Mentally Unstable, Road-Raging Police Officer, Has A History of Mental Instability

pdbadge-noback-209x300“I’ll put a hole right through your f—ing head” – those are the words shouted by a mentally unstable police officer at a citizen, not because the citizen was accused of something violent or life-threatening, but merely because he accidentally cut the officer off in traffic. Those threats, along with a barrage of others, were record by that citizen on his dash-cam.

As Medford Police Detective Stephen LeBert prepares for his Internal Affairs interview tomorrow (8/24/21015), details about his psychotic behavior have emerged. It seems as if the dash-cam incident is just one in a long line of questionable behavior by the 31-year veteran of the police force – at least 18 Internal Affairs investigations have centered around Officer LeBert.

It was just three years ago that Officer Lebert was recorded by a man who’s brother was being arrested for a narcotics violation. In the video captured by the man, you can clearly see officer LeBert trying to block the man’s view of the arrest, as well as his attempts to intimidate the man. Officer LeBert then threatens to kill his brother, stating that:

He’s selling drugs illegally. What they should do is just take him up to the railroad tracks and tell him to lay down.

“LeBert was acting like a madman, unprofessional and unbecoming behavior from an officer,” said Paula Corbin, after being pulled over by Officer Lebert in a different incident. It seems that Officer Lebert had a problem believing anything the woman said, including the part where she was a retired law enforcement officer. In fact, the encounter frightened her so much, she filed an official complaint with the police department.

Officer LeBert’s contempt for rules, and the public, began shortly after his career at police department. Officer LeBert and his Uncle, which was on the police force at that time, were both suspended at least twice for 5 days – once for leaving the police station when they heard gunshots and the second was for ‘misplacing’ court documents.

Officer LeBert During Road-Rage Incident
Officer LeBert During
Road-Rage Incident

But it was in 1992 when Officer LeBert’s temper started getting the better of him. He had received a call from his wife who claimed some kids had spit on her and was harassing her. Even though the incident took place outside of his jurisdiction, he didn’t let that stop him from following department rules. By the time he was done assisting his wife, one person was left lying on the ground, bleeding from the top of his head.

A cop’s tendency for violence usually grows when left unchecked. In 2005, Officer LeBert was asked to assist the US Postal Service. He was supposed to stand watch, looking for a suspect to pick up a package that supposedly contained marijuana. Instead, when the target of their investigation tried fleeing the scene, he fired upon him. His shooting was ruled justified, but was suspended for two days for his actions.

In 2008, one driver filed a complaint with the police department over Officer Lebert’s actions surrounding a traffic stop. The man said that the irate officer was verbally abusive and that he felt threatened by the officer. In fact, Officer LeBert asked the man, “are you dumb, or just plain stupid” – a far cry from respect and courtesy that officers are supposed to show the citizens they deal with on a daily basis. Again, the complaint was deemed to be ‘unfounded’ by the department.

Marjorie McMillan’s Complaint Against Officer Stephen LeBert

In 2014, Marjorie McMillan called LeBert “scary and a bully” after her interaction with the officer. Apparently the verbal altercation, instigated by Officer LeBert, was the result of McMillian ‘parking too close to his cruiser’ in a bank parking lot. In fact, she told the chief that Officer LeBert was a ‘loose cannon’ and ‘a liar’, and that it’s because of officers like LeBert that the integrity of police is being called into question around the Country.

Officer Stephen LeBert, Medford Police Dept.
Officer Stephen LeBert,
Medford Police Dept.

According to, Officer LeBert’s police file is littered with complaints that accuse the heavy-handed cop of bullying those he encounters. However, as it usually goes, his superiors at the Medford Police Department ruled the majority of those complaints ‘unfounded’.  In one of those complaints, a driver threatened to file a complaint against Officer LeBert, to which he responded, “get in line”.

Perhaps it was because Officer LeBert’s actions were caught on video, but Chief Sacco finally took some responsibility for Officer LeBert. He said that he ‘should have done something sooner about LeBert’s attitude’ and that ‘maybe it wouldn’t have gotten to this point’.

On a side-note, it seems that a Google search returned a document in which Officer LeBert was involved in another verbal altercation with a passenger in a vehicle that he had stopped. Officer LeBert had testified that he and the woman were involved a heated exchange. As it turns out, the man driving that car was passed over for employment by the Medford Police Department shortly afterwards.

Officer LeBert’s Personnel Files: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22 Page 23

Officer LeBert’s LinkedIn Account
Email Chief Sacco
Chief’s Administrative Assistant: 781-391-6409
Officer LeBert’s Division Commander:
Captain Kevin M. Faller:  781-393-4768

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  • Blacktothefuture

    Not really… i’m just a child molester with nothing better to do. I also like to lick my thumb and stick it in my butt while working.