be your first option to call but “uhhh” who do you think is going to arrest the person that shot you? Or maybe you wouldn’t want the person arrested… *shrugs* Probably was one of your “homies” anyway. And BTW.. you know a detective USUALLY has to be a cop first, right? LOL You are dismissed!

  • Yomammaaho

    Valerie…You are the classic definition of a “CopSucker”.
    Just because the police have’nt harrassed you….therefore they NEVER victimize anyone.
    Get your head out of your own ass and consider that not everyone is as fortunate as you.

  • uhh

    I agree… We should have police officers, for certain things. I was only debating the points previously mentioned by fucktard. I don’t agree with 80% of traffic violations. I don’t think you should call the cops for petty issues. I also don’t think people should have to rely solely on police intervention. By assuming that citizens are incapable of handling disputes amongst themselves. To me anyway, you are basically saying we are to ignorant to do so. Which in many cases, without police intervention, disputes get solved without a problem meaning no publicity… People want to dwell and blow up individual cases (Copblock included) for their own gain. But, the fact of the matter is that we do have an over policing issues in some areas. While other areas have an opposite problem. We can go back and forth all day. Meanwhile, the problems are never resolved. Mainly because all anyone wants to do is sit at home, be afraid of their own shadow and jerk off. Regardless of your occupation respect is earned not given. Like our forefathers we should not take any injustice lightly. Recognize tyranny in whatever form it comes and fight it. Whether it be neighborhood thugs or cops with a badge. Also, before everyone gets all offended, (which seems to be “trending now”) my last statement is only for people that it applies to. If your cousin, nephew, mom or dad is a “thug” and or a “cop”. I’m only speaking about them if they are forcing their will onto others……

  • Just Obey The Law

    First off, i just want to say that the person who wrote this article has some serious issues. You do
    realize that Amiri King is a comedian who says some truthful shit. (And before people say otherwise, yes, he does say things like make me a sandwich over and over in some videos. The point is, in those videos, he obviously isn’t being serious…)

    Anyway, if the cops ask you to do something like put up your hands, get out of your car if you are
    doing something illegal or do the damn hokey pokey, you better do it. That is how you avoid getting your ass beat.

    Additionally, when you categorize all cops as bad and that we should be anti-cop, does that really seem right to you? The overwhelming majority of cops do their jobs properly but they have to deal with idiots like you. Your methodology is like going to a grocery store, and buying a bunch of 100 grapes. Maybe 98 or 99 of those grapes will be ripe and fit for consumption while the other one or two will be rotten. Should I become anti-grape because of those few rotten ones?

    As for your last statement of him being homophobic, did you watch any of his other videos or did you just single out this one and write like an uneducated reporter? He explains his choice of words and even though many won’t agree with him using gay in that context, if you watched his next video, you would see why….

  • Just Obey The Law

    Three words for you: Obey the law. You won’t have to worry about being victimized then.

  • Yomammaaho

    I DO obey the law….but that did’nt stop the cops from violating MY rights.
    Like I said…you are a COPSUCKER.

  • uhhh

    All I was saying is this. What are the odds the cop will be there to jump in front of said bullet. I wasn’t doubting the cops predilection to do so. And “homie” really what are you five. Suburbanite watched one to many gangbanger movies from the 90s. Whether he were arrested or not that doesn’t change the fact that i was shot. For my safety?… I’m already bleeding to death. That sounds more like vengeance. So should I consider that the cops fault for not being a time traveler? No… all im trying to say is that people should rely on themselves first. I’ve done plenty of security work and considered becoming a cop in Detroit many times. I make more doing security… That being said, I understand the situations cops find themselves in and sympathize to a degree. But, on the other side of the coin I have seen them do terrible things do to a false sense of power. Your life, my life, our family’s live should not be decided by a flip of a coin my friend….Just saying

  • thinbluefamily

    Hey dumbass! I hope every cop in your town reads your commentary and refuses to respond to call at your residence when you’re getting skull fucked by a corn-fed Hawkeye football player high on PCP.

  • Hock

    Ur jokin right? Give up ur “writer” gig and go take your ass to Baltimore or wherever the hell else their throwing bottles! You sir are a clown :)

  • Just Obey The Law

    Would you like to explain the situation and how your rights were violated?

  • whoopsydoodoo

    “The problem with cops is they are an after the fact remedy.”
    And not even a remedy; more like sticking a bandaid onto a sucking chest wound.

    Their personal security services are basically nonexistent. Their courts have ruled countless times that they are not obligated to provide any service to the people who are forced to pay for those services.

    Even their investigatory “services” are dismal. If people can afford it and care about outcomes, they hire private investigators who act as their agents rather than act against them (which police are known to do)

  • Just Obey The Law

    It is part of his comedic effect for his longer videos. It makes them funnier in my opinion.

  • Valerie Emmons

    And not everyone has had a bad encounter with police either–so you folks going around saying all cops are bad are just retards who can’t stay out of trouble. Because i respect their jobs are risking their livelihood I’m a copsucker–well your a cock sucker hows that? grow up.

  • Five Alpha One

    “by assuming that citizens are incapable of handling disputes amongst themselves” – You just nailed it on the head thats why alot people call the police because they ARE incapable of shit that may seem basic or obvous to you.

  • Five Alpha One

    What a shit article, no points were countered with logical rebuttals. It was just one big personal attack against someone you’ve never met…personal attacks the tool of the retard.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    You’ll find that all of Josh’s “stories” are rife with nothing of value to the reader who thinks critically and independently. It’s simply fodder for the sheep who refuse to think for themselves.

  • Shitstain

    Punk ass bitch

  • Shitstain

    Why are you such a cocksucker? Are you a little 22 year old, failed journalist who can’t get a news job, so you just write blogs? You are a fucking idiot. Seriously. I don’t lick anyone’s boots, but apparently you’re trying SO HARD to get new fans to lick yours it makes everybody laugh. Not once have I seen a case of actual police brutality, I should fucking know! Took 3 years of law before I dropped out to save sorry sacks of shit like yourself on a daily basis. I can’t wait for someone to completely stomp your scrawny, world of warcraft, keyboard warrior ass. You’re going to call the cops, because you’ll have a broken jaw, concussion, lacerations, etc. Then, you’ll start screaming justice! Cause you were done wrong. Then I’ll walk in, unwire your jaw, and let you scream for the cops to come back. When they walk in, I’ll hold this article up. I’ll show it to the hospital, guess who won’t help you out then? Stop being such a follow the herd sheep

  • Larry

    You lost me at “maybe”. Maybe you could tell me why my mother hates me. It might start me on the road to healing. Thank you so very much.

