Angry Cop Threatens Teens For Smiling

Officer Jeff Willis
Officer Jeff Willis

An investigation is underway regarding a traffic stop caught on camera. Jose Briones was on his way home when the vehicle he was in was pulled over by Plano Police Officer, Jeff Willis.  During the traffic stop, Officer Willis can be seen yelling and cursing at the young men, and one one point, telling them to stop smiling.

Officer Jeff Lewis
Officer Jeff Lewis

Supposedly, the officer said that one of the young men inside the car had given him ‘the finger’, which we all know now has been protected by the Supreme Court as a form of free speech (Adam Rupeka, a contributor here at, just settled with police after being arrested and assaulted by police after exercising that 1st Amendment right). Regardless of the officer’s ‘reason’ for stopping the car, it’s his behavior that is really concerning.

If you keep smiling at me, like this is some kind of funny thing … stop smiling

Even the young man driving knew to question the officer’s orders by asking him, “How are you going to tell me to stop smiling?” Of course, the irrational officer could only respond, “Stop smiling”.

Officer Willis told the driver, “Just be serious, unless you want me to stick …” Even though the officer didn’t finish that sentence, it’s easy to see that Officer Lewis was about to say that he was going to stick them in jail. Realizing his own stupidity, Officer Willis stated that he was just going to keep the teens there until they ‘got serious’.

However, the officer’s ignorant and incompetent actions do not stop there.

“What did I do?” one of the passengers asks.

“I don’t know. I just don’t like you, I just don’t like you,” the officer says.

The teens start laughing, telling him: “Have a great day, officer.”

The officer then responds by calling one of the people and “asshole”.

“Keep going. Say something else and I’ll drag you out of the car,” he says as he walks away.

David Tilley, Plano Police spokesman,  said the department has launched an internal investigation and that investigators have concluded that disciplinary action should be taken against Officer Jeff Willis.  According to the Dallas Morning News, the details of his punishment was not released publicly.

I can only assume that Officer Willis’ superiors will either sweep the incident under the rug or do nothing more than give him a day or two of vacation, I mean paid administrative leave. So if you have the time, please contact the Plano Police Department and voice your opinion. Their contact information is below.

Officer Jeff Willis’ personal Facebook page.
Officer Jeff Willis’ LinkedIn account.
Plano Police Department’s Facebook page.
Plano Police Department’s telephone number: (972) 424-5678
Plano Police Department’s website.

adamIf you enjoyed this article, I highly recommend this post written by Adam Rupeka – click banner to left. He was arrested for exercising his 1st Amendment rights and then assaulted, kicked, and choked while being processed.