Exclusive Interview with Jim Osche, Allentown Man Arrested for Singing

Video via Lehigh Valley Cop Block

Jim Oshe Allentown Arrest Singing
Jim Oshe

Earlier this week we brought a story to you about a man that was arrested in Allentown, PA for singing.  On August 14, 2015, 62-year-old Jim Osche was singing in public and causing no harm to anyone around him. (Note:  it is still uncertain as to whether this was or was not a public walkway.) Security from a nearby building and an Allentown officer approach Mr. Osche.  A brief exchange takes place before the officer violently slams the man to the ground and arrests him.

The video has since gone viral and there has been an outpouring of support for Mr Osche.  It was mistakenly reported that he was homeless.  In fact, the guy has a pretty impressive history.  In the above video interview done by Severin Freeman of Lehigh Valley Cop Block, he discusses the incident as well as clears up some things that the public was erroneously saying about him.  Within 15 seconds of hearing this man speak, you will see that he is not a drug addict or mentally ill.

He has several kids.  One of them is currently an active duty Marine serving in San Diego.  He has a daughter that his attending Penn State University. His soon to be wife is out of country helping with an orphanage and her return to the states has been delayed due to a case of Malaria.  Osche also served his country and was even commissioned as an officer with the U.S. Army National Guard in the late 70’s.  He is retired as a PE instructor, but continues to work as a fitness consultant.  Jim is also working on his Doctorate.

In his interview about the arrest that day by Allentown PD officer Robert Busch, he brings to light that there was an agreement between himself and the Allentown Police Department that he could sing in public after 5 pm.  Even though he had every right as an American to sing any time he pleased, he blindly showed faith in the police by compromising with them.  This department then breached that agreement by violently attacking the man when he broke no law.  He goes on to mention that he still supports the police, but that there are some bad apples in the bunch that need to be discarded.

According to a story published by the Morning Call, Mr. Osche has stated that he intends to file a civil rights lawsuit because of this incident.  He has also requested meetings with the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office and Allentown Police brass regarding this incident.  Osche’s suit will be the 9th against Allentown Police regarding excessive force.

Lehigh Valley CopBlock LogoOsche has had several run ins with the law in the past; however, those run ins have no bearing on the current situation where he was doing nothing more than singing in public.  The two different videos of the incident do not show anyone approaching him and asking him to leave.  Instead, you see two security officers in suits and one police officer approach this seemingly peaceful man and escalating the situation to violence.

Help us get justice for this man by contacting the Allentown Police Department at 610-437-7751 or the Lehigh County District Attorney at 610-782-3100 and ask them to do the right thing by dropping the charges against Jim Osche.  Also request that charges be filed against Officer Robert Busch for filing a false report where he states that Mr. Osche laid hands on him.  In the videos of the incident, you can clearly see that at no time did he touch the officer or the two security officers.

Lehigh Valley Cop Block Founder, Severin Freeman also address city council about the incident.

First video of incident.

Second video of incident.

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