  • Larry

    Most people don’t realize that cops come to take crime scene photos and write a report, after the crime has been committed, and the perps have long gone. The crime becomes a cold case. The person that solves the crime is the snitch (not used in a derogatory way) that calls the department, the detectives get the credit for solving the crime.

  • Gilberto Diaz

    You are a fucking moron. I didn’t even bother to read all of your libtard nonsense. Your first paragraph says it all. “Mindless acts of aggression on behalf of the state should be worshipped” it shouldn’t be worshipped but it should be appreciated. Those acts of aggression are what protect your right to post anti establishment bullshit from the comfort of your home or coffee shop you yuppie fuck. Grow the fuck up and stop being a sheep. Fuck the government? Fuck you! Go to Cuba or Venezuela or even Italy and speak against the government and see what happens. Those are true police states you unappreciative pussy.

  • Gilberto Diaz

    Next time you need help, call a crackhead, not a cop. See how much good it does you

  • Gilberto Diaz

    That’s terroristic threatening. Something a cop would love to handle :)

  • CaKe

    Idiot! Cops come after whatever you needed them for already happened! You don’t have a weapon do you? You have no way to protect yourself do you? I bet you love all warning labels as well!! See if I need a cop it’s to write a report after I shot whoever was fucking with me or my family! Stupid fucking city fag!

  • Steve Green

    Fcuk You is correct. I won’t stand behind a fake name and call you idiots though I’ll do it up front. You are an idiot, a “wannabe hero”. You’ve been watching too many Alex Jones videos and playing too much Grand Theft Auto. What happened, did you apply to become a police officer and they laughed at you? Or maybe you got busted for drugs and you just can’t stand that you were wrong for breaking the law? That sucks, because there will always be police and there won’t be anything you can do about that. In the end all your stupid anti police bullshit will be for nothing. So, go back to your mental masturbatory dreams of saving the world from the real heros and hope to God that you dont ever find yourself in a situation where a cops gives his or her life for you. I am sure you’ll regret your words if that happens.

  • CaKe

    Hell yes!

  • CaKe

    Atleast the crack head won’t shoot me! Crack head probably has more respect.

  • Steve Green

    Are you serious? I worked in Highway traffic management for 14 yrs and saw police pull people from burning cars many times. You are only thinking about one possible facet of a cops job. How about search and rescue? Would you call the police if you had a missing child or loved one? Think about it….

  • Steve Green

    I’m sure he’s a huge supporter of

  • Steve Green


  • Steve Green


  • Jar jar binks

    When the shit hits the fan and you call for police. I hope they never come.

  • Steve Green

    Normally, people who dont break the law dont have a problem with the police. :-)

  • Jar jar binks

    So when you call your insurance and they ask you for a case number you’re going to sound like a dumbass. You need a report about your house being broken into in order for your insurance to help you. You are pretty fucking dumb.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    Impossible. No one can obey all of the laws (even if they chose to obey bad laws).

    There are hundreds of thousands of laws in the US. You could spend 20 lifetimes trying to process all of the existing laws and fail. Even then, you would have difficulty, because much of the language in these legal fictions is incomprehensible to the average reader – deliberately so.

    And furthermore, none of this even takes into account the drive to stay ahead of the laws that continue to be pumped out every day.

    Advising people to obey a babbling brook would make more sense

  • 12345

    Your right to have a gun doesn’t mean you can just take care of business however you see fit. But good luck with that.

  • 12345

    If you’re shot an ambulance is going to ask for a squad anyway. And your insurance company is going to ask for a police report so that… you know… everyone isn’t just calling State Farm and saying all their shit is gone.

  • Wade Dewell

    hows that peaceful protesting working guys, great results eh! ya your peaceful protesting works soooooo well that police never get arrested for muder,rapes, assaults or robberies even when caught on camera, they even get paid vacations and promotions no less. for fucks sake A PIG CAN RAPE OR MURDER OR ASSAULT YOU ON MOTHER FUCKING CAMERA AND GET A PAID VACATION>>>>>> for fucking jesus christs sake fight the fuck back this peaceful protesting isnt working and fighting back is the only thing as a society we havent tried.

    ive told you OVER AND OVER AGAIN, police are above the law and are enemies of the people and america is a facist country whom all politicians and judges are bought and owned by corporations and the rothschild bankers. the people in power are our enemies and do NOT work for the 99% no amount of holding your hands up or holding a sign will change anything in facist nazi america! clive bundy shown that armed protest and a willingness to fight and die for what you believe in WORKS

    LET IT GO, it is not a sin to fight for the right cause, there are those that words alone will not reach,the evil 1 %, global elite, corrupt governments and coprorations are such beings, i know we the people are peaceful and gentle and dont want to hurt others, but it is because we cherish life that we must protect it. our pacifism will kill us and the whole earth. we must drop our restraints and get angry, let it go, fight back only then will we gain freedom.

  • wow

    I find it funny that you call him a hillbilly and “dickwit” while preaching how he’s ignorant and hateful for calling people names. Fighting fire with fire… you’re obviously SO much better than him. Ha. You’re the EXACT same just on the opposite side of the fence. You group cops together as a whole… and make a judgement on them all. How is that ANY different than being racist, sexist, or homophobic? What a fucking joke.

  • A real American

    Lol all you guys are fucking retarded. People like you make me embarrassed to be called an american. Don’t fuck with police and they won’t fuck with you. This is LITERALLY the worst article I have ever read in my life and the stupidest fucking website I’ve ever come across in my days of scrolling the Internet. Id say at least find some capable writers but anyone who would involve themselves with this is just as big a fucking idiot as the rest of you. Lmao

  • Kingchedr1

    Its crazy cause alot of cops frequently get caught doing all the things that he said we should be against?? From raping kids to stealing shit i dont want nothing bad to happen to anyone and i definitely dont want noone to suffer from police brutality but i just wish these cop apologists could get a little taste of it. But how about when people say “next time something happens to you dont call the cops” not everyone depends on someone else too keep themselves safe i seriously cant picture a situation in which i would need law enforcement other than to haul away the dead body of the intruder its weak people like yall that we have these police problems

  • RadicalDude

    “”Those acts of aggression are what protect your right to post anti establishment bullshit from the comfort of your home or coffee shop”

    How do you know? What facts (if any) support such a conclusion?

