The Game of Respect – Are the Police Really That Different From the Mob?

GodFather vs PoliceI was watching a documentary about “the Godfather.” You know, the movies from the 70’s? They depicted a mafia family named Corleone. It was the starting point of many careers in acting. Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, and a slew of secondary characters that would repeat in 40 years worth of mob movie fame. The movie series was loosely based on the Gambino crime family, but portrayed life in that world much to the satisfaction of many real life gangsters.

The movies portray a ruthless group of men to whom murder, extortion, and other unsavory acts, are part of daily life. The movies romanticize these traits in these men to the point that it makes ordinary folks, “root for the bad guys.” In the movies, they explore parallels between government officials and these ruthless killers. Even in the descriptions. One group is referred to as “government officials,” while the other is referred to as “ruthless killers.”

In “the Godfather” this correlation is played out in a scene between Pacino and Diane Keaton, who plays his wife in the movies. When they reunite in the movie, the comparison is made. She thinks the government are the good guys and the gangsters are the bad guys. Micheal sets her straight, but she still isn’t buying it. The movie takes place in the late 50s early 60s, so there was a certain naivete about this sort of comparison, but what is the real difference?

banner buy shiny badgesThe answer is, there is none. Both groups of people do whatever it takes to make sure they come out on top no matter what. They all want their family name to represent something powerful in this world. I think this is a trait echoed by most people. Most people will rationalize anything they do to justify a questionable action in their lives. I’m guilty of it in my desperate attempt to not be hypocritical in my own life. It is tough to do sometimes, as we are sometimes faced with a choice that is life and death. A conscious choice. Not like should I hit this tree with my car and die, or hit this person walking on the road and live. That choice is split second. I’m talking about choices that require lots of thinking about. Such as putting thought into whether it’s him or me.

Police always show the community the nice face, just like the Godfather did. They both claim to give back to the communities, but does that excuse the acts of violence and extortion and other crimes that actually have victims. At least the mafia generally keeps innocent victims and bystanders out of the line of fire. Police could care less.

Do us a large...UPVOTE!
Do us a large…UPVOTE!

Both the police and the Corleone family use a system of debts and favors to do business. They both are just following the orders of their superiors – IE: “Just doing their jobs” – but the Mob doesn’t go out looking for trouble like the cops do. They are more like firemen, who stay at the station until there is a call. The Mob doesn’t tend to engage in petty crime. So, the everyday public doesn’t have to deal with the Mob all the time, unlike with the Gang in Blue. Also, the Mob’s harassment is financially based, but in the opposite way. The Mob tends to leave poor people alone or even help them out to create loyalty and support amongst them.

In the end, you may say, “DEO, what’s the point of all this?” I will tell you the point is that it’s very hypocritical to me to say that one group of people is “good” and one is “bad.” Why can’t people see the inherent “bad” in the violence coming from the police, the way the easily see it coming from gangsters? People are willing to give the police a pass while chastising the gangsters. Both the Mob and police routinely get away with murder. Police even have extortion rackets, protection rackets, and all the other major crimes the gangsters have, but the police get away with it. And both the police and the Mob have a code of silence they employ to protect their members from being prosecuted for their crimes. Why? Is it OK to break one law to enforce another one? Seems backwards to me. In the end it seems they all want respect that is not earned, except through violent means. “Respect me or Ill kill you!” is not real respect. That is called fear.

*NOTE: I’m hoping that I can avoid the possibility of any sort of hit being called out on me for comparing the Mob to the police and the government. It’s obviously insulting when someone compares you to a group of violent criminals. I’m hoping that anyone associated with the Mob understands that I respect them and mean no disrespect in making such a comparison.*



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  • YomammaaBigHo

    The drug war is fake. Our very own government officials are bringing in….and selling drugs.
    Cash is King.

  • Shmuck

    I’d have to agree there is a difference. I’ve never heard of a mobster raping or molesting kids like police do

  • Meh

    Mob has enforcers too but they are small time compared to police

  • Anon

    I think the biggest issue with police is actually quite simple. Let me tell you where the problem starts. It is simple really. One word….Hiring. Someone’s brother or son or cousin is hired over the guy with a BA in Criminal Justice and tons of Criminal Justice experience. Oh you think it’s civil service based. Not where I live. Yes we take the test but the mayors sons who failed it will always get the job over the guy who scored 98 with a BA and tons of Criminal Justice experience. It’s the same in every job. Who you know and who you bl–. Fix the hiring problem and get educated qualified people on the streets and fix the police problem or at least a large portion of it. Why did they guy who works with me right out of high school get to be a trooper (80 k year out of the gate without overtime) cause his dad has an FFL and owns a gun shop and gets troopers guns for little or nothing. Bingo he’s in. Yet qualified people no chance. I’ve seen people fail civil service tests and get hired while other get 98 + but don’t know anyone and never get a call or second look. Sorry but the good ole boys stick together. They Always Will.

  • Common Sense

    The only thing you need to worry about is diabetes.
    How’s court go? Pay that fine yet? Or did you just make it all up?
    Are you really a convicted sex offender?

  • mobooz

    Never even once? You need to get out more.

  • mobooz

    This. This right here is the problem with copblockers. Your view of the world outside your own life comes from TV and movies. You have the freedom and resources to go out there and get a real story, but you’d rather sit on the couch and analyze The Godfather. Try telling Russ Papalardo how much more fearsome the cops are than him, to his face. Make sure to bring a camera, I’d love to see his reaction.

    Where’s the video, Doug?

  • mobooz

    Boo hoo. If indeed you are overqualified for your local PD, maybe a larger agency will take you.

  • mobooz

    LOL Are you sure that’s the same guy? The list of aliases for that SBI number shows his height is 5’11”. I dunno’, DEO (or is it EDO?) just always seemed shorter than that to me. Maybe what they say is true, the camera adds 15lbs. and takes about 4″ off the top.

    Where’s the video, Edward? Never take a plea! =D

  • JC

    copblockers aren’t original. If you believe PD is like the “God Father” movie then you really need to get out of your basement more. Typical juvenile story

  • Common Sense

    Yeah, I just found it. It was one some “anti” CB FB page. Guess Deo admitted it was him in some back and forth messages.
    I bet he wasn’t even arrested in Parma like he said.

  • mobooz

    Yeah, actually I looked a little deeper into the NJ courts record. DEO was arrested in ’92 for 2nd-degree sexual assault (most likely a minor between 16 and 18, though I guess it could have been one of his cousins =P) and got 3 1/2 years’ probation.

  • mobooz

    Oops, I misread the law. I think to fit the definition of 2nd-degree SA, the victim either has to be under the age of 16, or between 16 and 18 and sexually penetrated by a person in a supervisory position over them (or a cousin). I wonder which one gets DEO his kicks.

  • Shmuck


  • mobooz

    No, inside.

    A school.

    Inside a school.