  • RadicalDude

    “The job of thevsoilders is to protect your freedom. ”

    Are there any facts that support this conclusion?

  • RadicalDude

    “The overwhelming majority of cops do their jobs properly”

    What methodology did you use in formulating this conclusion? You imagined you were in a store eating grapes?

  • RadicalDude

    Humans survived for 300000 years without police. What facts support a conclusion that anyone needs them?

  • RadicalDude

    Can we see your driver license?

  • Herbie Versmells

    Joshua. You are dumb.

  • Member548

    “yes I fully believe a cop would take a bullet to save a life.”

    You mean like the one cop who was scared of a family pet and while in a panic pulled his gun out to shoot it, and instead fell down and shot and killed the woman he was actually tasked with protecting?

    Or how about that other cop who panicked when a friendly dog ran up wagging his tail and pulled his pistol to shoot it and the bullet spatter from him missing wounded a 4 year old girl?

    How about the one officer that shot that man in the back as he ran away, that officer was obviously pretty brave.

    Possibly that one child officer in Texas that beat and tazed a 74 year old man over a $5 sticker he didn’t even need?

    How about the NYPD officers that yelled at, cussed and insulted a citizen just because he was dancing near them, and then after they told him to leave push him down. yeah I bet those guys are real concerned with your well being.

    How about the deputy that rolled up on a homeowner who just survived a gun fight with home invaders and yelled to at the citizen to drop his gun and shot and killed him the instance his sentence ended? Yeah, he’s pretty brave I bet, bet he’d take a bullet for a stranger.

    Maybe “a” cop would take a bullet for you, but there are just as many who won’t think twice to endanger or kill you to secure their own safety. If you think this nation doesn’t have a growing problem with police brutality, police over reaction and lack of accountability then you’re just a special kind of stupid.

  • RadicalDude

    What about the people who crash their cars while sober? Does that mean you are creating a victim while sober driving as well? Why/why not? What about those who die from medical procedures? Does that mean that YOU are creating a victim by performing medical procedures every time(including those times no one is harmed)? Explain.

  • Member548

    You really think police are effective at saving people from violent criminals that are already in commission?

    According to the FBI, when an armed citizen stops a mass shooter scenario, fewer people are killed than when police stop mass shootings. The reality is that police almost always show up after the fact and it’s pretty unusual for them to actually stop a violent act in progress.

    Anyone that relies on the police to save them is already a victim with that mindset, because when seconds count, the police are only minutes, or hours away.

    You know who is going to stop a sick fuck who breaks into my house? Me, that’s it, and if I don’t then all the police will do is show up to write a report and maybe look for the guy.

    By the way, according to the FBI, despite law enforcement having better technology and methods to solve serious crimes, police now solve violent crimes like rape and murder at a LOWER rate than they did in the ’70s. Officers now are too focused on BS jobs like locking people up over victim less crimes and writing citations to do real police work.

    But you just keep on being a special little snow flake and keep your mouth open wide to accept what ever narrative the government wants to spoon feed to useful idiots.

  • Member548

    “It’s easy to cry out against the police because most of these people haven’t bothered to look in to the number of police that are attacked/killed yearly in the US.”

    Actually it’s more dangerous to be a farmer than a patrol officer.

    Being a patrol officer isn’t even on the top ten list of dangerous professions in the USA.

    The guy that picks up your garbage is more likely to be killed on the job than a police officer.

    Also the majority of officer fatalities are from auto accidents, not being killed by another person.

    You can do a little research and quickly see the OSHA, along with other statistics that back up every thing I have said.

    Data will also show that serious injury is more common in many other professions, like construction worker and farmer.

    The often repeated narrative that police work is exceptionally dangerous is just propaganda. No one makes excuses for a garbage man being a jerk or abusing people because his job is dangerous, so don’t make excuses for police officers.

  • Gilberto Diaz

    The very fact that you’re able to post your idiotic garbage is fact enough. If we as a nation rolled over everytime there was a conflict we would not have the freedoms we have. Sorry for not explaining that. Just figured it was common knowledge /sense

  • W⚓️

    I spent valuable time reading this and I want every second back …. Can you refer me to your legal department? Ps I hope you burn in a car fire during a police chase while you evade arrest for child porn!



  • whoopsydoodoo

    I’d rather do away with the concept of socialized police, and have people redirect those funds towards private security firms. A private security firm has powerful incentive to prevent the rape and murder of its clients occurring in the first place. And should those crimes occur, the private security firm, unlike police, would devote all of its resources towards finding the culprits.

    Competition in an open market would bring the price of “policing” way down. Limiting activities to the type of protective services that people want to pay for (crimes with a victim) would further reduce wasted resources.

    The typical service of a private firm would include protection of property and person. If someone wants to fight a war against the drug trade, he can finance the war himself and personally incur the associated dangers and losses. It’s hard to imagine anyone frivolously starting a conflict that would likely result in the demise of himself, his loved ones, his associates, etc. In other words, a war on drugs is able to exist because the aggressors have no skin in the game. They have no personal accountability for the violence they cause.

    In such a system, “good cops” would earn more in an open market. “Bad cops” would find themselves unemployable in the long run

  • Rojo

    yea I’ve been in two situations involving missing persons and the dumb ass cops could only muster ridiculous and completely unprofessional ideas of why that person may have decided to just up and leave.fucking morons.i couldn’t count how many different cops told my mother that there was nothing they could do and to just accept the fact that her husband didn’t want to be around anymore.thank god he wasn’t actually capsized in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico for two fucking days.oh wait….search and rescue lol.more like sit and wait.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    Our intrepid reporter (although the dread head isn’t really JSH but you get the idea)…

  • whoopsydoodoo

    That only further proves the point that government policing is a farce. Anyone else hired to perform such a service would be removed from employment if he refused to perform the service he contracted to perform. For some reason, although they’ve supposedly been hired to perform these services, police can simply refuse to perform them, and no one seems to question it

  • Nathan Brazil

    Looked up “hyperbolistic” in the dictionary wasn’t there, and the term “plethora of common sense” means a large amount or an excessive amount of, wait for it…….common sense! Just how does that not make sense? The person who wrote this article isn’t that smart and all their opinions are fueled by emotions rather than facts and truth.

  • Steve Green

    We got ourselves more internet tough guys here!

  • Steve Green

    What the fuck ever dude. You obviously dont know shit about how police are supposed to operate.

    I’m curious do you have a police record? Drugs? Theft? Some kind of gang related activity maybe? Or maybe you just have a problem with authority figures?

    Hmmm I’m curios now….

  • UnknownUzer

    The dude makes a valid point.

  • Wow

    You’re playing right into his hand by trying to make fun of him. You see, people like Amiri King and in fact most all men who still have a pair of balls dont care about the opinions of useless, uncontributional, shit stirring progressives like yourself. Why? Because those of us who matter to society laugh hysterically at the idiotic claims and comments made by fuck ups like the waste of oxygen that took the time to shit this article out of their word hole. Funny how you make fun of the “Blue Collar” comedians when people like you have virtually replaces them in entertaining people with actual jobs. Only you won’t come out of it rich as hell and nobody will like you. So you have fun with your cute little page and I hope you get robbed later and the cops don’t help you. Have a wonderful day! ;)

  • Jnew808

    I think both sides are over generalizing and it’s just turned in to more of a passing contest. Just as you are entitled to protect your civil liberties with educating and empowering yourself against any potential “crooked” law enforcement; Mr. KING has a right to be a supporter I’m general of Law Enforcement. I’m sure he wouldn’t let a cop break in to his home and rape his wife as I’m sure whoever wrote this rebuttle wouldn’t. Just be “pro-honest human” and stop choosing sides. It’s childish

  • Lee Burris

    To those who actually read these:

    Amiri King may not be the most subtle of speakers, but do not perceive this message as any form of hate. He just makes a couple of very valid points.
    1. FUCK THE POLICE…. Only a valid statement if you’re pro-crime.
    2. If perps, suspects, or unsubs (or any other term for the like) followed police instruction instead of running, fighting, or generally resisting, those instances of violence would be greatly reduced. Then, if you feel your civil rights have been violated, file a complaint, sue the department….. stay alive.

    We entrust our police officers with our safety, but they need to worry about their’s as well. If they truly feel threatened, I believe whole-heartedly that they should defend themselves with extreme prejudice. Just a few days ago an officer in Texas stop a vehicle. An unarmed man got out of said vehicle. The officer drew his weapon, but never fired….. it almost cost him his life. Worried about the public image of the situation, he didn’t fire. The man continues to approach the officer, ignoring his commands to stop. The man over powered the officer and beat him with the officer’s pistol, then left him for dead.
    Bystanders who had pulled out their phones to video the incident, never once lifted a finger to assistant a public servant. Yet, I’m pretty sure if the event had transpired differently, they would have all rushed the criminal’s aid.

    Take a stand for our officers. #coplivesmatter

  • Carrie


  • poopybutthole

    tl;dr lol
    things copblock does not have: a plethora of common sense

  • jomommawashere

    Lmao, whoever wrote this crap is a fucking idiot. I hope you feel real cool behind your keyboard ya fucktard. Cops risk their lives every day to keep the animals off the streets. People like you are what is wrong with America. Keep eating up everything you see on the news libtards.

    P.S. go fuck yourself from another Amiri King fan.

  • Alysa Buchanan

    I am not defending Amiri, well …yeah, maybe I am. As I am countering your blatant unintelligent usage of the word plethora. Please note a dictionary entry will prove that it is more knowledgeable on “plethora’s” correct usage than you are.

  • Beezel


  • Beezel

  • bchooker

    Funny you talk so much trash about Amiri King. First, if you’re so anti-police then don’t ever call the cops to help you. Ever. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite and aid to the destruction of this country, as you so put it. Second, if people like you stand up to police and state your rights and defend them then the police will either A: leave you alone or B: (most likely) beat the shit out of you for whatever reason they feel is worth imprisoning you for. So basically, you can comply with the police in the way that they want to keep from getting killed or you can stand up and put yourself in harm’s way. Depending on the situation, it’s ok to be a little bitch when stopped by cops. Maybe people just shouldn’t break the law, is that logic acceptable? And third, he states kn various other videos that when he says “gay” he doesn’t mean “guy kissing guy” so please, don’t be so small-minded and ignorant to talk shit about someone based on the ONE fucking video you watched and actually go do some research for once.

  • James Taylor

    I believe that currently the title for most dangerous job in the country still belongs to fishermen. What does that have to do with my point? I re-read through everything I posted, and not once did I say that the police have the most, or one of the most, dangerous jobs in the country. The ONLY thing I said is that there is danger involved in their occupation.

    In 2014, the number of officers killed in the line of duty was 126. In 2013 it was 102.

    In 2014, 50 of those deaths were by firearms, 2013, 32. (Information was gathered from multiple sources, including NPR and the FBI database)

    So it appears to me, that the level of danger involved in their occupation is on the rise. Weird how that coincides with the increase in civilian aggression isn’t it? So, civilian aggression increases, more officers lose their lives…I’d say there is pretty solid reason to expect police to be more forceful/aggressive when dealing with people.

    But let’s break this down even further. There are roughly 18,000 state and local police agencies around the country. Of those, around roughly 3% reported having a fatal shooting in 2014. You are literally more likely to be shot by a criminal than by a police officer whose arresting you. But cops are bad right?

    What about all of these claims of police brutality? With all of the video evidence that is constantly being brought out, more and more cops are actually being CLEARED of police brutality. Why? Because only part of the video is leaked on to the internet. Once the entire video gets leaked, that’s when everyone gets the opportunity to see everything that lead up to the officer slamming the person on the ground. You know, like when the person is resisting…hitting the officer…that kind of thing.

  • Joshua H

    You would think that the people commenting here would be careful not to commit the same logical fallacies and idiotic thinking that were already shown to be invalid. You would think that, but then you’d realize that stupid people aren’t stupid because they lack knowledge. Even when presented with knowledge their stupidity remains intact. And so this comments section now looks like a bunch of dogs being shown card tricks, if those dogs drank too much Busch Lite, listened to Travis Tritt and were the product of four generations of incest.
    I LOVE IT!

  • origionalwinja


  • origionalwinja

    So the writer lives in libtard filled Iowa city Iowa….it’s where the state of Iowa keeps all its retards. The very people bitching about “the growing police state” are 100% responsible for the very problem!!

  • fucktardfinder

    You are a FUCKTARD!

  • Jason Carlson

    Wow, hard to believe that someone could be so literally retarded and have such a boring, meaningless life to put so much time in trying to bash Amiri. He’s a comedian, if you dont like his shit then dont watch…basic bitch. I bet your boyfriend rides shotgun in your ford while licking your liberal asshole. Dick smells like hot shit and mayonnaise, I bet you wear a flat bill cap while watching oprah on you futon…Biiiitch.

  • Billy Bob

    No way someone can say ”all cops are bad/all cops are good”..Truth is there are fkd up ppl in the law enforcement field but also some decent ones.Alot of what Amiri King says is comedy.He’s found a niche.It’s HIS opinion.I thought he was entitled to that in this country?

  • CopBlockAreCocksuckers

    I agree, we don’t need cops. I’d rather just fill the next motherfucker that breaks into my house with HP’s and throw them in the trash where they belong. Break in to my car? Smash your head in with a hammer and throw you in a vat of sulfuric acid to dissolve. Rape my kid? Strap you to a chair and shoot .22 shot shells at your face until you beg me to kill you after shoving a machining reamer up your ass repeatedly, then hanging your ass from a street pole for all to see. Steal something of mine? I’ll hang ya and disembowl you while you’re still alive. Smash my windows? Ever hear of execution by saw? So yea, I’d rather do that then call the police. I guarantee people would think twice. But police protect you from fucks who get off on that sort of thing. I’ve been one. I never really knew what they did, and bitched about them until I did the job. Yea, most are after-the-fact things, but the one thing you can count on is that if I showed up because you called me, I’d help you. If you treat me like shit, I’ll treat you the same. Fucks like the guy who wrote this article start off conversations with cops trying to pick a fight. Grow up.

  • PB

    All of the Copblock groupies constantly regurgitate the same mindless rhetoric verbatim time and time again, like mindless sheep. It’s like you guys read off of cue cards or something. For instance, every single one of you always claim police work is so safe because it “isn’t even on the top 10 list of most dangerous professions.” Who the hell cares? Is there a prize for being on that list? And have you thought of how little sense that makes anyway. The source I found put police work at number 15. There are over 800 different jobs. That would still put it in at least the top 2 percent of most dangerous jobs. Are people in the top 2 percent of income earners considered poor? No. Are individuals in the top 2 percent of of intelligence considered stupid? No. So why would a job in the top 2 percent for dangerous jobs be considered one of the safest? The often repeated lie that police work is one of the safest occupations is just propaganda. Get the copblock dick out your mouth long enough to come up with a rational thought of your own for once! You guys literally hang on to every word of this propaganda site as if it’s gospel.

  • Idremhd

    Thanks for taking the time to transcribe his rant. I loved it so much I printed it out and hung it on the fridge. Amiri has a way with words. You, on the other hand sound like you have down syndrome.

  • Will Hart

    The attempt is to help ensure accountability among officers. Which there is a lack of. I dont always agree with the methods but it is something that needs to be addressed. Not all cops are bad but the ones that are are being protected by unions and other officers which cause tarnished reputation among the general populace causing sites like this. So… idk… take the cop dick out your mouth…

  • RadicalDude

    How do you figure that one is the cause of the other?

  • Wowwtf

    Whoever wrote this article is a full blown idiot, don’t break the law if they tell you to stop stop talk to them and be on your way. The author of this is basically encouraging anarchy, guess you’re just another basic bitch too

  • PB

    The trolling is strong with this one.

  • M R

    This is actually kind of funny. First of all, I like how every side of an argument is a polar opposite and ignores other valid points. Obviously it’s different everywhere, but the valid points that Mr. King make are these :

    Don’t resist arrest and you have a better chance of not being hurt;

    Cooperate with police; and

    While some are racist and there ARE issues, do your best in that situation.

    Now while I agree with these statements, I do also believe that you shouldn’t blindly do what they tell you and know your rights. Yes, there’s plenty of corrupt bureaucracy, but stop picking sides and intelligently debate it out.

  • William Hirst

    I love when you retarded cop blocking shit eaters cry out in pain while being tortured. It’s fucking funny. You shit stains think your so fucking tough and the NAP will save. Sorry bro, Let’s hope I never catch you. I’m like Dexter when it comes to cop blocking shit eating fuckwits.

  • William Hirst

    Gilberto, You have to forgive these retards. They think the NAP is a magical shield that will defend them from evil. It’s funny to take Cop Blockers out into the country and let them loose. They get lost and need cops to save them…. They hug them and thank them. It’s quite fun. Next roundup will begin shortly.

  • William Hirst

    You’re one of those shit eaters that believe in the NAP, aren’t you? Fucking Retard.

  • William Hirst

    You are a fucking idiot. Seriously. All of your rebuttals are full of fallacies and bullshit. Radical Dude… More like shit eating millennial basement dweller.

  • mercedmann2013

    I have never seen a bigger collection of morons then the ones that support this page. Thanks for making me laugh with all your huffing and puffing about how tough you are and how you would react to some of the situations cops get in. 99% of you would shit your pants and cry like a little girl the first time a cop or anyone else put the smack down on you. What a bunch of fucking pussies. Stop living in your moms basement and get out into the real world and grow the fuck up.

  • Member548

    You don’t get it do you.

    You can’t even do simple minded comparisons of danger.

    Your claim of top 2% of of people working dangerous jobs is flawed.

    Far more people are farmers, sanitation workers, commercials drivers and work in construction than are patrol officers by a wide margin.

    The relative risk index as shown by
    places police work at 3.4

    A very common profession, truck driver, is a 26.2

    Several fields with millions and millions of more people working in them have higher risk indexes.

    So while police work isn’t “safe” compared to sitting at a desk, the fact remains that at least 10 times the number of people go to work every day and face a higher or similar chance of dying on the job, and no one makes excuses for them when they act unprofessionally because their job is dangerous. Stop using “it’s a dangerous job” as a reason to excuse officers who behave like callow thugs or make serious errors in judgement, they need to be fired like anyone else who messes up.

    In the last year I have seen two police officers traveling many times the posted speed limit (one was just late to his shift) with no lights or sirens strike and kill people, yet retain their job.. why? A lot of trucking companies will fire a driver for being in an accident that wasn’t even his fault much less causing a fatality accident through negligence. Why are truck drivers held to a higher standard than police officers? Could it be people like you who eat up state propaganda like it’s sweet sweet candy? Could it be that between the public’s blind acceptance of thinking what ever the police do is okay and the ridiculous power of the police unions that police officers have managed to develop themselves into a special class with special rights? Because there isn’t an employer in this nation that wouldn’t fire a employee who was driving a company vehicle doing 90mph in a 35mph zone because they were late to work and killed a pedestrian.

    Also time and time again officers make bad calls and beat or shoot people that results in millions of dollars of payments in civil liability. No intelligently operated system isn’t going to punish employees who create such liabilities, nor accept the behavior that creates those liabilities.

    The fact remains that there are millions of people who are held more accountable for their mistakes than police officers tend to be, and they even work more dangerous jobs as well.

    It’s also funny that some of those jobs that are more dangerous, are in fact as, or more vital to civilized society than police. Go a week with out food and see how that turns out, or even just a few weeks with out garbage pick up. Several jobs are ultimately as important to our nations well being as police, but no one makes excuses for a truck driver that kills someone while texting, he gets fired.

    Also I never said police work was safe, slick, just that it isn’t exceptionally dangerous, and it isn’t. I do more dangerous things for fun.

  • Peacekeeping

    The author of this bs is a fiction writer. I guess we no why he spins such magnificent crap about cops, he is a professional. You people that hate cops need to get your head out of the sand. If there is not law and order then we have no society. If bad guys didn’t require violence to restrain them we wouldn’t have many bad guys. If they simply said Awe shucks you caught me we wouldn’t need cops. It don’t work like that, they are criminals.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    NAP is a principle, not a form of faith, so there isn’t anything to “believe in”. Like any principle, you either choose to practice it or you don’t.

    Having said that, although not a formal practitioner, I can appreciate NAP on a philosophical level. But they should have called it the Non-Initiation of Aggression Principle, or NAIP, to clarify that practitioners are not pacifists. They will resort to violence if necessary, against those who initiate violence against them

  • whoopsydoodoo

    “FUCK THE POLICE…. Only a valid statement if you’re pro-crime.”
    Or, if you’re anti-violence against peaceful people.

    “We entrust our police officers with our safety…”
    “We” can only exist on a voluntary, individual basis. In a land of disparate opinions, values, beliefs, philosophies, “we” is a myth

  • whoopsydoodoo

    “…then your weak ass will cry about not having anyone around to defend your honor”
    Is that why you want to keep them around, to defend your honor?

  • whoopsydoodoo

    No need to trouble yourself with how other individuals solve their personal security requirements. If you want to pay a gang to protect you, rough you up when you misbehave, or shoot you if you walk away from them, then you certainly have the right. Other people might prefer something more service-oriented and less violent in a security service

  • Just Obey The Law

    I tried to use a comparison that simple minded individuals could understand.

  • Just Obey The Law

    Let’s make your statement invalid. I am agree with the original poster. Therefore, there is a “we”.

    Fuck the police is not anti-violence against the peaceful people. That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard in my life. If you insist on using that term, say fuck the police to ONLY the policemen and women who mistreat an innocent individual. Why say fuck the police to the police force who do their job, risk their lives everyday and now more than ever, fear for their life because uneducated and misinformed idiots are going around killing cops to prove that the people are more powerful than the police force?

    Additionally, if you have committed a crime, resisted arrest, spit in an officers face, or whatever stupid thing you did, maybe you deserve to have your ass beat. I don’t know if anyone ever heard of obeying the law, but i heard that it helps you not get your ass beat.

  • whoopsydoodoo

    So when you said “We entrust our police officers with our safety”, the “we” you were referring to was yourself and the original poster? OK, I concede that it’s possible that the two of you entrust police officers with your safety. In order to prove that this “we” exists, however, the original poster must step forward, identify himself, and state unequivocally that the two of you are in agreement on this point.

    “Fuck the Police” is as valid as “Fuck the Los Zetas cartel”. Should we assume that everyone involved with Los Zetas is responsible for mistreating individuals? I’ll bet some of the people employed by Los Zetas are downright nice people. The Los Zetas florist is probably a beautiful person. But even the Los Zetas librarian chose to join a ferocious organization responsible for all manner of violence.

    So I say if one does not want to be associated with violent behavior, one must leave an organization whose very existence owes itself to violence. Find other lines of honest work that will never require you to commit violence against others.

    In the scheme of things, policework doesn’t even break the top 10 most dangerous occupations. And the majority of cops who die on the job die in car accidents. So whining about “risk their lives every day” doesn’t fit the reality.

    If officers weren’t forcing their services onto people, many of whom never agreed to receive or pay for them, and were instead offering their services on a voluntary basis, they would be received with open arms. Let those “good cops” test the demand for their services on an open market.

    Arresting people for nonviolent activity is engaging in violence. Arguably, such violence is justifiably met with violence in the form of self defense.

  • tz1

    I’m not anti-cop, I’m pro rule-of-law.
    The average American commits 3 felonies every day – and you can’t drive without infraction, so arguments about “not breaking the law” are stupid or irrelevant.
    Amiri, I’d love to get a fake badge, give you a knife, and tell you to rape a child – must always obey cops? How do you know? A badge does not grant authority, it only entails responsibility. All else are fake.

  • Ja Son

    Amiri is a funny cunt.Joshua Scott Hotchkin is a jealous fuckwit.

  • Motorhead710

    Where did I say anything like this? “Funny how YOU stereotype every person who has a run-in with cops as a criminal.”

    Never said that. Learn to read you FUCKTARD.

  • Motorhead710

    What are you stating? It is an analogy………do you even know what that is??? I think not or you would of never have made that comment.

    I would love to see you try and live in a 3rd world country where police protection is non-existent. I bet you would be scared shitless. Knowing at any time someone could shoot you in the back to take your shoes because they looked cool. There are even some parts of the U.S. that are just as bad. You would never survive. How would you like to live in that enviroment and try and raise your children in that? Knowing that your kids leave for school and that they may never return back home because of the lawlessness. Yeah……that’s what I thought. You have no clue.

  • Douglas Kostel Jr.

    Then that makes you a fucking idiot. Try reading the stories on the site then debate issues.

  • Douglas Kostel Jr.

    Why don’t you try reading the stories on the site and debate issues? Are you to stupid to have an intelligent conversation on the subject? All you want to do is come over here and suck cop dick?

  • Douglas Kostel Jr.

    Are you really this fucking stupid? Here’s an idea read the stories on the site. ALL of the rebuttals are there.

  • Douglas Kostel Jr.

    Are you not able to tell the difference between all cops and cops who should be held accountable for their criminal acts? Grow a brain you fucking idiot.

  • mobooz

    All societies enforce taboos.

  • PB

    There is no flaw in my logic. I never said, ” top 2% of of people working dangerous jobs” are all doing police work as you tried to claim I did. I stated, “The source I found put police work at number 15. There are over 800 different jobs. That would still put it in at least the top 2 percent of most dangerous jobs.” You could have 50 or 50,000 people doing a particular job and it wouldn’t make a difference. Regardless of how many people work in a certain job or occupation, it is still considered to be ONE job on that list. Police work is the 15th job out of over 800 possible jobs someone could do. That would put it in the top 2% of jobs in regards to relative danger. You then go on to further show how pathetic your reading comprehension skills are by posting a link to a graph that you don’t even know how to read. You claim, “The relative risk index as shown by… places police work at 3.4. A very common profession, truck driver, is a 26.2.” Based on the very link that you chose to share that is a lie. The “risk index” for truck driving is at 5.3, NOT 26.2. The “fatality rate” is what is at 26.2 for truck driving. So if you are choosing to compare fatalities rates instead, police work is not a 3.4, it is actually at 16.6 on the very graph that you chose to post. And if you are choosing to go by risk index, it is 5.3 for trucking compared to 3.4 for police work according to your own sources, rather than the 26.2 to 3.4 comparison you tried to pass off, but somehow you claim I am unable to make a “simple minded comparison.” Nice try though. You then claim, “Several fields with millions and millions of more people working in them have higher risk indexes.” NO SHIT! We are already established that. Police work was ranked 15th, so obviously 14 other jobs were ahead of it. The rest of your rant about police accountability and how I should not make excuses for them is irrelevant because my post did not even touch on those topics. In fact, I am in favor of police accountability. You seem to think that someone who does not agree with the way people on this website blindly follow the propaganda and lies consistently posted here must automatically be some sort of cop worshipper who thinks they do no wrong. Nothing is further from the truth. My main point wasn’t even about the danger aspect of the job. That was my secondary point. My main point was how so many people on this particular site continuously post false information and then someone else blindly turns around and passes it on as truth without even thinking about if the claim is based on actual facts or if it even makes sense. Just like cop worshiping is a result of propaganda, this site is propaganda and lies as well. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • Just Obey The Law

    Last time i checked, “fuck the police” wasn’t a term that was used only on the cops that should be held accountable for their criminal acts. A lot of the false accusations of police brutality are from people arresting arrests of actual crimes. Are you sure im the one that can’t tell the difference between good and bad cops? Before you decided to comment on an issue that you are not well versed in (which by the way, other articles on this propaganda anti cop site dont count since they post stuff like this), i suggest that you use that brain of yours; I would use mine for you, but apparently i haven’t grown mine yet.

  • Just Obey The Law

    “So I say if one does not want to be associated with violent behavior, one must leave an organization whose very existence owes itself to violence”

    -So all cops should leave their job since they dont agree with the other few officers who abuse their powers. That makes sense. Mhm yep.

    “In the scheme of things, policework doesn’t even break the top 10 most dangerous occupations. And the majority of cops who die on the job die in car accidents. So whining about “risk their lives every day” doesn’t fit the reality.”

    -So a job has to have a high number of deaths to make it dangerous? Should we just massacre 1000 cops to get those numbers up to your liking? Should we say that fire fighters additionally dont have dangerous jobs? Hmmm…

    “If officers weren’t forcing their services onto people, many of whom never agreed to receive or pay for them, and were instead offering their services on a voluntary basis, they would be received with open arms.”

    -So if you’re at work and your house catches on fire, would you like the fire department to call you up first asking if you would like them to put out the fire? I have never met an officer who forced his services onto me. I have never once met an officer who said,”Im going to follow you around to ensure your safety on this busy sidewalk or im going to follow your car to make sure that im right there incase you break down on the road.”

    “Arresting people for nonviolent activity is engaging in violence.”

    -So we shouldnt arrest people who are urinating in public, walking completely naked around town and screaming like a psycho, or one of the many other occurrences of breaking the law that arent deemed violent? What kind of thinking is that?

  • Billy Madison

    South West Detroit. LOL. Fucking loser.

  • Anonymous

    The Problem with useless fucktards like your self is that you feel like you should be treated like a prince because mommy and daddy always told you that you were their special boy. Well guess what asshole. Cops are better than us. The have earned more rights than us. Because they are cops, not civilians. See how there’s a distinction? There’s a reason for that. And a cop doesn’t need to put up with your hipster ass, or some racist African American claiming white privilege. You aren’t on their level. Do you just expect them to say “sir will you pretty please put your hands in the cuffs and get on the ground? No? Ok sorry for wasting your time” fuck that dude. Get over yourself.

  • 061262

    Look for the good cop news Member548. Cops do good things everyday -most of it goes unseen because it is expected of them and it doesn’t fit the media’s agenda…If you have never been in a cop’s shoes you can’t fairly pass judgement. Ask your local police office or Sheriff’s dept if you can take part in their ride along program, if they have one. Ride with a cop for a few nights.

  • a

    I’d like to point out, badges do actually give those who earned them extra rights. This is a basic principle in policing a society

  • whoopsydoodoo

    “So all cops should leave their job since they dont agree with the other few officers who abuse their powers. That makes sense. Mhm yep.”

    It’s not about a few other officers; it’s about choosing to belong to an organization that is formed around the idea that the initiation of force against peaceful people is acceptable. This is an abuse of power by default. If one joins such an organization, he is agreeing to those terms. If one joins Al-Qaeda, he is arguably a member of that organization and must share some responsibility for the actions of other members. Or do you make room for “good” Al-Qaeda in your worldview and give those a pass?

    “So a job has to have a high number of deaths to make it dangerous? Should we just massacre 1000 cops to get those numbers up to your liking? Should we say that fire fighters additionally dont have dangerous jobs? Hmmm…”

    If not by examining mortality rates, how else do you define a dangerous occupation? The problem is that the dangers of policework are exaggerated in order to justify the high levels of violence police use. If the public started to realize that policework is not as dangerous as they once thought, it might see police violence as an extreme overreaction to danger that is relatively nonexistent.

    “So if you’re at work and your house catches on fire, would you like the fire department to call you up first asking if you would like them to put out the fire? I have never met an officer who forced his services onto me. I have never once met an officer who said,”Im going to follow you around to ensure your safety on this busy sidewalk or im going to follow your car to make sure that im right there incase you break down on the road.”

    If the fire department was a private service like any other, I would give my fire company ongoing permission to put out a fire on my property. Of course, unlike a public fire department, the fire company I hired would be responsible for providing the level of service stipulated in the contract. Unlike the fire department, a private fire service would be accountable to an agreed on level of service. If due to incompetence the fire department fails to put out the fire or destroys property in the process, they are not held liable for that poor service. They walk away from the destruction without any obligation to make whole the recipient of their fine services.

    The police never agreed to provide those types of services to the public. But in a way, those services would be far more welcome than what police presently offer. On the contrary, police would never claim as one of their services an obligation to protect you or your property. The supreme court has repeatedly ruled that the police are under no obligation to protect people or property. Instead, let’s face facts, they do not serve the public. They serve the state by enforcing legal fictions that more or less constitute a framework of protection rackets and revenue generation schemes that fine and jail peaceful individuals.

    “So we shouldn’t arrest people who are urinating in public, walking completely naked around town and screaming like a psycho, or one of the many other occurrences of breaking the law that aren’t deemed violent? What kind of thinking is that?”

    In a genuinely free market, the idea of “public property” is mostly nonexistent. Property is developed according to market demand. As property owner, you would have every right to protect your property against any behavior you deem undesirable. If for some reason you wanted to attract visitors to your property, it would be in your best interest to provide restroom facilities for your guests. Whether they are allowed to walk around without clothes or scream like a psycho would be up to you as the property owner.

  • Just Obey The Law

    There are so many flaws with what you just said that im not even going to take five minutes out of my day to answer this laughable response. Comparing the police force to Al-Qaeda? A freakin terrorist group… sicken me. You just lost all credibility….

  • john

    PLEASE DO NOT COME TO ENGLAND. We have too much of this crap already.

  • Great .one

    I hope cop block gets choked then shot ……pussy cant handle the truth ….the cops are not the problem low IQ aboriginal backwards ass 3rd world dummies like the one who runs this site are the problem …the facts are out there but you to dumb to see them

  • Cass

    I’m from Southwest Detroit also… The cops wont come because Detroit is bankrupt and half the police force was terminated. .. How many Police stations are left? So common sense says overpopulation and one of the highest crime rates in the country proves to be to much for the few officers we have left…

  • Jasmine SueAnn Eibert

    This article is very ignorant and ridiculous.

  • I usually try and handle it myself. I have had police pull firearms on me for jay walking. Please tell me more about your experience…

  • come do that. I live in Oregon and can carry firearms . I will have no problem shooting you in the face.

  • I have worked in the Cannabis industry for just as long. I have seen then raid good peoples homes and ruin lives becuase of some bullshit religious moral high ground. You are not winning an argument saying they pull people from cars burning. So do everyday people.

  • Nope not even a speeding ticket so your assumptions are just that.

  • lol medias agenda? Why would they report one what they are suppose to do. Doo McDonalds employees get put on video for making a burger? No they get put on for fighting or some shit.

  • I have been tackled to the ground and hand guns drawn on me for “looking imposing”, I have no criminal record not even a speeding ticket. I pay my taxes, I am white, and I am a male. Fuck your assumptions. Go hide behind an alias.

  • No but if you are having your rights violated it is your duty to speak up about it. Problem is their regular day is full of asshat self righteous moments.

  • I live in bum fuck Egypt Oregon. Cops pull over people going 2 miles over the limit. They try and bust people who legally grow Cannabis. You have a constant arguement going on about Right and Left etc. You are typical of the complainer that doesn’t vote. You still mad Obama won? ahhahaha Guess what? Republican won’t win next time either hahaha

  • Steve Green

    Was I talking to you? Lol seriously was that a different login? That’s fine if you disagree but I challenge you this. Try to go out on some ride alongs with your local PD before you damn all cops. Meet some and talk to them honestly.

  • You were assuming so you speak to us all. Know plenty of my folks who I grew up with who became police officers. I do not speak to them much. They activiely choose to protect bad cops. I meet and talk to everyone I can. I have been an active cannabis activist for over 15 years. I got to State assemblies and other events and talk to politicians and law enforcement.

  • Steve Green

    So you are too close minded or biased to take the challenge. You just showed everyone what you are, just another instigator. Keep on selling them drugs junior!

  • Brad Czarniak

    You’re calling him a racist, yet he mentions no race. Yet, in another article you call his followers “Mindless Hillbillies”. Seems like you’re stereotyping as you said he was. Actually, he’s referring to all these dumbass criminals that always have a stupid ass nickname genius!

  • Brad Czarniak

    Also “Like a Politician” you’re trying to get the black vote by basically saying “Hey black people, I think he’s talking about you guys with his stereotyping”.

  • Lmao

    Lol you think disputeds get solve that easy??? Lmao I work for an insurance company, trust me they don’t. If they did I wouldn’t have a job. And we need police reports most people see an accident and don’t stay as witness. Is my experience that to keep order we need a system in which cops are paper off because people in general are assholes and not trust worthy.